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Wild Women

@ceridwenofwales and all her Greek myth female empowerment posts this morning have been super inspiring for me! Thanks for posting them, girl. I started this poem a while ago and this was just the kick I needed to finish it. It’s got nothing to do with anything I usually post, but I’m going to post it anyway :)

We come from a long line of wild women, sooner shoot daggers with our eyes than look at you,

Back from the Amazons who cut off a breast to fire bows better than a man can,

All the way up to me laying in mud with my cheekbone pillowed on an M4.

We are the pride of Penthesilea, rather have Achilles kill her than love her, as he thinks that in that final moment before death she’ll surrender

But she knows she’ll just laugh because she comes from a long line of wild women;

Free as a woodland sprite, rip you apart like Artemis did if you dare dishonor her, if you try to comb the flowers from her hair and scrub the starlight from her skin.

You can attempt to tame her but you can’t conquer a girl with a spirit more monumental than mountains

Because we come from a long line of wild women, swifter than Atalanta, queen of catch-me-if-you-can,

And you can’t catch a woman who runs with the wind ever at her back chasing sunlight on ocean waves because the sea is in her veins;

Morgan le Fey beating her brother at his own game because nothing is quite so clever as the way a woman with the night sky in her eyes distills moonbeams into magic,

And we come from a long line of wild women, back from Boudicca sending Romans running to their own shores

To her descendent watching hellfires rain from attack helicopters zooming higher than the ravens of the Morrigan,

The queen of carnage dancing to the clangor of spears on shields because sometimes chaos is beautiful if you take the time to understand it,

Like Helen of Troy and the destruction she caused, a pretty face and sleek hair laying waste to an entire city with a single smoldering glance

Because she came from a long line of wild women, would rather start wars than relinquish freedoms;

A follower of Circe, turning men into pigs so they’ll leave her the hell alone,

Joan of Arc swearing herself to God and leading his armies, and just you try to force yourself on a woman with a weapon

Because let me tell you something about women—when we go to the bathroom in groups it’s for your own safety.

Since we come from a long line of wild women, Sergeant Milunka Savich came back from a piss break with 23 captured enemies

And now her descendants carry ka-bars and rifles in deserts, combing sand from hair but never scrubbing starlight from skin;

Cleopatra tempting all just to lead them to an early demise because how dare you try to conquer her

When you knew all along she comes from a long line of wild women, Valkyries laughing as they select their next eager victims,

And Eve offering Adam an apple she knew he couldn’t have all because he demanded she be created and he expected her to be subservient

But she was the first in a long line of wild women, sooner shoot you with her eyes than look at you.

at first I was surprised to find out that quiet guy Corvo “Respond to everything with grim uncomfortable silence” Attano is apparently such a gentle poetic soul who says shit like “hidden like a secret, quiet as the sunset” and “star of my sky”, but now I just have to slap myself on the forehead because what else would make his goth persona so complete