disharmony the telling

There is always a way in manifesting your aspects positively, even if it’s a disharmonious one. People may tell you that all aspects can manifest well out of a comforting, realistic way, but there is a technical reason why all aspects can work. The reason? The signs are all connected to each other in some way, which can be hard to register because they’re all so different. As long as there is a connection or similarity, there is always a way for an aspect to work in your favor.

In fact, the potential for harmony between the signs in two planets is measured by the similarities of the signs. For example, signs that are trine share a lot of things in common. They share the same element and polarity. Signs that are sextile share the same polarity. Signs that are not harmonious are going to have a lot of differences, but there is still a similarity between the signs nonetheless. For example, Aries and Cancer are square to each other, but they share the same modality. You can use the fact that they are both cardinal to positively develop square aspects.

This even works for signs that are inconjunct to each other, because even though the two signs are different in modality, element, and polarity, there’s still a deep connection to be found. For example, Aries and Virgo are inconjunct to each other. There are different in their elements, modalities, and polarity, but Mercury esoterically rules Aries, which is the exoteric ruler of Virgo. Aries and Virgo both have a reputation for being quick and sharp in their thinking and words. Even though these two signs are completely different, there is still at least one similarity, one possibility, to make the two signs work out in an inconjunction.