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I need more pillow humping in my life!!! Maybe with little!dan, phil walks in on him and makes him keep going? PLEASE

I enjoyed writing this way more than I thought I would or probably should have jfc. I added lots of little!dan activities and some oral fixation bc kinks

Phil knows it’s going to be a Little Space Sunday when he wakes to find two big, innocent, brown eyes watching him. Dan’s curled up in the blankets beside him, wearing the plain black pyjama pants he fell asleep in the night before, with one thumb in his mouth and the fingers of his other hand curled around Phil’s colourful doona. He grins around his thumb when Phil’s groggy eyes open and the older man smiles lazily back.

‘Well, hello you,’ he says, shuffling a little closer and patting his large hand over Dan’s curly brown locks. ‘How are you, little one?’

‘m’h’ng’y,’ Dan mumbles around his thumb; Phil frowns a little and wraps his fingers around Dan’s wrist.

‘What has Daddy told you about talking when something’s in your mouth,’ he says, tugging gently, and Dan’s wet thumb slides from his lips with a trail of saliva that Phil tries hard to ignore. ‘What did you say, baby?’

‘I’m hungry, Daddy,’ Dan repeats.

‘We better get you some breakfast then. How do Lucky Charms sound, hmm?’ Phil says, climbing out of the covers and walking over to the side of the bed Dan has claimed.

‘Yeah!’ Dan says, letting Phil take his hand and pull him to his feet.

‘Let’s get you dressed first though, okay?’

‘Okay, Daddy. Can I wear my Piglet clothes, pretty please?’

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my name is Cow and long past noon when all the men are sleeping soon with cat and fiddle and silver spoon i jump up hi and lik the moon

Hey, diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Home, Part Nine

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot.

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?   Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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I feel like I could have at least a moderately clean home if the dishes didn’t regenerate every day.

All my spoons are gone for the day after getting myself up and dressed, getting my son up and ready for school, standing with him at the bus stop (I’ll be glad when he doesn’t need me for these things anymore… soon), emptying the dishwasher, filling it, washing a single pan, and dumping the rest in the sink with hot, soapy water. 

I still need to do laundry. There are 4 bathrooms that are pretty nasty. The floors…… Don’t look at the floors… And I have to rest to recover a bit of energy to go stand at the bus stop again this afternoon.

I need to live in a tiny house that is empty except for a bed, doesn’t have carpet, and without my family who don’t help clean though they do help make mess just by existing, to have any chance of ever having a clean home. So.. a jail cell?

How far will an addict go?

I wrote this a few days ago and the response to this mere stream of consciousness was overwhelming, “What if next season once Megan is out of the hospital she moves into Omelias home? Amelia moves back in but then struggles with having Megan around as there are prescription drugs (oxy) in the house and that challenges her sobriety? Her dealing with that in front of Owen is something we haven’t seen before and would be so interesting… Thoughts? Should I write a fic on this?” So I wrote a fic and here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Reviews and feedback are always welcome. 

Shards of glass covered the cracks of the very thin ice I was walking on; they shredded my feet, inflicting a pain in me I had never felt before. I was in my own house but this definitely did not feel like home. The air was cold and heavy, making each breath more laboured and more desperate; you could say I was suffocating in my own home. Was it even my home anymore? It had been months since we had slept side by side, our touch keeping each other warm and safe; the faint sound of the person besides you breathing, would lie over the room like a child’s comfort blanket, but none of that existed anymore. I ran out on him, I ran out on us; I had no one to blame but myself. Had Megan not of been found alive, I honestly don’t know if I would be sitting on my side of our bed right now – it breaks my heart to admit that. When my father, Ryan, Unicorn Baby, Mark and Derek all died they all took a piece of me with them; they broke off pieces of me, little by little until I was barely a person anymore. I was the one who clawed myself back from that, from the dark abyss I had become accustomed to. But Owen was different, Owen reignited my soul. He helped patch together what was left to be salvaged and little by little he took a piece of me as well. Well, I gave him a piece of me; a piece of me I had never given to anyone else before. So when I left, when I ran away from him I left that piece behind, leaving a gaping hole in it’s midst. A hole which I have yet to fill, yet to put the missing piece back in. That being if Owen ever gave me that piece back.  

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Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd

This is a one shot that happened when two requests for blurbs turned into not so blurry things by nature and they just fit so well together (x, x). So, they took awhile, but I hope the fact that they blew up into a bigger thing makes up for that! I hope the bigger thing is worth it, too…. x. 

As with the It’s About Balance sequence, all characters are of legal, consenting age and are aware of their decisions and the consequences that stem. I’m always so touchy when age gaps are involved since i know they’re rightly a sensitive thing, and I don’t want anyone misunderstanding what I’m trying to portray.

Harry’s horrified the first time he realizes his mouth is open when he watches you wiping down the counter at the bakery. He’s horrified when he realizes he’s watching the way your arse rounds just a bit more and your legs look longer when you lean over.

He’s horrified more still when he wonders how well they would wrap around him.

At first you were just the girl who came into the bakery while he worked there. Your visit was like clockwork every Saturday, and he saved you the best sweet roll to bag it with whichever pastry you picked out that morning – the sweet roll was constant, the dessert treat a surprise, except if they had made a tray full of lemon curds. On those mornings, he packed you a lemon curd with the sweet roll.

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Culinary History (Part 30): Spoons

Before 1649, when Charles I was executed and the Puritans established the short-lived Commonwealth, English spoons had ficulate (fig-shaped) bowls, widening towards the end that goes in the mouth (unlike our spoons today).  The stems were chunky and 6-sided.

A ficulate spoon.

The fanciest part of the spoon was the knop at the end.  Over the last few centuries, silversmiths had created beautiful, elaborate sculptures for the end of the handle.  Some knops were flat-ended abstract shapes, like a stamp or seal.  Some finials (ornament at the end of an object) were acorns, diamonds, grapes, owls, naked women, sitting lions, or Christ and his apostles.

Of course, the Puritans hated them.  Excessive decoration – especially religious decoration – was disapproved of, and “Puritan spoons” began to be used in during the 1630’s, replacing the pre-Commonwealth ficulate spoons for the 11-year Commonwealth period. These spoons were plain, with a shallow, egg-shaped bowl, narrowing slightly at the end, like our spoons today.  The flat stem had no decoration, and there was no decorative knop at the end.

These spoons were just plain, dense lumps of silver.  One of the reasons they were made so heavy may have been because there were frequent calls for civilians to give up their silver, to pay for the town’s defence.  But if their silver was their cutlery, they they could claim it was essential so it wouldn’t be confiscated.

A Puritan spoon.

In 1660, the Commonwealth ended, and Charles II took the throne, and the trifid spoon took over.  (It is also called the trefid, trefoil, split-end, or pied-de-biche spoon.)  It replaced the Puritan spoon also immediately, for political reasons – no-one wanted to be seen eating with a Roundhead spoon.

Most modern spoons are based on the trifid, which was an entirely new design – the first ones are from 1660, and Charles II brought them with him when he returned from his court-in-exile in mainland Europe. By 1680, they had spread throughout all of England, and they were the dominant spoon type for 40yrs.

The ficulate and Puritan spoons had been shallow, but the trifid spoon had a deep oval shape.  The handle was flat, like the Puritan spoon, but it widened towards the end into a cleft shape – the word “trifid” actually means “three-cleft”.  This design was French, and in fact was similar to the fleur-de-lys.

On the other side, the spoon’s handle continued onto the base of the bowl itself, finishing in a dart-shaped grove which is sometimes called a rat tail.

Trifid spoon.

Trifid spoon, showing the rat tail on the bottom.

The way the spoon was held also changed over the decades.  The ficulate spoon was easier to hold with the stem under your thumb at a right angle, because of the knop.  The trifid spoon, on the other hand, could be held in the “polite English way”, with the stem in the palm of your hand, parallel to your thumb.

Humans are not the only animals who use spoons – in the 1960’s, Jane Goodall noticed chimpanzees making spoons from blades of grass, to make it easier to eat termites.

Ancient peoples used shells tied to sticks as early spoons – this is reflected in the word cochlearium, a small Roman spoon with a tapered handle.  The Romans used these spoons for eating eggs, or scooping out shellfish.

The word comes from cochlea, meaning “snail-shell”. Cochlearium also referred to a place where snails were bred for consumption; and also a liquid measure of one spoonful (also cochlear & cochleare).

Two silver cochlearia from the Hoxne Hoard (300′s/400′s AD).

For pottage-type dishes, they used a pear-shaped spoon called a ligula.


Different types of spoons were developed for eating different things. The Georgians in the 1700’s ate roasted bone marrow, and created special silver spoons & scoops to eat it with.  Some were double-ended (one end for small bones, the other for large bones): you would hold the piece of bone in a napkin, and use the cutlery to scoop out the pieces of marrow.

Georgian marrow spoons & scoops.

Double-ended marrow scoop.

The Edwardians (1901-10) loved eating soft-boiled egg, and they used spoons made from mother-of-pearl or bone, because egg yolk stains silver.  Hanoverian mustard spoons [date??] show how important this condiment was in the English diet.

The teaspoon began as one of these specialist spoons.  In the second ½ of the 1600’s, the English started adding milk to their tea, and the teaspoon was used for stirring the tea, milk and sugar together. It was separate from the main dinnerware, and the rich used it.  Out of all the tea utensils, only the teaspoon has become universal.

It took a while, though.  In 1741, the French Duc d'Orléans had 44 silver-gilt coffee spoons, but no teaspoons.  In fact, the French use the smaller coffee spoon as a measurement more often the teaspoon: this measurement is a cuiller à café, abbreviation cc.  But everywhere else, the teaspoon is more important.  From the 1800’s onwards, the teaspoon was a basic piece of cutlery in America, even though they tended to drink coffee rather than tea.

There are two main reasons for the teaspoon’s importance.  First, its main function is actually for sugar, which is used by coffee-drinkers as well.  Secondly, it is the perfect size for a small, easy-to-use spoon – it is smaller than the 1700’s tablespoon and dessertspoon, but bigger than the French coffee spoon.  It is easier to use than the fiddly Georgian salt shovel.  American teaspoons are larger than English ones, but they are still the right size to go in your mouth. Also, the teaspoon can be used for many different purposes – measuring, tasting, stirring, eating small things.

There are two basic spoon functions for eating – as a sort of cup, to drink liquids from the edge; or as a shovel, for solid food.  The kafgeer is a large flat Afghan spoon, used for serving rice, and it is of the shovel type.  The Middle East has many shovel-spoons and spatulas for serving rice, and they do a far better job of it than our round, oval spoons.

Old European spoons show differences in shape for different uses.  The convent on the island of Iona has medieval-era silver spoons with a leaf-shaped bowl: a shovel-type spoon, but smaller than the Middle-Eastern rice-serving spoons.  They would have been used to eat porridge, but no use for soup.  Medieval spoon-makers made large round spoons for soup, with bowls to big to fit in your mouth, but perfect for sipping from.

Replica of the leaf-shaped Iona spoon.

The spoons we have today are a compromise between the two types, which means they aren’t perfect for either.

Mom’s Day Ficlet!

Still in the spirit of ficlets and mother’s day, this is set in part 4. Happy mother’s day to everyone! <3 Hope you like it!


It isn’t usual for Yuri to wake up alone. Normally Otabek would be the one waking him up when coming back from his run and banging all the doors nonsensically. Or Katya would shriek for some reason or turn on the tv until those awful high-pitched characters were singing about the alphabet and the numbers at the topmost volume.  

But today when he wakes up the bed is empty, and upon further inspection so is the kitchen and the living room, Katya’s bedroom and the bathrooms.  

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SVT When Their S/O Sings in Front of Them PT 1 (Joshua, Seungkwan, Seungcheol, Jeonghan)

Request: Can I have little drabbles of svt reacting to their s/o singing? Like their s/o has never sung in front of them, but during a cuddle destress session their s/o just starts running their hands through their hair and absentmindedly started singing ballads.

Group: SEVENTEEN (All members included! Spread across multW O W)

Word Count Overall:

Author: Admin Cloud

A/N: I know the request asked for during a cuddle session, but I wanted each one to very so the situations will vary. I promise that one will have that prompt exactly, but you will need to read on to find out which one! xx


Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

 As soon as Seungcheol heard the sound of your voice coming from the bathroom, he moved to the door so he could hear it better. It was obvious that you had never sung professionally, but he thought it was cute when you would try to reach a high note and your voice would crack and you would stop for a second before going back to singing. When your footsteps began getting closer to the door, however, he made a beeline to the living room to wait for you to come in so you guys could watch a movie together.

 When you sat down, you were immediately suspicious of how quiet your boyfriend was being. He was usually quite loud, so his lack of words worried you slightly.

 “Seungcheol? Are you mad or something?”

 “No, but I’m crazy about your singing. Next time you decide to have a concert while showing, invite me and we can sing a duet.”(wink wink)

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Request for emergency fluff. Having to work today with no voice (unless I want to cough to the point of sobbing) in a call center. Please send fluff. Also your writing is amazing my dear ❤️

Hey Ruby dear! Oh that’s actually the worst omg- working at a call centre with a voice in no condition to talk at all! *hugs* Here’s some Prompto lovin’, just for you <3 *Note that this is an emergency fluff request so I had to kinda write this drabble before continuing with the regular requests sent in xD* I whipped this up REAL quick so hopefully this is cute and sweet enough LOL

Sick Days (Prompto x Reader)

“Y/n wants a chocolate sundae with hot fudge sauce and a crumbled waffle cone sprinkled over the top of the whole thing!” Prompto cheered, his sky blue eyes glinting mischievously as he ordered the two of you ice cream after your impromptu lunch date. You shot your boisterous blond boyfriend a playful glare before turning to the serving lady and shaking your head. Unable to say a word due to your extremely sore throat, you had to rely on Prompto to do all the talking today. And he took full advantage of that fact.

The serving lady shot you and Prompto a confused look, and you couldn’t stop Prompto from grinning at the lady and nodding his head insistently. “No, don’t worry about her- she’s just trying to watch her weight or something, but I don’t get why she would do that- she’s perfect to me.” Your eyes soften at Prompto’s sweet words, despite his defiance and his made-up excuse about your apparent ‘weight’ issues. You decided to let Prompto’s idiocy go for now, and simply let out a sigh before grasping securely onto his bicep with both your hands and smiling obligingly at the serving lady.

Looking exasperated, the lady eventually slid the decadent ice cream dish towards the two of you. Prompto lit up and thanked the lady, lurching forward and grabbing the ice cream dish before shoving the two spoons he procured into his mouth and making his way towards a cosy booth in the corner of the store. You shook your head in slight disbelief and pure adoration as you followed the bouncy blond young man.

Once the two of you had settled into the booth, Prompto handed on of the spoons that had previously been in his mouth to you with a sheepish grin. You merely shook your head silently and grabbed the spoon gently from his grasp before scooping up some of the cold treat and placing the sweet treat into your mouth. You let the ice cream gently melt into your mouth and you shut your eyes in pure bliss at the cacophony of sweet and indulgent flavours that danced around in your mouth.

You heard Prompto moan out load, and rather inappropriately at that, as he shoved his own bite of ice cream into his mouth. “Mmmmmm, this is sooooo good, y/n!” Prompto groaned out, absolutely enthralled. You couldn’t help but blush as your imagination ran away from you at the sounds and gestures of pleasure Prompto was making for the ice cream. He sounded so… pleased. You wanted to please him in that way personally…

You shook your head immediately of the thought and quickly scooped up some of the ice cream into your spoon, and quickly brought it to your mouth. Except… you misjudged the whole projectile of the spoon and the ice cream ended up smeared onto your bottom lip. Prompto let out a snort of laughter at the image, and you felt absolutely mortified and miserable.

First of all, you were sick. Second of all, because you were sick, you couldn’t even talk. And Third of all, you embarrassed yourself in public in front of your cute boyfriend and he was laughing quite openly at your face.

You couldn’t help your eyes from tearing up, but luckily Prompto had caught the change in your demeanour as soon as it happened. He was immediately by your side, pushing the ice cream dish away from the two of you and bringing a wad of napkins with him as he cooed gently in apology and wiped away at the ice cream.

“I didn’t mean to upset you baby. I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you. All I want to do is help you feel happy.” Prompto soothed you as he gently wiped the sticky mess off your face. You leaned into his touch and soon found yourself nestled into your boyfriend’s surprisingly muscled shoulder, a small smile on your face. You leaned upwards, so that your lips were right next to Prompto’s ear, and you whispered to him.

Thank you. I love you, Prompto.” You rasped, your voice only just a pained whisper. Prompto looked down at you and kissed you gently on the lips, no regard or concern for catching whatever virus you had contracted that had rendered you feeling miserable and voiceless.

“I love you too, baby. Wanna head home now?”

You nodded, a gentle smile on your face. The two of you exited the ice cream place and walked hand in hand towards your home, where both you and Prompto spent a quiet afternoon in watching television and napping. Prompto had left late in the night, after tucking you into bed and pressing a soft kiss goodnight on your forehead.

You were feeling much better after spending a whole day with Prompto.

Prompto, however, ended up sick in the next few days. But, surely, you took care of him just as he had taken care of you when you were sick and unable to speak for yourself. Of course, you were much nicer about doing what he actually wanted you to do. You didn’t force him to eat ice cream.

You smiled fondly at the memory as you fed a sick and pathetic looking flushed Prompto some soup. You wouldn’t trade this man for anything in the world. You were irrevocably in love with this over-grown, photography and chocobo-crazed man child.

And you were sure that he was just as in love with you.

Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler

Description: There’s nothing quite like it.

Game ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Blackberry(x2)

This recipe restores 175 energy and 70 health. It can be obtained from the Cooking Channel and sells for 260g.

Difficulty: Easy, 45 minutes. Serves 6.

Turns out blackberries are expensive where I live, so this recipe is a peach-blackberry cobbler. You can add other fruits like apples, plums, cherry, etc.

-4 cups fruit: peaches (peeled and sliced) and blackberries
-½ cup brown sugar
-1 tablespoon cornstarch
-¼ teaspoon nutmeg
-¼ teaspoon cinnamon
-½ cup water
-1 tablespoon lemon juice (optional)

-1 cup flour
-2 tablespoons sugar
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-Pinch of salt
-¼ cup butter
-1 egg
-¼ cup milk

In a medium saucepan, combine the brown sugar, cornstarch, nutmeg, cinnamon, water, and lemon juice. Cook on medium heat, stirring frequently, until the mixture becomes thick and bubbly.

Add the blackberries and peaches to the sauce and mix well. Reduce the heat and cook on low for 2-3 minutes.

Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a medium mixing bowl. With a pastry blender, cut in the butter until it resembles coarse crumbs. Add the egg and milk and stir until fully combined.

Pour the fruit and sauce into a medium casserole dish and spoon the biscuit mix on top. I tried to do the design as shown in the preview image from the game, but the biscuit mix is fairly thick.

Bake in a 400°F oven for 20 to 25 minutes or til the top of the biscuits are dry and a light golden brown and the sauce is bubbling.

Let it cool for 5 minutes, then serve plain or with ice cream.

This recipe is hearty, sweet, and fruity. Especially good on autumn nights, but it can be eaten any time of the year.