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my name is Cow and long past noon when all the men are sleeping soon with cat and fiddle and silver spoon i jump up hi and lik the moon

Hey, diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Home, Part Nine

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot.

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?   Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

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Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd

This is a one shot that happened when two requests for blurbs turned into not so blurry things by nature and they just fit so well together (x, x). So, they took awhile, but I hope the fact that they blew up into a bigger thing makes up for that! I hope the bigger thing is worth it, too…. x. 

As with the It’s About Balance sequence, all characters are of legal, consenting age and are aware of their decisions and the consequences that stem. I’m always so touchy when age gaps are involved since i know they’re rightly a sensitive thing, and I don’t want anyone misunderstanding what I’m trying to portray.

Harry’s horrified the first time he realizes his mouth is open when he watches you wiping down the counter at the bakery. He’s horrified when he realizes he’s watching the way your arse rounds just a bit more and your legs look longer when you lean over.

He’s horrified more still when he wonders how well they would wrap around him.

At first you were just the girl who came into the bakery while he worked there. Your visit was like clockwork every Saturday, and he saved you the best sweet roll to bag it with whichever pastry you picked out that morning – the sweet roll was constant, the dessert treat a surprise, except if they had made a tray full of lemon curds. On those mornings, he packed you a lemon curd with the sweet roll.

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SVT When Their S/O Sings in Front of Them PT 1 (Joshua, Seungkwan, Seungcheol, Jeonghan)

Request: Can I have little drabbles of svt reacting to their s/o singing? Like their s/o has never sung in front of them, but during a cuddle destress session their s/o just starts running their hands through their hair and absentmindedly started singing ballads.

Group: SEVENTEEN (All members included! Spread across multW O W)

Word Count Overall:

Author: Admin Cloud

A/N: I know the request asked for during a cuddle session, but I wanted each one to very so the situations will vary. I promise that one will have that prompt exactly, but you will need to read on to find out which one! xx


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 As soon as Seungcheol heard the sound of your voice coming from the bathroom, he moved to the door so he could hear it better. It was obvious that you had never sung professionally, but he thought it was cute when you would try to reach a high note and your voice would crack and you would stop for a second before going back to singing. When your footsteps began getting closer to the door, however, he made a beeline to the living room to wait for you to come in so you guys could watch a movie together.

 When you sat down, you were immediately suspicious of how quiet your boyfriend was being. He was usually quite loud, so his lack of words worried you slightly.

 “Seungcheol? Are you mad or something?”

 “No, but I’m crazy about your singing. Next time you decide to have a concert while showing, invite me and we can sing a duet.”(wink wink)

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Request for emergency fluff. Having to work today with no voice (unless I want to cough to the point of sobbing) in a call center. Please send fluff. Also your writing is amazing my dear ❤️

Hey Ruby dear! Oh that’s actually the worst omg- working at a call centre with a voice in no condition to talk at all! *hugs* Here’s some Prompto lovin’, just for you <3 *Note that this is an emergency fluff request so I had to kinda write this drabble before continuing with the regular requests sent in xD* I whipped this up REAL quick so hopefully this is cute and sweet enough LOL

Sick Days (Prompto x Reader)

“Y/n wants a chocolate sundae with hot fudge sauce and a crumbled waffle cone sprinkled over the top of the whole thing!” Prompto cheered, his sky blue eyes glinting mischievously as he ordered the two of you ice cream after your impromptu lunch date. You shot your boisterous blond boyfriend a playful glare before turning to the serving lady and shaking your head. Unable to say a word due to your extremely sore throat, you had to rely on Prompto to do all the talking today. And he took full advantage of that fact.

The serving lady shot you and Prompto a confused look, and you couldn’t stop Prompto from grinning at the lady and nodding his head insistently. “No, don’t worry about her- she’s just trying to watch her weight or something, but I don’t get why she would do that- she’s perfect to me.” Your eyes soften at Prompto’s sweet words, despite his defiance and his made-up excuse about your apparent ‘weight’ issues. You decided to let Prompto’s idiocy go for now, and simply let out a sigh before grasping securely onto his bicep with both your hands and smiling obligingly at the serving lady.

Looking exasperated, the lady eventually slid the decadent ice cream dish towards the two of you. Prompto lit up and thanked the lady, lurching forward and grabbing the ice cream dish before shoving the two spoons he procured into his mouth and making his way towards a cosy booth in the corner of the store. You shook your head in slight disbelief and pure adoration as you followed the bouncy blond young man.

Once the two of you had settled into the booth, Prompto handed on of the spoons that had previously been in his mouth to you with a sheepish grin. You merely shook your head silently and grabbed the spoon gently from his grasp before scooping up some of the cold treat and placing the sweet treat into your mouth. You let the ice cream gently melt into your mouth and you shut your eyes in pure bliss at the cacophony of sweet and indulgent flavours that danced around in your mouth.

You heard Prompto moan out load, and rather inappropriately at that, as he shoved his own bite of ice cream into his mouth. “Mmmmmm, this is sooooo good, y/n!” Prompto groaned out, absolutely enthralled. You couldn’t help but blush as your imagination ran away from you at the sounds and gestures of pleasure Prompto was making for the ice cream. He sounded so… pleased. You wanted to please him in that way personally…

You shook your head immediately of the thought and quickly scooped up some of the ice cream into your spoon, and quickly brought it to your mouth. Except… you misjudged the whole projectile of the spoon and the ice cream ended up smeared onto your bottom lip. Prompto let out a snort of laughter at the image, and you felt absolutely mortified and miserable.

First of all, you were sick. Second of all, because you were sick, you couldn’t even talk. And Third of all, you embarrassed yourself in public in front of your cute boyfriend and he was laughing quite openly at your face.

You couldn’t help your eyes from tearing up, but luckily Prompto had caught the change in your demeanour as soon as it happened. He was immediately by your side, pushing the ice cream dish away from the two of you and bringing a wad of napkins with him as he cooed gently in apology and wiped away at the ice cream.

“I didn’t mean to upset you baby. I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you. All I want to do is help you feel happy.” Prompto soothed you as he gently wiped the sticky mess off your face. You leaned into his touch and soon found yourself nestled into your boyfriend’s surprisingly muscled shoulder, a small smile on your face. You leaned upwards, so that your lips were right next to Prompto’s ear, and you whispered to him.

Thank you. I love you, Prompto.” You rasped, your voice only just a pained whisper. Prompto looked down at you and kissed you gently on the lips, no regard or concern for catching whatever virus you had contracted that had rendered you feeling miserable and voiceless.

“I love you too, baby. Wanna head home now?”

You nodded, a gentle smile on your face. The two of you exited the ice cream place and walked hand in hand towards your home, where both you and Prompto spent a quiet afternoon in watching television and napping. Prompto had left late in the night, after tucking you into bed and pressing a soft kiss goodnight on your forehead.

You were feeling much better after spending a whole day with Prompto.

Prompto, however, ended up sick in the next few days. But, surely, you took care of him just as he had taken care of you when you were sick and unable to speak for yourself. Of course, you were much nicer about doing what he actually wanted you to do. You didn’t force him to eat ice cream.

You smiled fondly at the memory as you fed a sick and pathetic looking flushed Prompto some soup. You wouldn’t trade this man for anything in the world. You were irrevocably in love with this over-grown, photography and chocobo-crazed man child.

And you were sure that he was just as in love with you.

Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler

Description: There’s nothing quite like it.

Game ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Blackberry(x2)

This recipe restores 175 energy and 70 health. It can be obtained from the Cooking Channel and sells for 260g.

Difficulty: Easy, 45 minutes. Serves 6.

Turns out blackberries are expensive where I live, so this recipe is a peach-blackberry cobbler. You can add other fruits like apples, plums, cherry, etc.

-4 cups fruit: peaches (peeled and sliced) and blackberries
-½ cup brown sugar
-1 tablespoon cornstarch
-¼ teaspoon nutmeg
-¼ teaspoon cinnamon
-½ cup water
-1 tablespoon lemon juice (optional)

-1 cup flour
-2 tablespoons sugar
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-Pinch of salt
-¼ cup butter
-1 egg
-¼ cup milk

In a medium saucepan, combine the brown sugar, cornstarch, nutmeg, cinnamon, water, and lemon juice. Cook on medium heat, stirring frequently, until the mixture becomes thick and bubbly.

Add the blackberries and peaches to the sauce and mix well. Reduce the heat and cook on low for 2-3 minutes.

Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a medium mixing bowl. With a pastry blender, cut in the butter until it resembles coarse crumbs. Add the egg and milk and stir until fully combined.

Pour the fruit and sauce into a medium casserole dish and spoon the biscuit mix on top. I tried to do the design as shown in the preview image from the game, but the biscuit mix is fairly thick.

Bake in a 400°F oven for 20 to 25 minutes or til the top of the biscuits are dry and a light golden brown and the sauce is bubbling.

Let it cool for 5 minutes, then serve plain or with ice cream.

This recipe is hearty, sweet, and fruity. Especially good on autumn nights, but it can be eaten any time of the year.


The sexualities as represented by dishes
  • Heterosexuality: Silver spoon, representing hetero privilege.
  • Homosexuality: Fork, because for a long time both were considered to be of the devil.
  • Bisexuality: Spork, because it's considered weird and everyone forgets it exists.
  • Pansexuality: Swiss Army type dealymabob that has a fork, a spoon, a knife, a corkscrew, and a small saw.
  • Asexuality: Plastic toy frying pan, perceived as wanting to be used for food but in actuality wants nothing to do with food.
  • Demisexuality: Plastic bowl that is NOT microwave safe; can be used for some food, but not others.
Game On (Part 2)

Part 1

Request for this scenario:

…and he returns the favor later!!

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

You knocked on the door to Bangtan’s dorm and Jungkook yelled for you to come in. He was obviously home alone or he would have opened the door himself. No one was supposed to know the passcode into their dorm apart from the boys and their manager. You ran your hands over your semi-tight skirt and quickly typed in the password to unlock the door.

“Where is everyone?” you asked, sliding your shoes off at the door.

“They went to the market. They should be back any minute” he said. You followed his voice into the kitchen and grinned when you saw him up to his elbows in soapy dishwater. You walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his waist as he scrubbed at a bowl. It had been two weeks since Jungkook had declared war and he’d made no move since. Seeing that as an opportunity, you decided that today would be your second chance at teasing him. He smiled as your lips connected to his neck, your hand flattening over his abs, and put the bowl on the drying rack.

“You know that you can’t win this game, right? I’m too clever” he said, praising himself. A part of you actually believed him. After all, when you got him turned on after his dance practice, he found a way to get everyone else to leave the room. He never really backed down from your advances but today, he would.

“We’ll see” you commented. He smiled, shaking his head, and continued with the dishes. He grabbed a spoon and began cleaning it off.

“Chore of the week?” you asked.            

“Jin told me to clean the dishes and put away the dry ones” he said, tilting his head toward the small stack of dried dishes. They sat, stacked on the kitchen table, in a neat pile. Jungkook pulled the small from the sink’s drain, letting the water escape.

“Let me help” you said, moving to the stack. You grabbed a few plates and walked to the cabinet to put them away. Jungkook turned around, leaning his weight against the sink counter, and slid Jin’s pink latex gloves off of his hands and put them behind him. He folded his arms and smiled, watching as you bent over to put away a few pots. He shamelessly admired your ass, his eyes trailing its outline in your skirt. His eyes widened slightly and his eyebrows rose when he noticed a lack of ridges under your skirt.

You sat up and put away the few remaining cups as Jungkook walked over to you. After you put away the final cup, Jungkook turned you around so you were facing him and immediately slapped his lips to yours.

“I couldn’t say ‘hello’ to you when you came in” he said, his hands resting on your sides. You smiled and gently placed your arms around his neck.

“Hello” you smiled, before pulling him back to your lips. He smiled against you, grazing his hands over your ass and feeling the soft material that made up your skirt. He groaned and slapped his hand against your butt, breaking the kiss. His eyes bored into you, lips only inches away from yours. He knew that you weren’t wearing any underwear.

“No panties?” he asked, his words coated with lust. You held his eye contact and slowly shook your head, smiling sexily. With him being so close, it was almost as if you were in a stare down, both of you daring the other to make a move. You the first to move, unzipping his pants. He’d said that the boys would be back any minute and that was perfect. With any luck, he would be putty in your hand by the time they got home.

Jungkook slid your skirt up and your hand froze as his finger slid along your slit. His tongue twirled with yours, making you moan as his finger busied itself in your wetness. You spread your legs wider, leaning back against the refrigerator. He pressed one finger into your opening and you sighed into his mouth.

Jungkook’s erection grew to its full size and he lightly nibbled on your lip. He added a second finger before moving his lips to your earlobe. His fingers slipped in and out of your tight hole and you bucked your hips against. “Jungkook~” you moaned.

His thumb pressed flat against your clit before gently rubbing circles against it. Your fingers tangled in the strands of his hair as you panted. You could hear the numbers being pressed on the front door keypad and you moaned for Jungkook to stop.

“Jungkook… they-they’re at the door” you panted, your head hitting against the refrigerator door.

“You’d better hurry before they catch us then” Jungkook whispered in your ear. His thumb continuously and quickly circled your throbbing clit, making your fingers tighten in his shirt. Your teeth clenched and your eyes closed as you felt your orgasm coming.

“Jungkook, are you home?” Namjoon called out as the door finally opened.

Jungkook pressed his lips to yours, cutting off your moan as your orgasm finally took over. Your body trembled in his arms as he slid his hand from under your skirt. He edged your clothing back down just as Jin reached the doorway.

“Jungkook-” Jin stopped short. Luckily, thanks to Jungkook’s perfect timing, Jin only seemed to witness a small make-out session.

“He’s still washing dishes?” Yoongi asked in disbelief. He stopped at the door as well and made a face.

“Ugh, get a room. We make food in here” he complained. Jin cleared his throat and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Fine, Jin makes us food in here” he corrected. Jungkook broke the kiss and turned his head to them with a smile.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself” he said. They walked away from the kitchen and Jungkook smiled before turning back to you.

“I told you, ‘I’m too clever’. There’s no way you’re going to beat me in this little game” Jungkook said. You rolled your eyes but moved to kiss him anyway. You rested your hand against his erection and squeezed.

“You sure?” you asked when he groaned.

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Kk~ Then War of Hormone, smut, Taehyung (V) But if it doesn't bother you, I'll like it to have like some romance. Not just directly to the smut, since the song well it's all smut 😅😂💕

War Of Hormone- V(Requested Smut)

War Of Hormone-BTS(Audio)

//1950′s. Tight leather. A lollipop and an ice cream sundae. enjoyy;)// 

Originally posted by lefantasy


“I think you’re trying to seduce me.” A deep, thick voice says from behind me, wringing a gasp from my lips.

Taehyung leans against the doorframe, running his impossibly long fingers through his silky hair, the strands slipping from his grasp. Leather hugs his shoulders, legs elongated with the stripes of his pants. His thick lips are wrapped around a cherry lollipop, staining them a deep red.

“What are you talkin about?” I lean against the diner’s glossy counter. “Shouldn’t you be home with that biker chick you picked up? It’s after hours now.”

“She didn’t end up bein’ the one for me.” He sighs, keeping his gaze on me as he props himself up on the counter, a grin appearing on his thick lips. “You wanna make a sundae?”

I laugh lightly, nodding my head before pulling all of the ingredients from the freezer in the back, arms full and loaded as I drop the contents in front of him. “I think people are startin’ to notice the lack of ice cream.” I say, popping open the containers as Taehyung fiddles with the jukebox, slipping quarters from his pocket and into the music machine.  

My mind keeps going back to what he said earlier, about how I was trying to seduce him. Like I was one of those skimpy pin up girls he hid magazines of under his bed. The jukebox begins to play a fast song, one that sounds more fit for a high school pep rally than an ice cream eating session.

“You look great in that shirt.” Tae licks his lips as he leans over the counter to eye me.

I roll my eyes, high ponytail flipping as I turn to grab a bowl and two spoons, dishing our usual vanilla icecream with chocolate fudge into the glass. I begin humming to the song, dancing around the counter and eating from our bowl of delicious dessert.

I come around to Taehyung and grip his hands, pulling him from the stool and spinning myself around in his grasp. My heels make loud noises with the music on the tile, skirt fanning around me in a wide circle.

“Come on, Tae.” I whine when he’s unresponsive. “Nobody is ‘too cool’ for a dancing.” I climb up from a stool and onto the long counter, kicking out my feet and shaking my hands in jazz motions.  

“You’re going to fall.” He says, unamused, continuing to steadily deplenish the bowl of ice cream without me. “And I will laugh and make games of you until the end of time.”

“You’re no fun.” I pout, hopping down and plopping into the stool next to him. “You used to be the one who had to force me to do stuff like that. What happened to you?”

“The fifties are trying times.” He says in mock seriousness. “The troubles of our youth weigh heavily on my poor soul.”

“Oh, please.” I laugh, snatching the bowl closer to me. “I didn’t even know you had a soul.”  

He narrows his eyes as I smirk sinfully, eyeing his lollipop as it sits on the counter, glistening and red in the harsh diner light. I reach over him to take it, testing the flavor as I pop it in my mouth.

“Not bad.” I say beginning to whine. “But how do you always have these and why do you never bring me any? You know I love them.”  

“I like seeing you eat mine.” He raises and eyebrow and leans in, that secretive glint in his eyes.

“Oh really?” I tease, putting it back in my mouth and sucking on it, getting the full effect of its fruity flavor.

His long fingers reach over and tug on the white stick, pulling it from my mouth with a small pop.

“Hey!” I draw my eyebrows together and pout. “I wasn’t done yet. Besides you ate all the ice cream anyway it’s only fair that yo-”  

The space between us suddenly evaporates, the only thought on my mind is how he tastes like vanilla, immediately consuming me with his kiss. He’s kissing me.

Kim Taehyung is kissing me.

I grip his suspenders, moving my fingers along the stretchy material before tugging them against me, placing his body flush against mine. He kisses like he’s been practicing his whole life, molding his thick lips against mine. His groan is deep and baritone, reverberating deep in my chest.

Running his tongue along my lower lips I allow him the access his wants, chasing the wet muscle as it easily dominates me. Anyone walking past the diner could see us kissing, could see the act of two teenagers being scandalous in public. Of how Tae’s fingers are slowly drifting south, settling into the curve of my waist atop the tight material of my shirt.

“You’ve been drivin’ me bonkers for months.” Taehyung pulls from my lips, breath only slightly ragged whereas I’m gasping for air. “Every single hormone in my body wants you.”

Gripping the leather of his jacket I pull his collar back towards me, crashing our lips together once again in response to his confession. I relish in every flick of his tongue, in every movement of his fingers, not knowing how long this would last before reality set in for both of us.

“Tell me what you want.” Taehyung breathes the words into me, sounding cocky as if he already knows my answer.

“You.” I push the leather from his shoulders in a rush, the sound of it dropping to the floor so satisfying.

Biting my lip I let him hoist me up, gripping my ass and clumsily pushing aside our dishes as he sets me on the counter, wedging in between my legs.

“God, I was hoping you’d say that.” His hands go back up to fist my pony, long fingers separating the strands of hair. “You really are the best. Head to toe, everything about you is too perfect.”  

“Take me home, Taehyung.” I beg him as his lips find my neck, sucking on the sensitive skin around my pulse. I can feel myself getting aroused, an uncomfortable wetness settling in my undergarments as he works me up.

“I don’t think I can make it that long.” He growls, fingers wandering up my skirt.

“Then… at least.. get me somewhere… private.” I manage to gasp, moaning as his fingers reach the innermost part of my thigh, ghosting up my core through thin fabric.        

“You feel so wet.” He says, a smile in his voice.

“God.” I can only just get the curse through my lips as he touches me with more pressure, blocking his naughty ministrations from view with his body. “Please, just-”

“Just what?” He takes my skin between his teeth, pulling gently.

“Make love to me.” I whine, the ancient saying flowing from my lips like clockwork.

My face flushes almost to the shade of his cherry sucker as his gaze snaps up to mine, filled with an unmatched intensity. “I will do more than that.” Tae promises, scooping me up and bringing me towards the door. “I don’t think we’ll be getting any sleep tonight.”  

//legit scared that this one sucks really bad. please give me feedback *runs and hides*//

~Admin Eggplant

“Dish and Spoon” ~ This one is based on a dream I had a long time ago. It was about this dark, medieval world based on nursery rhymes. It was ruled by the immortal tyrant, Old King Cole, who terrorized his kingdom to no end. One day, the mystical fortune-telling artifact Hickory Dickory Clock (cared for by Dock Mouse) predicted that Cole would eventually be overthrown by a rebellion. This rebellion would begin in one of the small regions of his kingdom, a countryside inhabited by large, sentient kitchenware. Naturally, Old King Cole led a genocide of that strange species, but only Dish and Spoon survived. They roam the land as outcasts now, mostly keeping to themselves silently.

And if you ask me, this is a great story idea, but one I have no intention on pursuing. I just wanted to make the Dish and Spoon because I remembered them vividly when I woke up, and they’re pretty awesome. Anyone is free to use this idea and expand upon it, because I have already chosen to not do anything with it but it’d be a shame for this idea to go to waste.

Note: leave feedback for part 2! so this has been floating in my mind for a while and there’s more to it than this little bit! i wasn’t sure if i should do sweet Bucky or asshole Bucky. so you guys chose asshole Bucky, where he doesn’t get along with the reader! i’ve written something similar to this, so read that if you’d like! thank you! .c

Bucky x Reader

/Mission Impossible/

Living with the Avengers was fun and exciting. But that meant I had to live with Bucky Barnes. That wasn’t fun at all. Bucky and I had a rough start. I was sarcastic and most didn’t catch onto my witty humor. Thankfully, the team had gotten used to it and realized I meant well.

Bucky on the other hand, hated my sense of humor and sarcastic remarks. He bickered with me day in and day out, getting underneath my skin in any way possible. He discovered my pet peeves, unfortunately, and he makes sure to act on them. He knew how much some things annoyed me and he just had to do them.

It’s been going on for a year now and I don’t see an end in sight. My best friend, Steve, also Bucky’s best friend, begged Bucky and I to see eye to eye. But neither me or Bucky tried to or really even wanted to. I didn’t like Bucky and Bucky didn’t like me. Simple as that.

One time, we were out on a tough mission and it was a disaster. We all went in, ready to beat some ass, but left with ours handed to us. Bucky was furious and though it was nobody’s fault in particular, he found every way possible to blame it on me. He’s annoying and I couldn’t stand him.

Today was going to be a bad day, I can feel it. I was feeling very tired and overwhelmed. I had a solo mission coming up and I did not feel like putting up with Bucky’s bullshit. I groaned as I got out of bed and made my way out to get some breakfast.

I took the elevator up, securing my robe around my body. It was a bit chilly and I hated being cold. Damn Tony and his 60 degree loving self. The elevator stopped and I walked out, going into the kitchen. I internally groaned upon seeing Bucky sitting there eating out of my bowl. I was very picky about people eating out of my bowl. He knew that.

Steve was reading the newspaper beside Bucky, already knowing what was about to happen. He’s always prepared for quarrel’s between Bucky and I. So, I walked up to Bucky and snatched my bowl away, the movement causing some of the milk to pour out onto the counter.

Bucky dropped his spoon and gasped. “Hey! I was eating that, midget!” I rolled my eyes, dumping his cereal in the trash. “My bowl, ass wipe.” I grumbled as I washed the dish and got a spoon, pouring myself some cereal.

I heard Bucky mumbling curse words under his breath. “You’re cranky in the mornings, you know.” He said, getting up to search for another bowl. I quickly went to sit in his seat, loving how warm it was since it was like an igloo in here.

I took a bite and looked at Bucky. “I said something to you.” Bucky said, sounding annoyed. Only because, well, it annoys him when someone doesn’t reply to him. He hates being ignored. I continued eating my cereal. Steve nudged me and gave me a small smile. “How’d you sleep, Y/N?” I smiled back.

Steve was always so sweet to me. I warmed up to him rather quickly. “I slept well. You?” Bucky scoffed and looked at us, astounded. “So you answer him and not me?” I looked around, acting confused. “Is there a rat in here?” Steve chuckled. “I hear something, but I’m not sure what it is.” I tapped my chin. “Hm. Oh well.” I went back to eating my breakfast, knowing that I was getting under Bucky’s skin now.

He crossed over to me and picked me up from behind, his hands holding my waist. I squealed and dropped my spoon and it landed in my bowl. I was suddenly put on the ground roughly and Bucky had taken his seat back. “My seat, ass wipe.” I growled and grabbed my bowl again. “You guys, it’s 9am. It’s too early for all of this.” Clint said, sleepily walking into the kitchen.

I sighed and looked down at my cereal floating around, not feeling that hungry anymore. “She started it.” Bucky muttered. My head shot up and I glared at him. “You started it the first day we met.” I shot back. Bucky’s fist clenched and he sighed angrily. “At least I know how to share.” He quipped. Steve sighed now and held his head in his hands, shaking it.

I straightened my back and grabbed my bowl once more, walking over to Bucky. I stood by his side and he turned towards me, a smug grin plastered on his face. “Fine. I’ll let you use my bowl.” I tipped it over and let the milk and cereal pour over Bucky’s pajama pants. He quickly jumped off the stool and the milk dripped into the floor, bits of cereal sticking to his pants.

He groaned and wiped the cereal off angrily. “You bitch!” He yelled. I smiled and set my bowl down on the counter. “Enjoy your breakfast, ass wipe.” I walked by Clint and he was holding back his laughter. “Holy shit.” He said, snorting. I shot him a wink and walked back to the elevator.

I was ready for a shower so I can finally start my day. Bucky knew better than to eat out of my bowl. Sure, there are other bowls I could use, but so could he. It’s my bowl, everyone knows that.

The elevator stopped at my floor and I walked into my bedroom, shutting my door behind me. My thoughts were instantly flooded with Bucky and ways to get him out of my hair for good. He annoyed the hell out of me and on purpose, too.

One way or another, I’ll get him to stop. 

Later that day, I was sitting in the common room, going over my next solo mission. It was in two weeks and all I had to do was get some paperwork and blueprints. But things were never that smooth and easy. 

This required planning. It was my first solo mission and I was really excited. It meant a lot that the team could trust me to do this on my own, aside from Bucky, of course. 

I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up to see Steve and Bucky. They had smiles on their faces, but there was a distinct difference between the two. Steve’s was genuine and Bucky’s was devilish. It’s a smile that could kill. And boy, did it kill me. My appetite, I mean.

I sighed and capped my pen, turning towards the towering men above me. “Tony wants us in the conference room.” Steve said. I nodded as I stood to my feet. I wondered what Tony wanted us for. Maybe he’ll fire Bucky.

I was walking beside Steve but suddenly tripped over something and landed on the floor. “What the hell!” I yelled and looked up and Bucky was laughing, holding his stomach. Steve slapped Bucky’s shoulder, scolding him. 

He bent down and helped me to my feet again. “Fucking asshole.” I muttered and walked ahead, a slight pain in my knee. Bucky was still chuckling behind me as Steve was telling him not to treat a lady in such a way. “She’s no lady.” I scoffed. “You’re no man.” I argued back. Steve butt in before we could continue. “Guys, enough.”

I rolled my eyes and stepped into the elevator, the two getting in after me. I pressed the floor number and the doors shut, the elevator jolting as it started to rise. The ride had been silent and peaceful until I heard a faint sound of someone ticking their tongue against the roof of their mouth.

My skin was suddenly covered in goosebumps and I shuddered. The noise annoyed the hell out of me so it had to be Bucky. I let out an agitated sigh and I knew Bucky could hear it, because he started tapping his foot loudly. Thankfully, the elevator came to a stop and I exited as soon as I could fit through the door opening.

I walked into the conference room, Steve and Bucky following behind me. Tony’s head lifted up and he gave us a nod. “Nice of you to join us.” We all sat down and I sat in between Sam and Steve. Bucky was on Steve’s other side, thank God. He’s not that friendly with Sam either, so he’d pick a fight with him too, given the chance.

Everyone else had smirks on their faces. “So, as you all know, Y/N and Bucky hate each other.” I snorted and everyone started laughing. “Yeah, no shit.” Bucky quipped. I rolled my eyes at the sound of his annoying voice. Tony quirked an eyebrow at Bucky’s tone. Bucky knew better than to give Tony sass so he shut up.

Tony continued nevertheless. “Well, the team and I have decided to send you two on a mission together.” I shot up in my seat, my hands flat on the table. “He will NOT go on my SOLO mission!” I argued. There was absolutely no way I was letting him screw this up. “No, it’s a different mission. It’s in two days.” I sighed angrily and looked at Bucky, my blood boiling.

His eyes and mouth were wide. “Surely, you can’t be serious. She’ll get us killed! Have you seen her fight!? Her stance and technique are sloppy!” I gasped. “Are you KIDDING me!? I can beat a man twice my size, and that doesn’t excuse yourself, you asshole!” I yelled at him. Bucky stood from his seat and crossed around Steve’s chair to me. The others groaned in annoyance.

His fists were clenched but I knew he was only acting. He didn’t scare me one bit. I glared back at him and Steve stepped in between us. “Guys, it’s for your own good. This a mission for the both of you. You guys have one week to settle your differences and become friends.” Tony said, his arms crossed. I turned around to face Tony. “Tony! You know that won’t happen!” He shrugged.

I groaned and ran my hands through my hair. “You guys are going on a little camping trip, far away from here. Nobody dangerous will find you, you’ll be safe. Not from each other, that is. So try not to murder one another.” Tony said, looking between Bucky and I. “Guys, just do this. It’s for the best.” Nat chimed in.

Bucky laughed sarcastically. “Seriously, I’m tired of the arguments.” She said. I looked at Wanda and Vision. “We agree.” Wanda said quietly. Vision nodded. “It is rather…annoying.” Everyone nodded, agreeing with Vision. I tried my best not to say something really mean, so I kept my mouth shut. Tony then dismissed everyone, leaving the location and everything on a piece of paper on the table.

Sam stayed behind and looked at me. “Don’t let him beat your ass, kid.” He gave me a pat on the shoulder and left. I groaned and picked up the piece of paper, reading the directions. This is not happening. How am I supposed to become FRIENDS with that idiot!? He’s the opposite of anything I would want in a friend!

Steve had turned to Bucky and was explaining to him that he had to go on this “mission” or one of us has to stay back during the missions with the team. Neither of us wanted that to happen. “Learn to tolerate each other, at least.” I scoffed again and Bucky shot another glare at me. “Shut up, pipsqueak.” He muttered. I growled and stepped in between him and Steve now. “Make. Me.” I spat in his face.

Bucky’s face softened and I caught a hint of something wash over him, but I couldn’t pinpoint it. I stomped out of the room and heard Steve say, “Fix this.” I sighed yet again, walking into the elevator. I didn’t bother to wait on Steve and Bucky. I was beyond furious. A week on a stupid camping trip, with Bucky Asshole Barnes!? I have two days until I’m alone with him. Two. Days. Fuck my life.

Note: asshole Barnes is back! yay! hehe, let me know if you guys want more of this! thank you! .c

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