and the dish ran away with the spoon

okay. here it is. if you’ve been wondering why i’ve been posting about geese for so long, this is why. it’s The Goose AU. based on this joke prompt sent to me by the lovely @lovelycraters (who also drew ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ART for this that imma make her post asap). all the thanks to @startofamoment, who helped me world-build and egged me on from a dumb 3-sentence response to this and to @jakelovesamy for listening to me whine and googling yacht clubs in nyc and obscure latvian dishes. and to @wrenjamin​ who has listened to me develop a severe goose phobia over the past several weeks THOSE THINGS HAVE T E E T H YALL 

For Terry, it was a falcon. A dark, oversized, absolutely majestic (at least, according to Terry) bird landed on his windowsill every day for a week, disappearing as he got dressed in the morning, until Sunday morning, when it tapped on his window gently with its beak, asking for entry. It led him to the farmers’ market, where he bumped into Sharon, also in line to buy locally-sourced honey.

For Charles, it was a dog, a mutt who ran up and started humping his leg in the middle of the grocery store. It wasn’t until he’d taken the dog home, when none of his neighbors seemed aware of its presence, that Charles realized that this particular stray was meant to lead him to his soulmate. Twelve days later, on a walk, the dog dragged him to an exotic food truck he’d been in search of for almost a year, where Genevieve was doling out Latvian frikadelu zipa.

For Gina, it was a panther, large and sleek. It twined around her legs for a day, prompting her to frequently and dramatically strut around the precinct, bragging about jeweled collars and fur as smooth and voluminous as her own perfectly-conditioned hair. The squad resisted the urge to point out that none of the rest of them could appreciate the apparent magnificence of the panther – Gina may live her life out loud, but they’d never seen her this transparently happy. That night, the panther accompanied her to watch a dark, curly mane of hair win a motorcycle race for which her love was the prize.

Given these experiences, Jake is fully prepared for a majestic, dignified lone wolf. Obviously, it would be large enough for him to ride like a horse straight to Diamond Point Yacht Club, where a gorgeous speedboat model would be lounging in the sun, her own wolf napping beside her.

These expectations are why, when a goose lands in his passenger seat on a mundane overcast Monday morning, Jake’s first emotion is annoyance.

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Home, Part Nine

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: This was only suppose to be a very long one shot.

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Epilogue

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Thirty Minutes and a Lemon Curd

This is a one shot that happened when two requests for blurbs turned into not so blurry things by nature and they just fit so well together (x, x). So, they took awhile, but I hope the fact that they blew up into a bigger thing makes up for that! I hope the bigger thing is worth it, too…. x. 

As with the It’s About Balance sequence, all characters are of legal, consenting age and are aware of their decisions and the consequences that stem. I’m always so touchy when age gaps are involved since i know they’re rightly a sensitive thing, and I don’t want anyone misunderstanding what I’m trying to portray.

Harry’s horrified the first time he realizes his mouth is open when he watches you wiping down the counter at the bakery. He’s horrified when he realizes he’s watching the way your arse rounds just a bit more and your legs look longer when you lean over.

He’s horrified more still when he wonders how well they would wrap around him.

At first you were just the girl who came into the bakery while he worked there. Your visit was like clockwork every Saturday, and he saved you the best sweet roll to bag it with whichever pastry you picked out that morning – the sweet roll was constant, the dessert treat a surprise, except if they had made a tray full of lemon curds. On those mornings, he packed you a lemon curd with the sweet roll.

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No Control | Chapter Fifteen


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

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*Gif is not mine.*

WARNING: Teeny tiny bit of smut (But, like, cute smut.)


Harry startles a little bit when my dad tells him to put his bag in my room. Tommy’s staying the night, since he’s had a bit too much to drink to drive back to Manchester. I rest a reassuring hand on Harry’s back to tell him it really is okay and my parents aren’t trying to test him or anything. 

We all stay up for a bit longer, chatting in our living room, slowly sipping on the rest of the wine from dinner. At around ten, Georgie heads home, giving everyone quick head kisses in farewell, including Harry. She tells me to text her in the morning to possibly make plans before heading out. The rest of us linger for only about half an hour more, everyone yawning between sentences. I’m convinced I’m still suffering a bit from jet lag, and it looks like Harry is too, so I say goodnight to my family and pull Harry with me upstairs. 

“Your parents are really okay with me sleeping in the same room as you?” he asks once I close the door behind us. I’m already searching through my drawers for something to wear to bed, since I know Harry’s going to make my bed like a heater tonight.

“Well, they already suspected we were sleeping together, and Georgie and her big mouth basically confirmed it at dinner. And we’re adults; they can’t really tell me what to do anymore. Even when I was younger, they’d let my boyfriend sleep over in my room. They don’t think it’s a big deal,” I assure with a shrug.
I finally find a tank top that would do and set it out as I pull my jumper over my head. When I look back, Harry is pulling his shirt off and folding it to place it back in his bag. 

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The Story of our Love (Pt.5)

Member: Baekhyun

Genre: Fluff

College AU

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 coming soon.

“This isn’t going to be the first and last time I kiss you”

He held your hand tightly inside his and you wanted nothing but to run away, your cheeks were so heated and so obviously flushed that it was embarrassing.
Baekhyun’s eyes were watching you as you bit your lip and looked away. He was too amused for you own liking and you felt his thumb on your skin rubbing circles.

The boy was going to drive you crazy.

“Umm…” you mumbled, not knowing what to say and you tugged on your arm a little.
What would anyone say in this kind of situation anyway?

“Mmm..” he teased jokingly as he pulled back on your arm a little too harshly, reducing the distance between your bodies.

You lifted your eyes from the ground and his face was there, too close, only inches away and you watched his lips as they twitched with the smile that he fought off. He smirked before tilting his head to the side and his eyebrows ticked upwards as his smile got the best of him.

He then bit on his lip playfully before he caressed your cheek and brought his face closer to yours. Your skin was on fire, you knew he felt it judging by the mischievousness you caught in his eyes.
He moved his hand that was touching your cheek and you felt his fingers at the tip of your nose as he pinched it lightly and then winked.

“Too cute” he whispered as he pulled away with a small laugh, letting your hand go and sitting back as he watched his dog chase its own tail and roll around.
Your heart was beating too fast and you wondered why he did that. Did he think you were amusing to play with? You cleared your throat as you got up attempting to leave the room and his eyes were instantly looking at you, wondering why you suddenly got up.

“Where are you going? Stay and play with him” he sounded so casual as if he didn’t just completely wreck you and you watched him gesture you with his eyes to sit back down and play with his dog.

“I should really…” you were being awkward and giving yourself away, you knew that. But you couldn’t help it; everything he did made your heart thump madly and your cheeks blush. Your words were constantly stuck in your tongue and you hated the fact that your hands would get so sweaty when he’s involved.

“Yaaah..” he whined and you watched him as he pouted cutely at you, using a very dangerous weapon against you, he knew it because there was a glint of amusement behind his puppy eyes and he kept watching you as you rolled your eyes and sighed before you sat back down.

“This is going to stop working someday you know”

“Psht! I’ll wait for that” he was happy as he watched you pat and play with his dog and when you felt that he suddenly went too silent you looked up at him and saw that he was looking at you in a way that seemed different and then he grinned.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked, trying to hide the embarrassment you felt.

He shook his head as he blinked slowly and licked his lips “I’m just happy that you’re playing with Mongryoung that’s all” you shot him a smile before you gave your attention back to his dog who seemed to grow attached to you now.

You kept playing with it as Baekhyun kept watching you. There was something behind his eyes, something that looked different, almost too endearing and too soft. His eyes sparkled with a look you’ve never seen and he looked like he had something to say.

Baekhyun took a deep breath before letting it out slowly and you lifted your head to look at him, if you didn’t know any better you’d say he looked nervous and you wondered why he fidgeted in his place as much as he did and why did the atmosphere suddenly change?

He suddenly looked serious and his cheeks were slightly turning pink, he swallowed harshly before he licked his lips, all while avoiding your eyes and then he suddenly looked up at you, into your eyes with so much intensity that you felt nervous yourself.

“Say Y/N, there’s something that I…”

“Guys! Come on outside, we’re about to grill the meat" Interrupted Jiyoung as she entered the room without you even hearing her and she stood by the door as she crossed her arms over her chest eyeing Baekhyun.

She chewed on the inside of her cheek and you saw a smile that wasn’t genuine at all on her face. Was she in a bad mood? You wondered as your eyes traveled between her and Baekhyun.

Baekhyun cleared his throat before you saw him drop his eyes to the ground and he smirked a little in a way that seemed a bit bitter. Something felt off and you found yourself wondering if anything had happened between the two and why they suddenly got so stiff together.

You were about to get up when you felt Baekhyun’s hand reach for you and grab your wrist halting your movement and forcing you to sit back down and he looked at her. “We’re coming” he said as he tightened his grip on your wrist and you looked at him, confused at his actions and the way he looked at her.

Unspoken words were flying between the two of them and you were lost in the midst of it.

Her eyes landed on Baekhyun’s hand that was holding your wrist and she went silent for a bit before she swallowed and then smiled widely “Come on it’s not fun if we start without you guys.

“Let’s go” she urged.

Baekhyun pursed his lips together and truth be told he looked irritated. You were confused but you weren’t stupid, something was going on and you were slowly catching up to it even though you couldn’t exactly pin point it.

“Fine” Baekhyun mumbled after he sighed and he let go of your wrist. He ran his hand through his hair messing it up before he got up and you did too, following him.

“Come on” said Jiyoung as she waited for him to exit the room and when he did she followed him leaving you behind. You frowned at the odd way she was behaving and you saw her reach out her hand to fix the stray hairs that he messed up seconds ago and you felt that pressing bitter feeling inside your chest again.

When you went outside, Jongdae had already started the fire while Sehun sat on the ground, fumbling busily with his phone like it had the most important things in the world and you rolled your eyes when you saw that it was just a game.

You on the other hand sat at the table where dishes, spoons and chopsticks were scattered messily on top of it and you tucked your hair behind your ears and pulled your sleeves up before you started organizing them.

An unnecessary mess was the one thing you couldn’t handle.

Jiyoung plopped herself next to you with a loud huff and she watched you organize the table before she took a deep breath and then sighed “Ugh I mean he’s just the cutest thing ever isn’t he?” she was talking about Baekhyun you knew that because of the tug you felt in your heart.

“Umm..sure” you answered, not paying her much attention and you heard her giggle before she said “I mean just look at him”

You looked up to see a Baekhyun who was caught in a mess of cutting the meat and you watched him as he held the scissors clumsily and cut the meat in the most random sizes ever and he frowned in concentration as his lips pouted involuntarily. It was literally the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen.

“Him and the kitchen don’t meet at all” she added as she kept looking at him and for some reason, you didn’t like the fact that she knew such details about him.
But she was his friend for a long time of course she’d know such things about him, but why did it bother you that she did, and why did she touch his hair so intimately?

Could you possibly be jealous?

“I’m gonna do it tonight. I can’t keep my feelings to myself any more, I have to tell him” she said, eyes sparkling and full of determination. She bit her lip as she breathed in deeply bracing herself and you could practically feel the butterflies that were swimming through her insides.

You would feel them too if you were to confess your feelings for Baekhyun.
Your eyes widened and you shook the thought away, muffling the nagging fact that you surely liked Baekhuyn and the sharp fact that your good friend Jiyoung liked him too.

How were you going to respond to this? How would you react?

Were you going to just ignore your feelings of wanting to be more than friends with him and allow Jiyoung to find her happiness with the man you…liked?

You were truly confused as you found yourself in a tough spot; you didn’t know how you would approach the situation. You weren’t a child to have a mindset of a fifth grader who would think Oh she saw him first she should have him Baekhyun wasn’t an asset to begin with and at the same time, he made you happy, he made you comfortable and the warmth you felt with him was undeniable.

How could you just ignore all that?

You were hesitating, confusion filled every corner of your brain and nerves consumed your heart. But you looked at her, and the smile that illuminated her face as she looked at him was blinding.

Jiyoung was a good friend of yours and her feelings towards Baekhyun mattered regardless of how you felt about that. Besides, her love was for years while yours was just for a couple of months.

You shook your head again before you cleared your throat and you looked at her, giving her a genuine smile “I think you should go for it” your encouraging tone surprised you and you bit on your tongue purposely as a way of holding your ground.

He probably liked her too judging by the way he looked at her and the way he let her touch his hair, he always smiled lovingly when she did it and they’ve been friends for a while now, he surely liked her…right?
“Thanks friend” she tapped your shoulder as she hopped off the table and went to assist Baekhyun who was struggling with the meat.

You watched her as she teased him about his horrible cooking skills and he laughed with her, his eyes turning into those half-moons you so adored and then they joked together before she took the scissors from his slender fingers and started cutting the meat, handing the pieces to Jongdae who was whining noisily beside them.

You walked inside to the kitchen, fetching the vegetables from the fridge and you placed them on the counter to wash them wanting to do anything but watch your friends playing and teasing each other, as much as you liked them both and wanted nothing but their happiness, your feelings for Baekhyun were still there, and it stung to see them together like this knowing that she’d confess tonight and he’d probably accept her feelings and share them.

Your mind wandered back and forth between too many elements as you washed the vegetables and you suddenly felt a presence around you. But before you could turn, you felt something ghosting over the shell of your ear and then you heard a sound.

“Boo” a voice whispered and you jumped and squealed as you turned around to be faced with a grinning Baekhyun who stood too close to you. He kept watching you with an amused smile on his face as you recovered from his little joke and you cleared your throat in an attempt to hide your prominent blush.

You planted your hand on his chest pushing him away and he chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the counter.

“What are you doing anyway? You seem so spaced out” he asked as he watched you fidget with the vegetables under the running water.

“M..making vegetables for us to eat” he rendered you speechless again and you slapped yourself mentally when he did it.

How could he have such an effect on you?

Why do I even let him do this to me? You thought to yourself as you cursed mentally and he stood still, with a smile on his face as if he knew the tantrum you were throwing inside your head.

“You’re so cute” you felt his fingers pinch your cheek and you turned to face him with wide eyes, surprised at his sudden touch.

“Omo! So soft!” he exclaimed dramatically as he turned his body towards you and stepped closer, pinching your cheeks even more.

“Yah!” You whined, pulling his hands away from you before you looked away hiding your blushing state. You heard a giggle leave his lips before he reached for the knife on the counter and you saw him grab the cutting board and place some of the washed vegetable on it.

He was struggling again, holding the knife awkwardly and you watched him as he attempted to cut the bell peppers and the knife kept slipping from the part he was aiming at.

He must’ve known that you were looking at him because he lifted his head and he looked at you before he said “I’m not good with cooking you know. I can’t even boil water” and you saw him rub the back of his neck.

You smiled widely, loving the fact that he took this moment to share such a small detail about him and you shook your head stepping closer to where he stood and handing him the lettuce you had in your hand.

“How about you wash and I do the cutting?” you told him with a teasing tone and he scoffed and pouted before taking the leaves from your hand and handing you the knife.

A comfortable silence filled the room as Baekhyun washed while you cut and when he finished turning the tap off and drying his hands on the towel that was left by the sink; he leaned against the counter, giving the motion of your hands an attentive look.

You tucked your hair behind your ear as it kept bothering you and disturbing your vision and you heard Baekhyun take in a deep breath “Beautiful” he whispered to which you turned and raised your eyebrows with a hum, not quite catching what he said.

“The vegetable…the cutting! I mean your cutting to the vegetables is nice. It’s neat” he blabbered cutely and you smiled with a small frown tilting your head to the side.

“Thanks. I can teach you” you told him gesturing him with your eyes to come closer.

Baekhyun stood next to you, his ears as red as the pepper you gave him to cut and you watched him hold the knife and aligning it to the top of the pepper. You giggled before you moved closer to him.

“No, hold it like this Baekhyun, and then the knife goes here…” you told him, gesturing with your hands and when he couldn’t figure it out you approached him, placing your hand lightly over his and moving your wrist slowly over the red piece of food.

“You’re really good at this” he said with a voice as soft as a faint whisper and you smiled.

“I cook with my mom all the time and I kind of enjoy it anyway” you told him, moving your wrist steadily so he could pick up the motion.

His eyes were on you rather than on your hand and he watched you closely. You turned to look at him and he blinked rapidly, his cheeks turning pink and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

Your hand stayed still over his and his eyes looked deeply into yours, conveying something…something that was interrupted when Sehun walked in startling you both and you jumped as Baekhyun retreated his hand.

You felt a sharp, stinging pain on your finger and you winced as you felt it and when you groaned at the bright red liquid that came out. Baekhyun turned to you, eyes widened with panic and you saw his mouth open wide.

“Shit! I’m so sorry!” he said looking at the cut he made with the knife he held in his hand.

“It..It’s okay” you told him as you walked over to the sink to wash the wound and press on it.

“Sehun go get me the first aid kit” Baekhyun ordered the younger one who held a glass of water in his hand and he hesitated a bit before he ran outside fetching the white box.

“Sit here, I’ll take care of it” Baekhyun’s hands were on your shoulders as he guided you to sit on one of the stools and quickly walked over to Sehun who brought the kit and he placed it on the island behind you.

“Sehun its okay, just take these things outside and we’ll come right away” He gestured with his head towards the vegetables and you watched Sehun as he picked up the bowl full of minced veggies and walked outside, turning his head towards you to make sure you were okay before he left and when you smiled he nodded, exiting the kitchen.

“I’m so sorry I’m so clumsy” Baekhyun said as he crouched down in front of you and handled your cut gently with his slim fingers.

“It’s really okay, I’m used to it” you told him as you eyed his soft chestnut/golden hair.

“This is gonna hurt okay?” he told you as he took out a small dark brown bottle full of a strong smelling liquid and when he filled a cotton swab with it you tensed, hating the anticipated pain that would accompany that soaked piece of cotton.

Baekhyun noticed and instantly looked up at you, eyes full of a concerned look and he gave you a smile that was sweet and assuring.

“It’s okay” he said, grabbing the hand that wasn’t injured and placing it on top of his shoulder “if it hurts too much just hold my shirt and I’ll stop” he spoke with a soft voice that traveled gently inside your ears and you braced yourself when he brought the cotton swab closer to your finger.

You tensed again, clutching his shirt tightly before he even touched your wound and you turned away, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Ow!” you whined when you felt it on your skin and he immediately stopped, giving you a second concerned look and when you slowly opened your eyes, you were met with his charming, honey like smile and he titled his head to the side as he scrunched his nose and winked.

“It’s okay we’re almost done” he assured bringing the cotton swab closer to your finger and you held his shirt tightly with a pair of furrowed eyebrows as you watched him clean up the cut.

He then took out a small, colorful bandage full of cute characters and he opened it with his pretty hands and wrapped it around your finger, binding the wound and protecting it.

He did it carefully and ever so slowly, with so much delicacy as if your hand was made of fragile glass. And then you watched him as he brought his face closer to your finger that he held lightly and his lips formed a soft circle which he blew a small puff of air through.

Your insides were twisting and churning and his sweet gesture pulled at the strings of your heart and you couldn’t help but think of how much, how much you wanted him to be more than just your friend. But Jiyoung was in the picture too and her spot was much closer to Baekhyun than yours.

“What else?” he asked as he kept your hand inside his and he rubbed sweet, soothing circles on your skin as he waited for you to answer his question that pulled you out of your trance.

“What?” you asked back.

“The things you didn’t get to do. Give me one more thing you didn’t get to do?” he asked looking up at you from where he sat and he ticked his head to the side moving the hairs that stayed over his eyes that were giving the sweetest of looks.

He held his lower lip between his teeth as he waited for you to answer him and his thumb kept moving over your hand, confusing your brain.

“You’re still at that?” you managed to say, looking away from his honey like eyes and the adorable smile that was plastered on his face.

“Hey! I made a promise and I intend to keep it” he said, adjusting his position and moving closer to you, looking up at you as if he was trying to console you after a fight.

“I want to do them all. So?”

“Ummm, well…” his eyes were fixated on you, making it difficult to formulate words and then he titled his head to the side as he bit his lip again and his eyebrows rose in anticipation of your words.

“Well, I’ve never rode a bike. I don’t know how to” his eyes widened for a brief moment before he dipped his head low and you heard a small chuckle leave his lips. You hit his shoulder and he looked back up at you, giggling and trying to further hide his laughter.

“Yah! Stop! You’re making fun of me” you whined and mumbled.
“Okay okay! I deserved that. Let’s do it after dinner okay?” he said standing up but never letting your hands go.

You both heard Jongdae yelling from the yard that he finished cooking the food and you walked ahead of Baekhyun who for some reason still had your hand inside his.

He tugged at your arm, stopping you in your tracks and you looked back at him, he was avoiding your eyes again and he rubbed the back of his neck before he ruffled his hair and you saw him open his mouth but close it quickly.

“Y/N I…”

Jongdae’s voice rang loudly again interrupting Baekhyun and he sighed closing his eyes.

“Yeah?” you said, turning your body to face him.


Why was he hesitating this much? What did he want to say?

He looked at you for a while before he sighed again and then he said “I was just gonna say let’s go outside so Jongdae would stop yelling”

You smiled at him and you felt him release your hand and walk beside you as you both made your way out to sit at the table.

The smell of freshly grilled meat enveloped your senses and you sat next to Sehun who tapped the empty spot next to him for you and then you felt him take your hand and look at your finger that was carefully wrapped with the bandage.

“Is it okay now?” he asked and you nodded giving him a sweet smile.

Dinner was fun, jokes and laughter filled the table as everyone shared their stories involving their dark embarrassing pasts and you watched Baekhyun as he kept telling stories dramatically with his eyes wide and his lips accentuating every single syllable that came out of his mouth.

His jokes were the ones to make everyone laugh the most and you loved the mood he set for the night.

When dinner was over and all your stomachs were content with the delightful meal, Sehun suggested that you all play a round of rock, paper and scissors to determine the one who’d clean up the table.

“But I cooked” Jongdae whined nosily beside Jiyoung who was laughing and you watched her she hit his shoulder playfully, forcing him to join the childish game.
“It doesn’t matter Hyung. No matter who it is they have to do it okay?” challenged Sehun who held his hand out and nodded signaling the beginning of the game with fire in his eyes.

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

And just like that, with the world being so unjust, Jongdae was picked and he licked his lips and blinked bitterly as his hand fell limply by his side in defeat and you watched Sehun as he jumped on top of the chair, waving his hands in triumph, pointing at laughing at his Hyung who had a dark cloud raining over his head.

You felt a tug on your arm and you heard Baekhyun whisper something into your ear in the midst of Sehun’s celebration and Jiyoung’s endless teasing.

“Let’s go” he held your hand in his and walked heading to the garage. You loved the warmth that always surrounded his skin and the firm way he held your hand. It made it difficult for you not to think about him or your feelings for him.

He opened the garage door and pulled you inside the dark space before he turned on the lights and you saw it. A big blue bike that was anchored to the wall and you watched him as he pulled you closer to it with a bright smile on his face.

“Wow! You actually have one ready right here?” you sounded nervous, you knew you did. But you couldn’t help it, not with the horrifying possibility of falling off of the bike and scraping your knee and having to deal with that ugly, dark browned bottle full of evil.

Baekhyun chuckled next to you, holding a steady hand at the small of your back and he pulled the bike by his other hand.

“Sit” he said.

“But it doesn’t have any training wheels on, and besides where would I ride it?” you whined, pouting at him and you watched his face react to your attempted aegyo and his eyebrows rose in surprise and he smiled widely.

“Did you just…” he laughed, and his ears turned bright red and you saw him lick his lips and sniffle before he shook his head and looked at you.

“It’s my old bike so of course it doesn’t have any. But I’ll teach you so it’s okay and I’ll hold it I promise” his hand touched your shoulder, comforting your nervous form and you took in a deep breath before you nodded.

Baekhyun moved, taking the bike out of the garage and making sure it was working just fine. He patted his hand onto its seat and you took in another breath before you walked over and hopped on it.

He walked over to stand behind you and he leaned forward, placing his hands at the back of the bike so you could put your feet on the pedals and when you did, a panicked laugh escaped your lips and he laughed too.

“It’s okay it’s okay, let’s do this slowly. You know the basics right?” You nodded as you pursed your lips together, already feeling the sweat that accumulated inside your palms.

Baekhyun kept holding the bike in its place as he instructed you on what to do, using his head to point at the things the meant in his small lesson and with a nervously beating heart, you started peddling, and the bike moved slowly. Your arms kept shaking and you kept hearing Baekhyun’s voice behind you as he filled your ears with assuring words of how you wouldn’t fall and how he’s got your back.

You screamed when you moved a bit faster and yelled when you felt him release the bike to which he laughed loudly and swore that he didn’t.

You both heard a sudden loud sound and the sky was suddenly illuminated with different colors. You stopped the bike and looked up to see a breath taking series of beautiful fireworks with various colors and you quickly hopped off of the bike with a loud gasp.

“This! Baekhyun this! I want to see this” you told him as you jumped excitedly in place, pointing towards the sky and you watched his face light up with a captivating smile.

He nodded, taking your hand as he blinked slowly and he quickly walked fishing the car keys out of his pocket and starting the car.

“ I almost forgot about this” Baekhyun said as he drove and you ticked your head in his direction after you clasped your seat belt.

“Hm?” You asked wondering what he was referring to.

“It’s this thing people around here do at this time of the month. It’s basically food with music, drinks and fireworks but I can’t remember why they do it” Baekhyun spoke as he reached for the radio turning it on for a faint melody to play.

“I’ve never seen live fireworks…ever” you told him and he turned to briefly look at you before his eyes were back on the road and he licked his lips before he spoke.

“Wow! Two things in one night” he joked and you scoffed lightly punching him on his arm and he groaned jokingly to which you both laughed.

When Baekhyun stopped the car, you hurriedly opened the door and stepped out of it and ran to where various people were gathered holding their phones up and taking pictures of the beautiful lights decorating the night sky while enjoying the music.

Baekhyun stood next to you as you looked at the night sky with eyes that reflected the beauty you saw and you felt him move closer to you.

“Beautiful isn’t It?” You told him as you turned to look at him and he nodded as he hummed and there was that smile again, the same smile he gave you when you played with his puppy. You smiled back before you looked up at the sky and then you heard him call your name.

You turned to face him and his face was illuminated by the colorful lights and his lips moved to convey words you couldn’t quite catch.

“Y/N, you and I… let’s….”

Green Thumb

I’d buy a clay dish
Just to run my fingertip
An unglazed thumbprint
Of yours
And wish
It wasn’t the inverse
That I didn’t have to imagine
The ridges and rifts
Flipped inside my mind
Against my lips
Wish I could place it against
My cheek and convince
Myself it didn’t soak up tears
Because it felt contrite
For my pain
Instead of thirsty for rain
Like pearlite veins
Begging for succulent simplicity

The dish ran away with the spoon
And I wept
All the way home

Recipe: Blackberry Cobbler

Description: There’s nothing quite like it.

Game ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Blackberry(x2)

This recipe restores 175 energy and 70 health. It can be obtained from the Cooking Channel and sells for 260g.

Difficulty: Easy, 45 minutes. Serves 6.

Turns out blackberries are expensive where I live, so this recipe is a peach-blackberry cobbler. You can add other fruits like apples, plums, cherry, etc.

-4 cups fruit: peaches (peeled and sliced) and blackberries
-½ cup brown sugar
-1 tablespoon cornstarch
-¼ teaspoon nutmeg
-¼ teaspoon cinnamon
-½ cup water
-1 tablespoon lemon juice (optional)

-1 cup flour
-2 tablespoons sugar
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-Pinch of salt
-¼ cup butter
-1 egg
-¼ cup milk

In a medium saucepan, combine the brown sugar, cornstarch, nutmeg, cinnamon, water, and lemon juice. Cook on medium heat, stirring frequently, until the mixture becomes thick and bubbly.

Add the blackberries and peaches to the sauce and mix well. Reduce the heat and cook on low for 2-3 minutes.

Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt into a medium mixing bowl. With a pastry blender, cut in the butter until it resembles coarse crumbs. Add the egg and milk and stir until fully combined.

Pour the fruit and sauce into a medium casserole dish and spoon the biscuit mix on top. I tried to do the design as shown in the preview image from the game, but the biscuit mix is fairly thick.

Bake in a 400°F oven for 20 to 25 minutes or til the top of the biscuits are dry and a light golden brown and the sauce is bubbling.

Let it cool for 5 minutes, then serve plain or with ice cream.

This recipe is hearty, sweet, and fruity. Especially good on autumn nights, but it can be eaten any time of the year.



etsyfindoftheday 2 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 7.14.17

metallic jewelry + home finds by spicewildflowers

brass and copper metals make beautiful bohemian accents to your home — and your hands — and spicewildflowers’ minimalist creations are woodsy and trendy, the perfect way to add that little bit of shine.

SVT When Their S/O Sings in Front of Them PT 1 (Joshua, Seungkwan, Seungcheol, Jeonghan)

Request: Can I have little drabbles of svt reacting to their s/o singing? Like their s/o has never sung in front of them, but during a cuddle destress session their s/o just starts running their hands through their hair and absentmindedly started singing ballads.

Group: SEVENTEEN (All members included! Spread across multW O W)

Word Count Overall:

Author: Admin Cloud

A/N: I know the request asked for during a cuddle session, but I wanted each one to very so the situations will vary. I promise that one will have that prompt exactly, but you will need to read on to find out which one! xx


Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

 As soon as Seungcheol heard the sound of your voice coming from the bathroom, he moved to the door so he could hear it better. It was obvious that you had never sung professionally, but he thought it was cute when you would try to reach a high note and your voice would crack and you would stop for a second before going back to singing. When your footsteps began getting closer to the door, however, he made a beeline to the living room to wait for you to come in so you guys could watch a movie together.

 When you sat down, you were immediately suspicious of how quiet your boyfriend was being. He was usually quite loud, so his lack of words worried you slightly.

 “Seungcheol? Are you mad or something?”

 “No, but I’m crazy about your singing. Next time you decide to have a concert while showing, invite me and we can sing a duet.”(wink wink)

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Hickory Dickory What?: Part 1

Yuta x Reader

Genre: mystery, fantasy, angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,076

Yuta was a beautiful human being with a smile so bright it brought joy to everyone around the guy. He also was a man full of mystery and mind games. The reason why…..Nobody knew.

Yes Nakamoto Yuta could be very confusing at times, well when he wanted to be of course.

He would always give a little chuckle if you couldn’t figure out one his riddles or connect the dots to one if his puzzles. Everyone would always see him drawing some weird quirky yet colorful things such as a maze made of goldfish and other things beyond. One time you could’ve sworn to have seen him draw his own magical world, well a few times. But whenever anyone would ask him about it he would get defensive and hide the drawing from them.

It was safe to say that Yuta was extremely unique. The way he thought and processed things was astonishing. You didn’t talk to Yuta much, only ever heard from others about his personality. But from your own observations, he was really smart, straightforward and quirky.

You sat on the carpeted floor of the library, divulging yourself in a children’s picture book when someone sat infront of you.

“Ah, Dr. Seuss, one of my favorite aurthors.” came a voice to which belonged to the no other than Yuta. You looked up and gave a chuckle. He smiled and continued

“Seriously, Dr. Seuss is a really great author………..So what brings you to the childrens place?”

“I should ask the same.”

Yuta raised up the book that he held ‘Children’s book of riddles and Nursery Rhymes’

“This is my go to spot.” he said “Want me to read you one?”

you nodded and he began

“ Hey diddle diddle

The cat and the fiddle

The cow jumped over the moon

The dog laughed to see such fun

And the dish ran away with the spoon.”

“That used to be my favorite nursery rhyme as a toddler” you said

“Did you ever wonder if there was a possible meaning behind it?”

you chuckled and nodded “ I thought that the cow wanted to get away in a fun way so he tried his luck and jumped over the moon, that the dish alonside the spoon ran away because they didn’t want to be used for people to eat their food anymore.”

His smile brightened and he nodded

“ There are many ways to perceive things like this; riddles, nursery rhymes. That is why I am so fascinated by them.”

You grinned before standing up to leave “ Maybe next time you can read me another rhyme or riddle.” you said

“Of course.”


Every other day you would meet Yuta in the library where he would read you a nursery rhyme and the two of you would discuss the possible meaning behind it. It was actually pretty fun to see a different persons view point on something so little as a childrens book. Seeing how they perceive the story beyond as something so much bigger.

“ Tick Tock Tick Tock The clock is ticking, looking in your eyes, I see the glow your emitting, if I look away it’d be a crime i’d be commiting.” you said joyfully all the while giggling at yourself. Yuta looked up straight into your eyes, a toothy grin plastered on his face

“Did you just make that up?”


“ Whats the meaning behind that one?” he asked

you held up your finger, then pointed it at him

“ First you have to tell me what you think the meaning is.”

he chuckled then rubbed his finger on his chin as if he were thinking.

“ hmm……..Are you indirectly admiring my handsomeness.”

he answered to which you smacked him on the shoulder and the both of you broke out into a fit of laughter.


You were in the woods at a nearby camping site alongside the rest of the students in your high school. This was your class trip and you decided to go explore deeper into the woods with two of your friends, Hyori and Yuna.

“ Do you think we should go back now, since its getting late and all?.” asked Yuna

“I’m sure they wont mind us being gone, as long as we’re back by curfew.” was Hyori’s response.

So you guys kept venturing through the woods. As you walked deeper into the thick grassy forest, you noticed that it was a little too quite, so you turned around to see if your friends were still with you just to be met with more forest and neither of your friends insight. You screamed out their names a couple of times trying to find your way back to camp, but to no avail could you do so.

It was late the sun had already went down and the night air was cold, at this point you were almost shivering and you were extremely tired from running through the woods and screaming out name just to get no answer. Was anyone out looking for you or would you be here forever?

Suddenly you saw movement out of the corner of your eye and snapped your head into that direction. There was nothing there but a tree, you stared in that direction for a while just to be safe. You hear the snapping of a twig in the same direction that you could’ve sworn you saw something from and fear begins to build up in your chest. You don’t know what to do are you gonna die out here?

someone steps from behind the tree giving you a gummy smile that is all to familiar “Yuta?” you call out and he nods walking closer to you.

“How did you get this deep into the woods? You know what lurks out here especially in the night.”

“Yuta what are you doing here?”

Yuta turns away from you and begins to walk away, you try to follow and run after him but your legs can no longer carry you so fall to the ground, your vision begins to blur and you are now laying on your back trying to grasp your breath. The last thing that you can see is Yuta Nakamoto, the guy who loves riddles, puzzles, mind games, what ever, you name it, your new found friend and companion. He is standing over you looking down at your form with a huge smile etched onto his face.

Then everything goes black.