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“You started sitting by me at lunch because I’m alone at my table but we never talk to each other” AU (Sheith or plance whatever inspires you!)

combined this with another college AU I saw floating around somewhere that said: “You’re the RA and you’re trying to bust me for having hermit crabs.” I’m sorry but I’m also not. here ya go, Justine ;)

[Ao3 link] in case you want to read there bc it got a little long

“Hey, mind if I sit?”

Keith looks up from his Econ 1 reading to find Shiro hovering by the seat in front of him, a plate in either hand.  A well-balanced meal, Keith notes—one plate has been dedicated specifically to fruits and vegetables, the other piled with careful portions of today’s chicken stir-fry, eggplant, and brown rice.

Shrugging, he says, “It’s a free country,” mostly because he knows that Shiro will sit down anyways.  It must be an RA thing: the ability to, at any time, locate one of your residents and administer whatever aid is needed.  In this case, Shiro has noticed Keith’s empty table, swooping in to save his freshman from being That One Kid Sitting By Himself in the Corner.

What Shiro has overlooked, however, is that Keith is eating alone by choice.  He has twenty minutes to scarf down his food and assemble an understanding of the income elasticity of demand before he heads to section.  More like twelve minutes, once you factor in how long it takes to put up his dishes and dash across campus.  So yeah, not much time for small talk.

Unfazed, Shiro sits down, swiping some napkins from the table dispenser.

“I’ll leave you to your work,” he says knowingly, eyes twinkling with good humor as he raises a fork and knife and busies himself with cutting up his lunch.  Keith blinks, a little, at that, before shoveling the rest of his cornbread in his mouth and relocating his paragraph on the page.

He reminds himself that Shiro gets paid for this.  It makes him feel less guilty.

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Meal Prep done! Cranberry Almond Couscous with Avocado, broccoli, and carrots and light raspberry vinegrette. Super simple to make.

Make 1 cup of Couscous as directed, add in almond slivers and cran-raisins. Let it sit and cool and fluff up. Divide into 5 dishes.

Boil 500g of carrots (100g per dish) and 350g (70g per dish) of frozen broccoli. 1 avocado. Divide into 5 dishes.

The. Add some dashes of black pepper and 1 tbsp of light raspberry vinegrette… Bam done… Close and freeze. Ready at 5am wake up call…

Let me know what you think.. it really does taste awesomeeeeeee!!!!

fluid motions ii

Originally posted by grape-joon

characters: min yeri (oc), jeon jungkook, min suga (brother) and more!

pairing: college!jungkook x oc

genre: fluff, angst, mature themes (drugs, swearing, eventual smut)

chapter 1/2/?

word count: 4.2k

summary: starting afresh at Seoul National University, driving her passion for swimming forward, Yeri has attained the sturdy course of Sports Ed. as her four-year study.

During Yeri’s first week, it’s trouble at home but nervous glances and sweaty palms as she meets bio-engineering student Jeon Jungkook, who is currently living on campus. Jungkook was everything the perfect male college student was. Tall, lean, smart, not necessarily on the football team but he was something that Yeri almost yearned for.

The only problem was keeping this whole thing a secret from her asshole, drug-addict brother, Min Yoongi.

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After that announcement, Jonathan was practically bouncing up and down like a little kid, chattering through dinner and hurrying through the dishes, dashing up the stairs with the towel still in his hand to start packing, tearing open drawers and closets to find things to stuff away.

“Robie!” Jonathan called down. “How many days are we going to be out?”

He loved Robie. Loved his inventive mind, diabolically quick humor and sweet temperament that he secretly (well, he thought he’d kept it secret) thought of and cherished as their special thing, seeing how nine times out of ten his beloved was as sharp and as bitter as engraving acid, and the tenth he was half-buried in Jonathan’s arms, speaking those soft warm loving words in that rushed rasping whisper so precious to both of them. He shut his eyes for a moment, listening to the after-dinner sounds below, the clicking plates and the rush of water.

Just try and forget that night.
Just forget.

And he had forgotten. He’d run–
”you can’t run from your past no matter how far you run”
And he had Robie now.
“Gold could never care for you, he’s a snake”
”Liar, liar, liar.” he muttered, trying to silence the voices that threatened to shatter the world him and Robie had created, them against the world, like that plate, that night, there in the kitchen–
“You know that I paid for the ingredients of this meal, right?”
He hadn’t cooked so well, after that. Things always came out burned or dry or hard or under-cooked, and eventually he’d given up. Until Robie. Robie was going to teach him to cook again. Robie’d make new memories for him, for them together, beautiful happy memories in that big warm copper and russet kitchen, with pewter and stainless steel accents ever since they’d started cooking more together. “New memories. Go away.” Jonathan muttered under his breath, darting back into his old room.

He pulled out his old backpack, the one he’d come to Storybrooke with, tested the straps. Needed repairs on the right side, he’d try to do that after the packing was done, but it shouldn’t be hard. What kind of boat trip were they going to take, he wondered. Robie always seemed to bring out the nicest little things, or big things, for that matter. Of course, he had money. Lots of it, more than Daddy, he bet. Probably millions, and it was a weird change from growing up as he had. Daddy had money, yes, but what came to Jonathan was from his brother’s careful skimming off their father’s credit card, calculated to take them right to the edge of when their father would actually notice. Robie’d teased him away from collecting bottles and coupons in little stages, and he’d (semi-privately) enjoyed the freedom and easy luxury.
“You think I can afford always wasting more and more money because you’re unable to do anything?”
“Go away.” the words were a prayer, a push against a recalcitrant force. You’re dead. he added, not wanting to cause a scene, confuse his love, I saw them strap you down and stick you with the mercy draft and so help me, by all the gods I thought you’d stay out of my head. You twitched and you relaxed and I threw up the godawful takeout all over those stupid stupid shoes Robie sent away and–
Trying to shake off the memories, he began to take out clothes, put them on the bed as quickly as he could, keep going, talk, talk, talk, fill up the silence taking up the room like a diver’s pressure.
“We’re going to the bay. We’re going on the river. Robie has a boat. The best boat, I’ll bet, best in Maine. We have loads of nice things, too, we’ll pack things up and we’ll eat them later, and we’ll feed the fish an’ we’ll eat the fish, an’ they’ll be good fish, an’ I can learn knots, all sorts, an’ I’ll, I’ll, I’ll…” his voice faltered, trying to reset.
“A-a-an’ R-R-R-Robie, h-he’ll be b-b-better, a-an’, an’ nobody’s gonna hurt him, an’ n-n-nobody’s gonna hurt me, an’, an’, uh…”
“You just can’t get things straight, can you?! All the time I have to listen to your pitiful stammering, you know how sick I am of that?!”

”He’s not sick of me.” Jonathan whispered, a pathetic plea to a man long dead and longer beyond caring, “He loves me. He said so. He NEVER lies. Robie never, NEVER lies to me, c-c-c-cause I’m his, his ulaidh, his little treasure, his lucky sign, and I love him. I love him forever.”



Rumple headed upstairs to pack. “Just pack for a few days, Jon, I don’t know how long–….” he stopped and he heard him just shouting to no-one in his defence. “Jon… What’s going on?” he asked. He worried about his lover often, he went over to him.

Jonathan hugged him tightly, choking out sobs. “I’m so sorry Robie. I’m so sorry I told, I’m so sorry I doubted you, I love you Robie, I love you so so so much. I’m so scared I’m going to mess up again, mess up and send you away, and I’ll be alone, and who will take care of you?”

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9 drarry

Malfoy is in the stairwell when Harry finally wakes up. He barely knows how long he’s been asleep—it’s felt like years, and he’s starving. He’s sore everywhere, filthy, and wearing the same clothes he left Shell Cottage in.

But he opens the door to the landing of the spiral staircase, and there’s Draco Malfoy, singed and hunched over on the first step, his head resting against the wall. Harry squints, wondering if this is another dream, but the sounds of quiet activity filtering up the stairs, the birdsong, and the light filtering in from the narrow window on the landing below are all too clear for even the most vivid dream.

“Er,” Harry tries to say, but his throat is dry, and it comes out a croaking cough. Malfoy stands, passing Harry a goblet of water. There’s a plate on the stair above where he sat, empty save for some bread crusts. 

Harry drinks, and when he finishes, Malfoy carefully takes the goblet and sets it back down. 

“It’s over,” Malfoy says, and he takes a quick two steps into Harry’s space, presses his lips to Harry’s, and then steps back. He’s heaving breath like he’s been holding it since Harry woke up, and, leaving his dishes behind, he dashes down the stairs noisily.

It’s all Harry can do to touch his bottom lip, barely aware of the gesture, and murmur a quiet, “Oh,” to himself.

Dodgeball - DP

Request for more Dash and Danny.


Dash Baxter knew several things about Fenton.  He knew Fenton was smart - smarter than his grades and his schoolwork often implied.  He knew Fenton was much geekier than he often let on.  And he knew that Fenton always, always knew Dash was coming.  He’d never once taken Fenton by surprise.

It had become something of a game for Dash.  He started sneaking around corners.  He started walking softer.  He started not bumping into Fenton every time he walked past the smaller boy, just to try to lull Fenton into a false sense of security.  Nothing worked.  Fenton was always ready for him.  Always saw him coming.  Dash was nothing if not highly competitive when it came to games.  Skinny, smart, weak little Fenton always ‘winning’ the game got Dash’s hackles to rise.

And then today, he stood there with the dodgeball he’d taken from some little freshie, tossing it up and down and up and down, gazing at Fenton.  The boy was out of it - he’d been sick-looking all day - and had his back turned.  His bodyguards Manson and Foley were nowhere to be seen.  It was just Fenton and him and the dodgeball and his chance to finally, finally, catch Fenton by surprise.

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No Bake Cheesecake Trifle — Dashing Dish

Whenever I’m in charge to bring dessert to a party or gathering, I automatically think to bring a trifle of some sort! They are the perfect party dessert, because they present beautifully, they are easy to make, and they are sure to please (and feed) a large crowd! This no bake cheesecake trifle is one of my favorites to make in the summer because it is the season of fresh berries, and it is perfect for the Fourth of July!

Broken Pieces - C.H.

RequestCan you do one with Calum based off Bruno Mars - It Will Rain? Thanks 😘

Summary: Calum’s relationship with Y/N is on its last thread and he isn’t sure if he’s gonna be able to fix it this time. 

Pairing: Calum Hood x Female Reader

The small dining room was full of tension and silence, the only sound being the occasional clinking of silverware on plates. Calum lost his appetite. His gaze was fixed on his lap as he felt eyes burning into his skull. Y/N reached over and rested her hand on top of his, rubbing it apologetically as she chewed her food quietly. “There’s clearly something upsetting you,” she told her parents, breaking the awkward silence. “You should tell me before I leave.” 

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"Emma i told you to do the dishes" "I'll do it!"

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Emma, I asked you to do the dishes,” Regina says as she walks out into the kitchen with a sigh. 

“I’ll do it,” Emma promises her coming up from behind to wrap her arms around Regina. 

“Will you?” 

“Yes, it’s a work in progress,” Emma explains, “Seriously Regina…forget about the dishes and just relax.” 

Regina sighs, “But relaxing is so…it’s so boring.” 

Emma chuckles, “It is but it’s necessary and Whale said bed rest was the best thing for a magical concussion so go back to bed…forget about the dishes, let me worry about those.” 

“You’re going to leave them until Henry gets home aren’t you?”

“He has to earn his allowance somehow right?” Emma tries. 

Regina shakes her head with a soft smile, “If you do the dishes right now you can come relax with me,” she offers. 

At that Emma smiles and nods hurrying out to the kitchen and quickly cleaning the dishes before dashing back to the stairs where Regina’s waiting, “You can stop worrying now,” she promises as she loops her arm through her partner’s to take her back upstairs.

Regina nods before frowning, “Did you dry them?” 

I have a nice, lovely little dish for you rainbow-dash. Guess what it’s called? Karma, and it’s best served cold. That’s what you get for unfollowing me, so take it. ;) How do you like it? Too rough? Cool, just the way I wanted it to be.

You’re not Alone - Dan Howell Imagine

Not Requested, I just felt like writing another Dan Imagine(=

Summary - Dan’s a Bully to only you and you wonder why, plus there’s lot’s of things going on at home. ( Y/N = Your Name ).


I groaned deeply as I heard my alarm clock buzz obnoxiously, I then glanced over at the calendar that hung over my desk. ( Only 182 days until graduation and then I can finally get out of this hell hole place ) I thought to myself as I threw off my duvet and quickly stood up, shutting my alarm clock off seconds later. It was only 4:30 am, “ Same time every morning ” I told myself. I know, for only being 17, I was an early riser. But if I don’t get up at this time, nothing in this house would get done. *Because, I lived with a father who was either at work, or at his New girlfriends place ( He spent more time with his many girlfriends, than he did his own kids ). And then on the other hand, I had a 25 year old sister who had no job. She basically leached off of the money my dad and I brought in. She stayed out all night, partying. And then comes in at 4 am, making a mess of everything I had cleaned up. I mean, come on, I was 17 going to school full time and then having to go to an after school job until 9 pm. I was stressed out, felling panicky… On top of it all, I had to deal with a major Ass at school. Dan Howell was his name and bullying was his game. Well, actually he’s only ever picked on me. I understand that I barely have any friends and that I may not be appealing to the eye, but there’s no reason why he had to treat me the way he did. * I quickly made my way downstairs and into the kitchen, to a semi empty refrigerator. There just wasn’t enough money coming in to keep it stocked, I pulled out the half filled jug of milk and then searched the cupboard for some type of cereal, but sadly I didn’t find any. “ Mackenzie! Where did you put the cereal? ” I asked timidly as I looked at my sister, who was half asleep on the sofa. “ Gone, make sure to buy some more tonight ” she mumbled, barely even looking at me. I sighed deeply, pouring myself a glass of milk and then headed upstairs, ready to get the laundry started. After finishing the laundry, I made sure to finish washing the few dishes before I dashed upstairs to get ready for school. Pulling on a loose fitting jumper and some black skinny jeans, I didn’t have much time to put any thought into my outfit. My hair was in a messy bun, because I had no time to shower this morning. I grabbed my backpack and then ran downstairs, if I didn’t leave now, I’d miss the bus. I slipped on my pair of wore out black converse and then ran out the door, almost tripping on the ’ Welcome ’ rug, that laid on the porch ( I never felt Welcome in my own home, I felt more like the maid ). I barely made it to the bus on time, but I did. I sighed to myself as I looked out the window, listening to everyone shout and talk around me.

15…10…5… Minutes until we got to school, then I’d have to deal with Dan. Once we did arrive, I was the last one to step off the bus. I quickly made my way to my locker without saying a word to anyone, I only had about 2 friends. Josh, who I was the closest to, I’ve known him since I was 4. And Abs ( Short for Abigail ), but she was in Ireland for a week. I put my stuff in my locker, before someone tapped on my shoulder. I dreaded on who it was. “ Hello my dear, Y/N ” I heard Josh chuckle behind me, I rolled my eyes and groaned. Josh leaned up against the locker next to mine “ What’s wrong Buttercup?… Rough morning? ”, I sighed while nodding. “ Aw, well I’ve told you before that you can come live with me… My mom loves you ” Josh smiled while nudging me on the shoulder, I sighed while chuckling quietly “ Only because she thinks we’re dating… ”. He scoffed “ No she doesn’t, she knows I’m not interested in the ’ Lady Gender ’, you Know that!… She does love you though, because you’re one of the only people who supported me when I came out ”, I sighed once more “ I know, but I can’t just leave my dad and Kenz… ”. “ You are when we graduate though, you’re already got a full scholarship to the Uni of your dream… We’re going to be roommates! ” Josh exclaimed happily, I rolled my eyes while smiling slightly. “ Have you even told them yet? ” he asked curiously, I shook my head “ I don’t ever have enough time to, they’re always gone or I’m to busy doing housework that no one else does… ”. He sighed deeply “ Well, if you want to come stay over this weekend, you can. Just for a break… Take at least one day to yourself Y/N, you deserve it ”, I nodded slightly “ We’ll see ”. He chuckled quietly while pulling me into a hug, only making me smile widely. Unfortunately, that smile didn’t last very long. “ Well, well… Look who we have here, the Mr. And Mrs…. ” I heard Dan stated with a laugh, his friends cackling along beside him. I groaned quietly, not in the mood to deal with this shit. I pulled away from Josh and grabbed my books out of my locker, “ Aw… What’s wrong with Ms. Y/N? Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed?… Or did you wake up hungover and in some married mans bed? ” Dan asked in a mocking voice. “ Hey, lay off! ” Josh spat, making Dan laugh in response “ Oh look at you, Y/N’s hero… Her protector. Why don’t you just walk away and find someone better to hangout with ”. Josh didn’t respond, there probably wasn’t anything to even say. I slammed my locker, sending Dan a harsh glare. Only causing him to laugh more “ Oh, someone’s angry… What, did your mommy wake you up way to early this morning? Did she not make you a nice little breakfast, or Did she not even come home last night because she knows your a waste of space ”, “ Just leave me alone! ” I muttered pushing my way through the crowd of Dan’s friends. “ Oh, there goes little Miss Y/N… Walking away again like the coward she is! ” I heard Dan’s obnoxious voice state extra loudly, I pretended not to be affected, but it did affect me. Especially the comments about my mum, of course no one except the people close to me knew that she had died 3 years ago, from cancer. She and I were so close, she was like my best friend, but I was left alone, to basically take care of my dad and sister. Even though it was 3 years ago, anytime someone brought her up or I saw a picture of her, I broke down. So, instead of going to maths class, I walked into the bathroom and locked myself in a cubical, crying my eyes out for the entire hour. No one knew the stuff I had to go through with my mum, I was the one who took care of her when she was sick, I went to all of her doctors appointments with her, even when she was in the hospital, I never left her side, I was the only one there for her. All while my dad was out having an affair with some chick and my sister was only involved with herself, they never cared, about her or me. And now that she’s gone, I ad to take over all the work that she did, plus all the school work I had to do. The life I lived know was horrible, I felt sad all the time and I mean I know worse things could be happening in my life, but this was still bad. Once I heard the bell ring, I wiped my eyes quickly and then shuffled out of the bathroom, hoping not to run into Dan or any of his friends. I let out a small sigh as I reached my locker without any altercations, I pulled my french homework out of my locker and then quickly walked down the corridor to my french class.

Hours Later, there still hadn’t been another encounter with Dan today. I had spent my lunch hour helping out in the library, since I didn’t have any extra money for anything to eat. Now it was almost the end of the day, only one class left, but it was my least favorite because I had it with Dan. I sat in my seat drawing in my notebook, waiting for class to start. A few minutes went by as the class filed into the room, Dan being the last, sitting in his seat in the back. The first half of the class went by without any problems, then I started hearing quiet laughing coming from behind me. And then I felt a wad of paper hit the back of my head, I chose to ignore it, it’s not like it’s the first time this has happened. Then it happened again and again and again, along with plenty of obnoxious laughing. I just never understood what I did to make him hate me, I’ve been in the same school and classes since we were 6 years old and he didn’t start treating me like this until 2 years ago. I sighed deeply trying to just concentrate on the work I was doing, but then there was a note slid in front of me ( Which was honestly my worst nightmare ). I didn’t was to look at it, but I did. - So, Miss Y/N. What are you doing after School?… What slutty things are you up too?… Probably everything your mother does, you’re probably a fucking slut just like her… I don’t know why you’re still here, it’s not like anyone like you here and it’s not like you’re going anywhere in life. You should just give up and leave. Dan - the note read. I swallowed the lump in my throat as I crumbled up the note, trying note to let the tears fall. Normally, I’d try not to let my emotions show in front of him, I never wanted to give him the satisfaction, but this was just taken too far. I grabbed my books and quickly stood up, not caring about the stares, I was getting. I turned toward Dan and his asshole friends, as soon as he saw the look on my face, the smile he wore, quickly faded and turned into a frown. “ Fuck you Dan! ” I exclaimed loudly, disrupting the class and then storming out of the room. I didn’t care anymore, all I needed was to get out of here. I quickly threw my books in my locker and grabbed my backpack, leaving school fast, walking towards the supermarket I worked at. Still wearing a sad look on my face, that was just to much for me. He finally got what he wanted, I blew up, I showed my anger. But, it didn’t make me feel any better. It took me 15 minutes to walk to work and once I got there, I just got lost in all the stocking I had to do…

[ An Hour Later ]

I was busy stocking cans in the vegetable isle, when I heard a very familiar voice, which caused me to groan quietly. I thought I was finished dealing with this Ass face today, I shook off those thoughts and just continued to work. “ Excuse me… Can you tell me where I can find the… - ” I heard his voice asked from behind me, but then quickly stopped once he noticed it was me. I stated at him annoyed with a slight glare on my face, with an eyebrow raised. “ Um… Where can I find the cheese? ” he quickly asked with his eyes fixed on anything but me, “ Isle 9 ” I stated bluntly as I turned back around to continue stocking cans. “ Uh, thanks… ” he whispered, but didn’t walk away. I turned back around, to glare at him once more “ Is there anything else I can help you with? ”. He sighed quietly while shaking his head “ No no… I just didn’t know you worked here ”, “ Well, now you do… ” I replied bluntly again ( There was no other way to reply to him ). He sighed deeply as he awkwardly walked away, causing me to roll my eyes and get back to work. Around 9:10 pm, I shuffled into my house, holding many shopping bags that were full of food. The house was empty as usual, so I quietly put everything away, then took care of a few house chores after. At 10:30 pm, I was in my room, finishing up all my homework, which took me until 12:15 am to complete. I then collapsed in bed, to tired to even change out of my clothes. And then before long, my alarm clock was going off once again. It was time to go through it all again today….

The morning was extremely bad, when I got up out of bed, the lounge and the kitchen was a mess, because my sister decided it was a good idea to bring over two of her drunk guy friends. I ended up cleaning up their messes, before throwing on some blue skinny jeans and a plain black jumper, with my wore out black converse. I sprinted to catch the bus, but unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough and I missed it. Meaning, I had to walk to school, which took 25 minutes. By the time I got there, I regretted my decision for even coming today. Dan found me right away, quickly saying every insult in the book, laughing in my face, acting as if I didn’t have feelings. I had had it, I never signed up for any of this. I turned toward him with a glare o my face, then I threw my books to the floor, catching him off guard. “ You know D, what the fuck did I ever do to you?!… Why am I the only one you ever torture, you don’t even fucking know me…. You don’t know what I have to do everyday!… I have no one in my life who cares about me, apart from Josh! I have to fucking work everyday after school just so my dad and sister don’t become homeless, I have to do all the housework because they’ve both got better things to do with their lives, I have to keep my schoolwork up and I have to deal with you, consistently making fun of me or saying shit about my mom… Well guess what She’s Dead!… There now you fucking know, something else to tease me about… So, fuck you! ” I spat, walking away from him and to the library, where I was planning to hide out for the next hour ( Since it was lunch time ). That was the first time I had actually yelled at anyone, let’s just say, it felt good. I had been holding all that in for so long and it was only so long before I blew up majorly, boy did that happen. I sat at one of the small tables, getting some of my homework done early, because I knew it was going to be another late night. Seconds went by, until I felt someone standing right beside me. I sighed deeply as I glanced at the person, not surprised when I noticed it was Dan. “ What? ” I asked with an attitude, he looked down nervously and placed my books that I had thrown on the floor, onto the table. “ Thanks…. ” I mumbled as I looked back down at my homework, instead of hearing him walk away, I heard him take a seat next to me. I groaned quietly heard him take a seat next to me. I groaned quietly as I looked at him confused “ Is there anything I could help you with Daniel? ”, he sighed deeply while looking down at his hands “ I just wanted to apologize… I didn’t know you were going through that type of stuff ”. I rolled my eyes and scoffed while packing up my stuff “ I don’t really believe you, you make me feel like garbage for no reason… And the thing that gets me, is that you only started making fun of me, 2 years ago. Why didn’t you do it before? ”, he shrugged slightly watching as I got all my stuff together “ You wouldn’t believe me if I told you ”. “ Probably not… ” I stated bluntly once more, “ Would you ever let me just explain myself? ” he then asked me. “ Do you think you deserve it? ” I questioned still holding an attitude, he shrugged slightly with a frown. “ Glad it’s settled ” I stated as I walked toward the exit, making sure not to look back at him.

I walked into the last class of the day, hoping there wouldn’t be any problems. Thankfully, nothing did happen, but it was only a matter of time before the teasing and name calling would start up again. As I walked down the corridor to my locker, I felt someone run up behind me, knocking my books to the floor and then shoving me down as well. “ Watch were you’re going loser! ” Nick ( One of Dan’s friends ) shouted, “ Yeah Freak, nobody wants you here ” Charlie stated seriously. “ Hey! ” I heard Dan yell, “ Knock it off ”. He casually walked towards the three of us, with a slight scowl on his face. “ But, she - ” Nick started, but Dan quickly shut him down. “ I don’t care, let’s go ” Dan stated sternly giving me either a pitiful or concerned look, before walking out of school, taking his friends with him. ( That was odd ) I thought to myself as I slowly stood up, ( He had the perfect opportunity to tease me and he didn’t ). I brushed myself off and then picked up my books, continuing onto my locker, limping slightly, from falling directly on my knee. It was Friday, which meant I had the weekend off, not only from school, but from work as well… I just had to deal with chores around my house ( And of course I had work tonight too ). I shoved everything I’d need to finish my homework this weekend into my backpack and then made my way out of school, sighing deeply because because of the rain that was falling. Damn this London weather. I pulled the hood of the jacket over my head, he had stayed home sick today and he just so happened to leave his jacket in my locker. I sighed deeply once more and started walking to work, it’s not like I hadn’t walked to work in the rain before, I just fucking hated doing it.

5 minutes after I had started walking, I heard a car pull up next to me. An expensive, jet black car, with tinted windows, yet I knew exactly who was in the drivers seat. I decided to try and ignore the car that was right on my tail, but when the window rolled down, I knew I’d have to talk to him. “ Y/N… Do you need a ride? ” I heard Dan ask loudly, “ No thank you ” I stated loud enough for him to hear. “ Come on Y/N, it’s pouring out… And I know you have far to walk… ” he stated, causing me to stop and look at him. “ Why do you care all of a sudden?… Any other time you wouldn’t give a shit ” I stated bluntly, he sighed deeply while glancing down “ I just feel bad okay… And I always did care ”. I let out a dry chuckle “ I don’t need any of your pity ”, “ It’s not pity Y/N! I do care, I have for a long time, why won’t you just let me explain why I’ve treated you this way ” Dan exclaimed quickly. I bit my lip slightly “ How about this, show me that you deserve my time and then you can explain whatever you want to me ”, he sighed and nodded “ Well first, let me give you a ride, because I know you need to get to work ”. I thought for a second because I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not. “ Okay fine ” I stated jogging around to the passenger side of the car, quickly climbing in. He set off toward the supermarket where I worked, making this slightly uncomfortable and awkward ride. It was a very quiet, other than the humming of the radio. Once we arrived, I turned toward him with a small smile on my face ( Which I never thought I’d show to him ) “ Thank You Dan, I really appreciate it ”. He nodded wearing a smile “ Anytime ”, I nodded quickly as I stepped out of his car and rushed inside. That was weird, I’m not used to him treating me this way.

I worked until 9:30 pm, picking up a few grocery items after. I carried the bags outside, only to be taken by surprise to see Dan sitting there, leaning up against the hood of his car, scrolling on his phone. I didn’t understand why he was here, maybe he was meeting up with someone, but then I realized that was a stupid thought. “ Hello… ” I sighed quietly, staring at him with an eyebrow raised. He quickly looked up at me with a smile “ Oh hey! ”, “ What are you doing here? ” I asked curiously. He sighed deeply “ I thought that maybe you’d need a ride home ”. I raised my eyebrow in confusion “ Have you been here the entire time? ”. He chuckled softly “ Is it that obvious? ”, I smiled slightly as I nodded. “ Well, I didn’t know your work scheduled and I knew you’d need a ride home, so I thought I’d wait ” he stated quietly, I nodded nervously “ Well… Thank You… But, you didn’t need to do that… It’s not like I haven’t walked home at this time before ”. He smiled a small smile “ Well, I’m not going anywhere… Even if you walk away from me, I will follow you and then I’ll try driving you everywhere… ”, I groaned slightly “ Oh god, now you’re going to be one of those guys ”. He chuckled “ If I have to be ”, I rolled my eyes while smiling “ Okay okay, you can give me a ride home, if that’ll make you happy ”. He quickly opened the door for me with a smile on my face “ It would make me happy ”, I rolled my eyes again, but climbed into his car. He ran around to the drivers side of the car, climbing in as well. Once he pulled out of the carpark, I quickly turned to him, I have a question… What would happen if your friends found out you were being nice to me all of a sudden? “ I asked looking at him curiously. ” I don’t care what they think, I’m done being an ass… It never got me anywhere “ he stated sternly, making me furrow my eyebrows, because this is the first time I heard him talk this way ( Then again, there’s a first for anything ). I smiled slightly, thankful for the fact that it was dark out. Minutes later, he pulled up outside my house. ” How did you know where I lived? “ I questioned, ” Our parents used to car pull, remember? “ he stated with a small chuckle. ” Yeah, when we were 8 “ I stated a little shocked, ” How do you remember that? “. He sighed quietly ” I remembered a lot from when we were kids and I just wanted to say… I’m sorry again for what I said about your mum… Because I honestly didn’t know that she had passed away… I don’t think anyone knew… And plus… It was Nicks idea to say all that to you “, I bit my lip and sighed ” You know… It’s fine, I just don’t like talking about it “. He nodded slightly, but didn’t say anything else about it. ” Thank you again for all the rides “ I smiled even though he couldn’t see it, ” It’s not a problem… I’ll see you later “ he stated with a slight giggle. I got out of his car quickly, carrying the shopping bags along with me. Of course when I got inside, I was alone again. That’s how it was every night and it was even worse on the weekend, my dad and sister tended to be out everyday and night, not coming home once, in two days. I quickly put away the grocery’s, then cleaned up any mess that was lying around the house. Around 12:20 am, I collapsed in bed, thinking about what had happened today ( It was just strange ).

As the weeks progressed, things in school had changed completely. It was almost as if Dan was a different person, he never said or did anything mean to me. He started ditching his friends at lunch to hang out with me in the library, he started walking with me to every class and not only that, he’d pick me up in the morning to drive me to school, then drive me to work and then he picked me up after work, just to take me home. Josh and Abs had seen a change in him too, they would accept him as a friend too, if that’s what Dan wanted… It was a normal Tuesday morning, Dan and I had just arrived at school and I could already tell something was up. As soon as we entered school, everyone stared at us, which was unusual. I walked to my locker with Dan next to me the entire time, he and I stood there talking to each other for a few seconds. That was until his friends marched over to us, with very harsh glares on their faces. ” What the hell Dam?… Why are you hanging out with this freak all of a sudden? “ Nick asked rudely, ” Listen, she has a name and she’s not a freak “ Dan stated sternly. I was shocked to say the least, shocked that he was actually standing up for me, against his friends, but I shouldn’t have been that shocked ( He hadn’t hung out with them in over 4 weeks, because he was always with me ). ” I don’t care what her name it…. What changed?… You like her all of a sudden, what did she become your new fuck toy?… What’s going on? “ Nick spat walking closer to Dan, who glared at him intensely. ” That’s unnecessary…. Maybe, I got tired of the way you all treated people and I decided that… I didn’t need fucking assholes in my life anymore… “ Dan exclaimed loudly, Nick let out a dry laugh ” Oh, that’s golden coming from you. You treated her the worse out of all of us “. ” But, he’s made up for that “ I yelled, ” Sweetheart, nobody was talking to you “ Charlie stated holding his hand out in front of my face, pissing me off. ” Oh, you wanna fight… Bring it on Fucktard! “ I yelled, causing Dan to grab me by the waist and make sure I didn’t launch myself toward the group of guys. ” I don’t have to explain myself to you guys, I’m done being friends, so just move along and find something better to do with your time “ Dan stated, ” No, no one get’s to just leave out group without an explanation… So, what is it? “ Nick growled. ” I like her man, I like like her. So get off my fucking back and leave us alone! “ Dan shouted loud enough to draw attention to us, my jaw dropped at his statement. Nick and the rest of his crew chuckled, ” I always knew you had a thing for her… But, I guess I’ll give you one last shot. You have to make a choice, either be in our group or be with this pathetic freak “ Nick stated with a cocky smirk. Dan gently let me go and pushed me aside, charging at Nick with his fists clenched. ” She’s not a fucking freak and I’d rather hang out with her, than you any day! “ Dan yelled, knocking Nick to the floor. But before Dan could get any other punches in, a teacher caught out attention. ” Daniel Howell, headmasters office now! “ she yelled pointing a bony finger at him, ” Nicholas Canbridge you too… Everyone else, get to class “. I sent Dan a look, but all he did was smirk at me in return ( It wasn’t the first time he’d visit the headmasters office ). As I grabbed my books out of my locker I worried about what was going to happen with Dan. And as the day went on, my worry became more intense, because he never showed up to class.

After school, I walked outside with my backpack on my back and I sighed deeply when I saw Dan in the carpark, leaning up against the hood of his car, with his arms crossed and a small smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and walked towards him, ” So I’m guessing you got into trouble? “ I asked him once I got close enough. He pulled me into a hug and chuckled ” Yeah, I had to leave for the day and I have 2 weeks of lunch detentions, but it was worth it “, ” No it wasn’t “ I groaned. ” It was though, I’d fight for you any day! “ he stated. ” Speaking of, we need t o talk about this you liking me thing “ I exclaimed climbing into his car, he chuckled slightly ” Let’s get you to work first, we’ll talk after you get off. If that’s alright “. I groaned again wishing I didn’t have to go to work, wishing I could be a normal 17 year old for once. ” I guess we can talk after, I’ll just try and finish up work early “ I stated with a sigh, causing him to chuckle at the frown on my face. Dan dropped me off in front of the supermarket with a large smile on his face ” Call me if you get off earlier “, I nodded while giving him a quick hug ” I will “. I jumped out of his car and rushed into the building, getting straight to work, in a hurry to get everything done for the day. [ 8:25 pm ] My boss was so impressed at how much I had gotten done within the time I had been there, so he let me go a bit earlier. Dan picked me up as usual and as we drove home, we had a nice conversation. ” So, you like me? “ I asked quickly and getting straight to the point, only making him laugh. ” Yes Y/N, I like you… Honestly, I’ve liked you longer than you probably think. That’s why I started making fun of you, because I wanted your attention, I just took it too far “ he stated with a smirk, I stared at him confused ” How long have you liked me? “. ” Remember when our parents used to carpool… That long “ he stated seriously, so I knew he wasn’t kidding. ” There was one time when your mum was driving us to school, I pilled my juice box all over myself. All the other kids laughed, but you made them stop and you’re mum pulled the car over, just to help clean myself up, you helped too… You were both so caring, yo haven’t changed a bit Y/N… Even after the way I treated you, you still befriended me, you’ve given me a chance… Not a lot of people would do that “ he stated and I could tell he was smiling, which only caused me to smile too. ” I remember that day too, I threatened the kids that were laughing at you… And guess what, I helped you, because I liked you, like a lot “ I chuckled, ” And when you started teasing me, I thought I’d never have a chance, because I thought you hated me “. ” Never, like I said, I just wanted your attention, but I went about it in a negative way “ he stated quickly. I smiled slightly ” Well, I forgive you for everything “, he gasped quietly ” Really?… Why? “. I laughed at his reaction ” Because, you’ve made up for the shit you pulled on me and you’re a completely different person, this is the real you…. And this Dan, I like “, he sighed in relief ” Well, Thank you Y/N… I like you too as a person… Wait, that didn’t sound right… “. I chuckled quietly while rolling my eyes ” I understand what you meant “, he nodded in response ” Okay, good “. We pulled up outside my house, but I wasn’t ready to go inside just yet. ” So, can I ask what happened to your mum?… Not that it’s any of my business and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to “ he stated while shutting off the car and then looking at me, I sighed while glancing towards him, but I could only see him from the small amount of light coming in from the street light above. ” No, it’s okay… Um, she died 3 years ago from Cancer… “ I sighed quietly, ” Oh, I’m sorry… How did everyone else in your family take it? “ he asked curiously. ” They uhh… They didn’t care… They still don’t care about anything but themselves… That’s why I work everyday after school, because the job my dad has doesn’t bring in enough money and my sister, who’s 25, is to lazy to get a job. She goes out partying every night and my dad’s always at his girlfriends house… And I… Am always alone… It sucks “ I stated nervously as how he would take it, to my surprise, he was speechless. ” You’re not Along Y/N… You don’t ever have to feel that way again… If you ever need anyone, ever. Just call me “ he stated with a genuine smile on his face, I nodded sighing deeply. He pulled me into a tight hug, ” So, does this mean I can ask you on a date? “ he asked me suddenly. I chuckled softly ” We’ll see… How about you ask me in a few days, when I’m not all emotional from talking about my mum “, he sighed slightly but nodded ” Okay deal “. He and I sat in silence, just hugging it out. ” Call me if you need anything, I’ll be here in the morning to pick you up for school “ he stated pulling away slowly, I sighed slightly ” Okay, I’ll see you then… And Thank You Dan… Welcome to the side of the freaks “. He chuckled while shaking his head, as I stepped out of his car. ” Bye Y/N, goodnight “ he smiled once more, ” Night Dan “ I stated with a small wave. I then quickly walked inside, surprised to see both my dad and sister. ” What’s going on? “ I asked confused, ” Pack your things Y/N, we’re moving “ my dad barked. I looked at him confused ” What?… Why?… “, ” Because I got a new fucking job in two towns over, so get your shit packed “ he stated sternly, making me cower back. I glanced over at a picture of my mum, knowing she wouldn’t want me to continue on with this type of life, I knew she’d want me to live a happily life and with my sister and dad, that just wasn’t going to happen. She wouldn’t want me to transfer schools, when I was so close to graduating. She wouldn’t want me to give up on the few friendships I had, she’d want me to stand up for what I believe in. ” No “ I stated bluntly, casing him to stop what he was doing and look intensely at me. ” What? “ he questioned, ” I’ve worked so hard in school and I’m so close to graduating, I’ve got a full scholarship to Uni, I can’t just transfer schools now, it could ruin everything I’ve worked for “ I stated seriously. He laughed harshly ” So, when me and Mackenzie are gone. What are you going to do?… You can’t survive without me “, I rolled my eyes and scoffed ” What do you think I’ve been doing ever since Mum died! You’re always out, fucking your many girlfriends and Mackenzie’s always out partying, so I’ve been surviving without you and I can do it even when your gone “. He looked at me with furrowed brows, ” So, I’m gong to go pack my shit and go live with my best friend. I’m going to quit the job I work at, so I can be a real teenager for once… I don’t wanna be stressed out anymore… So, if you’ll excuse me “ I stated calmly, but also cocky. I grabbed 3 pictures that were in the lounge, one of my mum and two of my mum and me together. Then I walked up to my room, quickly packing up everything I needed. My clothes, some of my favorite blankets, all my school stuff, basically everything but my furniture ( Also Including all the money I had been saving for when I went to Uni ). 3 packed bags later, I pulled everything downstairs, looking one last time at my sister and father. ” Good luck keeping a place to live with just your job, because your 25 year old daughter will Never get a job, because she’ll never grow up! “ I stated with a sigh, walking out the door, not once looking back and slamming the door behind me. I let out a small sigh of relief, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I pulled out my cell phone I had had for years and that I paid for myself, checking the time, it was half 10 pm. I then walked with my 3 bags, over to Josh’s house, but it did take me 20 minutes to get there. I let out a small sigh as I knocked on the door, when it opened quickly, Josh and his mother looked at me very confused. ” Is that ’ Moving in ’ invitation still available? “ I asked curiously while biting my lip, only to have Josh smile widely and his mother pull me into a tight hug. ” Welcome to our family “ his mum stated with a smile, ” Yes!… Roommates! “ Josh shouted jumping up and down. I smiled widely as I chuckled at his goofiness, that’s when I realized, I was going to be no longer alone… My life was going to change, for the better and I was excited to see what was going to happen next…


Hey Guys, ( I’m sorry if this short little story is Horrible )So this is my New Imagine of Dan and I really hope you like it!! This was not Requested, but if there is any type of Imagine or anything, just request it, because I really need some idea’s of things to Write(= Thank You all again for the Support and Thank you For Reading!! You’re Amazing <3<3