disgusting restaurants

Today the loveliest Kuwaiti family came to the restaurant, the mother would giggle every time I called her Aunty, she raised her kids so well. They clearly carried themselves well and worshipped their mother but anyway two gents walked in shortly after them so I sat them down on the next table to the Kuwait family and after a few moments, without even asking.. They decided to move themselves to the table on the other side of the restaurant, completely messing up the seating I had prepared for a booking.

So I approach them and ask them what the problem was, one of them turned around laughing and said “Can’t sit near islams mate” (both intoxicated btw) he said it so loud that other customers turned around in disgust and the whole restaurant went quiet, I could see the embarrassment on the face of the Kuwaiti family so I turned around to the guys and said, “Oh shit yeah they’re terrible people, let me move you to the table outside, that’s the furthest I can move you gents sorry” (at this point everyone in the restaurant is screwing me too for siding with them but anyway so I moved the two pricks to the table outside, handed them their belongings and closed the door..

I don’t have any tables outside.. 🐸☕️

Got a round of applause from the whole restaurant and mad tips for it too lmao. The two idiots, dumber and dumber just stared back in shock horror through the restaurant window after realising what I just did to them like dogs that never got picked for rehoming at the shelter.