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pls share more about the monastic ways of your lifestyle ur an absolute inspiration xoxo

ikr :´ ) I just live in my room for 7-8 months out of the year and write papers for 10 hours a day, and then I leave the house once a week and look at everyone with utter disgust. Literally a saint I am. 

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  • Germany: Hey today it has been 27 years since the wall fell. However it is also the day the Nazis started to send Jews/ minorities to camps.
  • USA: One of your biggest regrets?
  • Germany: Yes, it was traumatizing!
  • USA: Let's elect someone who wants to build a wall on this day
  • Germany: What? No, that's now what we mea-...
  • USA: Who also hates minorities, who is aggressive, who is a danger to the world

TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

I’m going to bed.

I’m going to bed in a country where more than half the population just proclaimed that they hate me, that they hate the diversity that has been the mark of America for decades.

I’m going to bed, thinking of those people that won’t sleep tonight–those people that don’t fit into the homogenous mixture of white, rich men that our new xenophobe-in-chief has deemed “Great America.”

I’m going to bed, praying for my fellow Americans that will now have unwarranted eyes glued to their backs, that will have their every move and motion scrutinized by a government that has deemed them a threat merely for reading a holy book not entitled “The Holy Bible.”

I’m going to bed, haunted by the rainbow flags and pride pins my friends will be forced to take down for fear of harassment, by the businesses they’ll be refused service at and the families they’ll be denied.

I’m going to bed, weighed down by the violence to come–the people murdered by our supposed protectors, the innocents thrown in undeserved prison cells, the parents and children thrust across borders into countries that have exiled them at the threat of execution.

I’m going to bed, worried about myself–about my own bodily rights that have just been snatched from me, about walking the streets under the leadership of a man that has told thousands of men and boys that I am submissive, that I am just an object for them to grab.

I’m going to bed in a feeble attempt to escape the nightmarish America that tonight has revealed to me. 

(But aren’t you supposed to escape nightmares by waking up?)


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I know a woman who is a survivor of the holocaust. She often makes me rugalagh and sends it to my cousins grandma to give to me, or rather, her daughter makes it because she is very old, and she always asks for a few for me.

Four years ago she asked me to paint her story in succession. Of course, before I painted ANYTHING, I wanted the story first.

This woman saw some of the most horrific things. They were terrible, to the point where I had to decline in putting them on canvas.

In one of her stories, she told me how the women in camps, who were raped, then conceived, gave birth to a sport. By that I mean they took these babies, mother left out to bleed, and flung them from the garrison window, while men below took aim and fired repeatedly for target practice. They would laugh, and hold up half blown up, twitching newborns in their hands like prize game.

These men did this, because they were less than people to them. As Jewish women, they were about as good as the dirt under their feet.

She’s not big on media, and doesn’t watch much of it, but having talked to her not too long ago, she told me that the way the majority of trump supporters talked about Hispanic people… about African Americans… about Muslims- they consider these people as nothing more than pigs for slaughter. Dirt.

She’s terrified, as am I, for the american people.

She, out of everyone I know, understands what it’s like to not be considered human by your country.

I was told, that she had no doubts, that these white, disgusting men, who preech about preserving life and taking away women’s rights, are the sort of men who use babes as targets; as long as they aren’t one of them.

Trump supporters are scary, and Trump himself is going to kill so many that “don’t matter”.

Who ever fucking voted Trump, or third party “because i have morals, and they’re both eeeeevil”, can fucking get out of here. 

That woman said she has seen evil (she’s told me in morbid detail of that evil), and she could only say “I am watching it happen all over again.”

I’m not even american. I’m Canadian… but that doesn’t mean I didnt fucking cry for four hours. Thinking of all the people who are going to die, the possibility of a civil war, or ww3 backed by nukes and bombs… I am mourning for lives I hope are not lost. I wish for the best… but something better be done if shit hits the fucking fan.

i like how dan enjoys his black jean jacket so much and how he pulls up the collar to feel like a badass even tho it makes him look smaller and silly and cute and how he tries to pull the sleeves down over his hands but it’s a freaking jean jacket that will not cover his huge hands and he looks comfortable and happy in it