You know hated it when puberty hit and for some reason my boobs were bigger than anyone else’s (among my friends) And adults kept telling me that I “was lucky” to be “endowed with such a gift”

I hated it I hated it

This is bad but I secretly searched for pictures of women with breasts bigger than mine and mock them so I wouldn’t have to feel bad for being big cause other people had it bigger

I thought, what’s a blessing about something so useless. So unnecessary to me. It didn’t fit

With my 12 year old dream of wearing polos and having people mistake me for a sir

((II know I’m nonbinary now tho))

Im tired of adults telling that things will change
of telling me what I’ll want

And in fact if I do change
even if
out of spite I’d rather not

Cause they’re smug garbage


“Her appearance is a major factor in why I’m with her, to be honest.”
“The real reason women get a reduction is for the sake of their own vanity.”
“I’m only 27 and the thought of having a woman with small breasts for the rest of my life is impossible”

instead of a bi mod for dorian please consider a mod that is disguised as a bi mod but if you actually try to use it and talk to dorian afterwards all he says is that “you tried to change me” line with the exact same voice and expression he had in redcliffe when speaking with his father and then he becomes unromancable for the rest of the game beCAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU DESERVE FOR TRYING TO USE THIS MOD IN THE FIRST PLACE


Anti-GamerGate SJW attacks and mocks disabled woman for supporting GamerGate while being disabled and then tries to criticize her for taking money from GamerGate supporters to pay for installing a stair lift in her home.  This was then followed by an SJW dog pile on her in Twitter.

This pissed me off enough I had to make a Tubmlr post for it.  SJWs don’t think minorities are allowed to disagree with them on anything.  They view them as unequal objects to be used as debate pieces in mean girl crusades against other people.  They aren’t allowed to have independent thought or agency beyond what their “liberal” overlords allow them.

And fuck everyone who said NotYourShield were sockpuppets including that disgusting slob Tim Schafer.  You have no position to complain about erasure when you’re guilty of it in the worst way.