so handsome…… so thicc…….


disrespectful as fuck

  • Tumblr:men don't be afraid to show emotions! you're humans too!
  • Man:*shows sadness*
  • Tumblr:haha male tears
  • Man:*shows happiness*
  • Tumblr:don't get too happy bub, remember how you're a terrible person because some men do bad things?
  • Man:*shows anger*
  • Tumblr:calm down you violent rapist. hide your kids everyone, he might go on a killing spree
  • Man:*is depressed*
  • Tumblr:suck it up, other people have it way worse than you
  • Man:*shows affection for a woman*
  • Tumblr:are you serious?? you think women are around just to please men? you don't deserve anything you pig
  • Men:*look directly into the
  • camera like Jim in The Office*

Whoever put my username on 4chan is a full-on asshole! Not one of these guys will EVER get my nudes and it won’t make them a “God” I don’t know who did this or why this person did this but this is sick and I don’t want to feel degraded. So if this person follows me on any of my social media … FUCK YOU!

Carter Reynolds honestly disgusts me. What the hell is there to explain? Are you gonna blatantly lie to us? The fact is that your fanbase has seen that video (if you havent here’s a link http://lightweightxs.tumblr.com/post/122180542846/carter-reynolds-and-maggie-leaked-video-full) and we know what happened. You pressured your ex to try and suck your dick on camera despite the fact that she said she was uncomfortable with it MULTIPLE TIMES. Oh and the fact that she was pretty disoriented. You cant say she wasn’t in your little “explanation” tomorrow because she clearly was. This is revolting and I knew you weren’t perfect but this is crossing the line. Do you not understand what the word no means? Apparently not since you were too busy thinking with your dick instead of your brain. I hope your happy Carter because whether she sucked your dick or not, you just lost the majority of your fanbase. All because you were being a horny little shit.