Therapists have told me my suicide attempt was selfish
I am disgusting
I thought I was being selfless
I was unburdening my parents from having a horrible child
I feel like keeping myself alive lately is the most selfish thing I could do
I am just draining everyone around me
I am taking up time and energy that could be put to better use then trying to help me
I would be doing everyone a favor by exiting the stage of life
How is it selfish to give up your very own life so that others can be happy?
Everyone would be better off without me
I am just an anchor weighting everyone down around me
Maybe I should just let it all go and sink into the abyss
One bottle of pills and no one would have to deal with me ever again
A college balks at Hillary Clinton’s fee, so books Chelsea for $65,000 instead
On the speaking circuit, the former first daughter’s image is tightly controlled, internal e-mails show.
By https://www.facebook.com/PhilipRuckerWP

Like mother like daughter. I don’t know why anybody would want to go listen to Chelsea speak; what has she got to offer? Furthermore, $65,000 for 10 minutes?! Utter bullshit. There are other speakers who cost far less and are more worthwhile to listen to.


Alright, I’ve held this in for a few days but now I’m just going to say it. I don’t care if anyone disagrees. I’m just stating my personal hard opinion. This, this isn’t just picture below of shirtless ripped gay men rising the gay flag, it is an absurd mockery to a political trial to what the Navy Corpsmen and Marines had gone through on Iwo Jima during WWII. And there are no women or any Trans person in this photo,so how does this represent ALL LGBTQ’s? I MEAN. As a U.S Citizen and Armed Forces Private, this is disgusting and offends me greatly. This is vile to not only me but to every servicemen and women who have fought for your freedom and opportunity to speak freely. Yes, we can say whatever because of freedom of speech but this is utter ignorance and hypocrisy. NOTHING can compare to our heros who fought and risked their lives for our rights and freedoms we have today. Hah,this picture wouldn’t be up if it was for them! I have Nothing against LGBTQ’s, I support them. In fact, I’m happy for them! Great! Throw parades and wave your gay flags around! BUT DO NOT PARODIZE OR MAKE PARODY OF THEIR STRUGGLES TO YOUR GAY STRUGGLES. The American flag is a symbol of strength and unity to solidify us as a nation. I get you’re super happy you have your equal rights, but be creative than comparing your day of History to such an iconic, historic American image. RESPECT.


so handsome…… so thicc…….


disrespectful as fuck

  • Tumblr:men don't be afraid to show emotions! you're humans too!
  • Man:*shows sadness*
  • Tumblr:haha male tears
  • Man:*shows happiness*
  • Tumblr:don't get too happy bub, remember how you're a terrible person because some men do bad things?
  • Man:*shows anger*
  • Tumblr:calm down you violent rapist. hide your kids everyone, he might go on a killing spree
  • Man:*is depressed*
  • Tumblr:suck it up, other people have it way worse than you
  • Man:*shows affection for a woman*
  • Tumblr:are you serious?? you think women are around just to please men? you don't deserve anything you pig
  • Men:*look directly into the
  • camera like Jim in The Office*

god save me from all those fucking annoying tards trying to parent the fandom with their stockholm syndrome and their passive aggressive optimism who get an ego kick by taking a stupid statememt of someone and dismissing it by “throwing shade” and think they’re doing the world a favour by attracting all the insecure individuals to hold their hands AMEN
Get those sad creatures with no individual view or standard and who rely on antis what to take how or how to react to sth out of my dash pls and thank you