Carmilla smiles softly and rolls her eyes before looking down, “No, I mean… I’ve wanted this - for a very long time - and now you’re here and it’s actually happening and-” she half shrugs, “I don’t know. It’s just,” she looks up at Laura, “You’re real.”

Laura feels her chest warm, “I am.”

Even though I make fun of America, this week in Canada, a judge said to a Muslim woman in hijab that she was not suitably dressed and therefore she wouldn’t hear her case. 

It’s digusting how you all are accomplishing their goals by going along with this stupid dress discussion.. I wonder if they just sit around and have conversations about how they can prove how much power they have and how fucking stupid people have become. Wonder what is actually going out there. Wonder what is actually taking place while you idiots are so easily distracted.

Tell me, how does it feel to know that you’re nothing but a puppet ruled by people who are no better than yourself.