graphics don’t matter. 



“but they make the-” no.

“without the graphics, the admins don’t care” No.

“if they are bad, the roleplay isn’t worth it” NO.

If you think the graphics of a roleplay matter, you’re a dick. If you think the graphics reflect the plot– fuck you. The plot has nothing to do with the graphics & the graphics have nothing to do with the plot. Don’t be a dick. take time to read the plot & look PAST the graphics. Stop complaining about roleplays being inactive when you’re dismissing them because of some bullshit graphics.

Remember 1 month ago when we thought we were in for a wild ride and it was going to be amazing but now what we have is literally white people evicting minorities

I’m so so annoyed!!!
I was taken off medication and referred for therapy and CBT back in December, it took until June to be contacted by the agency dealing with me, they then stated that they don’t deal with the level of help that I’d require so they then referred me somewhere else, they said I should hear back from this other agency within the month.
I was expecting to hear from them at the beginning of July, especially since they said I should be priority as I have a baby on the way. I’ve just been contacted back and because I’ve moved area within Manchester, I’m still IN Manchester they can’t help me so they’ve discharged me. That’s it. They haven’t referred me somewhere else, they’ve literally just washed their hands with me. I literally have to start what’s been nearly a year long process (considering I first went to my GP back in November) all over again. They don’t care I’ve been on a waiting list this long, I go back to the beginning again.
I’m so disgusted in this system. Because of the level of help I need, the fact I’m pregnant and not currently receiving any help in the form of meds I’m considered as a vulnerable person and they’ve literally just fobbed me off. I feel lucky that I do have a really good support network, but imagine the people that don’t that this kind of thing is happening to?
I just want to give up.


This woman put a video on her snapchat story of her throwing a cat against the wall. TWICE. The cat is heard meowing, clearly in pain and appears to no longer have use in it’s back legs. I suggest you do not attempt to find it or watch it because it’s truly awful. Although her instagram account is now private, report it. These pictures include the numbers for the local police station and her place of work. Please, anything helps.

this fandom keeps saying how taylor deserved the nomination because she didn’t have to “shake her ass” for it and i just want all of you to know you’re shit and slut shamers and i am blocking all of you

one time a guy literally tried to hit on me by saying, “oh you’re an artist huh? so what are you in college for? looking for a rich man to marry? haha, well allow me to introduce myself…. my name is ___ and i’m a business major!”