The fact that we are being forced to beg the government to let us keep our basic human rights is sick.

Our right to life? No, apparently guns are more important than high school students.

Our right to privacy? No, apparently outing students seems like a good fucking plan in TEXAS of all places.

Our right to access any form of news we want? No, apparently filtering in only what some rich assholes want us to see is the right course of action.

Our right to peacefully protest? No, apparently law enforcements are allowed to beat and pepper spray innocent people and almost always go unpunished.

It’s disgusting.



I saw my Connor fanart had been stolen in international online store and i just wanna let u guys know. I never have any reseller!!

if u see this kind of thing sells anywhere on ANY online store: DO NOT BUY IT! 
They definitely traced my thumbnail and over-paint it. I can’t imagine how the picture quality will look if they printed such a tiny file to big canvas! and look at that face… hummm!! very “handsome art thief indeed” WHO ARE YOU?!!

so yeah, please becareful, i dont want u to get scammed by low quality thief.

If you support 13 Reasons Why after:

A) the graphic, gory exploitative suicide scene

B) two explicit rape scenes - with clips of them being repeated WITHOUT WARNING throughout the second series

And c) the graphic/explicit scene where four boys sexually assault a teenage boy by shoving a mop handle up his anus


How anyone can support this show after that is disgusting. This should not be entertainment. If you want to raise issues, there are ways you can do it without showing explicit scenes and cashing in on teen suicide and rape.

Someone start a petition to cancel this show or I will 🤷🏻‍♀️