Okay, the picture looks like it was taken from a cheap porno. But that’s not the point… Look at the way people react to the subject of men being abused, it’s sickening.
People treat this very serious issue as a joke, and this is why so many men are too ashamed to seek help. Our justice system is so screwed up that men can’t even defend themselves in these types of situations, because they know they could be the one that ends up in trouble. The violence towards men and the stigma needs to STOP!

Where are those disgusting ot8 stans who made those signs for the concert telling A MEMBER Of EXO TO LEAVE WHEN ALL HE’S BEEN DOING IS PROMOTING EXO AND WORKING HARD THIS WHOLE TIME TO THE POINT THAT HE HAD TO BE HOSPITALIZED. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM HIM? ARE YOU THAT BUTTHURT THAT HE’S NOT IN KOREA, THAT HE MISSED SOME MUSIC SHOWS, THAT HE MISSED SOME CONCERTS? ISN’T IT ENOUGH THAT HE ALREADY PUBLICLY BROKE INTO SOBS BECAUSE HE FELT GUILTY THAT HE WAS MISSING THEM? DON’T YOU THINK HE WANTS TO BE THERE TOO? MAKING THESE SIGNS AND HOLDING THEM UP TO A PERSON WHO CURRENTLY SHOULD BE RESTING FOR TWO MONTHS BC HE WAS IN A FREAKING ACCIDENT BUT IS STILL WORKING STILL TRYING TO MAKE THE FANS HAPPY? Wtf don’t even call yourself an exo-l, you’re nothing but scum, this is has surpassed the boundaries of human decency, it’s absolutely disgusting. I hope actual exo-ls will do something to stop this, because it’s one thing when a company or management exclude him and discriminate against him BUT THIS IS ANOTHER THING ENTIRELY Yixing does NOT deserve this treatment from HIS OWN FANS WHO HE WORKS SO HARD FOR.