But seriously what is wrong with the people going to the Dallas EXO concert wearing Luhan and Tao’s shirts? And that BTS Suga shirt. Seriously? 

It’s EXO whose performing for you today, it’s EXO who will probably get no sleep or rest this tour practicing and working hard to make the NA fans happy. Why bring in the ex members or other groups? They’re completely irrelevant and I find it rude as hell. It isn’t funny. 

clareeli asked:

ichiruki sux eat my dick, rukia and orihime are gay. and in love. ur argument is invalid xD

Oh. Wow.

Wow, why am I not surprised? This is exactly what the IHers and Anti’s, produce from their filthy ass fandoms. Verbal sexual harassment as well as hate mail, all encouraged, no doubt by failberry :^)

  Never insulted them once yet here they are with their hate.

…….and they want me to believe this famiy is HONEST and PURE when her aunt and mother registered EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE NAME attached to Tomlinson as internet domain or any possible B+Tomlinson verse 5 days after she announced she was pregnant ????????????? 


Isn’t this just sooo coincidental?
How many coincidences does it take for it to not be a coincidence anymore?

Oh the bold man above is Paul McKenna.., Simon’s rumored boyfriend., any similarities?

Lol. If this isn’t enough proof (well more than the one that already exist) than I don’t know what to tell you.

The bottom two pics you have seen before..,

Beartooth//Body Bag

(My edit,not my photo)


cw: racism, food

Racist shit like this really infuriates me. 

One, we don’t all eat dogs! Two, if you are living in a western country, NO Vietnamese restaurant is going to have dog on the menu, flat out. Three, to the Vietnamese people who DO eat dogs, it’s just another meat source for them just like your precious beef, and they don’t eat their family dog. I mean you don’t go around asking white people who own pet pigs if they’re going to eat their pet pigs, do you? 

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