“People are pissed that Kanye, a married man, is rapping about cheating on Kim with Taylor and that he called Taylor a “bitch.” News flash: Kanye’s a rapper. He’s always been about the shock value. This is just Kanye being Kanye.”

No VH1… This is not okay.. It doesn’t matter if it was for shock value, he was objectifying women and being a sexist asshole. I’m glad you VH1 think this is okay.


After wiping the vomit from my mouth, I felt the urge to figure out what the fuck this abomination was.

Apparently, it’s an Anti Submarine Warfare aircraft that came out of the British Empire, after the Second World War. The first seat is the pilot. Second seat is an Aerial Observer, and the final seat appears to be the fellow who controls the small radome that the plane can deploy. I forgot to mention, they made dedicated Airborne Early Warning versions of these. If it were the regular ASW variant, the second bubble would simply house a fellow to act as another set of eyes, as only the AEW variants had a radome for him to control.

Oh, rather important bit of information-

It’s a carrier based aircraft, with a double fold set of wings. 

And the final thing that makes this aircraft unique is that it’s the only carrier aircraft that I’m aware of to have two contra-rotating propellers.

God speed you magnificent aircraft.

…….and they want me to believe this famiy is HONEST and PURE when her aunt and mother registered EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE NAME attached to Tomlinson as internet domain or any possible B+Tomlinson verse 5 days after she announced she was pregnant ????????????? 


Isn’t this just sooo coincidental?
How many coincidences does it take for it to not be a coincidence anymore?

Oh the bold man above is Paul McKenna.., Simon’s rumored boyfriend., any similarities?

Lol. If this isn’t enough proof (well more than the one that already exist) than I don’t know what to tell you.

The bottom two pics you have seen before..,

I’m so tired of scrolling through the Shadowhunters tag and seeing negativity.

I am a fan who read all the books, more than once, and know them quite well. But yet, I still find myself in love with the show. The characters are true and even the small changes to their personalities make sense. The relationships are honest, and the plot revisions can be over looked with an open mind.

Basically? If you don’t like the show, or are too closed minded and sucked into the world of the books to appreciate other adaptations and outlooks on the story, then fine. But, you can not like something and also not fill the tag with hate. It’s so disgusting for me, who loves the books and the show dearly, to be searching through the tag and finding all this hate, some fairly misguided and just plain out picky.

Have your own opinions, please! But, writing an essay about what you hate about the show and tagging it in the tag filled with people who love it? Yeah, not cool.

But hey, what do I know.

Beartooth//Body Bag

(My edit,not my photo)