I was adamant I was going to leave this account alone. But something happened today.

I’ve been told after leaving this account that the clique is a beautiful group of people who respect and love Tyler and Josh.

Look at this fucking shit. Tell me now that the Clique isn’t bad. A group of fans forced their idols to stop their concert because they were harassing and basically attacking them. This is so fucking heartbreaking and saddening. I can’t believe this is what the clique has come to.

Words can’t express how DISAPPOINTED I am in this Fanbase.


Okay, the picture looks like it was taken from a cheap porno. But that’s not the point… Look at the way people react to the subject of men being abused, it’s sickening.
People treat this very serious issue as a joke, and this is why so many men are too ashamed to seek help. Our justice system is so screwed up that men can’t even defend themselves in these types of situations, because they know they could be the one that ends up in trouble. The violence towards men and the stigma needs to STOP!

Art theft!! Please report

This person LINK have been stealing and selling arts on Redbubble.

I contacted @luciasatalina and She told me it wasn’t her (Part of the conversation):

I’m yet to contact other artists. Please share this and report them! This is unforgivable and I’m sorry for every artist that was affected by this.

(I don’t know must of the artists so please contact them if possible) Thank you.

The account has been deleted! You guys are awesome!! Please let’s keep protecting this community together! :D