so handsome…… so thicc…….


disrespectful as fuck

  • Tumblr:men don't be afraid to show emotions! you're humans too!
  • Man:*shows sadness*
  • Tumblr:haha male tears
  • Man:*shows happiness*
  • Tumblr:don't get too happy bub, remember how you're a terrible person because some men do bad things?
  • Man:*shows anger*
  • Tumblr:calm down you violent rapist. hide your kids everyone, he might go on a killing spree
  • Man:*is depressed*
  • Tumblr:suck it up, other people have it way worse than you
  • Man:*shows affection for a woman*
  • Tumblr:are you serious?? you think women are around just to please men? you don't deserve anything you pig
  • Men:*look directly into the
  • camera like Jim in The Office*

Whoever put my username on 4chan is a full-on asshole! Not one of these guys will EVER get my nudes and it won’t make them a “God” I don’t know who did this or why this person did this but this is sick and I don’t want to feel degraded. So if this person follows me on any of my social media … FUCK YOU!