i havent seen Abusive Sollux Sadfic in years but just wondering fellas where the fuck did that come from in the first place. like yeah dudes i am sure this guy who generally always apologized for getting snappy during his moodswings, was canonically well-liked by practically everyone, and died like four times so that his fucking friends could live would hit loved ones with his fists or psionics or whatever just because he has bipolar disorder. definitely that would happen. god shut the Fuck Up, jessica. that is so fuckin awful, thats the most neurotypical shit that ever got written

This is why idols are so afraid to say anything.

They can’t talk about their relationships.

They can’t use any means to find relief.

They can’t combat netizens and media.

They can’t come out if they are LGBT.

They can’t speak about their illnesses.

They can’t talk about anything.

They can’t get support from the law.

and apparently not even from some of their fans.

So, thanks to those people, if anyone had any shred of confidence to talk…they might not now.

TOP deserves better. Idols deserve better.

The entire venezuelan army/police with guns and bombs against regular people that are doing what they can to defend themselves… guess who is winning? tip: the ones with the guns. They have killed hundreds of people: kids, elderly, young, adult. Journalists that are against the regime have to hide and can’t take their cameras except cellphones and they need to use bullet proof vests and carry masks. No meds. No food. No education. No safety. No liberties. No one gives a fuck.