disguised as thor

I just thought about this. Thor can’t tell between the real and the illusion. I mean, Thor doesn’t know that it was Loki who is “disguised” as Odin. Thor doesn’t know that the dead body he was holding and he was crying on wasn’t Loki. Nope. Thor can’t see through Loki’s illusions.

I believe the only reason he noticed about Loki putting on the illusion in this scene is, because he knows that Loki loves Frigga, his mother, despite him being mischief, greedy, or whatever they call it. Beside, in the deleted scene, Thor caught Frigga “visiting” Loki in the prison. Thor is sure that Loki will be very sad after he heard about his mother died. Especially when Loki didn’t see Frigga for the very last time to say goodbye.

and now i’m upset because i feel Loki’s pain T^T

Things I Desperately Need in Life:

  1. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston to recreate the story from Norse mythology in which Mjölnir is stolen and held ransom and Loki convinces Thor that the best way for them to get the hammer back is for Thor to dress up as the Viking goddess of love.
  2. The version of the myth they recreate is one in which Thor doesn’t even bother to shave.

Geisha Loki and Samurai Thor AUDedicated to the Mucha of Thorki because she ruined my life

There is a story behind these two. Written below is a thing that I’ve fantasized for this AU that I’m too lazy to actually fic. I might one day? I’ll call it Geisha Boy. Please read at your own discretion.

(FYI: for the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a poop tonne of drawings I’ve done for the fic below because ugh obsession.)

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anonymous asked:

Nah, Loki isn't disguised as Thor. The way Thor reacted to Freyja's death was too visceral. Loki is good, but I don't think he can fake empathy like that, especially for someone he presumably just murdered. Plus, Freyja injured him in their scuffle, so he would be dealing with that as well. I knew it wouldn't be him on the platform for the execution, but I'm curious to see where this goes now. Excellent work!!

This is a good point, I hadn’t even thought of that. Yeah, Loki would find it difficult to muster up any kind of emotion for Freyja other than disgust—or amusement at her death.

Oh, am I becoming easy to predict now? Lol. I suppose it was obvious, I could never let Loki die so dishonorably. Besides, Loki wouldn’t whimper or behave so pathetically in the face of inevitable death, he’s too proud for that, no matter what.

Thank you so much! :D

Stony Comics Part 4 - First Meetings

Mainly panels from the 60′s and 70′s

Steve Rogers/Captain America was first introduced March 1941 in Captain America Comics #1, while Tony Stark/Iron Man debuted 22 years later, the March of 1963, in Tales of Suspense #39.

Avengers Volume 1, #4, which came out in March of 1964 (yes, a third March) gives the first meeting between Tony and Steve, as Steve is unthawed from the ice and sees the (already formed) Avengers for the first time:

Steve’s angry at first, believing himself to still be in the war he fell unconscious during. He remembers that Bucky is dead though and that nothing can bring him back. His anger dissipating, he looks at Iron Man for the first time and asks where he is, how he got there, and who Iron Man is:

Steve and Tony strike up a pretty good relationship when they first meet. Tony has admired Steve since childhood, while Steve, being friendless coming from the ice, hopes for a close friend in Tony. When they are off duty Steve in insists that Tony call him Steve:

And the compliment exchange is already intense:

Tony is one of the first and few people Steve opens to about the loneliness he experiences coming from another time. Even though in these early comics Steve has only been in the ice for around 20 years he still views the world he is in as a future one and sees the technology outfitted Iron Man as a symbol of this future. 

Below, Steve talks to Tony about how even though his life is going fine, he still feels like he doesn’t belong and how he is sad because everyone has someone but him:

Even the blue furry Beast aka X-Man and Avenger Hank McCoy has a date, but Steve’s alone

From the roof of his building, Tony shows Steve the city and tells Steve he does belong there (also adding that Steve should quit feeling sorry for himself because it doesn’t do any good and everyone else has their own problems too):

Steve does finally find a place where he belongs, a place to call home. He decides to stay with Tony in the Avengers Mansion:

But even though Tony and Steve are shown to be close friends, Steve doesn’t find out Iron Man is Tony Stark (or who a lot of the Avengers are) until Avengers #216 (February 1982).(Secret identities used to be a much bigger part of comics. Almost everyone had one. Even Thor disguises himself as a Dr. Don Blake.)

Not knowing who Iron Man is, Steve, along with other members of the team, calls Tony by cute nicknames like “Tin Man” and “Shellhead”:

Tony calls Steve “Winghead”:

Early comic Steve and Tony are pretty great at saving each other. Here’s Steve rushing in and getting Tony out from under a large piece of machinery, even though Tony is wearing a suit, and Steve isn’t, so Steve would have a greater chance of getting hurt: 

And they jump on top of each other a lot to save each other. Here’s Tony jumping on top of Steve to stop Steve from touching his shield and burning his hands:

They also carry each other bridal style quite a bit (even on front covers):

Old men of the Forest

So Hárbardsljód: Grey-beard’s poem, is a flyting between Odin-disguised-as-a ferryman and Thor. Part rap-battle, part lore contest, part shit-talking.

Below are three different translations of the sections that interest me:

Thor said: 43 ‘Where did you find such despicable words? I’ve never heard words more despicable!’

 Harbard said: 44 ‘I learned them from those ancient men who have their home in the woods.’*

 Thor said: 45 ‘That’s giving a good name to burial cairns, when you call them the “home in the woods”.’

Harbard said: 46 ‘That’s how I talk of such things.’

 (2014-09-11). The Poetic Edda (Oxford World’s Classics) (Larrington trans)


THOR SAID: 43. ‘Where did you learn these biting words? I never heard more biting!’

GREY-BEARD SAID: 44. ‘I learned them from those aged men, who live in the woods at home.’

THOR SAID: 45. ‘You’re giving a good name to burial cairns, to call them the woods at home.’

GREY-BEARD SAID: 46. ‘That’s what I reckon about such things.’

(2013-11-07). The Elder Edda (Legends from the Ancient North) (Orchard trans.)


Thor said: [43] “Where did you learn to spit out all these hateful words? I know I’ve never heard more awful talk.”

Graybeard said: [44] “I learned this sort of talk from the old men who live in the forests of home.”

Thor said: [45] “You give a good name to burial mounds if you call them ‘the forests of home.’”

Graybeard said: [46] “That’s how I talk about such things.”

Crawford, Jackson (2015-03-15). The Poetic Edda: Stories of the Norse Gods and Heroes (Hackett Classics) (pp. 88-89). 

Now, we know Odin’s associations with mounds.  Draugadróttinn, and  Hléfreyr as heiti notwithstanding, he calls up the Volva from the mound.

But the kenning as a combination fascinates me, as does Thor’s incredulity, and Odin’s matter-of-fact response. 

To call the dead thusly suggests an intimacy which goes beyond familiarity. These old men are, in some sense, aged, and also the-men-of-old. To learn such knowledge and deploy it in such biting manner implies a rhetorical; and poetic skill, which even Thor-as-their-victim acknowledges.

Nor is this the only case of people learning poetry from the dead by sitting on the mound in Norse lore.

 Consider then, the notion of Odin himself as the Old Man, and wonder why that name. Kennings and heiti operate on polyvalent levels. After all, he is the pre-eminent necromantic poet. 

Consider what happens when you treat the dead as not gone but still present, still constellations of ambient cultural Memory, living in the woods, the uncleared but familiar spaces of strangeness and outlawry.

Try to think with double mind - with Thought and Memory combined.

Because inspiration, poetry - it comes from the bubbling, fermenting mead. It comes from the furious breath, shaped quite precisely as thrown spears - the roaring winds ridden by the Wild Host stirred by a blind god who sees, not with an eye, but with the streams of the dead lifting him up to the high-seat, to peer with hollow socket into lands beyond.

Think about it.

Go on.


-Kazuma Kaneko’s depictions of Thor and traditional depictions

Thor or Donar also called „der Donnerer“ was the German weather and thunder god. Peasants worshipped him as a god of vegetation (he is connected to oak trees).
His name is the connected to the German word Donner (thunder) and the day of the week associated with him is Donnerstag (Thursday) in Swedish called Torsdag.
He is also the protector of Midgard (der Mittelgarten (Middlegarden)- Earth) the realm of the humans.

His trademarks are his hammer Mjölnir which always comes back when he throws it away and his iron gloves Járngreipr. He also owns a staff called Gríðarvölr and a belt called Megingiard and drives a chariot which is drawn by goats (Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr who he eats and resurrects).
The Thrymlied calls him redbeard and hes is always depicted as being friendly to humans.
Thor is related to other gods of thunder like Indra and especially Zeus (Thursday was also associated with Zeus).

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So I’m currently rewatching Thor, as you do, and you know when they go to Jotunheim, Thor announces himself and Laufey replies “We know who you are”  well *how* do they know who he is?? From the previous scene we can gather that Thor has never been there before and it is forbidden to Asgardians, sooo do Jotunheim still have connections with some other realms maybe and keep up with the goss?

Also Laufey’s line “The house of Odin is full of traitors” ‘house’ generally refers to immediate family so that would be Thor, Loki and Frigga. But Laufey doesn’t know until Loki reveals it himself so just how did Loki carry out his plan to lure the Jotuns into Asgard and under what disguise?

Pepper regularly has to kick all the avengers out of the tower when they’ve been cooped up for too long which usually leads to Nat and Clint dragging them to a coffee shop and hanging out there until someone recognizes them through their disguises. Thor loves salted caramel hot chocolate. Bruce likes any kind of herbal tea but his favorite is peppermint flavor. Tony drinks as many espressos as he can before he starts shaking. Steve enjoys fruity ice beverages. Nat loves vanilla frappuccinos. Clint prefers just plain filter coffee.

Imagine being a popular actress in America and working on a movie set in medieval England. There, you are kidnapped by a disguised Loki, who had been admiring you from afar, while still in your costume of a medieval English princess. He puts a spell on you so you can not tell anyone who you really are and takes you back to Asgard where he forces you to perform in plays. You become extremely popular and gain many admirers, including Thor. This makes Loki jealous, and soon he begins to court you while also falling deeply in love with you. After a bit, you become to enjoy life on Asgard and even the attention from Loki. You fall in love with Loki and soon he lifts the spell, but you decide not to tell anyone that you are actually a kidnap victim from Midgard and instead stay in Asgard, continue to be a stage actress there, and marry Loki, who puts a new spell on you so you can live as long as an Asgardian and be his princess for as long as you both live.


FROSTIRONFEST 2013 | GIFT #1 / #2 / #3
GIFT REQUEST #77 for apocatits <3

It turns out S.H.I.E.L.D thought it most fitting that Loki was the one to share one his guest rooms with the God of Intelligence. Of course, Loki wasn’t in any way thrilled by this decision.

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“It’s not a matter up for discussion, Laufeyson. We’ve got enough to handle with the aftermath of the battle already.”

“Why am I the one stuck with the rude god?” Loki grumbled, “It’s not your call!”

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TITLE: Declarations


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine finding out that Odin is in fact Loki in disguise and dropping subtle hints when Odin!Loki is in a meeting with Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three and you. Imagine them having no idea what you’re on about and have Loki reveal himself to you once they have gone


NOTES/WARNINGS: Note, I mixed the Norse mythology in with the MCU version.

Thor spent most of his time between the realms these days. Protecting the nine realms and liaising with his father, troops and friends on Asgard and spending time with Jane Foster and the Avengers on Midgard. At present he was on Asgard, talking through the newest peace terms with the dwarves that now resided in the realm of Svartalfheim with Odin, The Warriors Three, Sif and you, the Shield Maiden. You all listened, Volstagg cursing when he did not like one of the terms, but none were all too harsh on Asgard, who had held the upper hand the entire time.

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