disguised as thor


Look at the sheer annoyance in that eyeroll.

Loki goes to all this work to make sure they’re not recognized (as the ending credits scene shows us, he knows it’s not a great idea for him to be back on Earth), he makes sure they’re both wearing civilian clothes, he makes sure Thor disguises Mjolnir as an umbrella, AND THEN THOR IS RECOGNIZED ANYWAY.


Imagine Loki, disguised as Odin, going through Frigga’s belongings, only to realise just how many mementos she kept of Thor and very few of him. Angered he goes into a rage and gets a music box he had made her, the only visible thing she had kept from him, to throw it in anger, only to sense the seidr in it. Looking at it closer he accidentally manages to open the seidr locking it to reveal what is inside. For hours, he looks at the images of memories she had kept in there of her training Loki in seidr, his first steps as a baby and even just their conversations they had over the years. 

Next go-round

After Thor and Bruce had finished their story, with multiple digressions and the occasional snarky clarification from an otherwise aloof Loki, Tony just looked at the two Asgardians for a moment before commenting, almost to himself, “So, they get to be brothers again this time… Interesting.”

Thor blinked in confusion whike Loki just raised an eyebrow, but Bruce laughed. “Yeah, I guess so.” Turning to the other two, he tried to clarify, “After the invasion, Tony and I had a side hobby of Norse mythology, trying to figure out how the real Asgardians might have influenced the various stories. Most things were too close to be coincidence but too different to be direct accounts, but the main problem is that the stories were simply to OLD to have been you guys.”

“Barton mentioned something of the sort,” Loki said quietly, not meeting either Avengers’ eyes, “that I should be well over 2000 years old if I was the true god of mischief. I did not have the time or freedom to investigate such academic mysteries at the time.”

“At first we just assumed Thor was counting his age in Asgard years and they were longer than Earth ones, Occam’s razor, ya know…” Tony brought up a holographic timeline after sorting through the SCIENCE.BROS folder for a bit. “But after some input from Dr Foster, and looking for archeological data that matched the Jotunhiem invasion, we had to eliminate that. You just being named after older Asgardians who inspired the legends didn’t make sense either - too much was right, and if nothing else, the Loki of legend was known to be a giant, so why would Odin name Pracer here that if his orgins were supposed to be secret?”

Bruce took up the explanation after elbowing his friend for the blunt reference. “So after way more studying of mythology and textual anthropology than any two self respecting hard scientists should be doing, we came to the conclusion that the cyclical language in some of the talk of Ragnarok was quite literal, and our myths came from the cycle, or maybe multiple cycles before you.”

Loki hummed in consideration, taking in the data before him. “So you believe that we have begun again, and Thor, having lost his eye and gained some marginal wisdom, is the new Odin?”

“No hammer, King of Asgard, ready to build a new Asgard?” Tony shrugged. “Makes sense to me. It could be centuries before the other traditional players are born or take on their roles, so I don’t know how your prior loop memories will effect things. But it seems likely that you get to be Loki again, but a more powerful one than last time.”

Thor nodded, seeming to have come to a conclusion on the whole mess. “And a Loki not hidden under lies and expectations. What do you say, Brother, shall we try to make a better Asgard for this next go-round?”

“Perhaps… if I am to help with the building, we’ll at least make it a more entertaining one.”

Loki is on the throne after the events of Thor: The Dark World, ruling Asgard as Odin. He starts repairing the city after the attack; he also makes changes in the law and ways of ruling. Asgard is blooming under Loki’s rule and no one still knows that it’s him.
However Loki starts hearing rumours that some people have seen him. He overhears servants talking how someone they know had spotted Loki. He becomes suspicious, thinking when could this have happened when he only drops the disguise in the royal bedchambers.
But it soon turns out that people have not seen him, but an impersonator, who can do magic.
Loki makes a plan to catch him and bring him to the court to punish him for his crimes. The impersonator falls into Loki’s trap, but when guards bring him to the throne room, Loki discovers that he is actually she.


literally the visuals of the damn film were great, A+++


- he literally added all of his little touches from Rachel House as Topaz from The Hunt for the Wilderpeople (there was an easter egg in the first trailer with reference to the movie through graffiti of the Skux Life) to Luke Hemsworth and Matt Damon impersonating Thor and Loki on stage


- you’re probably wondering how i ended up like this cliche

- THANKS FOR BRINGING IN MY MAN KARL URBAN TO PLAY SKURGE who has a pretty decent character arc from replacing Heimdall to collecting knick knacks from the nine realms (machine guns named ‘Des’ and ‘Troy’, together they’re ‘Destroy’) and trying to impress ladies to temporarily becoming Hela’s Executioner although he hasn’t the heart to kill his own people to trying to be a stowaway (some would call this cowardly but wait) to deciding to fight for Asgard and giving his life as a result, he got his recognition 

- Thor’s hammer antics, putting it in the dragon’s mouth and setting it on Loki’s chest like, “Stay!” and “OW OW OW” yeah that hammer is a real gem, pity Hela had to destroy it, makes sense that she would be able to do so since she wielded it before Thor was ever born when she and Odin had their fun rampaging the realms

- HELA IS THOR’S (and technically Loki’s) OLDER SISTER????????????? WHAT THE HELL????

- Loki as Odin was bloody hilarious, going “Oh shit” the moment his brother shows up (plus the giant statue of himself in gold, really??? a bit much???)

- LOKI LEAVING ODIN IN AN ELDERLY HOME HAH (the damn thing was being demolished like HELLO) 

- Loki having to outdo Thor in some way aka FULL BLACK SUIT, SHIRT AND TIE FROM HEAD TO TOE while Thor is literally in jeans and a jacket (his face when Thor was asked for a selfie though, like how is that ever possible

- THANKS FOR BRINGING IN BENEDICT TOO LIKE I NEEDED ME SOME STEPHEN STRANGE BEING SUPER EXTRA AND TELEPORTING(???) EVERYWHERE MAKING THOR WHOOZY (honestly i laughed so hard when Loki said he’d been falling for thirty minutes since Strange opened a portal for him to fall into and then reopned it much later, loved it) 

- Thor disguising his hammer as a damn umbrella and it completely wrecking the New York Sanctum as it flies to him 

- Sentimental bros when Odin passed on IN FRIGGING NORWAY

- The clouds and thunder mirroring Thor’s grief and anger and the sparks crackling like the perfect foreshadowing 

- Thor being a dramatic dork with the most unnecessary costume change of the century, a lightning strike *rolls eyes to the moon and back* 




- heimdall the fugitive, cue the mission impossible theme song (completely necessary i assure you) 

- the amount of humour littered throughout the film is ridiculously fantastic so much so that i can’t possibly go through all of it but kudos to Drunk!Valkyrie, that is a mood i can totally agree with



- “What’s the word we use for her that start’s with B?” “Trash.” 

- Valkyrie sassing her way through the film, everywhere from speaking to Thor to Topaz and Loki like, what a boss

- Thor getting his hair cut by Stan Lee with a robotic arm (he’s so damn attached to his hair like woah)

- TAIKA VOICING KORG LIKE WHAT A PRECIOUS BEAN THAT GIANT STONE MONSTER IS I LOVE HIM ( he’s so precious “I tried to start a revolution but couldn’t print enough pamplets” + “We’re going to get out of here on that ship, want to join us?” + “I accidentally stepped on [Meek] on the Bridge and I felt so bad, I’ve been carrying him around all day” + Meek wakes up, “HEY EVERYONE MEEK’S ALIVE”) also the subtle explicit jokes did not go unnoticed ahem ahem -.-

- Loki’s projections being a recurring theme throughout the whole movie from the start where he visit’s Thor in the contender’s holding area, “to try and help him” and Thor keeps throwing stuff through him because his brother won’t even try to come and meet him face to face (Korg attacking supposed ‘ghost’ was also adorable), to when Loki is chained up in Valkyrie’s room and Thor throws something at him (it hits him in the head) to check if he’s really present, to when they try to escape and Thor figures out the trick because Loki’s inherent selfishness tips him off, and finally the ending when Lokis shows up after throwing Surtur’s crown into the fire, Thor not even daring to believe his brother is there in the room, “I would hug you if you were here,” and he tosses something at supposed projection only to have Loki catch it, “I’m here”, that was a tender scene between the brothers and I love Taika all the more for executing it as such (he could easily have had Tom miss the object and allowed it to hit him but he kept the moment an intimate one, bless him for that) 

- the classic “HE’S A FRIEND FROM WORK” and Loki’s face when he saw the Hulk, “I NEED TO GET OFF THIS PLANET” *flashbacks to PUNY GOD

- Thor’s lightning being triggered by Odin and the Hulk’s punches though, the lightning is so flipping amazing and it’s honestly really cool to watch?????

- Bruce was the Hulk for TWO YEARS????? and Nat is the one to trigger the switch back (also his and Thor’s little frienship squabble was pretty cute, not to mention the Quinjet recognising Thor as POINTBREAK BAHAHAHA)

- Bruce in Tony’s clothes (can i get a little SCIENCE BROS up in here) 

- Valkyrie and Bruce being so damn oblivious 

- “Loki turned into a snake and I liked snakes and then he changed back into himself and stabbed me with a knife WHEN WE WERE EIGHT” and Loki still has the guts to smile, devious little bastard

- “Let’s do ‘GET HELP’!” “No, that’s embarrasing” proceed to Thor literally TOSSING Loki at the guards

- “It’s a leisure ship, the Grandmaster uses it for his orgys” oh lord bless me 

- I don’t have much to say about Heimdall or Hela to be very honest, because we were only briefly introduced to Hela and Heimdall was barely touched on except as a fugitive getting the Asgardians to evacuate. Hela was mostly just stipulated as the villain and sister goddess, though her ability to produce swords continuously is fantastic and nicely presented 

- Valkyrie’s past was cleverly dealt with instead of having a cheesy heart to heart, with Loki showcasing his magic abilities to pluck the memory from her mind and see for himself what really happened that turned her into a drunken scavenger 

- Thor wanting to be a Valkyrie growing up then realising they were all women

- Bruce has 7 PhDs, good to know (none of them are for flying alien spacecraft though, also good to know) 

- LOKI IS ACTUALLY RELATIVELY GOOD IN THIS ONE (although he does halt by the Tesseract and we all can guess that he takes it since he has it in Infinity War) 

- Taika handled the missing Gauntlet fantastically with Hela tipping the relic over in Odin’s vault, calling it a fake, which alludes to the real one being missing, really nice segway right there (she also hovers by the Tesseract and recognises it’s power)

- Thor losing an eye, Loki thinking his new eye patch suits him and Hela saying he looks like their ‘dad’ 


- Asgard is a people (and Thor being their king, decides to take them to earth…) 

- Ragnarok having a completely different meaning by the end of the film 

- “Let me rephrase, how do you think the people will react to you bringing ME back?” “They wouldn’t be very pleased.” and cue what supposedly looks like a giant ass ship from Thanos 

- second post credits scene was mostly for the laughs 


- things were just a tad rushed in this one but the graphics and fight sequences were gracefully done and i’m satisfied


Hárbarðsljóð: Thor and Odin’s Argument - Dr. Jackson Crawford

So as promised, I’m posting this video by the aforementioned Dr. Crawford for A Very Hárbarðsljóð Holiday. The Hárbarðsljóð, for the uninitiated, is a verbal smackdown from the Poetic Edda between Odin (disguised as a ferryman) and Thor, his son. I’m guessing most people who follow here (or not) are familiar with the professor one way or another, so if you’d like to just watch his commentary, feel free to hit play and enjoy. For the holiday, however, I’ve compiled some of my own commentary with timestamps on the video, so if you’re not a fan of YouTube, are interested in certain agendas that I also promote, or just want to read some wine-infused sass from someone without a degree who doesn’t have to worry about tenure, that’ll be here under the cut.

Keep reading

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Tagged by the @raven-brings-light and @philosopherking1887. Thank you, and very interesting to read both your sets of answers :)

I’ve been wanting to have a proper look at my ao3 stats for a while – I always often neglect it, so this should be fun…

What are your five most popular works? (starting with the most kudos)

1. What Happens in Midgard (Thor/Loki, 317)
There is a little-known secret involving the two sons of Odin. By the rules of Midgard, the brothers are married… To each other.

AKA my Accidental Vegas Marriage Fic, and a prompt-fill that turned out wrong-but-kinda-right. In a way, it doesn’t surprise me it’s number one - it’s fun, rather stupid and carefree, yet becomes filled with angst, sex and more angst as time goes on. It’s about as close to a Human AU as I get with this pairing.

2. Reification (Thor/Loki, 295)
Disguised as Odin the All-Father, Loki gets everything he wants: power, deception and vengeance. Except, he realises it may not be quite everything he wants.

My “Loki doing whatever the fuck he wants and then realising he wants to bang his bro” fic.

3. When Universes Collide  (Thor/Loki, 269)
Loki is a bedraggled, despised turncoat, battling and avenging his way alone through the Infinity War with little success. Even Thor has now abandoned him. So when Loki’s offered a second chance to write his story, by a different Loki who claims to be from another universe, will he accept it?

My longest fic by a mile, and an MCU/Earth-616 Crossover. Loki redemption. Was a bitch to write, but I loved every minute.

4. When Darkness Falls (Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, 265)
In the middle of the night, Erik finds himself consumed by things left unsaid.

My flangsty X-Men:Apocalypse Fix-It… Because Cherik will *always* need fixing.

5. Twice The Bluff (Thor/Loki, 257)
Loki visits the lower wards of Asgard for the first time, with Thor and the Warriors Three. He plays along with a lie to impress his brother’s friends, but ends up getting more than he bargains for…

First-Time Thorki, based on brotherly and brothel-y showing off.

What are your five least popular works? (starting with the least kudos)

Okay, I will list them in the ‘least kudos order’, but I’m not going to list the pitiful amount of kudos here - instead I will be kind to my ego and put the more positive (and er, probably more indicative) kudos/hits ratio instead:

The Wretched  (Thor/Loki) 7.1% - current WIP

The Christmas Tradition  (Thor/Loki) 10.1% - prompt fill for the StuckyThorki Secret Santa

Me, I’m Not  (Thor/Loki Thor/Adam) 8.5% - Thor and Only Lovers Left Alive crossover fic.

Unsaid Things  (Steve Rogers/James “Bucky” Barnes) 10.8% - very recently posted, my first ever Stucky fic. A Captain America: Civil War ‘Fix-It.’

The Grip of The Trick  (Thor/Loki) 5.7% - a Post T:TDW Loki-disguised-as-Jane-but-Thor-sees-right-through-it-and-fucks-him-anyway fic.

Are you surprised? Why?

In all honesty, there’s really not much between the better-rated of my fics in terms of kudos, so not much to be surprised about. However, it does surprise me that my first ever thorki is *still* my most popular fic in terms of kudos-to-hits (14%), as well as the second most popular in kudos overall. The phrase “it’s all downhill from here” springs to mind :p

I never expected’ What Happens in Midgard to end up being my most kudos-ed fic. I guess in hindsight it probably is more of a crowd-pleaser than my usual fare. I feel I’m in the corner that doesn’t tend to belt out the trope anthems (e.g. Jotunn AUs, Human AUs etc.), plus, I joined the thorki fandom vocally *very* late indeed. Sometimes, given the sheer scale of the fandom, I’m pleased any of my work gets read at all!

It’s funny too that, quite often, the fics I’ve spent the least time on or emotional investment in end up being among the best-rated. For example, the Cherik fic took me a couple of hours to bang out, whereas When Universes Collide took me *an age* of time and pain to get through, so the hits/kudos ratio is actually very poor in comparison.

I’m not surprised with the least popular ones. ‘The Wretched’ is too much of an ‘out-there’ speculative Ragnarok fic, and has been a difficult write.

‘The Grip of The Trick’ I think people just didn’t care about - whereas I personally found writing Loki in Jane’s body thrilling! I’d probably cringe if I re-read it now though, as it’s pretty old and I think I can write thorki much better these days.

The ‘Me, I’m Not’ crossover fic was *so* much fun to write, but obviously only fans of both Thor and OLLA would be interested, so that’s cool.

‘The Christmas Tradition’ was during the fic giveaway/holiday season, where ao3 is half-saturated and half-abandoned. I put a lot of Christmas heart into this one, so it’s the only one I’m a bit bummed about tbh.

Finally, ‘Unsaid Things’ was posted literally a few days ago, and given the size of the stucky fandom (along with the initial, very kind reception), I doubt it’ll remain in my ‘least-kudos’ list for long. First Stucky Fic ftw! :D

Optional: If you want to calculate this, what are your works’ average number of notes?

If this means ‘Tumblr ficlet’ notes, I don’t really post my work on here. I always intend to, but never get round to it. As for linking to AO3… fuck knows! It would be a low number. I’m very ‘under radar’…to put it kindly.

Today’s date, so you can see how your results might change if you do this again in a year.

7th August 2017

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…and any other writers of ANY fandom on my dash who haven’t done this yet but *love* to write fic and analyse shit.

Imagine being a popular actress in America and working on a movie set in medieval England. There, you are kidnapped by a disguised Loki, who had been admiring you from afar, while still in your costume of a medieval English princess. He puts a spell on you so you can not tell anyone who you really are and takes you back to Asgard where he forces you to perform in plays. You become extremely popular and gain many admirers, including Thor. This makes Loki jealous, and soon he begins to court you while also falling deeply in love with you. After a bit, you become to enjoy life on Asgard and even the attention from Loki. You fall in love with Loki and soon he lifts the spell, but you decide not to tell anyone that you are actually a kidnap victim from Midgard and instead stay in Asgard, continue to be a stage actress there, and marry Loki, who puts a new spell on you so you can live as long as an Asgardian and be his princess for as long as you both live.