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Hooray, requests are open! Can I ask this? Through a magic, an experimental food or just a dream RFA, V, Saeran became MC's pet. What kind of animal they be, what will be their funny habits and how MC treats them? From their POV if it's possible. Feel free to reject my idea. Anyway, I want to say that your writing is great, so funny and sweet! Thank you!

Thank you so much! Hope you like these~ 

Zen: (Hamster)

  • He knew he shouldn’t have eaten that take out last night
  • Now it was morning and he was a hamster lost in his own bedsheets
  • He goes to find you in the kitchen
  • You’re busy cooking breakfast so he tries to get your attention by nibbling on your heel
  • You get freaked out, not expecting a hamster in the house
  • You grab a broom and he bolts
  • After a long chase around the house, you realize he does kind of look like Zen
  • Finally the misunderstanding is cleared up and you both decide to wait it out
  • You were kind of gushing over him
  • You kept petting him while he ate and tugging his rat tail
  • One time he got really annoyed and bit you
  • You tapped his nose and he got really offended
  • He really wants to work out–even in hamster form–so he crawls into one of those hamster balls
  • He’s having a blast until he gets stuck between the couch and the wall
  • His pride dies a little when you get him out

Yoosung: (Rabbit) 

  • You had left the room for second
  • Something happened in that second, and before Yoosung knew it, he was small, fluffy and had huge ears
  • He was a little upset until you started showering him with affection
  • Petting his fur, hugging him gently, cradling him
  • He’s terrified he’s going to get stuck somewhere, so he’s following you around the house wherever you go
  • When he follows you to the kitchen, you get him some carrots and give it to him
  • You’re recording as he’s eating cuz his tiny mouth is just moving in such a cute way
  • You put him in a bunch of outfits
  • And he’s super upset, but he can’t say anything
  • One time, his angry bunniness gets the better of him and he nips at you
  • But he feels bad immediately and hops in your lap and nuzzles your stomach as an apology
  • Unfortunately, that’s also when he turns back into a human
  • Well, now he’s on top of you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Jaehee: (Mouse)

  • She was just drinking her coffee when somehow she was as big as her mug
  • Lets out a loud squeak of disapproval
  • She knew if you came in and found a mouse on the table, you would freak and probably kill her or something
  • So, she started making letter shapes out of the crackers on the table
  • When you came home, the letters, “I am Jaehee” were spelled out so you were pretty updated
  • You were still squeamish about holding her
  • But you would slowly slid pieces of cheese across the table
  • She hated cheese, so she would just push it away politely
  • Instead, you ease up and give her a small spoon of jam or fruit
  • Somehow you started opening up about your day and troubles, and she was forced to listen because she was trapped on the table
  • You get a little courage and start stroking her head, and eventually she curls into a ball and gets the sleep she finally deserves

Jumin: (Corgi)

  • He wakes up in the morning and reaches out a hand to pet Elizabeth on the bed
  • Only, he sees a paw land on her head
  • She turns to him and freaks out
  • He calls after her, but only a “bork” comes out and he realizes what happened
  • Being a dog did not stop him from wearing a tie
  • This was the only way you also knew it was Jumin
  • You were expecting more, but he’s like a cat in a dog’s body to be honest
  • He starts scratching at the cabinet with wine, and you quickly put it out of his reach
  • “You already made wine for cats. You want wine for dogs now.”
  • You see his tail start wagging and you look into the distance, “I’m sorry, Jaehee.”
  • The cutest thing is when he waddles up the stairs
  • You really can’t help yourself and you pinch his fluffy, wiggling butt
  • He stops and turns his head and gives a disgruntled bark before running away
  • Really likes it when you rub his belly though 

Seven: (Parrot)

  • He was chilling at your apartment on his computer
  • You had stepped out for a second, and a lot of time had passed
  • He got up to get a snack and realized he was actually in the air…and had feathers
  • You returned from the store and freaked out when you saw him
  • You had left the window open, so you assumed something got in
  • He started flying around her, chirping “707”
  • He almost got swatted a few times before you understood
  • He tries to get some HBC, but you keep shooing him away
  • You weren’t sure if parrots could have them or not, so you only gave him crackers
  • He was salty eating his salty crackers, “Saeyoung doesn’t want a cracker.”
  • He doesn’t like you touching his feathers, so he flies away
  • He accidentally lands on a remote and music starts playing on the speakers
  • Cue cute birb head bopping
  • Honestly, he was such an annoying twerp the whole time, and you were so glad when he turned back normal

Saeran: (Kitten)

  • He was taking the most glorious nap, and when he woke up he was literally trapped in blankets
  • He tries to groan as he untangles himself, but instead he hears a meow
  • When he stretches he sees a paw, and he knows what happened
  • The first thing he does is find building blocks and spell out what happened
  • By the time you find him, you’re already informed
  • He wishes you hadn’t
  • You keep trying to do cute stuff with him, and he’s not having it
  • He hides most of the time…unless you’re feeding him a small little bowl of ice cream
  • At one point, you settle on the couch and pet him
  • He’s about to run away, but you hit just the right spot and he’s purring
  • He’s also freaking out inside his head, “Am I purring?”
  • Lets out yet another purr
  • Freaked out even more when he switched back to being human and was still purring
  • There was a side effect where he kept meowing at random times of the day
  • You adored it, but Saeran was so done with this

V: (Fish)

  • He was lucky you were there the moment he turned into a fish
  • You hurriedly put him in a bowl of water
  • Poor guy can’t see well even as a fish so he keeps bumping into the glass
  • He has trouble eating the food you give, but sometimes you’ll put it in a net so he can find it better
  • He’s loving the aesthetics you keep putting in the tank though
  • He would blow out happy bubbles every time something was added
  • He loved when you gave his head a gentle pat once in awhile
  • But he was bored with being a fish after a while, and was glad when he turned back
  • But…he did have a strange craving for seaweed after the incident

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Dogs of Future Past - Part 15

As mentioned before, some updates to DOFP will be fiction with just a sketch or two…and this is one of those times!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

Frisk, Flowey and Greatest Dog’s shortcut takes them to the garbage dump in Waterfall, where they run into some familiar faces!

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Before Your Eyes

Steggy Positivity Week | Day 5: Tropes, Kinks or Cliches

No one needs to say what’s going on between Steve and Peggy. They can all see it.

Erskine discovers it because of a fight, and because he has always been perceptive when it comes to other people.

He’s busy going over all the final preparations for the procedure that will, he believes, change the course of the war (there’s no room for false modesty in this), when Phillips appears in the doorway. The colonel looks if possible even more disgruntled than usual and barks out, “If you want that skinny kid to actually get to the injection part, you might want to point out that getting himself beaten to a pulp on a regular basis ain’t going to help.”

Which Erskine understands to mean that Steve Rogers has gotten into yet another altercation with one of his fellow recruits. Not that the official paperwork will say that, of course. Steve doesn’t report whoever it is that he keeps fighting with, and the recruits will close ranks if asked. But they all know where Steve’s “training injuries” are really from.

He makes his way to the medical bay, but stops at the entrance when he realises Steve isn’t alone.

Agent Carter is standing beside the bed, looking down at him, her arms folded and her forehead creased into a frown.

“Tell me,” she’s saying, “are you trying to get yourself killed?”

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I want more AUs.. What about Mythical Creature AU?

Okay I’ve been working on this for like two days let’s see if it sounds remotely good let’s go

-Mark is totally a merman and you can’t convince me otherwise

-He’s like the prince of the kingdom that he lives in, but he constantly feels like he’s not good enough, smart enough, kind enough to be anyone’s king anytime soon. He thinks there has to be more to learn.

-Various kinds of monsters, fae, and others of the like can travel to the merkingdom via spells/potions made by witches or warlocks

-Kathryn is a new witch, still young but more powerful than she knows. She’s running an underground gambling ring off the Pacific Northwest coast when Mark finds her, much to her surprise, and asks to leave the reef.
“The spell doesn’t work backwards, only forwards”
“You’re smart and motivated. Figure it out.”
“You’re just going to leave your kingdom alone. For days.”
“You said yourself that the spell was temporary.”
“I think it’s temporary. Need I remind you that no one has ever done this before? Not to mention I never graduated.”
“It’ll be fine. Chica can guard the place for a few days.”
*disgruntled merdog barks in the distance*

-Yes I am aware this is the plot of the little mermaid leave me alone

-When Kat says she has resources, Mark didn’t assume she meant a human, undead tree. Okay, maybe not a tree, but he’s about as big as one (and leave it to Kathryn to give him the world’s shortest human legs), and he’s smiling crookedly at Mark, or at least in Mark’s direction. His eyes are averted, and Mark can make out the poke of sharp teeth against blush colored lips.

-“You do know you’re naked, right?”
“What’s naked?”
Tyler laughs under his breath. “The Queen is going to love this”

-Tyler is a vampire. Not like, an ancient, cool foreign vampire Mark heard stories about as a kid. Tyler explains he’s been a vampire since about 2008 “which sucks, because, ya know, Twilight”. He’s still pretty clumsy at the whole thing. He forgets to close the blinds sometimes when he dozes off before the sunrise, and wakes up literally boiling. The feeding thing has been difficult, he admits, but it’s not too bad.
“You don’t have to kill anyone,” he explains “like the movies make you think. Plus, there’s always lots of girls who are into that kinda thing. They usually pass out from excitement–well, more likely the venom–and I take em home and put em to bed, leave a nice note promising nothing happened. You can wipe minds, too. I didn’t know that for a while. When the clan found me, they taught me things. I left recently, thanks to the Queen. You’ll like her.”

-The clan is a large coven of vampires, with a leader, Tyler explains. He’s power hungry and dangerous, and kills because he can.
-“That’s not the sort of person I want to be, undead or not.”

-it’s still dark by the time they’ve walked from the beach to deep into the forest, and Mark is stunned by the glowing lights inside and the air feels as if it’s full of water, light and dewey. It reminds him vaguely of home.

-“You’re gonna wanna cover up,” Tyler says, but Mark just looks puzzled.
“What are the lights?” Mark asks instead. Tyler grins again, and Mark is struck not only by the shining fangs, but all the cuts across the inside of his lips where he’s accidentally knicked himself.
“Fae,” Tyler explains. “Faeries. Kathryn messaged to ask me to bring you here. The queen sees all official business here on earth, if it’s worth her time. I’m an unofficial envoy. Sort of undercover.”
Mark hums, but is still hopelessly confused.

-in the midst of the floating lights there’s a gossamer tent made of white linen, so sheer you can almost see the inhabitants flitting about. There’s two, almost the same size, lithe shadows dancing across the veil.

-“Ethan!” Tyler yells, and a boy appears in the slit of the tent, grinning with pink lips. His ears are softly pointed, and his hair is as blue as the water off the southern coast. White wild flowers and baby’s breath is wound into his hair, and he takes in the sight of Mark with wide eyes, his mouth splitting into a grin.
“Your Majesty!” He shouts, sputtering and pinching his eyes closed, a laugh slipping out. “The–The Prince is here! You’re gonna wanna see this!”
Mark steps in behind Tyler, and Mark is shocked to find that inside the tent is a throne room, not at all unlike his own.

-The other figure–The queen–has her back to him, appearing to prune a rose bush, blonde hair spilling down her back and a thin white dress cascading like a river down her sides, and he can’t make out the shape of her lithe body through the fabric. He can see, however, the slight point to her ears, just like Ethan’s, and her rosy cheeks.
“The Prince?” She asks without turning, and Mark watches as both Tyler and Ethan struggle to control their laughter. He still hasn’t figured out what is so funny.
When she turns, she screams, covering her eyes with her hands. Mark jumps, and she’s still screaming.
“How dare you come here like that! This is not funny! Ethan, find something to cover him up now!”

-there’s no trace of humor on Ethan’s face when he hands Mark a robe, which he immediately puts on, and realizes that nudity isn’t something that’s acceptable on land.

-The Queen is angry, he can tell, her red cheeks and puckered mouth says it all.
“I was going to calmly explain the situation we’re in because of you–but now I’m frustrated and angry. Were you born this ignorant?”
“Well, yes.”
She growls.
“I’m not sure you understand what you’re dealing with here,” she hisses.
“You’re the faerie queen,” he says plainly. Behind him, Ethan snorts.
“Even worse–she’s Amy Nelson. She’ll kick your ass. And my ass. And his ass. And then go grab a coffee.”

-“You understand that by leaving your kingdom vulnerable, you risk the thousands of lives of your citizens? You risk their freedom and their rights and their well being?”
Mark squints at the ground. “Um, yes?”
Amy pinches the bridge of her nose. “Are you aware that the head vampire of the West Coast is currently headed down to take control of the entire kingdom you just abandoned for a fun human vacation?”
Mark stares, now alert. “What are you saying?”
“Remember the guy I told you about earlier?” Tyler says, picking his teeth. “Jack? The coven leader? Power hungry? You’re in trouble, friend.”
“How do I get back?” Mark demands.
“Easy,” Amy assures, sighing anyway. She’s leaning against the arm of her throne with such an annoyed look, Mark is scared she’s going to lift the enormous chair and squash him like a bug. “It’s going to take him days to group up, gather the coven, go down the sea. He’s going to need a powerful warlock to get them all spells. Yours hasn’t and won’t wear off for some time yet, your highness.”
He can tell it pains her to call him that.
“But your people are in trouble, and I’m willing to help. In the name of democracy only. That, and I assume you’ll repay the favor in the next millenia, if need be?”
He nods, swallowing. “Anything, just help, please.”
Amy smiles, and Mark watches as the faces in the room mirror her, each one resembling a razor blade.
“Let’s get to work.”

This was so much fun I could write so much more but I try to keep these concise ha lol. Thanks for the ask! ♡♡♡ I’m sorry this one wasn’t so good :/

"What do you have to be afraid of when you're ace?"

-being called broken
-correctional rape
-“you just have to try it with the right person :)” (the same EXACT thing so many other queer people are subjected to)
-being denied access to queer exclusive resources when aces are also faced with some of the same threats that other queers are (being kicked out/abused by parents/guardians, for example)
-being denied a queer identity even though asexual =/= aromantic, and asexual =/= cis
-being denied support and community when COUNTLESS asexuals are ace due to trauma
-and i think among the most important is being excluded and invalidated by a community that touts itself as inclusive and supportive

look at any kind of queer history. lesbians had to rally to be included in the “gay agenda”. then trans people followed suit, demanding to be part of the queer community. more recently, intersex and others have been making their mark and making their voices heard today. some of the top queer voices and communities in our society officially use the acronym LGBTQIA+.

do not fight against your largest allies: eachother. band together to end discrimination instead of creating more among yourselves.

the original fma anime is so god damn weird. the homunculi want to be human. wrath is a kid. dante exists. the other side of the gate is world war one. edward friendzones rose. tucker is alive? scar dies literally making alphonse into a philosopher’s stone. someone literally becomes the fucking terminator.