I asked my mom to name each voltron character and their personality


Me: “What’s his name?”

Mom: “I’m trying to think of something sly like, Leo.”


“He’s a player. A big flirt. Like he thinks he’s better than everybody but he’s really not.”

“Anything else?”

“No that’s it.”



Mom: “James”

Me: “JAMES?”

“And ack he’s sad god love him. He may be a bit disgruntled but he looks very sad. I think he seems like a nice guy, you know?”


“He’s very closed off too. Cause he has his arms crossed. That means you’re closed off.”


Mom: “His name is…….. Patrick.”

Me: *laughing my ass off* “You’re giving them such generic names!”

“So? I like em names.”

*my brother from a distance* “PATRICK LMAO”

“And he looks a wee bit dozy.”


“Yeah he doesn’t know what he’s up to. He thinks he knows what he’s doing but he has no clue. He’s a big lug.”

*after being told his name is Hunk* “I like Patrick better.”


Mom: “I’m just gonna give her a name. Jenny.”

Me: “Jen- okay”

“And she looks like she’s a curious wee book worm girl. She’s probably really smart and slightly misunderstood maybe?”

“Is that it?”



Mom: “I’m trying to think of a name for him……….. Ian.”

Me: *trying to hold back laughter*

“Ian and he’s a wee bit scary. He’s like the leader. He’s the one in control of everything, you know? And he seems very… very distant but he wants to be closer maybe? Like he wants to be friendly but he’s gotta play the tough guy.”


Mom: “……….Quintara.”

Me: “QUINTARA- at least it’s not something generic.”

“She looks like a princess. She looks… friendly? But a little bit sad or something? Worried maybe. But determined. She’d kill a bitch.”

*laughing our asses off cause FACTS*


Mom: “His name is…………………………………….*long pause*…………………………….. Red.”

Me: “Red??”

“Yeah cause his hair. You know? He’s a red head.”

“Why would his name be red because of his hair color?”

“Because that’s the nickname. He’s very stuck up. Very snotty. ‘Mr. know it all.’”

“I can’t.”

“He may even speak with an English accent.”

*pissing myself at this point*


Mom: “….*long pause again*………. Like, fricken Zaltor?”

Me: *choking* “You’re close?”

“He’s a powerful enemy out to kill everybody. He has a dark side but he might have a light side too. He seems a wee bit soft hearted maybe? You know what, he reminded me of the princess. Allura? Yeah he reminded me of her. That, ‘I’m gonna kill. I’m soft hearted but I can kill you.’ and maybe that royalty stance gives off that impression.”


Mom: *scared look* “Oh jesus……… King Buggaboo.”

Me: “wHAT??”

“I don’t know he looks like a bug! King Buggaboo!”



“Try giving him a more intimidating name.”


*w h e e z i n g*

“He’s like a big Mac Truck.”


“He looks like he has a big raspy voice and he’s scary. He’s kinda like Megabyte, you know?” *she’s talking about Megabyte from reboot lmao* “He’s a trickster.”

*after explaining that he’s Lotors dad*

“Oooh…. this- this one, him? THAT’S HIS DAD?? WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO HIM???”



Mom: “Ooo she looks like a witch doctor. She’s pretty dark. ‘Evil one.’ Her name’s Voltra.”

Me: “Yeah, VOLTRONS enemys name is VOLTRA.”

“Oh right it’s Voltron. I forgot the name. But she’s a nasty piece of work. There’s no soul in her.”

*me and my brother share a ‘If only she knew’ look*

*after explaining she’s Lotors mom.*

“So Zarkon is her husband.”

“Oh shit. Them two a couple? Fuck.”

mom’s insecurities || Batboys

Requested on Wattpad.

Warning(s): insecurities(bad) insults, and changing point of views that can make you confused.

Also, Jason is cursing, just a bit.

Bruce knows his wife is a strong woman, she rarely breaks no matter how hard the obstacle in front of her. His boys know that too, their mother is the most caring person in the world.

But these days, she acted a little off.

They weren’t sure why they weren’t sure how. The thing that they only sure of was; she started acting weird since she came back from her high school reunion. She was happy when her friends invited her to go on a dinner with them, her eyes lit up, sparkling with joy.

The young Waynes heard her sobbing in her shared room, Bruce wasn’t home. Alfred was busy with his own work. The manor was quiet for the first time in forever, no arguing, no things crushing and shattering on the floor, no screaming, no loud laughing, no one of the boys ratting out the other.

Nothing but the muffled hiccups, and deep breathing.


More importantly, no their mother scolding them with their bad behaviors.

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Ficlet for a harpy lesbian who keeps stealing jewelry and gems and fancy stuff and bringing them to her human girlfriend and she's all "Babe. Stop stealing stuff. Pls."

You cannot believe your girlfriend right now.

You looked out into your living room, face permanently set into a disgruntled, middle-aged mom look who just found out her precious babies are causing mayhem in school. Except this time, your precious angel is a harpy, and school is your living room being covered in stolen goods.

Okay, it wasn’t that you HATED the gifts. You loved it when your girlfriend saw something (usually shiny), and thought about you- it showed that she wasn’t as self-centered as everyone says she is (they’re just hating, you know this). However, she makes it…even harder to appreciate her gifts, when you keep seeing ‘missing necklace’ or ‘jewelry store robbed- more at eleven!’ on the news.

You knew harpies- especially those in the corvid family- were all kleptomaniacs. It’s just something that came with the species- and you can deal! Most times, a simple explanation and an apology to the stores will clear things up.

However, you don’t think saying sorry will make her stealing this T.V. any better. You rubbed your face, grumbling into your hands, when you heard her bedroom door open. Perfect- now you can really get a headache.

“Honey,” You called out, looking back into the hallway. “Why am I seeing Jim Carrey’s face in the highest of definitions?”

“Ooh- do you like it?” She squealed, bounding over to you to give you a good morning kiss (ew, morning breath!). “I saw it, and then remembered how you said you were jealous of your friend, and-”

“Okay, I wasn’t jealous. I was saying her T.V. was ridiculously big- who needs a hundred inch T.V.!”

Anyways, I saw it, and I KNEW you’d love it. Oh- say you love it, dear! I know you do!”

“I’d love it a lot more if you can show me a receipt for it.” You tell her, crossing your arms.

She giggles innocently, twirling her hair to try and act cute. “Oh dear, I think I threw that one away! It was just a waste of paper, really, and-”

“We’re returning it.”

“Oh- come on! You said-”

“I know what I said- just. Look- next paycheck, I’m getting a bonus. Why don’t we pay for it then?” You offer, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

Her squealing and bear-hug tell you all you need to know. You swear, you think she gets these gifts for her, and uses you as an excuse.

Not that you mind, though. After all, it’s the thought that counts!


Don’t blare your horn
What are you trying to say?
That you’re desperate to return to your suburban life?
That you can’t wait a few moments to get to your dead end job?
That you’re impatient and must keep the routine you’ve established?
That you’re angry and afraid when a minute obstacle crosses your path?
That you’re indifferent towards the possibility that maybe something larger
And more important than you is occurring up ahead on the road?
The horn is the language of ignorance and urban decay
Conveying nothing but muffled and disgruntled noises
It is the sound of a mechanical ape, lacking grace and eloquence

onwards to season 3!

  • I think somebody swapped a portion of Sisko’s hair to Dax and Kira. Dax especially. SUCH FLOOF!
  • not sure how long it’s going to take me to get used to Star Trek’s habit of, like, putting people in jeopardy and then doing a flash-forward to the issue having been resolved, without showing exactly what happened to resolve it?? it’s very disorienting and keeps making me think there’s another shoe about to drop and the issue won’t actually have been resolved.
  • I realize the difficulty of TV show costuming and general aesthetics for how to portray members of a species whose natural state is a liquid, but….. oh dear. their solution is… not terribly convincing.
  • mmmm yeah I definitely called it though that when Odo finally met the rest of his species, there would be maaaassssive cultural discrepancies they’d need to figure out. I’m also kind of disgruntled on Odo’s behalf that the main person he’s been talking with seems to have no actual understanding of the magnitude of those differences, and that they’re going to need to start from a square one the other shapeshifters never realized existed. especially since it seems implied that they intentionally sent Odo off for some specific purpose? yikes yikes yikes.
  • “well if these negotiations work out we’ll never have to worry about the Romulans again because the Dominion could basically just crush them like a bug~!” ummmm Starfleet lady do you fucking realize how creepy that sounds.
  • larger point encompassing that one: I realize it’s probably useful to be in the Dominion’s good graces so they don’t try to fight you, but there’s just something about them, I can’t put my finger on it, that makes it seem like maybe we shouldn’t be cozying up to them all nice….. maybe the general authoritarian vibe has something to do with it? just a guess, yknow.

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⭐ The school bus was completely horrible. Summer and Beth were at work and Jerry was too lazy to pick them up. Tiny Rick and Morty sitting in a seat together as people fist-bump Rick as they got off. Morty watching in shock as a big breasted female hugged Rick to her, Rick himself looked surprised. Que jealous Morty. And he bad no idea why. Rick looks more disgruntled then aroused at what she did but he still made Rick work for him to smile at him while they occupied the seat.


I keep seeing annoying thinkpieces say that Cap was rejecting the very idea of external oversight of any kind, which— no he wasn’t?? Even remotely??

He was basically saying that he wouldn’t be comfortable signing something unless there was a system of checks and balances in place that would prevent The Avengers from becoming “Winter Soldier Death Squad: USA Edition”. (Yes, I know he didn’t know about the deathsquad at that point. But he’s done his homework on US military policy. His concerns are not unfounded.)

Remember what Bucky said about his former co-workers? “Their most elite death squad. More kills than anyone in HYDRA history, and that was before the serum. They speak 30 languages. Can hide in plain sight. Infiltrate, assassinate, destabilize. They can take a whole country down in one night, you’d never see them coming.” Steve is asking for assurances that whatever governing body gains control of the Avengers won’t decide to use THEM that way— and, in fact, won’t even THINK of them that way. I think that’s part of why he becomes so furious whenever people refer to Bucky, Wanda, Thor, and Bruce as “weapons” instead of people. When you talk about a person as BEING a weapon, you have taken the first step towards using them AS a weapon.

In fact, in many ways, I feel like CACW was basically Watchmen: Redux, but the version Zack Snyder refused to make. The central question is the same: who watches the watchmen?

In Watchmen (book more than movie), the answer is not “no one.” The answer is: different people/groups (and yes, sometimes no one) at different periods throughout history. But remember when the group watching the Watchmen was the US Government? Because when the US Government was in charge, after the Keene Act (cough Sokovian Accords cough), the Watchmen had the option of either retiring, or accepting orders to destabilize foreign governments and commit mass slaughter, all in the name of “keeping order”. AKA, literally what the Winter Soldier Deathsquad in CACW were built for. Remember, Hydra’s #1 goal is “order”, but an authoritarian order that they get to decide and enforce.

In CACW, I don’t see Steve saying “The Avengers are perfect and no one can tell us what to doooooooo!” He knows perfectly well that they are not infallible (see A:AoU). But he also knows that on the ground and in the field, things go FUBAR and you have to restrategize and do the best with what you have at the time. One of Cap’s superpowers is his instinct for strategy in battle (clearly serum-based, since pre-serum Steve Rogers’ favorite strategy was “spend entire life running into brick walls both metaphorical and literal”). He is asking: will the Accords allow him to use that power? Would he be allowed to use his own judgment? Would the rest of his team? INCLUDING Tony? When Tony flew the nuclear bomb up into the sky-hole way back in The Avengers, he was essentially violating the will of the government agency that decided to nuke NYC, because he saw a way to stop the invasion without causing the deaths of millions. Would the policies of the Accords allow him to make that decision (or a parallel one) in the future, or would he be arrested and locked up for violating his “contract”?

I mean, sure, in the midst of the initial discussion, Peggy dies, so Steve bails, and then all the Bucky stalking starts up and Steve is all “I WILL BURN DOWN THE WORLD FOR HIM, SEE IF I WON’T”, so the initial conflict gets ratcheted up about a million times, but the central question of “who gets to be in charge of these superpowered weirdos, and what does being in charge really mean” still runs through the whole plot. It runs parallel to the question of Bucky’s culpability. When you are turned into a weapon and used as a weapon, are you to blame for the destruction that follows?

I keep seeing the conflict framed as this—

TONY: We need to be held accountable!
CAP: No we don’t!

But I don’t see that at all in the actual movie. I see this—

TONY: We need to be held accountable!
CAP: Accountable to whom? And what does being held accountable mean?

[feelings-based punching breaks out, no one ever answers Cap’s implied question, Tony himself finds out that being “held accountable” means being shoved into the nautical oubliette where you get de-powered and possibly beaten for the rest of your life, T’Challa proves that his government is the only one that should be trusted to be in charge of anything]

When someone finds out you love one direction then asks how you’re dealing with “the break up” and you know they aren’t worth the whole tortured explanation and your belief system re: The Hiatus™ but you can’t figure out what to say other than “fuck off, becky”:


Steven Yeun as  Derek Cho in  Mayhem (2017)

A dangerous virus, one that prevents the infected from controlling their inhibitions, is discovered in a corporate law building, the very same firm that recently cleared an infected man on murder charges. When a quarantine is issued and the building goes on lockdown, all hell breaks loose inside, while a disgruntled employee (Steven Yeun) and an irate client (Samara Weaving) must fight and even kill their way to the top to ‘have a word’ with the corrupt executives who wronged them before time runs out.

  • The action-thriller will be released in select theaters and on VOD on November 10 2017 via ELJ Entertainment. It will later stream on Shudder in early 2018. (Watch trailer here)