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Another demon fact

So going over disgaea 5 today I learned another demon fact.

So apparently demons who have pure hearts take on massive pain and pressure. So just being anywhere near pure must put a demon threw some sort of pain. This also reminds of me the disgaea 3 manga. Where Mao became ill just from wearing the hero title. the ultimate sign of good.

So in other words….For a demon to do good things must put them threw hell and having a pure heart could almost kill them unless you can master it like Killia ,Zeroken and Goldion. I don’t have much more to go on here but

If this is truly the case. I have to wonder if a certain pair delinquent we all know and love has some sort of pain and or pressure they have to hide.

Just finished 'scanning' all the Disgaea 3 Manga Pages~! :D

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Thanks a lot, Karruna! Without you sharing those beautiful links, I’ll never had all of those scans for foreva~!!  ->W<-

So I got the first volume of the new manga adaption of Disgaea 3 on Saturday, and this is the cover. It’s really good. The problem? The spine picture is literally just Mao’s face right there. It kinda looks like he’s staring at you… Knowing what this guy regularly does, I find it kinda creepy. I slept with the book’s spine directly at me. I could’ve sworn he was staring at me…