Since the “stop calling white supremacists the alt-right” has been covered so much can we also stop saying that Trump and these assholes are spreading “fake news.” Let’s just call it what it is: propaganda.  

During Trump’s whole campaign him and his minions were saying shit that was touted as “fake news,” but they knew exactly what they were doing. The fact is that millions of people aren’t going to look at this as fake news - they’re going to look at it as truth and that’s precisely what they wanted. Now that he’s president-elect, this is continuing and he’s hiring people into his cabinet that do the exact same thing. What are we seeing these people talking about and posting to their social media? Made up articles attacking Muslims, immigrants, POC, LGBT+ Planned Parenthood, etc. We’ve all seen it and we can see how quickly an article with no basis in fact can get shared a million+ times over Facebook and Twitter.  

And a lot of us write it off, especially when it comes to Trump, that these people are “just stupid” and they don’t know what they’re talking about. We think it’s funny to laugh at but let’s really look at what he’s doing. Take the “Three million illegal votes,” claim that Trump’s been touting since the election. Again, this has absolutely zero facts to back it up but it didn’t stop people from repeating the same thing - average citizens and politicians. It didn’t stop it from news stations to display headlines like “Trump Claims Three Million Illegal Votes Were Casted.” It didn’t stop it from being the subject of debate on the news. And the claim has now successfully done it’s job, it made people question the way we vote.

Trump has made it clear that he wants to go after voting rights. He talked about this before he was elected and we’ve seen proof that this is something he’s going to go after once he takes office. What better way to do this than to make half the country believe that his actions are just? The more people concern themselves with voter fraud (based on the misinformation he helped spread) the easier it is to have support when you want to enact stricter voter ID laws and other actions that lead to mass voter disenfranchisement. 

How can we believe they’re spreading false and dangerous “news” on Muslims or immigrants when this upcoming administration has made it crystal clear of their intentions? They know what they’re doing, don’t fall for it and don’t let it go unchecked. 

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What a world that wanting people to be happy and have basic human rights makes you a radical

A. Treating disenfranchised people with respect is and has always been radical. The Bible treats Jesus as a radical for hanging out with hookers the poor and lepers cause he treated them like humans. (Couldn’t think of a secular story as old as that referencing that kinda of behavior.)

B. Everyone will agree that people should be good and nice to each other. It’s just that people disagree on how to do that and how to go about helping people. It also usually with caveats like; be good to people except X Y or Z groups. That’s the radical part who you think should be happy and how you go about doing that.

What Civilization VI Tells us about the State of Humanity – Not Your Mama's Gamer

We have always lived in a world where terrible shit happens, over and over, every day, especially to the most disenfranchised among us. Hatred, racism, violence, none of this is new. But we are at a point were humanity seems to fall into one of two categories: either they embrace this hate, or they are paralyzed by it. How can one move forward in a positive, hopeful way when no activism is enough? When the problems are so large? When so many people around us don’t care? The answer for many people: resort to sarcasm. The withdrawl away from humanity is very real right now. The retreat into jokes and cynicism, fueled by the disembodied way we consume our media via social media among other things, is having a very real impact on our ability to see humanity. We can’t see the beauty or importance of humanity because things are so awful for so many of us. We are scared at the current political and environmental disasters we face, and while that may not stop us from seeking refuge in a game like Civ VI, it certainly changes just how deeply we are willing to engage with it.

Poetry is a joke, sanitization is a joke, writing is a joke, war is a joke. Real people are dying. Our planet is dying. Why see the sublime in this world? At least this seems to be the underlying tone behind the new Civ game.

On the tone of Civilization VI.

The Golden Flower is a title initially given to her by the children and disenfranchised within the Brume. During these visits, as she frequently brought them comforts and meals , she was given kind words ans was invited to participate in games with the children under the snow.

Originally she was called the Gilded Flower, but when gifted a golden pin, a token from a child with sticky fingers, shaped like a rose, Rivienne was soon titled as such. It was a title she carried with her even through her time partaking in the Dragonsong War.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 2, Episode 47 "Chelsea Handler"
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah Season 2, Episode 47 "Chelsea Handler" TVonline: http://soo.gd/TV-jKH Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rogue1StarWarsStory ...

I used to be a fan of Chelsea Handler’s, but towards the end of her E! network show, I felt like her fame had gone to her head. In this interview though, she won me over again when she talked about the moment she became disgusted with Trump. More importantly though, I love that she recognized that her voice would be heard and is going to use that as a platform for those that are at risk of being targeted and disenfranchised by a Trump administration including: the Muslim community, the LGBTQ community and the black community. It may not be perfect, but it’s a hell of a start

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Soldier, for any character(s) you like

Space Wizard/Soldier: Anyway, Space Wizard has a name, Kelphor “Kelph” Trismagistus III.

Kelph probably would tell you they have no ideals to fight for. This is not true. While part of it is because they want to give out a smug air of being the Truest of Neutrals, it is honestly because Kelph is a private individual to the fault; they are genuinely uncomfortable with sharing their opinions – they also assume a wizard is supposed to be Only Magic and Beyond Morality. Which is wrong too.

Kelph is very willing to fight for things, especially things that strike a chord with them like subsidized higher education, well-being of the disenfranchised, better treatment of prisoners, and such. They are also willing to fight to protect their homeland, their families, and what they deem as friends. Kelphor is a very fiery individual – appropriate for a wizard of the Evocation School.

SCAM: You cannot vote by text

Republicans have a new scam going.  They have created memes, messages, etc. encouraging Hillary Clinton supporters to vote early by text.  Avoid long lines it says..well this is a SCAM.  You cannot vote by text.  Republicans are just trying to disenfranchise voters.  And oh look, they are targeting African American voters.  Republicans never stop trying to prevent black people from voting.

FYI on the "50th Anniversary of Selma:Bloody Sunday"

While the white liberal media and President Obama go down to Selma, Alabama to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, where over 500 hundred civil rights activist were attacked while marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, let us remember two things to keep in mind.

1. The Edmund Pettus Bridge, where bloody sunday took place, was named after a racist KKK leader, and it still bares his name today.

2. While liberals pat themselves on the back about all the progress we have made let us remember that the very right (Voting Rights) these folks were marching for back in 65 is being trampled upon today. Thousands of African Americans cannot vote because of non-violent drug offense. When speaking of voting rights Felony Disenfranchisement is often left out of the discussion.

Too poor to pay taxes? Burn, useless prole.

A local family watches their home burn to the ground and just a few feet behind them, firefighters watch, too.

It’s happened multiple times before in one local community: firefighters refuse to respond because the homeowner didn’t pay a fire subscription fee.

The last time this happened, the city of South Fulton, Tennessee, received a lot of heat nationwide for this policy. That was more than a year ago but nothing has changed.

The mayor said it comes down to simple business. If they don’t collect fire fees, the fire department can’t survive and if they make exceptions to the rule, no one will ever pay the fee.

Besides that, he likes the “pay for spray” policy and said it’s fair.

But that’s hard to stomach when you’ve just lost your home and everything you’ve worked for.

“In an emergency, the first thing you think of, ‘Call 9-1-1,” homeowner Vicky Bell said.

Firefighters came out.

Bell said, “9-1-1 said they were in fact dispatched and they showed that they were on the scene.”

But once on the scene, they only watched.

“You could look out my mom’s trailer and see the trucks sitting at a distance,” Bell said.

For Bell, that sight was almost as disturbing as the fire itself.

“We just wished we could’ve gotten more out,” Bell said.

It’s a controversial policy that we’ve dealt with before. If you live in the city, you get fire protection but if not, you have to pay the $75 fire protection fee each year. With this policy, the city makes no exceptions.

Well, it took long enough, but our government has finally devolved into the same environment that lead Marcus Crassus to his wealth. Countdown until we start letting the poor die when they can’t afford healthcare. Whoops, I mean countdown until Police don’t have to answer calls from poor people. Whoops, I mean countdown until poor people get arrested for sending their kids to well funded schools

Well, damn. I’d like to write a ridiculous, hyperbolic sentence about the next step in our disenfranchisement of the poor, but I can’t even top reality.


Polls start opening in under 12 hours but felony convictions disenfranchise more than 5 million people, including 7% of the African-American community. A major contributor to the problem is the school-to-prison pipeline: A system of flawed policies that send at-risk youth—especially people of color—directly into the criminal justice system.

Mic’s The Movement (@the-movemnt​) did an Issue Time on the subject. It’s well worth your time, and it’ll give you plenty to chew on when you ✧・゚*go and vote tomorrow*・゚✧

Art by Tumblr Creatr @jxiaoo


Weyrich died in 2008, but the GOP is still applying his lesson today. If voting really didn’t matter, then why would Republicans constantly try so hard to block so many people from voting?


 How Jeb Bush disenfranchised 94,000 legally registered and eligible Black & Latino Florida voters in the y2k Bush v. Gore presidential election

 Voter ID laws: a Republican tool for mass voter disenfranchisement

 Why people who claim that voting doesn’t matter are WRONG

 Black, Latino and Asian people targeted on voter “crosscheck” lists

 Fox News - the propaganda wing of the Republican Party

There is a history and a methodology to voter disenfranchisement in America. So the next time you hear anyone claim that “voting doesn’t matter, why even bother,” please understand that not only is such advice wrong, but through inaction, disaffected voters who refuse to vote are actually helping to elect regressive right-wing politicians…just as Paul Weyrich knew

Civil Rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr, Fannie Lou Hamer, the Black Panthers, and James Chaney all understood the importance of registering people and getting them to the polls to vote. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise: Voting still matters. It always has

13 Ways the US Government is Robbing Marginalized People of Their Votes
Do you think the elections are fair? This info on racism, classism, ableism and more through voter suppression proves that you’re being lied to. August 17, 2016.

This past April, my mom had a hell of a time trying to vote in the New York Democratic Primary.

A seasoned voter, she went into our local polling place. She had the card she’d received in the mail a week prior, explaining her voting district and where to vote, as well as her state-issued ID, even though New York doesn’t require photo ID cards to vote.

She knew the process well, because she had been voting at the same polling site in a number of previous elections.

Yet this time, she was stopped from voting because her name was not listed.

Polling site volunteers told her that she might have registered for the party too late or that she might be at the wrong polling site.

She explained that she’s been a registered Democrat for over 30 years. She also pointed out her address on her ID, explaining that her apartment was literally across the street from the polling site.

The volunteers told her that they didn’t know what happened, and that her only option was to fill out an affidavit ballot.

Unsure of she could do next, she filled out the affidavit and left feeling frustrated and confused.

She told me, “I had no idea what was happening. Why wasn’t my name on the list this time, but it had been on there before? And why was it there weeks later, when I went to vote in the Congressional primary?”

She was also scared that her vote, with many other votes, was just tossed away.

“I have no idea if my vote was even counted. They just put it in a big envelope and that was that. It didn’t feel confidential at all. I was confused, and I speak English. So many older Hispanics go to that voting site and only speak Spanish. I saw a lot of people just leaving because they didn’t understand what was happening.”

While this might seem like an isolated incident, it was not.

This past April, over 121,000 affidavit ballots were cast in the Democratic presidential primaries, over five times the amount from the 2008 primaries. All over the 5 boroughs, would-be voters reported a number of suspicious activities at the polling sites.

These suspicious activities included: Party affiliations being changed, registrations being erased, missing voter lists, polling sites not opening, missing ballots and wrong or unclear instructions.

Maybe you’ve guessed this already, but the majority of neighborhoods that these problems occurred in were primarily low-income, Black, Latinx, and Asian areas across the Bronx, Queens, and especially Brooklyn.

This incident is far from isolated – it’s an example of voter suppression, which has a troubling history in the United States.

Voter suppression is what happens when legal policy and political groups and organizations actively discourage and prevent many people from voting. In New York and all around the country, there are dozens of examples of voter suppression.

Disenfranchisement is an active and systemic form of oppression. And much like in the past, voter suppression today primarily affects marginalized people.

This is extremely important because the right to vote is one of the most basic forms of civil liberties that all citizens of the United States are supposed to hold. And while many of us are taught that many oppressed groups had to fight for the right to vote in the past, we often don’t discuss how suffrage is still not universal.

Voting is a right. It shouldn't cost $73.

Why am I opposed to the new Voter ID bill in Wisconsin? Here’s one reason: it shouldn’t have to cost you money to exercise your constitutional rights. In the case of a poor person, it can be a significant amount of money just to get a state ID.

Let’s walk through this. Here are my assumptions: a person working for minimum wage who lives on the north side of Milwaukee and was born in Milwaukee County.

The fee for a state ID card (not a driver’s license) is $28. But to get that, you have to have a birth certificate. To get that, you have to go to the register of deeds office in the Courthouse or mail your request. The fee is $20. Many people in poor neighborhoods don’t have checking accounts, so you have to get a money order. I don’t know how much that costs at one of the check cashing places so prevalent in poor neighborhoods, but it’s $1.10 at the post office. It takes 2-3 weeks to get it. You also need to show the DMV proof of identity. We’ll just assume you have a Social Security Card. If you lost yours, well, I don’t know what you do, because they require proof of identity like a state-issued identification card or a passport, which of course you don’t have. At least the card is free, but from personal experience, you’ll have a long wait in the Social Security office.

Whcih brings me to another point: time. The DMV is only open during the weekdays. If you work a minimum wage job, you’re unlikely to have paid time off. So it will cost you $7.25/hr to go to the DMV. First you have to get there. You don’t have a driver’s license, so it costs you 2.25 by bus. From 35th & North, the bus takes 30 minutes to get to the Downtown DMV. I’ve never been in and out of the DMV in under an hour, and the downtown branch tends to be busy, so let’s allow one hour at the DMV and one hour to and from. Then, of course, you have to get to work, so let’s allow another half an hour for that. That’s a bare minimum of 2.5 hours to get your ID card, or $18.13 in lost wages.

Let’s add it up!

ID card fee $28 

Birth certificate $20

Money order $1.10

Postage for birth certificate request 44c

Minimum wage $7.25/hr * 2.5 hrs = $18.13

Bus fare 2.25 each way * 2 = $5.50

Total: $73.17

That’s a lot of money if you’re poor. Didn’t we outlaw poll taxes because they disenfranchised poor voters? Oh yeah, they were abolished IN THE 24th AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION. 

Witches against Trump, unite.

Now is the time for protection spells: protect women, and POC, and LGBTI+ people, and yourselves.

Now is the time for healing spells: heal those who have been hurt in this campaign, heal those who feel cut off and forgotten and disenfranchised, yes, even your enemies.

Now is the time for strengthening spells: strengthen your resolve to fight, strengthen your will to live as gloriously as you can in spite of everything.

Now is the time for love spells: only love will overcome hatred, only love will bring us together when we are so divided.

How strange it much be to live in a bubble where you believe that Harry Styles is either wildly ignorant of the way his words and actions might be interpreted as him dropping hints about his sexuality, or to think that he’s deliberately doing it spitefully; as a joke to make fun of a large portion of his fanbase.

I can’t imagine why you’d want to be a fan of someone you’ve deemed stupid or cruel.

How to Solve America’s Democracy and Poverty Crisis

Fifty years ago this week, President Lyndon Johnson promised to “strike at the causes, not just the consequence” of persistent poverty in America. His War on Poverty, he told a joint session of Congress, would do more than alleviate immediate economic needs; it would “strike away the barriers to full participation in our society.”

Americans may have tired of Johnson’s war, but the struggle is far from complete. Not only does poverty persist across the United States today, but American democracy itself has become impoverished. The two are more entwined than is commonly thought.

As the foregoing articles in this series have shown, tens of millions of citizens, and would-be citizens, are struggling to earn their keep and keep their faith in a democratic system from which they are excluded. Millions more low-income citizens have a hard time making it to the polls for reasons that are partly within and partly beyond their control. Making matters worse, the politicians on whom they rely do not rely on them: a tiny fraction of wealthy Americans and special interest groups lobby the federal government, and a fraction of one percent of citizens provide the lion’s share of campaign funds.

However you slice and dice the numbers, people in poverty are at a serious, structural disadvantage when it comes to making their voices heard and having their interests represented in Washington. They are far from equal citizens in the public square.

Read more. [Image: Associated Press]