The specter of male privilege has long since been a way to deny trans women’s womanhood and basic humanity. Invoking male privilege is often meant to imply that trans women don’t know what it is like to live as “real” women — that we have not suffered the way other women have suffered, that we have not been disenfranchised by patriarchy because of our genders, and that our early experiences allow us access to forms of social power which influence how we move through the world even after we transition. This argument, beyond hinging all of womanhood on a relatively singular experience of suffering, has often been used to flatten the vast array of different life experiences among trans women and other transfeminine-spectrum people. At worst, it contributes to a culture of violence, harassment, exclusion, and erasure that presents a real threat to the lives and physical safety of the most marginalized among us.

The worst thing about the terms “sapphic” “wlw” and ones like them is that they were formed ostensibly to give lesbians and bi women a common set of terms but in the ways they are used to cover homophobia, disenfranchise lesbians, and ignore and disrespect our differences–all they do is make me instantly suspicious of their use. They make me instantly suspicious that the person using them doesn’t like lesbians.

I really hate that.

With the posts going around reminding people how crucial the 2018 midterm elections will be, this is your reminder that there are going to be a small handful of elections in the US this year. There will be gubernatorial elections and state legislature elections in New Jersey and Virginia, as well as a few special Congressional races elsewhere.

If you live somewhere where there’s an election this year, it’s REALLY crucial for you to show up. Weird off-year elections aren’t an accident, it’s a deliberate attempt at disenfranchisement because the powers that be figured (correctly) that people wouldn’t even think to show up to the polls when there’s not a major election. Don’t fall into that trap. NJ and VA are both going to be electing new governors as neither incumbent will run again, and the state governorships and legislatures being run by republicans are part of the reason why the country has been gerrymandered to shit.

Know your elections, know your candidates, figure out if you have to go to the polls this November. Volunteer. Organize. Vote. It starts now, this year, and this fight will be a lot longer if you’re not vigilant and active.


”We will shelter freaks and outcasts - those who have no hope. We will get past the lies. We will hunt monsters. And when we are at a loss amidst the hypocrisy and casual violence of certain individuals and institutions, we will, as per Chief Jim Hopper, punch some people in the face when they seek to destroy the meek and the disenfranchised and the marginalized.”

The thing is, capitalism has never been reformed ‘peacefully’.

Reform movements which have formally disavowed violent means - from the Civil Rights movement in 1960s America, to Attlee’s Labour government in 1940s Britain - have only been historically successful because mass, organised, revolutionary movements of the politically disenfranchised outside of the formal reform movement have forced those benefiting from the status quo to cede concessions to non-violent, often middle-class, reformist leaders. Malcolm X, the Socialist Party of the USA and the Communist Party forced the American elite to come to the table with Dr. King; the syndicalist and communist trade unions in post-War Britain made opposition to Attlee’s NHS and limited nationalisations foolhardy.

Those who preach non-violence as a strategy rather than as a flexible tactic fatally mistake capitalism for a rational, logical system which plays by its own rules and respects human life.

We know better.

An important thought: Bodhi’s force ghost watching and trying to guide a young and disenfranchised stormtrooper as he decides to free a captured rebel operative. 

An even more important though: the same young man, now given a name and a place in the world, embarks on his quest to become a Jedi. As he taps into the force, he reaches Bodhi’s ghost for the first time.

“Who are you?” he asks, having expected robes and a lightsaber, not a wispy man wearing goggles and a flight suit. 

“I’m Bodhi Rook. I’m so very, very proud of you, Finn.” 

Been wanting to say this for a long time so here we go:

Can we please collectively stop making fun of the “meth fandom” or w/e the fuck nomenclature we’re using to describe real people who finally have a space and community to talk about their substance use? Like I’ve seen posts lump this part of tumblr in with literal fucking neo-nazis and if that doesn’t strike you as fucked up i don’t know what else i can fucking say to you.

I’ve even seen this shit from leftists. Like how can we recognize that capitalism is built on the exploitation of labor and mass disenfranchisement of working class people - and then turn around and mock people who use stimulants to cope with the godawful hardships of that life? If you can’t recognize meth users humanity, then what the fuck are you even fighting for?

I have adhd, but I still abuse my stimulants because my body literally cannot produce the amount of labor necessary for my survival. Thousands of others do the same. We’re not that different from the people on here using meth. Everywhere ~drug users~ turn, we’re denied the chance to talk about our own experiences in our own fucking language. We’re denied the chance to find our own community and engage with it on our own terms. Especially us women who use. Why propagate that shit here? What do you gain by mocking us and people like those in the ~meth fandom~? Who are you helping?

And i know this probably describes only a sliver of my followers, but I hope it’ll reach further. Because honestly? Some people on here need to step the fuck off. 

I’ve never seen a post on my dash condemning this phenomenon (which is often treated like a joke, like it’s not about you know, real fucking people), and that’s fucking bullshit. I’m not saying no one’s said this before, but I sure as fuck haven’t seen it. We can do better. We must do better.

Dear Trump/Pence Supporters,

I realize you don’t know how to execute a boycott (e.g., buying coffee at Starbucks to protest Starbucks), so I’m going to help you out. I’ve seen some of you say that you have “cancelled” your Hamilton tickets. Now, you know you’re fibbing a bit, right? You can’t really cancel tickets to a Broadway show. Sometimes, you can get an exchange. But, come on, it’s Hamilton. I know you think it’s hilarious that you found a Google ad offering “75% off Hamilton tickets”; you not only think the ad is legit, but you also think your angry “boycott Hamilton” tweets somehow magically tanked the show overnight. But let’s get real:

If you have tickets to Hamilton and you want to boycott it because you think a vile, racist, homophobe, evil liar shouldn’t have to face the real fear and concern minorities and the disenfranchised feel because he and the cheeto lost the popular vote and may put all of our lives in peril, you’re going to have to eat those tickets.

Yep. Hundreds of dollars down the drain. Maybe thousands. 

But I can fix that. You see, I still haven’t seen Hamilton. My son is dying to see Hamilton. If you want to boycott, message me and I’ll buy your tickets. If you want, I’ll even send you the playbill so you can use it for target practice. (I don’t save them.)

Have fun with your boycott. I’m sure it will work out just as well as the many “family values” Disney boycotts. Good luck!

It’s understandable that the world didn’t much care about Gamergate. The 2014 hashtag campaign, ostensibly founded to protest about perceived ethical failures in games journalism, clearly thrived on hate – even though many of those who aligned themselves with the movement either denied there was a problem with harassment, or wrote it off as an unfortunate side effect. Sure, women, minorities and progressive voices within the industry were suddenly living in fear. Sure, those who spoke out in their defence were quickly silenced through exhausting bursts of online abuse. But that wasn’t why people supported it, right? They were disenfranchised, felt ignored, and wanted to see a systematic change.

Is this all sounding rather familiar now? Does it remind you of something? If you’re just discovering the world of angry, anonymous online dudes masquerading as victims – hi, come in. Some of us have been here for a while.

The similarities between Gamergate and the far-right online movement, the “alt-right”, are huge, startling and in no way a coincidence. After all, the culture war that began in games now has a senior representative in The White House. As a founder member and former executive chair of Brietbart News, Steve Bannon had a hand in creating media monster Milo Yiannopoulos, who built his fame and Twitter following by supporting and cheerleading Gamergate. This hashtag was the canary in the coalmine, and we ignored it.

why don’t people understand that minority =/= oppressed

blondes are a minority. blondes are not oppressed

vegans are a minority. vegans are not oppressed

bald people are a minority. bald people are not oppressed

just because you are a minority of something doesn’t mean you’re oppressed. oppression requires systemic and institutional movements meant to disenfranchise and disadvantage groups of people.

You don’t even need to be a minority to be oppressed. The majority of South Africans are black but they are still subject to racism. White people make up less than 10% of the population of South Africa, but white people are not oppressed in South Africa on the basis of being a “racial minority” there

Please dear god educate yourself on oppression dynamics before speaking up like you’re an authority on it

Today is for the Cubans

It is not for (WHITE) socialists to “mourn” the death of Castro- it is not for them at all. It is for the Cuban people, who were dragged out into streets and executed. It is for those who sacrificed their homes, wealth, and culture to provide a life of freedom for their families away from a tyrannical dictatorship by escaping their home country on rafts made of fucking trash, knowing full well that they could (and more than likely would) die in their attempts to escape and seek asylum. It is for the people who have been politically disenfranchised for so long, yet still survived and persevered. Today is for Cubans everywhere. I am so happy for all of you. The future is yours to prosper.

And rot in fucking hell, Castro

Me: We need to not disenfranchise those people new to active political engagement and be understanding about having misguided positions on things, because almost every single radical was a Liberal at one point. We are the ones who can start the thought process rolling

Also Me: 

big thing that bugs me about doomsday liberal folks writing and retweeting “hey you guys gamergate is the reason we have neo-nazis in power now!” is, beyond being asinine as hell and grubbing attention away from the people that actually will get hurt the coming 4 years…

coupled with everything else they post, these folks have been saying “we can’t trust CNN or MSNBC anymore, BUT GAWKER WAS A DEPENDABLE NEWS SOURCE”


A huge portion of the population doesn’t have the right to vote

Three in 10 black men can expect to lose their right to vote at some point in their lives, according to data from 2010 compiled by the Sentencing Project, a nonprofit that works to reform the criminal justice system. In Florida, Kentucky and Virginia, which have some of the harshest felon disenfranchisement laws, 1 in 5 African-Americans is denied the right to vote.

Why this issue has gone unnoticed Follow micdotcom

John Boyega did not “slam” Samuel L. Jackson first of all. But if he’s not going to contribute to the discourse of African-Americans being systematically disenfranchised from their own opportunities, even by other black people in the world, he can kindly shut up. We don’t have time for, “Let’s just get along,” cop out when we’re talking about African-Americans being denied telling their own stories. 

green day is great because sometimes when they give interviews they talk about the meaning of their songs how they want their music to save lives and how punk has always stuck up for the disenfranchised and sometimes tre cool will talk about spitting on billie joe’s asshole

Enough Americans have sustained the appropriate levels of shock, disgust and outrage at this election and its ‘results’. At Trump’s behavior and the wild ineffectiveness of our Government to do anything resembling representing the interests of The People.

Enough Americans kept calling, but I know not enough of us did. We owe thanks to anger powered by love that this has gotten this far, that there’s any kind of organization.

So I’m asking all of you now NOT to rest on your laurels. NOT to let the bystander effect leave you thinking you can rely on everyone else to stand up now.

We need bodies. If you are able, look into this in your state. AND KEEP. CALLING. YOUR ELECTORS.

This isn’t over. It kind of never will be. We cannot rest, we cannot normalize, we cannot EVER be complacent.

If this has taught us nothing it is the massive danger apathy and complacency brings. 

I am begging you, as one US citizen to another, give me and every other disenfranchised citizen in America a hand, a voice. Give us a reason to believe that there’s good in this country.

We cannot allow Trump.