check out this really dandy mashup I made of The Black Parade by MCR the video and audio get a little out of sync at some parts but it’s overall not too bad plz enjoy

if you like this then be sure to check out my revenge mashup here: x or my Thank You For The Venom cover here: x or just check out any of my other previous guitar covers/mashups here if you’re down x

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what MCR songs do you recommend to someone starting to listen to them

Helena, I’m Not Okay, Disenchanted, Welcome to the Black Parade, Famous Last Words, Na Na Na, and The Only Hope For Me Is You

Within the global economy, Black transatlantic cultural forms such as hip-hop and RnB as well as Jamaican dancehall music, are highly lucrative cultural commodities. Due to its commercialisation, hip hop is now accused of producing hegemonic representations of globalised Blackness. Paul Gilroy describes African American popular music and culture as ‘being reduced to the role of soundtrack to the new imperium’. Here, Gilroy seems to be making a rather sweeping point that cleanly implicates African American music and culture as part of  the axis of globalised US imperialism. He too holds African American culture to account for creating a generic US-centred form of Blackness that has become the ‘lingua franca for bored and disenchanted youth everywhere’. As a result Gilroy warns us that ‘many young Black Britons have no idea that their social and economic predicament might differ from the position of African Americans trapped in an environment where rigid segregation remains an unspoken norm’. Gilroy is suggesting that many young Black people in Briton have access to unique and distinctive historical experiences that can not be fully articulated, in any meaningful way, by simply imitating commodified US representations of Blackness.
—  The Politics of Loving Blackness in the UK”, Lisa Amanda Palmer

Meet the phenomenal Paulina Chiziane! One of Mozambique’s most established and prolific writers.

A one-time militant member of Frelimo (Front for the Liberation of Mozambique), she grew disenchanted by the revolution. She studied linguistics at the University Eduardo Mondlane, but abandoned her studies in order to dedicate herself to writing. Chiziane worked for the Mozambican Red Cross during the years of the conflict between Frelimo and Renamo (Mozambican National Resistance). Today, she continues to travel around the country, working with women’s groups and associations in several provinces of Mozambique.

Her most recent book was and fifth novel was O Alegre Canto da Perdiz “The Cheerful Song of the Partridge” (2008). Sheds light on the role of African women in the colonisation process. At the heart of the novel is the beautiful Delfina, who leaves her poor black husband and marries an affluent white man. Her aim is to bear children with lighter skin, thereby making it possible for them to have a better life. 

Happy Father’s Day, y’all.

AN: Have a little fic. 

Tony had always been forced into participating in Father’s Day when he was a kid. The first few times, he had genuinely tried, right down to a hand-drawn card and macaroni wallet that he had made at kindergarten. By the time he got to grade school, however, he was already disenchanted with his father, knew he could do nothing right around him, and that any gift he could think of wouldn’t be good enough. 

He gave up. 

As he got older, and even after his parents had died, he never really understood the holiday. He made sure to make an effort for Mother’s day, because his Mother seemed to genuinely like spending the day with him, and he made sure to take flowers to her grave even after she had died, but his father… not so much. 

When Tony became a father, however, his whole outlook changed, including that of Father’s Day. While before it was a day to spend alone, to lament the terrible relationship between himself and his father, now it was a day to spend with his beautiful children, and to feel loved and appreciated. It may have sounded a little selfish, but now he actually was a father, Tony found he could appreciate the sentiment a little more. 

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Favorite MCR song and album?

Album: for sure The Black Parade, it’s my favorite album of all time
Song: fuck idk WTTBP, Desert Song, I’m Not Okay, and Disenchanted come to mind always

disenchanted-delusions replied to your post:at first i was pretty on board with the idea of…

I honestly never needed to see Rainbow Quartz, and the way she was unveiled just made Pearl look bad. The bit where she fused with Rose with Rose holding the microphone and then Pearl pulled it out after the fusion was sooo high school.

the point was to make pearl look bad, i’m pretty sure, and they definitely did a good job

we’ve seen how pearl is. she’s always been very close to rose, and she wants to believe that she is the CLOSEST to rose and no other being could ever know as much about her or care as much about her. even as she matures, we see her losing her head when steven finds secrets about his mother that she never knew, and showing us that when rose was alive she would do anything - up to and including putting her life on the line - just to keep rose safe and be the best for her.

greg was probably the first real opposition she faced, you know? the other humans, they came and went and rose stayed the same. when greg comes along and loves rose and wants to be a part of her life and be with her, pearl wants to end it as soon as possible because she wants rose to herself. so she tells greg he’s a phase, that he’ll never really be important, because she’s seen that happen. 

rainbow quartz was pearl saying to greg, “you can never be this close to rose”. she was trying to prove a point, but all she did in the end was make greg even more determined to make things work out between him and rose.

it’s upsetting to see, but it’s important, too. i mean, in “reformed”, the episode starts with pearl helping greg fix the van. she even makes small talk with him! and he answers honestly! they’ve come a long way, individually and together, mostly for the sake of steven… who is part of rose. 

tonight’s episode really showed us how far pearl has come, because it showed us just how immature she really was - “sworn to the sword” also showed us this, albeit in a different sort of way. and it’s important to see how pearl changes because it’s important to her character, y’know?

and i think if rose could see her now, she’d be so proud.

between obama delivering an absolutely powerful and stirring eulogy at clementa pinckney’s funeral, and biden running around in a rainbow flag to celebrate the scotus decision, i am actually pretty damn proud of my elected officials today and happy to say i voted for these men both times. for someone as disenchanted and disillusioned by the tide of intolerance that has been running deeply in american politics, and often completely cynical about the possibility of any positive structural change that doesn’t require complete collapse first (the roman empire style of rebuilding, basically…) that’s cool to see. not that i think anything is over or settled by a long shot – bigots are going to dig in, new battles will arise – but thank you for today, mr. president, mr. vice president, and scotus. it means a lot.

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I followed all those side-blogs, but now I have to ask. What is the systemfusion? I don't understand this collective.


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Thank you very much for continuing to support Sterek even though you've become disenchanted with the show, and for your rational, objective and supportive presence on tumblr.

This comment made me so happy, thank you.


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Same anon. I know =[ It's really disenchanting, because all I want to do is check out some new fic and headcanons, but it's always more upsetting than exciting going on those tags now. People are such wanktards, ruining all that's good. Also, you're right--there really isn't enough Darren in the hospital! And most of the Darren-in-the-hospital fic has him being terrified of needles, too. The only solution? MORE hurt DARREN FIC! More H/C! More angst!

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