Psst… Guess What Made My Day

Greetings, Hehe. If any of you in Tumblr is a Fan of Skadi the Barbarian Webcomic, or Dumm Comics in general, this is the mysterious T-Cat, and I am known as nightmareSyrup in Tumblr, hence the N.S. signature. I’m the one who sent in the Marshlands Wanderer inspired outfit for the Costume Contest. Holy Hot Dang! I can’t believe my design is chosen. The comic it appears in is hilarious! I loved every panel and the Marshland People have marvelous designs! I’m also looking forward to continuation and the two winners who will get featured next week. For now, enjoy the WIP screenshots I took on my mobile device.

On a side note, I acted all hush-hush and mysterious, is because I have nerves of tissue paper. I can’t draw naturally when I’m nervous or when I think of anything related to contest things(even if it’s for fun).

You  can check out Skadi and the rest of Dumm comics here:


Throwback Week - Sketchbooks and transitions. 

“2010 was a very interesting year for me, because at that point I became more concerned about developing my own style. I tried doing master copies of different artists ranging from Disney to Bridgman. During my "realism” phase I tried drawing realistic versions of cartoons. The first three were Skadi and Diseasoid, Rita and Runt, and themrock’s character, Ishayah. After that, I went back to studying cartoons and the first and started doing master studies of Fred Moore’s Mickey Mouse. I started drawing so many Mickey’s that I made an original drawing of Mickey yawning just for fun. The last sketch was something I did during one of my classes at junior college.“ 

Creo que nunca subí esto así que lo haré ahora.

Hace un tiempo ya, Katie Rice hizo un concursillo de “Dibuja a Skadi en un traje y yo lo pongo en el cómic”. Este fue mi traje. Como esperado, no gané ni mierda (nunca gano ni mierda), pero a Katie le gustó mi dibujo al parecer y, junto con todos los otros dibujos que le mandaron, fue mostrado en su página. Eso me halaga bastante.

I think I never uploaded this so I’ll do it now.

Long time ago Katie Rice made a little contest of “Draw Skadi in whatever outfit and I put it in the comic” thing. This was my outfit. As expected, I didn’t won shit (I never win shit), but seems like Katie liked my drawing and had it over her page along with all other contestants, which already flatters me enough.