Psst… Guess What Made My Day

Greetings, Hehe. If any of you in Tumblr is a Fan of Skadi the Barbarian Webcomic, or Dumm Comics in general, this is the mysterious T-Cat, and I am known as nightmareSyrup in Tumblr, hence the N.S. signature. I’m the one who sent in the Marshlands Wanderer inspired outfit for the Costume Contest. Holy Hot Dang! I can’t believe my design is chosen. The comic it appears in is hilarious! I loved every panel and the Marshland People have marvelous designs! I’m also looking forward to continuation and the two winners who will get featured next week. For now, enjoy the WIP screenshots I took on my mobile device.

On a side note, I acted all hush-hush and mysterious, is because I have nerves of tissue paper. I can’t draw naturally when I’m nervous or when I think of anything related to contest things(even if it’s for fun).

You  can check out Skadi and the rest of Dumm comics here: