diseño industrial

In my experience, what every true artist wants, really wants, is to be paid.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Soul Music”

“Yuta will be leaving Abnormal Summit to focus on his near debut!”

“Johnny’s been a trainee for too long! Obviously he’s going to debut now.”

“Hansol featured in the SOYD teaser! Don’t worry, he’ll be in the unit.” 

“haha u guys complain too much !!! meanwhile look @ this nct-u video :)” 

dr-vauclair  asked:

♔ (Gillian opening the door)



     “I don’t wanna go there.”

     “You gotta go there.”

     “I don’t want to.”

     “I don’t care what you want, you got to. Now go already!”

     Mortimer had gone, but he was not happy. It was bad enough he had been brought to London for some mission he had no fathomable understanding of, but now he was heading into this…really weird looking business without Elaine constantly shadowing him and keeping him out of trouble. Why was Jensen going as himself? He knew Janus had said she would have someone running comms and explaining why he was going up front and personal by quite literally walking through the front door, but he still did not like green eggs and ham. Not even a little. He was here now, though, so he might as well get along with it Or well, he would have except the door opened out as he was going in.

      Most people were only part of the size of the door of such buildings, but at six foot, six inches, Mortimer was about the same height (and with his rather large and muscular frame about as wide as) as the door. As such, not only did he get the “pleasure” of glass smashing his nose and causing it to bleed while his breath was knocked out of his lungs, but the metal frame banged against his head, causing his visuals to scramble into so much white noise and his ears to ring loudly.


     Mortimer stumbled back, clutching his blood nose. The massive was pretty sure whoever had just flung the door open was saying something to him, but Jensen was a bit busy with his blood pouring nose and watering eyes.  Mortimer thought he was being told to stand still by the white splotched blur that danced around his slowly clearing vision, but that was really hard when he could not find his feet. It was a scramble for him to stay upright let alone just stand.

    Mortimer really did not like green eggs and ham.


Another set of views from just south of 16th Street Tower, this time looking east. All three trains are led by Gulf Mobile & Ohio locomotives that have survived well into the Illinois Central Gulf era.


Top: May 1975

Middle: August 1977

Bottom: April 1983

Photos by Mark Llanuza