diseño industrial

In my experience, what every true artist wants, really wants, is to be paid.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Soul Music”

Fat Joe and Remy Ma interview with Wendy Williams.

Now i understand and im whole heartedly pissed. She came for Remys pockets and of course the subliminal shit and Rem responded wit 2 diss tracks and that picture as a warning for Nicki to back off. So its WAAAAY deeper than just music. She really wanted to be the ONLY female rapper in the game and it shows.I mean honestly, How many songs has she done with other female rappers? How many females has she tried to bring up from the bottom? I wanted to believe in Nicki but after this shit im having mixed feelings.

“Yuta will be leaving Abnormal Summit to focus on his near debut!”

“Johnny’s been a trainee for too long! Obviously he’s going to debut now.”

“Hansol featured in the SOYD teaser! Don’t worry, he’ll be in the unit.” 

“haha u guys complain too much !!! meanwhile look @ this nct-u video :)” 


Another set of views from just south of 16th Street Tower, this time looking east. All three trains are led by Gulf Mobile & Ohio locomotives that have survived well into the Illinois Central Gulf era.


Top: May 1975

Middle: August 1977

Bottom: April 1983

Photos by Mark Llanuza