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For the swooping evil venom, how would that work for nomaj's who were inside but didn't touch water right away? Like the family of the woman who was drinking? Were they like, "look mom the monsters are gone!" and she was just like ???? And also, wizards were fixing the infrastructure still after people had been obliviated, so how long did the erasing last? And what about good memories that resulted from the magic? Like the brother of the senator seemed to be having a good time during the attack.

“ Sorry, I know you don’t know for sure, are just speculating, but this has been bugging me for ages and it seems like you’ve put a lot of thought into the logistics? “

Nahh, I like discussion and theorizing ^.^

My thinking is that, really, not everyone had to be obliviated.  That family with the mom who drank the water?  Probably didn’t know what was going on by the subway.  Mr. Bingly and his wife were getting ready for their day, I would hazard to guess they didn’t know what had happened either.

The rain probably was only necessary for the crowd that had gathered to see what was going on, and the venom that leaked into the water hopefully got to anyone who had run inside a building for protection.  

All in all, it’s a pretty imperfect plan and there are way too many people who could have slipped through the cracks.  We don’t know how long the water was effective (that could have been one very confusing day in New York if it lasted a while), but if we assume it lasted at least as long as the rain, then that could probably cover most of the people who might’ve seen the aurors fixing the damage.

I highly doubt it got everyone though.  But, in a way, it doesn’t matter because the majority of people forgot, so the minority that could potentially remember would be seen as either crazy, drunk, sick, or having just had a very vivid dream that they only think actually happened.  People are pretty obstinate, they don’t really want to believe in magic, and they’ll be dismissive of the few that manage to remember.  And those people will either learn very quickly to keep quiet, start believing they were dreaming, or they’ll make such a nuisance of themselves that it’ll probably come to MACUSA’s attention and someone can go obliviate them properly.  And Picquery will probably be on high alert for the following days for any hint of a no-maj who remembers.

Also, I feel like she probably sent people around to the different muggle newspapers to make sure everyone had forgotten and all photographic evidence altered.

As for good memories that resulted.  Now, I don’t have the textbook to reference, my dad borrowed it (and it’s the 2001 version), but I think Newt might have only been saying he would use the venom to remove bad memories because he was researching it as a way to counteract an obscurial.  Seems the safest way would be to remove the bad memories so the child didn’t need to suppress their magic anymore and the obscurus could be removed or dealt with, etc, since it was a reaction to the child’s fear/anger/despair.  I don’t think the Swooping Evil venom just targeted bad memories, I think it probably erased all memories from the night, which is why people looked so dazed and confused.

Again, it was a very imperfect solution and I’m thinking MACUSA spent the next few days focused solely on making sure all there were no no-majs who remembered that night as well as working on people like the senator’s brother and father who watched as he was killed in a very magical way.  

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the Fairy Tail shipping problem has come to a point, where people cant post fanart of ships without having immature children crying bc it doesn't contain their OTP in it. I have seen so many cute fanarts of ships not containing the big4, yet the big4 shippers always comment on them how its bad since it isn't that they want to see. This is the only fandom which can't accept if a character looks at someone else than their partner and always trying to ruin others happiness with stupid remarks.

I wish I could say this wasn’t true, or was an exaggeration. But I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes, and the shippers in this fandom truly are brats about their ships.



An interesting video on the couples of Dragon Ball. What surprised me the most is that @msdbzbabe , of all people, wants to see more GoChi in the show as well. 

@57fandom59 @betaruga @aceliousarts @funsexydragonball If you haven’t seen this already I’d like to here your thoughts. 

Reblog with your pets' favourite toys!

Maya loves plushies but destroys them after a while. She had a giant plush monkey that she took everywhere with her. That monkey is currently shredded all over the backyard. RIP monkey. She’s also great at fetch!

 Pazelle loves cat flirt poles and Lestat’s refillable catnip mouse. He also has a purple loofa plush that he likes to chew on because it’s textured. I recently bought him a plush dragon squeaker for his crate- not sure how he feels about it just yet. 

 Lestat’s favourite toy is that same catnip mouse (which he will also play fetch with), but Pazelle steals it when he isn’t looking. He will also play with any plushie or ball that is offered to him and has a particular fascination with feathers. 

 Marley doesn’t play with toys but he likes to steal and hoard panties and socks behind his bed and when he is actually playful, he like to run around with them and throw them up in the air. 

((Also, like, if everyone wants to insist on the “Tama’s reincarnated from an octopus” deal, there is an alternative?

One of Maui’s tattoos features an octopus with only 6 limbs. It’s literally missing two “legs”. See?

Two limbs short, just like Tama. So MY theory, based on the “reincarnated from an octopus” bit, is what if he was reincarnated from THIS octopus, and was reborn two limbs short just like his ‘past life’? And octopi can be purple, tan, blue, and all sorts of different colors too, and even bioluminescent, where Ursula WASN’T. (Also, she wasn’t “purple,” only the underside of her tentacles were. She was gray and black, my guy.)

So like, say he was reborn two legs short for a normal coconut crab, but at the same time gained the right amount of legs for what an octopus SHOULD have. What HE should have had in his ‘past life.’ And this would also explain why he was so bitter about losing one of his legs to Maui. (And if he’s obsessed with beauty, then maybe in the past life he was made fun of for only have 6 limbs (like, children’s story level of theorizing, but making fun of people’s physical appearances happens everywhere and throughout history, am I right?)

There’s also evidence Maui’s tattoos can change somewhat. Because in the movie the tattoo featuring Tamatoa was in the exact same place where the tattoo was of Maui pulling the islands out of the sea, and that tattoo of Tama disappears the remainder of the movie. The tattoos change and shift, meaning chances are he has a LOT more tattoos than just the ones readily seen. And if this octopus WAS Tamatoa in a past life, there would be no need to have two versions of Tamatoa visible all the time. Get my point?  I mean, no, this theory isn’t perfect by any means, but I personally find it more believable, especially since there’s potential solid evidence for it and the timeline stays intact.

@glamorous-revenge Thoughts and input?))

yo, its time to discuss being "able-passing"

so idk if anyone else in the disabled community have seen this term being thrown around, but ive seen the words “able-passing” multiple times in the last few months, both on tumblr, irl, and in articles.

and tbh, i see people who use the term try to explain it as “when you dont look disabled, it is assumed that you are abled and you dont face the same discrimination that a visibly disabled person would, it is like youre not even disabled”, ive had it explained in different ways, with different words but that same result.

because apparently having your disability erased cause you dont look disabled isnt real, or being told that its like youre “not even disabled” is apparently not ableism.

and my guy my dude, this is my opinion but its time to be real.

“youre abled-passing” is no different than “But you dont look sick”

It kind of bothers me when people mischaracterize Riza by saying she can’t bear to live without Roy Mustang. Yes, there are two instances during which she threatens to kill herself when confronted with his death, but to credit this to her love for him (as much of a shipper as I am) is belittling to this strong female character. Her regret over the Ishval War is probably the strongest motivator to Hawkeye, and Roy represents her hope for redemption. If Mustang is dead, there is no way for her to fix what she’s done, and she cannot live with herself. She cannot live knowing all she brought to the world was suffering. THAT is why she wants to die, not “love.”

Am I the only one who desperately wants to see this

And I really want to know whether he was genuinely crying, maybe over his mom’s death, or if he was just trying to fool everyone else and make them pity him. It’s such an interesting panel that I hadn’t really noticed before.

A crying Sangwoo feels so bizarre, I can’t even imagine it.

If anything made me curious the most in this chapter, despite Sangwoo’s intentions with the rest of his friends from that ominous discussion in the bathroom, it would be these two panels.

This is right after Jieun teases Yoonbum about his form and his other friends laugh at him. Sangwoo had my attention because; ‘what is he thinking?’ It looks as though he’s observing Bum’s reaction but judging from Sangwoo’s half-expression, there was clearly something he didn’t like - And thus, stays silent. Is it as straight forward as them insulting Bum means they’re insulting Sangwoo too in a way? Is he disgusted in a sense just how much they’re teasing him? It’s always hard to understand what the hell is going through this murderer's mind - but this certainly made me want to know what he was thinking or contemplating in his head.

The unquestioned Black classics in cinema:

Boyz N Da Hood
Menace II Society
Poetic Justice
Do The Right Thing
Love & Basketball
How High
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Coming To America
The Wiz
Players Club
Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood
Set It Off
Cooley High
Lean On Me
What’s Love Got To Do With It
Class Act
Lady Sings The Blues
Soul Food
Waiting To Exhale

The underrated but actually better than all the previously mentioned Black classics in cinema:

Love Jones
School Daze
Brown Sugar
South Central
Why Did I Get Married
Eve’s Bayou
The Inkwell
Higher Learning
Jason’s Lyric
The Wood
The Five Heartbeats
Above The Rim
House Party 3
Dead Presidents
Sugar Hill
In Too Deep
Sunset Park
Akeelah & The Bee
New Jersey Drive
He Got Game
Thin Line Between Love And Hate
American Gangster
Django Unchained

The hilariously overrated Black classics in cinema:

Best Man
You Got Stomped On The Drumline
Vampire In Brooklyn
Bad Boys
Tales From the Hood
Pootie Tang
The Barbershop
Hollywood Shuffle
Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Hustle & Flow
Training Day

Feel free to categorize and add any I missed…

…and I’m blocking anybody that mentions Big Mama’s House and/or Soul Plane

I find it beyond frustrating to see people comparing Regina’s actions with Emma’s in regards to Robin/Hook. The two are not the same.

Regina’s had to face losing Robin pretty much their entire relationship. And every time it came to that point, she always let him go. It’s never been an issue of her not being able to do the right thing and let go when she should in their relationship…on the contrary. She’s actually on the opposite end of the scale now. She moves on to the detriment of her own emotional state because she’s so afraid of holding on to her pain and grief at risk of losing control of herself. She won’t let herself grieve or deal with anything because she doubts her ability to do so healthily. She views grief as an unhealthy state of being rather than a necessary phase of loss. And yes, certain members of her family have encouraged that way of thinking.

Now her going after a fake version of Robin was an unhealthy choice. Absolutely. But not because she couldn’t let him go. She let him go. She did so TWICE this episode alone. What was unhealthy was her going after him with the intent of proving to herself that she deserves the pain and grief she’s trying to bury. She wants to believe that she deserves to suffer, to be hated as much as she is, to hate herself as much as she does. She doesn’t see any worth in her life or her place in the family, and she’s gotten to the point in her self-loathing where it’s not enough to just believe that, she has to remind herself of it everyday.

That is unhealthy. It’s heartbreaking as hell and, God, do I ever understand her and where that’s coming from (it’s so much easier to believe you deserve the suffering you can’t escape than to fight against it to no avail), but it is unhealthy and written intentionally so.

Her getting Robin back at the end wasn’t a mistake on the writers part. She chose to have faith in fate granting her some semblance of happiness and Robin not making it back with them would have just hammered home the psychologically damaged belief that she shouldn’t have hope at all because she doesn’t deserve the good it can bring.

The mistake made by the writing is that they did have him return, and they had him return as a reward for Regina choosing hope… yet we know he’s not real and that she’ll lose him again.

Now that in contrast with the messaging in Emma’s story. Emma who wouldn’t let Hook go no matter how many times fate (and Hook himself) told her she needed to, no matter how unhealthy and damaging it was, and no matter who it hurt or destroyed in the process. In the end she was rewarded for that. She was rewarded with a very real and very alive boyfriend coming back to her.

Regina does not get that same treatment. When she lets go and lets herself believe that’s the right thing to do, she suffers. When she chooses to have faith in happiness and hold on, she suffers. When she believes she doesn’t deserve happiness and should just suffer, she suffers.

So no, the two are not even remotely close to the same.

  • Let me clarify something. I don't hate Klance... I'm just a little salty because of the shippers. They started this whole mess... And the ship reminds me of all the discourse.
  • Person: Urg. Yuri, why do you like Altin? He's ugly !
  • Yurio: I love him, even ugly!
  • Person: Hèè???
  • Otabek: ...
  • Yurio: Do not worry Beka, you look magnificent in my eyes! But if others say you are ugly, well I love you like that, I find you beautiful as you are!
  • Otabek: ..... *Blush* Yu ... Yuri ... *Heart Attack*
  • Yurio: Beka?!