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Okay, lets put some text on this page. I had some discussions about vaporwave IRL and basically theres always the same questions.

1: Do you like vaporwave unironically?.

Yes, i admin this page almost daily, i can’t go with the “its irony” excuse anymore.

2: But what the heck does the vaporwave “mean” to you?.

Look at the picture i uploaded ( from , i don’t know if she has a tumblr http://weheartit.com/spacefeud). For me thats the most vapey thing i found. Why?.

Fiji is a water brand that assures you that his water is clean, fresh, healthy, natural and even virgin as long as only them can harvest it. Their brand, their logo, tell you that if you drink it, you will be healthier, cleaner, and live longer.

Then you put it on fucking cigarettes, that we all know, even if we smoke, that they are slowly killing you and intoxicating your body, making it unhealthy, dirty.

Its as simple as that, taking modern capitalism and his symbols, and pointing their internal contradictions. Satire trough false glorification.

So, yeah, i buy the “vaporwave is anti-capitalist” thing.

3: Then why all the sadboys things in vaporart? are Yung Lean and all those people “vaporwave”?.

Obviously not, but i think its existence is important to vaporwave message. Sadboys come from some of the richest first world countries, they shouldn’t have any reason to be sad at all, but they do.

That is something that vaporwave tries to convey, how a system that is supposed to make their customers feel relaxed and happy, its making a lot of the new generations in the first world, feeling desperate, sad, lonely and like they are living pointless lives, and feel nostalgia about the past. A past that never existed either.

Also they kind of embody the “YOLO” lifestyle even if they have to look like the don’t enjoy it.

TL,DR: I take vaporwave srsly pls don’t laugh at me.

Animation: Environment Rendering

So say you have an animated show. Spend all that time and energy rendering these awesome characters. Boy they sure look great. Hyper bright and colorful. But what’s this? They don’t seem to fit against the background well. They kind of get lost in the shuffle of colors.

Now if this were a still image this might be okay, but remember things are moving. You do not have time to absorb every detail in a shot before we’re on to the next shot. So the environment has to work with the characters. It’s not the focus, the characters are.

Some shows solve this problem by having a very painterly background. As with Lilo and Stitch (and many other Disney films)

The background contrasts with the characters by being fully rendered with soft lights. There’s no line work. no black even (but characters can have solid black). So the flatly colored characters pop against the rendered background.

Unfortunately this method can be rather pricey as it takes a lot of time to render out backgrounds to this level. TV typically doesn’t have the budget a film has.

Some shows will keep the background very abstract, lacking dark lines still. But there’s far less contrast than on the main characters.

Here’s My Life as a Teenage Robot for example

These characters have colored lines or solid shapes (like the bg), but they’re generally darker than the bg. And the background has large areas of negative space for the characters to stand against. They’re almost always the most detailed thing in the shot.

Sometimes the background has just as strong a contrast as the characters (because it’s night, or spooky, or you’re just into colors like that).

So you keep the background abstract and full of strong shapes still. But maybe you make sure the lines on the characters are bold enough to stand out no matter how much dark might be in a scene. Toss some accent lighting on there too to keep it colorful and make sure big black shapes don’t melt into the background.

Or make the character the only thing of that particular color, and the bgs generally a complimentary, split-compliment or just rarely analogous color. 

Maybe they’re also generally the brightest, most saturated thing in the room too.

The original Ben 10 had a nifty trick. They wanted to keep the bg and character designs consistent to each other (with the exception of occasional, sparingly used, gradients). What do they do to keep the characters the focus of your eye always?

Put some perlin noise back there. It muddles the bgs just enough that your eye will go right to the characters. Handy trick that can keep costs low (the style is easily reproducible).

So that’s some subtle texture. But what if the bg is straight up textures?

We’re back to shape rules now, but now the bg is the most complex thing and the characters are the simplest.

What do all these shows have in common? That contrast. Something to make a character pop out. The ratio of more/less detailed, more/less saturated, darker/brighter always has to skew more one way or the other to make your characters stand out. Different scenes will have different solutions to this problem, but you can count on some style consistencies so it never looks like you suddenly jumped to a different show.

Something to keep in mind for you folks working on comics, animated projects, or “cartoon” styled illustrations. Next time you’re indulging nostalgia or enjoying your favorite animated fare, take note of how they solve issues like this. You can learn a lot and might find it applicable to your own work.

HIGH SCHOOL FIGHT: Teenage Girl Continuously SLAPS And BERATES Boy In Her Class … Until He SNAPS And Goes SAVAGE ON HER!! (Did The Boy Go TOO FAR With It???

This is how 90% of domestic violence happens.

Funny how teacher and students ain’t do shit when the female was hittin him but he slams her on her neck now they wanna do something , type shit is this

Speculations on the Trespasser DLC

Ancient elves :
From what we can gather from Solas’ outfit, he is working with the Sentinels, or people that look like them. It has been two years : he had time to recruit them, to train them and / or become their leader, especially since he is now Mythal too.
There is a secret staircase under a statue of Fen’Harel, which seems to lead to the place where we meet Solas.

 In the same place, there are also petrified Qunari.

Have we seen petrification magic before? Is it another place where time has frozen ? Is it the Fade, or a real place ? What would Solas need an army for ?   HOW POWERFUL HAS SOLAS BECOME ? 

Do the Eluvians finally lead into the Fade ?

 From this screenshot, they seem to, and hat has me very worried. Not only that but many places in the trailer look completely surreal.

The Qunari Invasion :

The Qunari seem to be invading from the eluvians, which means they are invading all over southern Thedas at once. They are using their Sarebaas. A LOT.

They also seem to have their own dragon. It has the ropes that we find on Qunari armor and equipment all over its body.

What is the relationship between the Invasion, the troubles with the mark, and Solas? How did the Qunari gain control of the Eluvians ? Are the Elves allied with the Qunari (by giving them access to the Eluvian) or are they fighting back ? 

Or are they using the Qunari as a distraction to make their own move ?

Orlais, Ferelden, and politics :

- If the Qunari invasion is happening in both Orlais and  Ferelden at once, it is not impossible that the Inquisition requested some sort of martial law to unite every forces under its banners. Or is the Inquisition held responsible for the invasionn ? The mark seems to be acting on its own, it is not impossible that the mark was used to unlock the network of eluvians. That would make the Inquiitor responsible for the invasion. We see an active eluvian in Halamshiral. 

Did the Inquisitor activate it ?


The Inquisitor is summoned by what seems to be the Council of Heralds for unknown political purposes, in Halamshiral. The mark flares up, acts on its own, and activates the Eluvian in the palace. There are dead qunari bodies lying in the corriders. I theorize that the Qunari invade Halamshiral to take control of the eluvian (probably killing the Council or proving the Inquisitor’s point that they are needed). With access to the network, they can invade all over southern Thedas.

“Whatever happens to the Inquisition, the world needs you. I need you.” I suspect the Inquisitor is talking to Solas here, since he is probably the only one that can heal or remove the mark. 

Is it possible to forge an alliance with Solas and his army of ancient elves to stop the Qunari Invasion ? 

something-quite-atrocious asked:

This is semi random, but your last post brought a question to mind - how do you feel about tone policing/ have you studied it at all? I constantly go between "you should teach people because they may be innocently uninformed" and "it's their fault they're uninformed and I'm going to call them out on their bullshit, possibly being harsh or with cursing."

Oh man, I go back and forth on this too! Because I personally try to be really calm and understanding when I discuss issues because I know it’s the most effective, so when (almost always) privileged people come into these conversations super aggressively with no desire to like, ya know, actually converse, I get really fed up and usually hit the delete/ban button so fast. I also understand the side of the issue where marginalized people have to deal with constant oppression and bullshit and when they see ignorance and invalidation from privileged people they (understandably) get angry/upset. 

I think context and power is the most important thing to consider when trying to understand the whole “tone policing” and education debate. If a marginalized person takes the time to explain an issue that directly affects them to a privileged person, they usually have to sort through a plethora of emotions and pain since they are constantly being marginalized because of it. While it is possible to calmly explain an issue that is extremely close to them, not everyone is able to separate themselves from it and they are certainly not obligated to educate anyone on the multitude of ways they are oppressed (let alone in a calm and sweet manner). It is a huge kindness and privilege when people take the time to educate others on the oppression they experience and I think we should always be thankful to them for that. 

There’s also this whole idea from particularly shitty “allies” who expect marginalized people to drop everything and educate them the second they demand it and if they don’t educate them in a way that they like, then those people don’t “deserve” their support. These people are what we call “assholes”. Not everyone is an asshole and some people may genuinely be ignorant on certain issues (I study social injustice and I know I still am), but they aren’t owed an education lesson when they fuck up and say something problematic/offensive/shitty. If someone is nice enough to give them one that is awesome, but again, it’s a privilege.

I might have rambled on a bit too much, but the last thing I think we should consider is the tone of the uneducated/ignorant/privileged person, rather than the tone of the marginalized person. I think the responsibility to be respectful and polite should be on the person asking to be educated, rather than the one expected to educate.

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This "strega fashion" thing is so inappropriate. Most of you guys arent even italian. Im really sad and disappointed that you support it.

I thought that the latest discussions about the term ended up with people deciding that using the Italian word for witch to describe the fashion was not appropriative? It doesn’t seem any more appropriative to me than someone using the English word “witch”. 

I also use another term I’ve seen: “Black Forest Mori”, but other people didn’t latch onto it has strongly as they did “strega”. 

BUT, I’m interested in hearing what other people think! So let’s open this up for discussion - speak up folks! Using the word “strega” as in “strega fashion” - okay, or appropriative as hell and we should knock it off?

Why Bernie Sanders Needs to Reach Out to Black Lives Matter Even More Than He Has Already

By: Trevor Memmott

In 2008 President Barack Obama edged out Hillary Clinton and electrified the nation with his grassroots support and fiery message of hope and change. Obama delivered some of that hope and change by passing legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and pursuing federal marriage equality. On the other hand Barack Obama failed to deliver on many key campaign promises such as reeling in Wall Street or combating big money in the American political system.

Bernie Sanders has much of the same appeal with 25 years of federal public service and the consistency to back it up. Sanders principle consistency has been nothing short of incredibly, especially during a time of unparalleled corporate influence over congress. Despite over two decades in Washington, Sanders consistency continues to make him the obvious choice for people tired of establishment politics, unfortunately none of this matters if he doesn’t get the black vote.

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I hate the whole “If a PoC tells you something then they’re right, don’t question it” idea on and off tumblr.

Non-white people are capable of being wrong. They aren’t automatically right just because of their skin colour.

I get that the general idea is supposed to be “listen to someone’s experiences” but it’s moved way beyond that to just blind “listen and believe, don’t question anything”.

On Inuyasha’s Former Relationship with Kikyo...

I’ve seen a lot of this topic on my dash recently, mostly from the thread started by sankontesu, and I wanted to share my two cents on the matter. I wasn’t sure where in the thread would be best to post my musings, so I’m making a new post.

I think I’ve made it abundantly clear on my blog that I find Inuyasha’s relationship with Kikyo and that with Kagome to be incredibly different in nature, especially during the main series. After Kikyo’s resurrection, I don’t think Inuyasha is “in love” with her. Cares about her, yes. Concerned, certainly. But as far as romance is concerned, he’s already moved on, and he’s certainly not desperate to have her back. I think that is shown best here:

He doesn’t want her to keep living like this. He thinks it’s best if she just allows the rest of her soul to return to Kagome. If he was really loved her so much more than Kagome, would he really insist such a thing? Wouldn’t he much rather leap at the opportunity to have her back at all?

But he doesn’t. 

And, of course, right after that, Kikyo guilt-trips him by asking him if he’s “asking her to die”. Despite his gruff demeanor, Inuyasha isn’t cruel…especially not with people he cares about. That remark struck him, and Kikyo used the opportunity to escape.

And I think this scene is wha really set out that initial definition of the difference between Inuyasha’s relationships with Kikyo and Kagome in the series, which I’ve often described as duty vs. love. This is when Inuyasha realized what a devastatingly negative effect the “betrayal” has had on Kikyo, and he feels awful about it. He wants to move on, but he feels like he can’t because he feels he owes Kikyo something–and for a while, because it was her life she lost, he thought it was his life he owed her.

Ok, but that’s during the series, and the thread in question was referring to their past, before the mess of Naraku’s trap.

So what about their past relationship, pre-Naraku?

Well…we don’t have a ton of canon information on the matter. 90% of the material for this period is anime-only filler.

According to the manga, this is all we’ve got. That’s it.

If y’all wanna headcanon that they had some deep bond before Naraku stepped in, you go for it. But based on what we have in the manga…I personally just can’t see that being accurate. I just can’t. Especially with how easily the bond was broken down.

Now, I’m not denying that they held some sort of connection or affection for each other. Of course they did. However, all things considered, I don’t think it was very strong in the grand scheme of things.

On one hand, we have Kikyo, alone in her duty to protect the jewel and holding herself away from getting too emotionally close to others.

On the other, Inuyasha, ostracized throughout his life for merely existing.

They’re both lonely, and they’re both desperate to be “normal”. So along comes this opportunity to seemingly solve their problems, and they jump on it. 

They thought they were in love. And certainly they felt some sort of care or affection for each other. But after a life of loneliness, any sort of affection can have that effect. They didn’t know what “true love” even was, exactly, and to be quite frank, I don’t think love was really even on the forefront of their minds–more just a chance of normalcy in which they both happened to be involved. And when they were so quickly and easily torn apart by the trick…you can’t really, truly share deep love with someone if you don’t trust them, because trust is an essential element in love and relationships. Not only is this trusting issue made apparent in the trick, but Inuyasha himself stated more than once throughout the series that he couldn’t trust Kikyo, and even that he didn’t know how to trust before meeting Kagome.


  • Inuyasha and Kikyo certainly shared some sort of affection before the Naraku incident, but I just can’t see it as a “deep love” based on the given events in canon.
  • They may have thought themselves in love, but after a life of loneliness, just about any sort of affection is going to feel like love by comparison, and it would be an easy mistake for them to make.
  • During the main series, most of Inuyasha’s thoughts of Kikyo are driven by guilt, regret, and duty, not so much by love or romance.

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Besides all the strega nonsense, aunt jilli it makes me sad that you agree with ppl that use the terms "cultural appropriation" and "political correctness" with disdain. May i ask what your feelings are on CA?

I believe that cultural appropriation is a real thing, and that people need to be damn careful about it. Remember when I asked about bridal saris and such, asking if using them as part of a gothy Victorian wardrobe was appropriative? 

If someone is going to use a symbol or item from a culture, that someone needs to do their research and know if their referencing it would be disrespectful, or cause people grief or harm. So, don’t wear warbonnets, don’t use the term g*psy, don’t get symbols tattooed if you don’t know what they mean, and so on. 

But, in this specific instance and as many other people commented, “strega” means witch. It doesn’t have any Italian-specific connotations or references, it means witch. Just like striga, strzyga, strix, hexe, bruja, stria, or gwrach. So using it as a descriptor for a fashion isn’t that far of a stretch, and isn’t intended to be disrespectful.

As for “political correctness” - I am wary of the phrase for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it gets wielded as a dismissive shorthand to shut conversations down. I think the phrase is pointless, because it should never be about saying the “correct” things, it should be about treating everyone with respect.  HOWEVER, there are times when it feels like (especially on tumblr) someone is looking to be offended by something at all times. Which is why, when someone pings me about cultural appropriation, my usual reaction is to make a public post and ask for discussion. I don’t want to live in an echo chamber, but I will always ask for discussion and references about something. 

With that said: if I say something hurtful, insensitive, or culturally appropriative, let me know. I may not agree with your interpretation, but I will try and acknowledge something I did was interpreted not as I intended.

The Biggest Lie of All??

You know how marlene has been saying: I have been lying, clues, flashbacks (are subjective to said characters memory), and other things too. What if the last episode was a lie?

Charles is still Wren, and what we saw last week were the lies that Wren (the real Charles) fed to an innocent(?) Radley patient (Cece). The stories that Cece told in the finale were all rehearsed and fed to her by Wren. Plus, If you go back and watch cece’s stories don’t even match themselves. There was no way that that was CeCe in a mask in the bunker.  

Marlene probably needed to buy time while Julian was in Hand of God.

What do you think? sorry for the repost. 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if Arabs/ Middle Eastern people are considered POC? Also, I think I read somewhere that Jewish people were considered to be non-white before WWII. Is that accurate? Thanks!

Yup! And that’s also true. Our view of race is socially constructed and has changed over time. I read this essay for my women of color class by a Jewish woman called “How Jews Became White Folks” and it explores the way Jewish people slowly gained access to the affirmative action that White people received after World War II and how over time they began to be seen as White and gained privilege. It was a really interesting and informative read!

Female Characters in Media

I’ve asked everyone to consider why they think it’s important to have more complex, intelligent, strong, positive female characters on television. It might seem like a dumb question, because duh, obviously it’s good to have more of those types of females to look up to in media. But I really don’t think the “powers that be” get it. I think writers get it, and individuals who work on our favourite shows get it, but the people in charge don’t seem to understand what we’re looking for. I believe we have to spell it out for them, in very personal terms. It might not make a difference, but I think it’s an important dialogue that needs to be had.

That said, my own reasons are probably fairly common, but still deeply personal. As a child, I was shy, and quiet, and awkward, and had I not been born in the 80s, I’m guessing they would have caught on to an Autism spectrum disorder at that time. I was very interested in science and mythology and things that weren’t considered “cool.” I loved to read, and play by myself, and I never thought it was weird until other kids would point out that I was weird. That’s why it was so wonderful to have characters like Matilda, Alex Mack, Eliza Thornbury, and Miss Frizzle to look up to as a kid. Here were girls and women who were quiet but powerful, intelligent and unapologetic, independent yet fiercely loyal and strong. They read and loved science and biology and had secret powers that they used for good. They made me feel that I could be a girl and be smart and love to read and still be a “normal” girl. I wanted their magic powers, sure, but it was okay that I didn’t have them, because their powers weren’t what made them great characters.

As a teenager, I loved watching Bones because an intelligent female scientist, a powerful but gentle female investigator, and an innovative and passionate female forensic artist led the show. I saw some of myself in each of them, and it made me anxious to pursue my passions in science and art. I loved Charmed because it was a show about positive female relationships, and how women could work together to achieve great things.

I hated shows like The Real World because women were frequently pitted against one another for no reason other than to create controversy. I think far too often in media, drama and cattiness are valued above cohesion and support amongst women and girls in particular. I understand that those dramatic moments increase ratings, but at what cost? Kids really do absorb media like a sponge. I’m so glad that I had positive female role models to look up to in my formative years.

That’s why I think it’s important to show those types of characters on TV. Not just for girls- for everyone. The majority of women in the real world are a little mix of a lot of things: attractive AND kind, or intelligent AND funny, loving AND independent, or strong AND flawed. Women on TV should be representative of that, for the girls and women looking up to them, for the boys and men desperate to understand them, and for the people who feel alone or “other” who might use them as a guiding light.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I think a lot of good can come from recognizing the issues and talking about them. So what’s your story? Why do you want to see more great female characters in media?

Bernie Sanders is no Barack Obama, but 2016 is no 2008

By: Justin Ackerman

Many people like to make the comparison between Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama in 2008. To some degree that comparison makes a lot of sense, both began the primary cycle as relatively unknown politicians relying on fiery populist appeal. On top of that they both found themselves staring down the behemoth that is the Clinton campaign machine. Although their platforms and ideologies have some general similarities, the comparison between the campaigns should stop there. Other than those key similarities Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama are vastly different politicians, each with their own unique campaign strategy.

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Loves NaLu, never has a problem with Lisanna

No seriously. I never had a problem with Lisanna in Fairy Tail. NaLi seems decent but due to how Mashima is not giving Lisanna much screen time or hints of NaLi, NaLu seems like the better choice IMO. Don’t be upset but that’s how I view the ships in Fairy Tail. I never hatted Lisanna while I ship NaLu. Hating someone because of getting in the way of your ships is just stupid. With Bleach ships I love IchiHime over IchiRuki but I never say Rukia is a bad character. 

Nonetheless, I hope you all know what I stand when it comes to Lisanna. :D

Jews in Modern Media: A Discussion

A friend and I had a conversation which I have edited and turned into a sort of essay. Explanations are indented in this manner.

Friend: Can I complain to you about represtation of Jews in media? American Media, that is.
So, I was watching this Idea Channel video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VALaI9HpmUw) and I was like, yeah every minority is getting their time in the spotlight, by Jews are still off to the side. It’s like the world is saying “The world is diverse! But Jews are still all white and assimilated” /Only defined by the Holocaust (i.e. Magneto)and/or Israel. But that’s totally untrue! If, Ms.Marvel is awesome for being the first Muslim character to headline a comic (which she is), why not so with an openly Jewish Jew?

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