“Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.”

This is perhaps the strangest of the many strange things Kylo says to Rey. To begin, I think it’s worth pointing out that the line is presented differently in the film and in the novelisation.

In the film, the line is:

“I know you’ve seen the map. It’s in there… and now you’ll give it to me. Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.”

In the novelisation, the line is:

“Rey—you’ve seen the map. It’s in there. And I am going to take it. Don’t be afraid.”

The line as it appears in the novelisation is more nakedly cruel, devoid of any genuine reassurance or empathy. The stress is on Kylo taking the map from Rey by force, and without the qualifier “don’t be afraid” reads as an empty attempt to calm her and make her more pliable in the face of his invasion.

In the film, the line is much more interesting. The stress is on Rey giving something to Kylo, rather than Kylo taking something from her. There is a long pause between “now you’ll give it to me” and “don’t be afraid”. Whereas the first part of the line is all arrogance and assurance, the second part is spoken very softly, as if it were some secret thing that only the two of them are to know.

What, exactly, is Kylo referring to when he says “I feel it too?” It seems almost undeniable to me that there’s only thing he could be talking about - the Force. 

My reasoning behind that conclusion must assume the form of a question. Why would Kylo want to align his feelings with Rey’s if he were simply referring to a normal human emotion, such as fear or anger? I don’t see any reason for the proud, elitist Kylo to do so, and nor do I see his attempt to assuage her fear making sense if he had only detected her instinctive fear of him. Instead, I think he was detecting the fear and rejection that Rey felt in response to her lightsaber-induced Force vision. Prior to her kidnap we saw that Rey was terrified of what she had witnessed, of what her mind was capable of doing, and I’m willing to bet money on that fear - the fear of her burgeoning Force powers - being what Kylo was unsuccessfully attempting to assuage. He can sense her Force sensitivity, so attempts to reassure her by identifying her feelings with his.

I’m hardly the first person to reach this conclusion, but I haven’t seen many people discuss its implications. Perhaps the singlemost interesting aspect of the line - if it is indeed about Rey’s Force sensitivity - is that Kylo does not seem even remotely surprised. In other words, that Rey is Force sensitive does not come as shock to him. That, as far as I’m concerned, supports the theory that Kylo knows or at least suspects who Rey is - if he has a strong idea of who she might be, there is no reason for him to be taken aback by her Force sensitivity. Indeed, it will have been a big driver of his initial fascination with and attraction to her.

Instead, Kylo is only truly shocked when he realises that Rey can use her powers against him, which is why he jerks out of her mind the moment she detects that he’s afraid. So, her Force sensitivity isn’t surprising, but the extent of her power is. And that - Kylo’s repeated failure to make a proper assessment of Rey’s powers - is what dooms him to defeat.

What does everyone make of this, and what are your theories on the line? Do you think I’m on track, or do you have an alternative interpretation? Let me know!

anonymous asked:

What do/did you think of Zerrie? And if it was real do you think he can ever be faithful? I just don't see him changing his cheating ways for Gigi or anyone else. I don't hate him but he seems selfish and I would kinda side eye any girl seriously dating him. Maybe I'm wrong but I and others would find it really hard to love him and trust him. Not saying he doesn't deserve to be loved but... I think Perrie loved him and he took advantage and you can't do that to people.

To be honest, I didn’t like Zerrie. When I first got into Zayn’s gossip I thought they could be really cute, but the infidelity left a bad taste in my mouth. I think they were legit even if I had moments were I doubted. Their breakup was long overdue in my opinion and it sucks it happened the way it did. But obviously I have no control over that and just hope Perrie finds a guy that can be faithful.

I can’t say for sure if he could. That would be the best outcome, not just for him but Gigi or any woman he may be with in the future. Its not unwarranted that someone would be wary of getting in a serious relationship with him. I’m giving Gigi the benefit of the doubt that if she wants a long-term relationship with him, she knows what she’s getting into. Because frankly, cheating isn’t about looks. Its about opportunity and whatever issues the cheater has that they can’t stay committed. But some fans think she cheated on Joe with Zayn based of their sketchy dating timeline, and think they deserve each other.

If I were her, lost my mind, and wanted a serious thing with him, I’d strongly consider an open-relationship. Or if possible have him stick to high end escorts. They’re usually known for keeping their mouths shut and safe sex. Which is more than I can say for some of these other celebrity groupie stories I’ve read. Ugh, use protection people!

anonymous asked:

The first anon here and, so sorry, I didn't mean it as a way to upset or accuse anyone of anything. It's just a thing that I see from time to time in the tag and as a fan who also relates to the show a lot, I wanted to hear someone else's opinion on that because it makes me upset but I feel like I can't properly word my frustration about that

No apologies needed dear anon. I feel that way too, especially back when the show was first airing and finding it’s feet. 

Didn’t realize there was a second anon, which is the nature of anon asks I suppose. I thought about it all day, made one post, then suddenly was getting more in response, and felt that what I said stood on its own and as I had spent a full day being an adult at work that didn’t get lunch and had to stay late, I just wanted to turn off my brain for the rest of the night. But anyway…

So I made this blog. And downloaded photoshop and taught myself how to make gifs. I’m a grown ass woman, I have a million things I could be doing, but while there were one or two lovely people making gifs, there wasn’t enough of a presence on this site to cancel out the negativity that was showing up from that previously mentioned subsection of tumblr/fandom that likes to say that ‘Subject A is bad because of X, Y, and Z.” And it frustrated me to no end, and I thought Rachel was going to take over the comedy world and wanted to make sure that people knew that. Because the show is just so damn good and rich with social commentary and dark twisted humor, along with poop jokes and singing. (Basically everything I love in one brightly colored package.) 

And really, truly, that’s all that is. Some bloggers want to feel better about themselves by passing a judgement on something they’ve seen a commercial for (I for one HATE the early ad campaign and don’t feel like it represented the show at all), or part of one episode without any context. I wanted there to be evidence that this show is smart and funny, and not a shallow, take-the-title-at-face-value show; because it is SO. MUCH. MORE. (And if you follow this blog, you already know that ;-)

And for the most part, it’s mostly stopped. I think the show speaks for itself. And people are either going to see that, or they won’t. But those bloggers show up from time to time, and like I said, nothing I say or do will convince them otherwise because they aren’t willing to open their minds.

And nothing I say or do will convince those people otherwise. So I will continue to make posts to this blog and link to interviews and articles, until the entire world knows how good this show is, because I believe in this show the way Rebecca believes in Josh Chan-completely and with everything I have.



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  3. February 1, 2016: You Are the Blood by @povverbottoms
  4. February 15, 2016: In Vogue by @otpwhatever
  5. February 29, 2016: Fading by @tothemoonmydear
  6. March 14, 2016: the dark and the dentist  by @theprizeofcoolness
  7. March 28, 2016: The Dead of July by @whimsicule
  8. April 11, 2016: Who Painted the Moon Black by @haroldsmodellegs
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11x11 “Into the Mystic”

“You know, I still can’t figure that out. I mean, banshees go after the vulnerable, right? So why did it go after you?”

“Heart vs. Mind and Love vs. Attraction” or “Why Dean (imo) Is Not Pining for Amara At All“

I am going to preface the following by saying this is just my interpretation, not THE interpretation. I have not checked my dash yet, but I can imagine the wank being massive after this episode and how people may have read Mildred’s pining line. While I do not want to raise false hopes, I will however still tell you why this line had nothing to do with Amara and I am saying this not as a Deancas fan, but merely as someone who enjoyed this episode.

The thing that stood out most to me in this episode was how well Robbie Thompson continued with where Andrew Dabb had left of one episode prior thematically. We left 11x10 “The Devil in the Details” with a heartfelt scene in which Rowena revealed under tears to a just as shaken up Crowley that she indeed has always loved him (just like deep down Crowley always loved her too), but had denied herself to listen to those feelings as to her love had become to mean “weakness”.

Arguably with this ending scene set up the quest for the latter half of the season: proving that love indeed is one of the biggest powers there is too. And Supernatural in one way or another has always been about love.

And not just one kind of love, but with a variety of facettes and nuances and showcased how even though you may swear yourself to never fall in love again, you heart may decide differently and you end up caught in the middle between heart and mind.

This very pair - heart vs. mind - is often played in opposition to one another. And in this episode highlighted by Mildred’s talk with Dean the narrative certainly made a stand in the debate, which of the two to rather trust or rely on as Mildred gave Dean the advice to “follow his heart”. Yet, both we have seen exploration of both aspects - the heart vs. the mind - in the episode and by Dean especially. The outro of the episode is lead into with the shot above and it does capture Dean being torn, caught in the middle between heart and mind, perfectly but is certainly given more gravitas when Dean finds he is unable to fall asleep and we see him sitting there deeply conflicted in the dark while the words “shine the light on me” wash over the scene - yet another pair of opposites, darkness and light.

As I talked about in relation to last week’s episode, to me Rowena’s got it wrong  since love does not make you weak, what it does is make you vulnerable. And that was the keyword of this episode given the banshee only attacked people who were/are vulnerable. And in this framework Thompson imo achieved masterfully to explore that this vulnerability did not have a whole lot to do with a physical sickness, but the emotional kind.

We have seen the banshee only attacked people she pegged to be “vulnerable” and in a fragile mindset and the two other victims aside from Dean (btw Dean being attacked by a banshee as a death omen does not bode well, just saying) were stand ins and examples for the fight that Dean is fighting within between heart and mind.

There was Harold, who was attacked. As far as I can remember (and please keep in midn I am typing this while having watched the episode once early this morning and something may slip by) he was not sick. He was however disliked among the other residents as he stole from them. And what he stole was not just anything, but viagara.

The second victim was the resident manager, who previously confessed to Dean that he had just split with his wife using emoticons and deeply regretting it (”I should have sent the heart”) and with that also spells ut a case of “heart vs. mind”.

So both victims prior to Dean were vulnerable in departments one would label “love stuff”. One focusing on the physical expression of it and pleasure and being more love adjacent while the other one focused on a meaningful relationship and emotional connection.

Withtin the structure of the episode these Dean parallels imo imply and are aligned as follows:

When Dean opens up to Lucifer!Cas about being unable to kill Amara and lacking the words to properly describe what is happening in these instances (and I have A whole LOT to say about that scene, but I’ll talk about this separately) Lucifer asks Dean if it is “attraction” he feels. And Dean replies helplessly that he doesn’t know and that it scares him. Not once it is framed in a positive light, but the thing that drives the point home to me is that we have the parallel to Harold here.

Harold was not looking for love when using viagra, he was looking for pleasure. It is aligned in this instance with “attraction”. He was not looking for an emotional connection the way the resident manager wanted and it for sure is not what Mildred talked about when knowing that Dean “is pining for someone else”. Of course this was meant to be ambiguous, but to me from the very first scene between Dean and Amara the show seemed very clear that there is a connection, a sort of tension between them, but it has NEVER been implied it was love. There is a difference between tension between two people and sexual tension and then also if one involves love or just curiousity.

Yes, there is tension between Dean and Amara (and even if it was of sexual nature which I NEVER felt the show implied) but it has nothing to do with a deep emotional connection. And in the end that is what Dean looks for. He does not look for attraction, he looks for where his heart leads him and if you ask me, this episode emphasized it stronger than ever before that it is not Amara Dean will be lead to if he follows it. I‘m not saying it is a safe bet it’s going to be Cas, cause no one can say that unless he is sitting in the writer’s room and knows what will come. But I know the show highlighted multiple times, over seasons, that Dean craves emotional connection, not a one night stand. And btw, just mentioning this as a side note, imo having sex has absolutely nothing to do with intimacy or love. There’s a differende between physical attraction and emotional connection. And Dean has showed multiple times what he would rather have and what he craves.

Okay, that’s it. Hate me for typing it, but I needed to get this out. Sorry!

You know what I just realized? The Golden Trio are all Gryffindors with other house’s tendencies.

Hermione Granger had astronomical Ravenclaw tendencies, with her exceeding intelligence and wit. Favors the facts over skepticism and theory. She was an individual and was often written as going to the library to research something without Ron and Harry, because she didn’t need their brains along with hers; she could figure it out on her own. She suspected Harry was the last horcrux.

Ron Weasley had some Hufflepuff tendencies, with his loyalty to his friends. He kept Harry’s secrets and offered him guidance and support whenever he felt he could. Sure, he can be a bit mean at times towards people who have done him wrong, but that’s only to defend his friends and family. He tried to hex Malfoy in their second year for calling Hermione a “mudblood”. He never got too caught up in his own pride, save for when he left in the seventh book. 

Harry Potter had Slytherin tendencies, with the ambition he showed in everything he did. He needed to get that stone, save Ginny and slay the basilisk, prove Sirius innocent, win the Triwizard Tournament, protect his friends, help Dumbledore, find the horcruxes, and finally destroy Voldemort. He had the power and the greatness that comes with being in Slytherin.

The Mary Sue Dilemma

Thanks to the (in)famous Max Landis, the internet has whipped itself up into a frenzy over the suggestion that Rey, the protagonist of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is a ‘Mary Sue’. This intrigues me, as a member of the Jupiter Ascending fan community, because Jupiter Jones, the heroine of Jupiter Ascending, has been frequently described as ‘the terrible Mary Sue fanfic self-insert you came up with when you were 13′. While this label is often used in an affectionate sense in relation to Jupiter, it’s still hardly a glowing recommendation for her as a fully realised and developed character.

Before I delve into this any deeper, it would be helpful to actually clarify (or at least attempt to clarify) what a Mary Sue is. According to the font of wisdom that is Wikipedia, the definition goes something like this: “A Mary Sue or, in case of a male, Gary Stu or Marty Stu is an idealized fictional character, a young or low-rank person who saves the day through extraordinary abilities.”

This definition obviously applies more to Rey than it does to Jupiter. While they both come from obscure backgrounds and have low opinions of themselves (”I’m no one”/”I’m nobody” covers it pretty neatly), they are both markedly different in terms of their skills and capabilities. Rey is extremely competent and skilful, winning through on account of her extraordinary personal qualities. Jupiter is, by way of contrast, clumsy, awkward and (understandably, I must note) almost permanently bewildered by her crazy predicaments; nonetheless, she still wins through on account of her personal goodness and integrity.

So why, then, are such different characters assigned the same label? As the TV Tropes page for the Mary Sue phenomenon points out, the term has acquired a meaning so broad and poorly defined as to become meaningless and lose all practical application. It is basically thrown at any character - and especially any female character - who finds themselves in a position that calls for heroism and skill and is able to live up to that requirement.

Rey and Jupiter are both power fantasies, though they’re markedly different ones and it does both of them a profound disservice to equate them with self-inserts created by thirteen year olds. So while Rey is excellent in a fight and more than capable of taking care of herself, it makes absolute sense that she possesses those skills - growing up alone on Jakku, she had to become tough and resilient to survive. Equally, while Jupiter is superficially the epitome of a tween’s princess fantasy, being honoured as a queen, lavished with the attention of multiple suitors and getting increasingly extravagant and envy-inducing costume changes, she is also a brilliant deconstruction of that fantasy. 

Rey’s power and skill are justified by her background and experiences, and her subsequent wielding of the Force is no more left-field than Luke’s or Anakin’s displays of similar prowess. Jupiter’s specialness, meanwhile, is revealed to be a sham. What really makes Jupiter special is her humanity and integrity, which is why she is profoundly normal and has no extraordinary special powers or abilities - just a conscience. 

Perhaps most importantly, I doubt that this kind of comment would be made if either character were male. Luke Skywalker (ace pilot! intuitive Jedi! saviour of the universe!) and Neo (the one! epic martial artist! saviour of humanity!) are utterly shameless power trip fantasies, but they are never labelled ‘Gary Stus’ for the simple reason that we’re conditioned to expect our male heroes to fulfil our deepest wishes and desires. We’re simply not used to seeing female characters presented in this way, so even when their extraordinary qualities are justified or de-constructed as part of the narrative they’re still assigned the ‘Mary Sue’ label as if they’re mysterious anomalies demanding categorisation. We can only hope that, as time goes on, the sight of women kicking ass and being at the centre of the universe becomes common enough to no longer require a label.

Those are my thoughts - I wanted to comment on this since it’s a subject I find fascinating and worthy of explanation. What do you make of this topic? Do share your thoughts, as I love it when these posts generate a nice, meaty discussion.

Alright, time for me to discuss Out Of The Woods.

Okay so, as we all know, the Out Of The Woods video is EXTREMELY symbolic. RIght? Well I’m just going to discuss this one little (more like big) part.

The wolves

She’s running from the wolves. I think we can all agree that the wolves represent all the negativity that was in this relationship (mainly the media) right? In this scene she’s running away from the wolves, which as we all know, the relationship this song is about (I won’t mention it for Taylor’s sake, it’s respectful) was very.. fast. It moved fast, they always were running from paparazzi or cameras or anything that would basically create a negative title on a magazine cover. 

She falls down. The wolves are still chasing after her. I saw this as a representation of how whenever Taylor slips up or ‘falls down’, the media somehow always captures this moment. They’re desperate to get a shot of Taylor finally doing something HORRIBLE (not that she hasn’t made mistakes before, but we all pretty much know she’s an angel sent from heaven). This is actually pretty terrifying. 

The wolves (aka the media or whatever) finally catch up to Taylor. She keeps running. They tear apart a section of her dress. I see this as a visual on how Taylor feels (or felt) whenever the media (or just people on the internet) basically tore apart her image and it impacted herself, too. They slowly took little pieces of her every single time they made some false news story, papped a picture of her and her boyfriend, haters tearing her apart telling her to die and call her ugly untalented trash, just things like that. They slowly broke her down into this broken, tattered person. Sick tbh.

The cliff

I don’t really think there’s much to discuss here, but I still find this part important. So as you can see, Taylor’s spreading her arms out here, basically preparing herself to jump of this cliff. I could be reading too much into this, but I take this part as if Taylor was preparing herself for this relationship to fall and end. She was preparing herself for the decline.

Here;s the part where she’s actually falling. I can take this two ways. One is seeing the actual decline/fall of this relationship. I think it’s more than that. I see this as Taylor free-falling deeper into this relationship. She explains this relationship as very anxious, and kinda all over the place. You never knew what would come next. I think this part is showing Taylor taking her chances with this relationship and seeing where it would go, even if it ends terribly, she went for it anyways. 

So she finally falls in the water. I immediately thought of ‘Clean’ during this part. Not saying they’re related but they could be. This part is where she’s basically drowning after falling deep into this relationship. It made me think of the lyric ‘when I was drowning, that’s when I could finally breathe’, but I’m still speculating tbh. After this the water drops her in the middle of the desert but I’m still figuring that part out so I can’t really explain it yet.

The tree

We see this tree multiple times throughout this video. This is my take on it. So, Taylor constantly runs into this tree. I think this tree is a representation of the relationship, or the guy she was with (again, I won’t mention who for Taylor’s sake). Could be both tbh.

As we see in the video, Taylor gets tangled and caught in the vines of the tree. They grow around her, almost like they’re becoming a part of her. So she’s caught in this mess of vines and mud, parts of her dress have been torn, but this tree.. 

No matter how many times the tree tangles her up, no matter how many times she gets dragged through the mud, no matter how torn up her dress is, she always comes back to the tree. It almost seems like she can’t let go of the tree (like I said earlier, the tree probably represents the relationship). She always comes back.

I have no idea what the whole frozen thing in this was, but all I got from it was that whenever Taylor touched the tree, that part of her froze. I’m still trying to figure this part out. (You can inbox me your opinions on this if you’d like)

Anyways, so she;s finally trying to fight her way through this tree and escape these vines she’s been entangled in. This almost reminds me of ‘This Love’ and the line that says “these hands had to let it go free”. Not saying these are connected in any way, just thought I’d share that. (It’s up for interpretation)

Here we have Taylor coming to the end of ‘the woods’ or coming out of the vines whatever you see it as. In the distance you can see herself in the distance. Almost like she’s looking into the future.

The beach (end scene)

Finally, we see her walking towards herself. I’ve seen a lot of theories on what this could be already. Personally, my view on it is this. Taylor sees her ‘future self’. Her dress is untouched. It’s beautiful and perfect. I think this represents Taylor’s new beginning. So she’s basically walking toward the end of this chapter in her life (she talks about ending a chapter in her life multiple times in interviews and saying 1989 was her new beginning, this is what I base my theory off of. That, and the fact you can obviously tell she’s happier now. She’s free)

Here we have Taylor reaching out to the perfectly untouched Taylor (confusing, but also makes sense?) on the beach. I feel like this is a good visual representation on Taylor closing in on a chapter in her life where she lost herself. She’s reaching out to this new chapter in her life (aka 1989, or just the time period of when she focused more on her own self worth. Whatever you see it as) and is basically starting off anew. I find this so beautiful. It takes so much courage and motivation to let go of something from your past that basically tore you apart. I’m extremely proud of Taylor for doing this. 

Anyways, so that’s my interpretation of the Out Of The Woods video! Sorry it’s a bit lengthy but I figured some people might want to read this. If you actually read all of this I freaking LOVE you lmao. Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment on any parts you disagree with or if you want to add anything.

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I want to talk about Remadora.

No, I don’t like Remadora, but this isn’t a hate post. I really want to discuss it, get my feelings off my chest and hear what others (including Remadora supporters) have to add. So please, feel free to get a conversation going here, just be civil.

Warning: extreme tl;dr to follow.

So I remember the first time I ever read the scene in the hospital wing where Fleur insists she’ll stand by Bill in spite of his werewolf injuries and Tonks takes the opportunity to profess her love to Remus, and I remember being bothered by it at the time and not really able to understand why. I also remember every time they cropped up as a couple in the books after, I /wanted/ to like them, especially since Remus is probably my favorite character in the entire series and Tonks definitely makes the top 5, but for some reason I wasn’t able to articulate at the time… I didn’t.

Re-reading the later books and writing some marauders era stuff in my spare time had lead me to think about it some more and I think I finally understand exactly why I don’t like them, and more specifically why I kind of wish JKR had never written the relationship at all.

1.) The initial scene in the hospital where we learn that Tonks loves Remus is incredibly inappropriate. Remus had rejected her for very valid reasons, and while her reasons for why they should be together aren’t bad, she’s basically manipulating him in front of people who are close to him. She’s throwing a fit and guilting him into giving her a chance, which is SO unhealthy and manipulative and honestly… kind of creepy. This could have been handled better on her part, and more importantly in private, where Remus wouldn’t feel pressured.
2.) Tonks’ patronus changes while she’s mourning (for lack of a better word) Remus’ rejection. Now by the lore of the series we know that patronuses can change to reflect true love, or in the case of Snape, obsessive love/lust. This, at least to me, feels like Tonks is pining after Remus so hard that she becomes obsessive and starts to change who she is just to be with him. This is so unhealthy and so incredibly creepy and such a bad example for young readers. It’s like saying that if the guy you like rejects you it’s a normal and acceptable reaction to obsess over him for years, fall into a deep, desperate depression, and change everything about yourself and what makes you unique and special to cope with the pain. Unhealthy.
3.) Remus was extremely vulnerable when Tonks made her big public speech and confessed her love. He just lost Dumbledore, the first person who ever showed him kindness and gave him the tools to actually be a functioning member of society instead of a wild animal in the woods, and Sirius a year before. There are a lot of people who ship them romantically but even if you just take them as Jo wrote them, best friends and practically brothers, you have to keep in mind what an intense loss this is for Remus. He has lost every single person that he has ever considered family, he’s living with a crippling medical condition in a society that sees said condition as vile and disgusting which means he had terrible self esteem issues, and he’s in the middle of a war. He’s scared, lonely, depressed, and grieving, and in no place to enter into a relationship. I’m not saying that I think Tonks took advantage of his vulnerability, I don’t think she’s a malicious character, but regardless of intention the ramifications are the same.
4.) What we actually see of their relationship is miserable, at least for Remus. Tonks seems perfectly content and happy when she’s telling Harry that she and Remus got married, but Remus looks miserable in every scene we see him in from there on out. Every time his marriage is mentioned he has nothing good to say, he dodges the question, or he seems actively uncomfortable and unhappy and several times he comes right out and says “I’ve made a mistake”. He actively regrets his choice in being with her. Now it’s entirely possible that he IS happy, that he does love Tonks and that when they’re alone together he’s just euphorically happy. But we have no reason whatsoever to think that. This is a prime example of being told one thing, that Remus is completely smitten with her and married her happily (according to his entry on Pottermore), and being shown something completely different. I have no reason to think that Remus loves Tonks based on how we see them interact in the books, even though what we know of Tonks’ personality seems like someone Remus could love, especially if you buy into the Wolfstar ship because she had a lot in common with her cousin.
5.) Remus /tried to walk out on his wife and unborn son/. This is a HUGE one for me because I remember reading this scene and just feeling like it was SO out of left field and completely against his character. Now obviously Jo is his creator and if she says its in his character then who am I to argue, but I remember being so upset by this scene that I had to put the book down and walk away for a while. And if this isn’t a clear example of Remus being unhappy in his marriage, I don’t know what is. (Yes, I’m well aware that the reason he wanted to run was out of fear that Teddy would be a werewolf, but it doesn’t negate the points made above)
6.) This one is admittedly more about my personal preferences, so take it with a grain of salt. Remus and Tonks are the two characters most frequently portrayed as gay by the fan community, probably second only to Sirius thanks to wolfstar. Now we know that Jo supports homosexuality in her books because she’s admitted that Dumbledore was gay and hinted heavily that he was in love with Grindlewald. But having more openly gay characters, especially ones as beloved as Remus and Tonks, and ESPECIALLY showing one of them in an actual homosexual relationship, is a whole other step in celebrating the lgbt+ community. And I personally would huuuuuuugely prefer if one or both of them was gay because representation is so important!

In short, I feel like their love could have grown into something admirable, if they had lived. They could have been a couple that started out as a mess and grown into healthy, whole people with a healthy marriage. That’s what can happen when you love someone and support them and help them work through their emotional baggage. But as it’s written, this is not a beautiful love story. Theirs is a really tragic romance that never should have happened, was potentially damaging for each of them, assassinated Tonks’ character (in my personal opinion) and should not under ANY circumstances be presented to impressionable young readers as desirable as far as relationships go.

Personally, I think that Remadora was forced specifically so that Teddy could be born since Jo had actually said he’s meant to be a parallel to Neville. The outcome was more important than the journey and that’s why I dislike this ship, even if I freaking love Daddy!Remus



Let’s take a second to appreciate Kanan in this scene.

Ezra had just connected with the darkside and suddenly lost consciousness. Kanan is injured, but he pushes himself to keep going because he doesn’t care about himself. In that moment all he cares about is getting to Ezra.

Kanan lifted Ezra’s limp form into his arms and began to jostles his arm in an attempt to cajole him back into consciousness. It fails.

Kanan could no longer mask his concern and panic. Ever since he was a young padawan learner, Kanan was always warned of the darkside, but he had never witnessed it until that moment. The darkside was always the darkness to the light of the force. The simpler version would to say that Kanan knew it was dangerous. Kanan was scared, but not of Ezra, but rather scared for him.
Kanan’s eyes begin scanning Ezra as if checking for other injuries, trying find any physical evidence that Ezra was hurt. Of course, Ezra shows no signs of waking.

Kanan treats Ezra like he’s so fragile. Perhaps thinking that the slightest touch would break him. He gently pats the side of Ezra’s face in a last attempt to bring him back.

I went through this scene frame by frame and the detail of animation is still so astounding. So to the people that say that the animation for swr is bad, they can shove right up there-
The small things that they added in Kanan’s actions and expressions, it’s incredible.

In this scene, Kanan truly acts and looks like a worried father. He is scared for his son’s life. 

Physical copy of issue 2. Wooo! Psych2Go started as a blog to feature short psychology facts and has grown to Facebook discussion and research groups. It has also since expanded to include a terrific team of editors, mentors and intern writers. I’m happy to say I know the manager and creator, Tai. Also thanks to Teresa, editor-in-chief for sending this physical copy to me. Having studied Psychology as an undergrad and having been on the HR team of Psych2Go, I am so proud to see every bit of an achievement. Their goal is to become the go-to site for psychology, writing, help, research and studies. Check it out at psych2go.net  Go, Psych2Go, go!  ♥ ♥ ♥

okay i feel like a lot of the time we put a lot of emphasis on getting along with people who you disagree with

people act like you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion with a partner, you should be able to get along with anyone regardless of their beliefs, etc etc

and like i get that. we can like different music, have different favorite colors, maybe disagree on how to pronounce “caramel”

but like if your opinion is something like “muslims shouldn’t be allowed to enter this country” or “all immigrants are rapists and killers and drug dealers” WE GONNA HAVE A PROBLEM because your “opinion” actively hurts people

so like nah i ain’t gonna respect your opinion if your opinion dehumanizes and inflicts violence upon a group of grouple. we ain’t gonna get along

differences of opinion are fine – to a certain extent

I don't get it

I know that not every CSer is harsh, and I know not every SQer is kind, but how can people be so aggressive in OUAT when it comes to the ships SQ and CS and then in other shows that have conflicting het ships and homo ships there doesn’t seem to be much or any controversy in shipping either the het ship or the homo ship from either side?

With Agent Carter and Supergirl (as I’ve seen, so correct me if I’m wrong) there doesn’t seem to be any backlash from people who aren’t shipping Cartinelli or SuperCat, whereas in the OUAT fandom it’s an absolute must from some people to point out “how delusional SQ is” or “how abusive CS is”

To be honest, I haven’t heard anything much from OQ anti or not, so that’s why I’m leaving it out.

I’ve seen some issues with the 100 with Clexa and Bellarke and with LoK with Makorra and Korrasami, but nothing like CS vs SQ. I really would like to understand why we all feel the need to belittle each other.

You think SQ is delusional? Great. Keep it to yourself. You hate the CS relationship? Great. Keep it to yourself. I personally don’t want to start anything with anyone bc I hate arguing, I’m not good at it, and I feel terrible afterwards, so that’s why I think that. But if someone could tell me WHY we all are fighting so much, why we all NEED to point out the flaws of each other’s ships so much, that would be great.


Given that that box and the concept of multiple Kwami made it into the 3D version of the Miraculous Tales final opening sequence… I do sometimes wonder if any version of these two characters made it forward into the 3D show too. I think aside from Alya, Marinette, and Adrien making it forward from that early stage, it’s likely the guy in green evolved to be Nino. The girl in white and lavender looks a bit like Chloe, so maybe she is, but the personalities seem so drastically different it makes me wonder. She could have become Rose. The guy in blue could have become Nathanael, but again the personality change seems too far. I kind of want to see more Miraculous Bearers, I guess.