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What do you think of a story where everyone (literally everyone) is sexually fluid? It's accidentally become a part of my world building and I'm falling in love with the idea. Would this be confusing for the reader? Would I have to address it straight away or let the reader figure it out as the story progresses?

I think it could be an incredibly fascinating statement to make, and if you so desire, very reflective of existing humanity.

Sexual identity is, in my opinion, far more fluid than most people think it is.  In Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, concepts of sexual orientation did not exist.  From what I understand, almost everyone was completely fluid (particularly in the case of men.)  If a man was beautiful, it was considered not in any way abnormal for other men to desire him, even if they were also interested in women.

People were far more interested in who topped and bottomed, as that was sort of the basis for their social ranking:  generally speaking, tops were considered the highest in social status, followed by switches, followed by women, followed by bottoms.  I wonder exactly how much ancient civilization would have been toppled by strap-on dildos, but I digress.  

The point is, a lot of people’s self-identified sexual orientations are influenced by what’s currently acceptable, leading me to think that a lot of “straight” people would actually be a lot more fluid if it weren’t for the taboo surrounding queerness.

This shows a lot in millennials, who are by and large far more open to different sexual orientations than previous generations.  As a result of this, one in five millennials now identifies as queer, and less than half of all teens report being attracted exclusively to the opposite gender.

This is why I believe human sexuality to be far more malleable than most people believe, and one of the reasons why I think the story you have in mind could be so fascinating.

Depicting a society with no concept or care for sexual orientation could easily become an Orlando-esque social commentary, the titular Orlando representative of Virginia Woolf’s bisexuality and fluid gender, or for a more modern example, Sense 8.  

Either way, I am 100% here for it.   

Does anyone else think that the “Trick” ending of the visual novel is a fate where Ange remains a piece on Bernkastel’s gameboard? Considering:

- Prime Ange never went to Rokkenjima
- Ange’s 1998 journey to find the truth was in Bernkastel’s cat box
- Ange sees Erika on the bow; this could be an illusion, but I’m not so sure.
- The game ends with the boat heading off into the “unknown”. This is as strong as an allegory to the Sea of Oblivion as I’ve ever seen.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tiny bit bad for him this chapter. He’s messed up in the head more than I realized, not to mention his mother also seemed to abuse him. No wonder he snapped.

That said, seeing him completely lose it again after chapter 13 was satisfying lol. There were also nice moments like

10/10 stellar chapter. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.






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We all saw Blue Zircon, pls, just let me say she was amazing, she absolutely put out there what we’ve all been thinking. She absolutely tells the Diamonds they might be the murderers (one of them ofc)
Blue Zircon talks about how no one, none of the soldiers were around to protect Pink Diamond, none of them were close enough, how is it that a Rose Quartz could shatter such a big, high class Gem?


She mentions that how could it be possible that her PEARL couldn’t scream for help if her Diamond was in danger?

And then we see their reactions…


Look at the pearls faces…why would they make that face? For me, it’s like if they knew something…and the first that seems surprised is Yellow Pearl. 

Blue Zircon says only a Gem of the same range would be capable of doing such thing..

“Whoever did it was someone that was able to get near her, someone that her guards would allow to come closer, someone she would listen to as she had to stop her palanquin and step outside, and someone with the AUTHORITY TO COVER IT UP AFTERWARDS. Someone with supreme authority…someone…LIKE ONE OF YOU!”

WATCH THEIR REACTIONS AS BLUE ZIRCON TALKS, How Yellow Diamond is so ANGRY, and how Blue Diamond is so…surprised


After Blue Zircon talked, we see Blue Diamond reaction…

Though, Yellow Diamond, instead of being surprised, she’s apparently calmed, then straight poofs Blue Zircon. But you might say, well, that’s all, case closed, now she’s going for Steven and she’s going to shatter him…..but no. She goes for Yellow Zircon and poofs her too…

Why would she have such reaction…I mean, yea, Blue Zircon confronted them, so it was an excuse for poof her….tho, why not going straight to closing the case and shatter Rose/Steven? Why did she poof Yellow Zircon and then Start fighting with Blue Diamond?

As I see it….it’s pretty interesting all the reactions we get from them, how Yellow Rages so fast, how Blue seems surprised, how YELLOW PEARL reacts when they’re asked where Pink Diamond’s Pearl was..

It’s pretty suspicious…

Please, let’s have a talk about this, let me know what you think lmao, we have some big questions here…


yo, its time to discuss being "able-passing"

so idk if anyone else in the disabled community have seen this term being thrown around, but ive seen the words “able-passing” multiple times in the last few months, both on tumblr, irl, and in articles.

and tbh, i see people who use the term try to explain it as “when you dont look disabled, it is assumed that you are abled and you dont face the same discrimination that a visibly disabled person would, it is like youre not even disabled”, ive had it explained in different ways, with different words but that same result.

because apparently having your disability erased cause you dont look disabled isnt real, or being told that its like youre “not even disabled” is apparently not ableism.

and my guy my dude, this is my opinion but its time to be real.

“youre abled-passing” is no different than “But you dont look sick”

Why Adventure Time is a Groundbreaking show in Animation

If you are familiar with modern cartoons from this decade, starting from 2010 and currently, chances are you’ve come across a show called “Adventure Time”.

Adventure Time is a show about the adventures of a boy named “Finn” with his dog “Jake” that has magical powers to shape-shift at anytime!

The show takes place in the “Land of Ooo”, which is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humans are near to extinction and Finn is believed to be the last human.

As the show has progressed throughout its 8 seasons, almost near its end with a ninth and final season, we have learned a lot of back-story and history about the origin of Ooo and various characters.

Here is where I think this show was a huge game-changer for Cartoon Network and animated shows, in general!

If we go back to 2007 and on another channel being “Nickelodeon, Adventure Time’s creator, Pendleton Ward created a 7 minute pilot simply titled “Adventure Time” that was just a basic premise of Finn and Jake rescuing Princess Bubblegum from the villainous Ice King.

The pilot then later became viral over the Internet and became a huge success, where Frederator Studios pitched the pilot as a series to Nickelodeon, but they passed on the series twice!

Later on, the studio pitched the series to Cartoon Network and they allowed them to make a whole show, if it meant to keep all of the elements and characters from the pilot.

And then from then on, the show and the creators have expanded upon the pilot and have created a huge and impactful series that have influenced a wide range of creators, academics, gender and orientation!

People have described the show as being trippy, bizarre and silly on the outside, but on the inside, the show can get dark, thoughtful and even makes you question about philosophy, life and the world, in general.

A great example of this show that has led a lot of underground and freelance artists to pursue their own projects is people like Rebecca Sugar for creating Steven Universe, Patrick McHale for creating Over the Garden Wall and Skyler Page for creating Clarence!

It’s not to say that artists were limited to just shows, as well! Many writers were previously independent comic artists including Jesse Moynihan, Seo Kim, Tom Herpich and Steve Wolfhard, just to name a few! Here is an example of Jesse Moynihan’s work called “Forming”!

Lastly, Adventure Time’s impact on gender and orientation comes from how there is a diverse mix of characters! BMO, for example switches genders back and forth depending on certain episodes! There are also some episodes that feature a gender-swapped world of the show which are called “Fionna and Cake” and these episodes tend to be favourites among the fandom!

Characters like Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and Susan Strong are all shown to be tough characters, but deal with their own sets of flaws and insecurities.

Fans of the show often pair PB and Marceline as a ship called “Bubbline”, as it’s believed that they have been in a past relationship and are trying to work out their problems as the show progresses.

There are many various examples of topics that the show that the series represents like loss and memory disorders in “I Remember You”, sexuality and depression in “Breezy” or isolation in “The Music Hole” and that’s just only a few to list.

This episode is considered one of the most saddest in the entire series, thanks to Rebecca Sugar’s amazing song-writing!

What I always admire about the series is that not only has it been consistently strong over the course of 8 seasons, but the show actually has their characters age and grow physically and mentally in real-time.

Season 1 may be considered the most juvenile of the series, whereas the most recent seasons, especially Season 6 and 7 are some of the most poignant and philosophical the show has seen yet and for the better, in my opinion!

Adventure Time has remained and still is widely considered a ground-breaking show in the history of television animation and pushed the boundaries of what could be shown on a kid’s network, similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender did for Nickelodeon, but that’s another topic for another day!

I will miss Adventure Time when it comes to a close, but what will remain is a modern classic in the history of animation and we will always have fun going on adventures with Finn the Human and Jake the Dog!

roleplayers are people, not just accounts.

this is something that i’ve been meaning to talk about for a while now. it’s begun to weigh heavily in the community that i write in as well as those of others. it’s the idea that we should take pride in callout culture and completely obliterating accounts. that a callout post needs to be written for any and all transgressions, that one half of a story is gospel, and that roleplayers can be judged as problematic by association.

let’s start with face-saving apologies. the type of apology that a roleplayer will half-assedly give just to have a receipt of one. to appease those they hurt when the harm was intentional and in no way plan on improving themselves as a person. the kind of apology that is issued so they will sympathized with rather than ridiculed. these apologies are absolute bullshit. if you’re going to vague or be a bully or act out, own your behavior. i’m aware this sounds hypocritical coming from a burn book but what happens on the dash is a lot different than sending something to us. when posting on the dash your content is broadcasted to a direct audience. the same community. here, it gets thrown into an aggregate void and spat back out. don’t vague or talk behind someone’s back and believe that it won’t get around to them.

it shouldn’t be a goal to attack someone over petty shit. don’t criticize people for liking or not liking something that isn’t heavily problematic. you can dislike the vampire diaries but write with a stefan salvatore. you can hate damon salvatore as a character and still like the vampire diaries. what doesn’t need to happen is posting harmless opinions on your own blog and then being attacked for them. if someone is so hurt over another rper disliking their fandom then maybe roleplay isn’t for that person. stop being so fucking petty.

to attempt to destroy a persons reputation over hurt feelings is a stupid, selfish thing to do. keep your friend circle bullshit in your friend circle. nobody needs to be put on blast or shunned for actions that were not purposely or outright abusive or otherwise disturbing. you cannot claim to be looking out for your own mental health by seeking to turn people against another roleplayer who may have hurt your feelings. not only is it immature, it puts the other person’s mental health at risk and while some people on this website believe that the world revolves around them, i can assure you that it does not. nobody in this blue hellscape is judge or jury.

finally, it saddens me as well as the other mods to hear constantly from people who have been turned on by their friends and partners and are now having panic attacks because they’re afraid that they’re being slandered in private; that i, as well as many of my close friends, have become too paranoid to interact with certain people after negative experiences with roleplayers similar to them; that we’re still having to hear that people are being called “abusive” and “manipulative” and “toxic” for hurting another roleplayer’s feelings accidentally or handling a situation badly and then having such critical language thrown on their name.

behind every roleplay account is a person with a life and family and friends and feelings. they’re not merely account names to drag through the mud. think before you wild out or gossip or act like an asshole. it’s not all that difficult to have some god damn tact every once in a while.


I wanted to see if Koogi had any overall changes in her artstyle, so I did this. I’m not sure if it was worth it, but:

- Sangwoo’s eyebrows went to utter shit after chapter 2
- Chapter 1 and 2 could have pretty much been drawn by an entirely different artist, the style is REALLY different
- Bum is scared/shocked 110% of the time, I can’t blame him
- Sangwoo’s neck keeps getting thicker and thicker, also he seems to be getting more and more muscular

Overall, Sangwoo has changed a lot, but Bum’s pretty much the same.

Centering whiteness in the craft.

I’ve been into the occult for as long as I can remember. At 8 I was checking out books on satanism, vampirism, and witchcraft from the library, at 10 I started doing my own spells and interacting with Faefolk, at 13 my mom told me about the spell work she used to do growing up. I have grown a lot since those days of building fairy houses in my front yard out of rocks and flowers and leaving little offerings of honey or juice in exchange for good luck or help finding something I lost, and in those years of navigating the pagan and witch communities both online and off, reading books nonstop, blogs nonstop, etc, I noticed a trend. 

Paganism, the occult, and the craft are all very very white. Not only that but whiteness is centered as the one and only way to participate in these interests. First it started in the wiccan books I read as a child, the “white vs. black” magic that is shoved down the throats of aspiring wiccans and witches and eventually they spew it back at anyone else who will listen. If you’ve been on my blog a bit, you already know my gripe about white or black magic. If you haven’t browsed my blog or been there for my rants here is the nitty gritty: The idea at it’s simplest is rooted in colorism and racism, where white is seen as good and black or darkness seen as bad, this trope has been carried over into many different movies and books featuring magic as the villian who usually practices “black” magic has darker features, dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair, while the good characters practice white magic and as such represent purity with their fair skin and hair and eyes. Not only this but historically the magic and practices of those of color, brown and black people, have been demonized for centuries while magic performed by white people are seen as some kind of fairy tale, quirky, beautiful, sipping tea by a potted plant, aesthetic. 

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  • Someone: Otabek deserves bronze.
  • Me: Otabek deserves gold. Otabek deserves a day to surpass Yura, Otabek deserves to be recognized, Otabek deserves to shine too by his talens and recognized by everyone. Otabek deserves the best in the world. Otabek deserves all possible love. *Doesn't stop*

Bum/Sangwoo dynamic in ch18

Something else I found really symbolic/interesting was the fact Sangwoo put Bum on a chair: (I used @jaynia​‘s copy for the screencaps)

It completely changes the dynamic between Bum and Sangwoo. Sangwoo is looking down on both of them. Bum is now tall enough that he can physically look down on Jieun, but he’s not anywhere as tall as Sangwoo. With the card game, Bum was on the same level as glasses man, which served as a visual reminder of his place. Now that he’s on the other side, he’s being given a physical notice of his power, even if he’s still dumped from the chair. Almost as if Bum has more power now, but Sangwoo reminds him he has none with him.

Bum looks slightly uncomfortable, but seems to not absolutely hate his position. Considering that he’s no longer the victim, it’s probably reassuring him and keeping him somewhat calm in this situation. (I feel like he looks stronger or his shoulders look broader, but maybe it’s just the perspective.) Giving Bum this small shred of power (which is already surprising, coming from Oh “Superiority Complex” Sangwoo) will be the start of motivation for him to do as Sangwoo asks, but I think Sangwoo will pour the affection/positive affirmation on heavily to make Bum do it.

It’s wild cause half of the women who saying they wouldn’t take they husband back for cheating I swear probably never been that deep In love before to understand the mechanics of marriage and having children
Also it’s wild cause these men out here don’t understand how they actions internally hurt women for decades
How that yes the stress u put on the woman u love can cause her to lose your child before they born
 The dynamics between men and women are not all black and white clear cut there’s alot of grey people really don’t want to talk about

Ladies and gentlemen. It takes 2 people to tango

It takes 2 people’s acknowledgement to be in a relationship
It takes 2 people’s acknowledgement to be in the “talking” phase before the relationship
It takes 2 people to acknowledge that there is a friendship.

Please do not take it upon yourself to assume you are anything. Cause that is how u set yourself up to get embarrassed.

It kind of bothers me when people mischaracterize Riza by saying she can’t bear to live without Roy Mustang. Yes, there are two instances during which she threatens to kill herself when confronted with his death, but to credit this to her love for him (as much of a shipper as I am) is belittling to this strong female character. Her regret over the Ishval War is probably the strongest motivator to Hawkeye, and Roy represents her hope for redemption. If Mustang is dead, there is no way for her to fix what she’s done, and she cannot live with herself. She cannot live knowing all she brought to the world was suffering. THAT is why she wants to die, not “love.”

Sangwoo’s lack of taste and smell

Sangwoo’s sense of taste is inaccurate… or at least strange. We laughed at him when he asked Bum if he wanted something sweet, only to give him canned sausages thinking he was just being funny, but ch21′s making it very obvious his taste buds are… very off somehow. Along with that, remember when Ji Eun mentioned that Bum smelled a bit? Usually taste and smell issues work in tandem. If he couldn’t sense that Bum smelled slightly bad, (given Ji Eun was telling the truth instead of her truth) then it’d make sense he can’t taste much either.

He states the apples are so red because they’re young, which would probably make them extremely sweet/sour. We can assume this is true from the extreme looks all three people besides Sangwoo have as they eat these shitty apples:

There’s been other mentions of how gross Sangwoo is that would tie into having poor sense of smell/taste: (thanks @getmetherapyplease!)

  • Sangwoo’s abalone porridge kiss - I’ve been told this porridge tastes disgusting (but that’s not as definitive as three others eating the same thing and it tastes gross) from Ch 2
  • Sangwoo didn’t mind the vomit smell/taste when he kissed Bum in Ch 4
  • He also…. came on Bum’s face and kissed him. Think what you will on that one. 

I’m gonna also bring up Jieun saying Bum smelled again because it is immediately against what Sangwoo puts forth - a perfect image. He dressed Bum himself with clothes he picked out, and he’s obviously quite vain. He’s always checking himself in mirrors, even. So something so easily fixed as smell should definitely not go unnoticed… unless Sangwoo couldn’t smell him, and Bum wouldn’t either (you never really smell yourself unless it’d extreme, and Jieun said it was just a bit).

Another thing is Sangwoo seems to always say, “good, right?” to Yoon Bum whenever he gives Bum food because he’s either steering his opinion… or asking for confirmation that it is good. As if he wants to be absolutely sure. I think that Sangwoo relies on other’s sense of taste/smell somewhat to make up for his own lesser senses, except… Bum doesn’t disagree with Sangwoo. He’s quiet, and goes along with anything Sangwoo says. Not much of a guard rail, Bum…

Why’s his sense of taste/smell whack, though?

I’m gonna take this info and run with it to propose a theory: Sangwoo’s mother poisoned/fed him something that lessened these senses as a side effect. 

I’m unsure if it’s officially confirmed in-canon if she was a gardener (empty flower pots scattered throughout the house), but it would open the door for a plant that she could grow and scatter into his/their food. I get the intense vibe from the apples chapter she was ill as well. If she could get her and Sangwoo to build a tolerance to something, then she could easily use that against his father if she needed. I think whatever happened between Sangwoo/his dad happened on impulse or in the moment, before she could decide to do something herself. I’m super certain she did something to Sangwoo that affects him in modern-day, but it could have also been a medication she gave him constantly which would explain why he still can’t smell correctly. That medication could also thin his blood, which would explain why he freaked out over possibly bleeding in the car. This may have been the reason he snuck off to the pharmacy alone while he tasked Bum with such an insignificant task as getting a cake by himself.

Either way, Sangwoo obviously can’t smell or taste correctly (or in the same spectrum everyone else does) which was brought up multiple times in-canon. Koogi’s hellbent on symbolism and hidden meanings, so to feed us little tiny samples of what’s coming is in line with her style as well.