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Missouri Women Could Soon Be Disqualified From Jobs Based On Reproductive Decisions
Legislators aim to undo an ordinance that prevents discrimination in jobs and housing.

Lawmakers in the Missouri Senate spent more than 10 hours in a closed-door special session last week to push through Senate Bill 5, a wide-reaching anti-abortion measure that—among other things—would roll back anti-discrimination protections for women in one of that state’s major cities.

The legislation would undo a relatively recent St. Louis ordinance that prohibits potential employers and landlords from discriminating against women based on their reproductive health history. In other words, if they’ve had an abortion. Or have used birth control. Or if they are pregnant.

When the ordinance first passed last February, supporters hailed it as necessary protection for women living in a deep-red state that is considered to be “hostile” to abortion rights. Unsurprisingly, it also drew sharp criticism from several local religious groups and leaders who lamented its passage as a “terrible moment” for the city of St. Louis. In May, the St. Louis Archdiocese and several other organizations filed suit against the city of St. Louis, seeking to overturn the ordinance

Now, just months later, anti-abortion legislators in the state appear poised to topple the ordinance. The bill—which also includes other anti-abortion measures that would affect women statewide—passed the Senate late last Wednesday and is now being heard in the House Children and Families Committee. The Kansas City Star reports that it could be passed without changes and sent to the governor directly, or undergo revisions that would require the House and Senate to negotiate the differences in a special conference.

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri—the reproductive rights advocacy group, which fought for the anti-discrimination ordinance to be passed last winter—quickly announced it was launching an online and radio ad campaign criticizing Republican Gov. Eric Greitens who called the special session. (”Do you think your boss should be able to fire you for using birth control? Governor Greitens thinks so,” one ad claims.)

A spokesperson for the group told HuffPost that before the ordinance passed last winter, NARAL had not heard of any specific cases in which women were discriminated against because of their reproductive history. But the group had not been tracking the data closely before then either.

“Under the current political administration, we are seeing more threats against women for using birth control or having an abortion. We wanted to be proactive and protect them,” Kirstin Palovick, an organizing and policy associate with
NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, told HuffPost in an e-mail. “Since the passage of this bill, we have had at least one person make a discrimination complaint based on their reproductive health care. We know the problem is happening, and we are beginning to hear more stories about it.”

Professors File Landmark Suit Exposing Cover Up of Discrimination and Corruption at University of Michigan

Two highly-accomplished, award-winning faculty have filed a joint complaint against the University of Michigan for violations of the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act based on race discrimination, gender discrimination, marital status discrimination, race hostile work environment, and retaliation; and violations of the Persons with Disabilities Civil Rights Act, for discriminatory hostile treatment and retaliation.

The complaint demonstrates that U-M’s highly publicized “diversity” campaigns are driven by self-serving rhetoric and false promises designed to deflect attention from serious and ongoing problems of institutional racism, underrepresentation of minority groups, and a hostile campus climate for marginalized groups. The complaint documents multiple instances in which university leaders acted to suppress complaints of discrimination and retaliate against faculty and students who reported both systemic patterns and individual acts of discrimination. It reveals misconduct and complicity by administrators from the departmental level to the highest ranks of the deans’ and provost’s offices, including UM’s chief diversity officer.

While on protected leave under the Family Medical Leave Act to care for a baby with Down syndrome in Winter 2015, Emily Lawsin, a professor in the Departments of American Culture and Women’s Studies, was sent a layoff notice with no prior warning and despite her strong teaching record dating back to 2000. Lawsin successfully contested that layoff, but the university again barred her from teaching during the current Winter 2017 Semester.

Scott Kurashige, formerly professor in the Department of American Culture, was terminated from his position as Director of the Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies Program in December 2013 and was forced out of a tenured faculty position through a constructive termination in summer 2014 after successfully working at U-M for 14 years. Kurashige is one of 20 faculty of color, an alarming number, who left (with many forced out from) the small-to- medium sized Department of American Culture between 1997 and 2016.

Professor Lawsin requests reinstatement to her Lecturer IV faculty position without a “Remediation Plan.” Professor Kurashige requests that U-M reinstate him to his former positions of Professor with tenure and Director of the Asian/Pacific Islander American Studies Program at an equitable salary reflecting his experience and achievements. Both request economic and non-economic damages and permanent injunctive relief to stop race/ethnic discrimination at U-M.

Professors Lawsin and Kurashige are represented by Alice Jennings, a partner in the law firm of Edwards & Jennings, PC, based in Detroit. The above summary provides highlights of the 74-page complaint—filed in Washtenaw County Circuit Court on December 5, 2016.


The US Women’s Soccer Team is the most watched soccer team in American sports history– and the female players STILL get paid less than men

Lloyd and Sauerbrunn are among the five players who filed a wage discrimination complaint against U.S. Soccer in March. After winning the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the team made $2 million, while the men’s team made $8 million after losing in 2014. Now they’re speaking up again because it’s really important you don’t forget about them.

Gifs: CBS News


Trump administration plans to minimize civil rights efforts in agencies
By https://www.facebook.com/eilperin

The Trump administration is planning to disband the Labor Department division that has policed discrimination among federal contractors for four decades, according to the White House’s newly proposed budget, part of wider efforts to rein in government programs that promote civil rights.

As outlined in Labor’s fiscal 2018 plan, the move would fold the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, now home to 600 employees, into another government agency in the name of cost-cutting.

The proposal to dismantle the compliance office comes at a time when the Trump administration is reducing the role of the federal government in fighting discrimination and protecting minorities by cutting budgets, dissolving programs and appointing officials unsympathetic to previous practices.

The new leadership at the Environmental Protection Agency, for instance, has proposed eliminating its environmental justice program, which addresses pollution that poses health threats specifically concentrated in minority communities. The program, in part, offers money and technical help to residents who are confronted with local hazards such as leaking oil tanks or emissions from chemical plants.

Under President Trump’s proposed budget, the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights — which has investigated thousands of complaints of discrimination in school districts across the country and set new standards for how colleges should respond to allegations of sexual assault and harassment — would also see significant staffing cuts. Administration officials acknowledge in budget documents that the civil rights office will have to scale back the number of investigations it conducts and limit travel to school districts to carry out its work.

And the administration has reversed several steps taken under President Barack Obama to address LGBT concerns. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, for example, has revoked the guidance to implement a rule ensuring that transgender people can stay at sex-segregated shelters of their choice, and the Department of Health and Human Services has removed a question about sexual orientation from two surveys of elderly Americans about services offered or funded by the government.


All right. Regarding my last post. Jin actually said “you’re discriminating me!”
And later he continued (this is not included in the gif set) that he’s human too so jimin should hit him too. Lmao. And that what makes Jimin hit him repeteadly after that.
About JK comment in the last gif, he said 왜요!! Which ofc literally translates to “why” but by context it can also means “why? What about it” because I believe he was looking at Jin when he said that and his tone kinda gave it all. He was complaining cutely too I must add.

Next the manggae comment; JM was explaining why he don’t like mangoes (scandalous I know! How can people hate mangoes!) he said he just don’t enjoy eating mangoes. Jin then said that JM looks like a mango (probably because of his cloth idk) and JK suddenly pipes “so that’s why he’s a manngae!” (Get it ‘cause manggo –> manggae) it’s basically a lame pun lmao. Which then makes JM smacked JK. And leading to Jin “discriminating/biased” complaint because JM ONLY hit JK.

Welp. I’m sorry if I cause major confusion to some. I didn’t mean too! I swear!

Dare I Say It... (Closed Captions!) I Just Did.

So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hate or at least negativity towards Captioned videos of any sort. People making posts about “How annoying CC is” “Why does CC exist?” and other remarks. 

This is coming from me, a Deafblind Individual who NEEDS CC to understand speech/video/audio of any sort. This also is on behalf of the Deaf/HOH/ADP/Anyone who needs CC.

You abled, privileged, hearing people have the glorious opportunity, chance of a life time, to watch ANYTHING you want without problems. Without discrimination. Without complaints. Without threats. Without negativity thrown at you. YOU get the privilege of being able to enjoy anything/everything that has spoken language to it.
Us, d/Deaf/HoH/APD/Second Language Need closed captions (CC). NEED accommodation.

Imagine (and I do ask you to TRY IT OUT) you have the TV on mute. Can you understand anything? I doubt it, there’s no sound! You’re trying to make out the characters reactions, movements, behaviour but it’s not working because you can’t tell what’s being said. Then you put CC/Subtitles on. At last! You can FINALLY understand the spoken language! You understand what’s happening!! You’re not lost and tired from trying to play charades. Now you can enjoy the show without complaints!

Another Try It Out put earplugs in and walk around all day or at least a few hours with those earplugs. Can you understand speech? Can you figure out where things are coming from? No? Everything is muffled sounding yes? As if you’re in a tunnel? 

This is how many d/Deaf/HoH/APD people feel each and every single day Speech is muffled sounding, distorted, garble nonsense. It’s tiring to constantly lipread (Which isn’t 30% accurate for English language seen on lips), trying to understand what someone is saying when it’s all so muffled!

Now, you go to entirely new country, with only said language as your SECOND language which you aren’t entirely fluent in yet. Even if you are… understanding the second language is fairly hard yes? Everything all muffled and “Blah blah blah” sounding correct? Putting subtitles on can make a HUGE difference! Yes the country’s language can be spoken, but having YOUR language on subtitles can be beneficial for you. You aren’t lost. You aren’t confused. You understand what everyone is laughing about in the movie because you have subtitles!

Gifs/Moving images: people uploads these on tumblr, facebook, other media sites. They have captions on them because people wouldn’t know what is being said. Imagine the subtitles/captions, gone. I doubt you’d have any idea what is happening and what particular scene the gif/moving image is from. Here’s the thing, people don’t complain about gifsets being made that have subtitles/closed captions on it so EVERYONE can see whats happening….  Yet people complain that there’s (OMG!) Subtitles/Captions on VIDEOS?!?! A TEXT POST UNDERNEATH A VIDEO THAT HAS (Dare I say it?) CAPTIONS! HOW UNCALLED FOR! 

Did you know that Captions can be extremely useful? 
Check these links out explaining why. 

Perks of Having Closed Captions (CC)

Stop Making Excuses And CC Your Videos

How To Closed Caption Your Videos 

Closed Captions (CC)

rikkipoynter did a video on WHY CC is important 

tyleroakley followed up with that and gave reasons why CC is important (Hear Me Out)

paulidin did a video on why Access Matters! Closed Captions

my good friend timelordonbakerstreet shows you HOW to CC your videos

captioned-vines, captioningresource, waitwhatdidtheysay and others do a wonderful job captioning the videos. 

Captions are IMPORTANT. If you add captions, you get more respect. When you add captions you don’t get complaints, you get more views/followers/people who will enjoy your videos. When you add captions you can enjoy watching shows on mute while at work, in line, anywhere. 

If you don’t like Captions… there’s one Simple Thing To Do TURN THEM OFF WHEN PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM… Leave. Don’t make a HUGE DEAL!1!111 about CC. If the CC benefit the person, then be accommodative, not an asshole, and let the CC be on. Would you rather us ask you 20 questions in 5 minutes asking “What they say? What? Whats so funny? Huh? I missed that! Again?” Doubt it. So put CC on. It isn’t that difficult.

When you see transcript/cc underneath a video…. Please DO NOT delete the CC. All you need to do is go to SOURCE’s page and Reblog from there. It isn’t that difficult. 

JUST BE RESPECTFUL because you won’t know who you have hurt/make someone feel upset. You’re unintentionally discriminating and be disrespectful to those who need CC/subtitles. 

Watch on humanrightscampaign.tumblr.com

What a Trump Administration Could Mean for LGBTQ Rights

We know that the LGBTQ and allied community are deeply concerned about the results of Tuesday’s election - and we are too. We’ve heard from many of you with important questions about what a Trump Administration could mean for LGBTQ people and our families, our marriages, and our service to country.

HRC’s Legal Director Sarah Warbelow and Government Affairs Director David Stacy, along with HRC Senior Program Specialist, HIV Prevention & Health Equity Noel Gordon, sat down for a Facebook Live to answer some of your questions.

Will marriage equality be overturned?

It’s not impossible, but it’s not likely. It’s a binding decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. Congress and Donald Trump cannot unilaterally undo marriage equality. Currently, all five justices who ruled in favor of marriage equality are still on the bench, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s hard to imagine how we lose marriage equality.

Will my parental rights be challenged?

Most adoption law is set at the state level. The U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling makes clear that legally married same-sex couples should be treated the same as every other married couple. We think that listing both parents on a birth certificate should be sufficient to establish parentage. However, if you are a non-biological parent you may want to take the extra step of also adopting your child - simply to make sure you have every legal tie available.

What if my same-sex spouse was born in another country?

The only concern is if your spouse has not come to the country with necessary documentation, isn’t now documented, or hasn’t applied for a green card. You should as quickly as possible ensure your spouse has a green card or legal documentation in place. If that is in place, there is no reason to believe your spouse would be deported.

Will protections for transgender people be undone?

One of the big things that the Obama Administration has done through the Departments of Justice and Education is issue guidance protecting transgender people and students. That guidance is at very grave risk; there is a good chance it will be withdrawn. However, that doesn’t mean underlying law protecting people from discrimination is going away. For example, school districts have a moral and legal responsibility to provide every student a safe learning environment. There likely won’t be the same level of enforcement from federal government under a Trump Administration, but people are still protected.

Can Don’t Ask Don’t Tell be reinstated?

As a technical matter, the new president could say that LGBTQ people can no longer serve in the military. That would be exceedingly unlikely. Openly LGB service in the military has been phenomenally successful. Military leadership feels good about it, and LGBTQ servicemembers have skills and expertise our military needs. That being said, transgender military service has just begun, and it is a little more at risk. But once the military implements something, it takes a lot to change course. If you’re in the military, if you’re openly LGB, you’ll have a lot of support. If you’re transgender in the military, this is a time to decide what’s best for you in regards to coming out, and we encourage you to speak with transgender military advocacy organizations for guidance while making your decision.

Will the healthcare I receive be affected?

There is nothing stopping hospitals and doctors’ offices from doing their best by their LGBTQ patients. Our concern is that a Trump Administration and the incoming Congress may push for huge carve outs allowing religious hospitals and healthcare facilities to discriminate against LGBTQ people by not recognizing same-sex marriages, for example, or not treating transgender people equally and with the dignity they deserve. We will be watching this like a hawk, and pushing back at any effort seeking to allow discrimination.

Will restaurants and places I do business be able to turn me away?

Unfortunately, both federal law and many states laws lack provisions preventing discrimination against LGBTQ people in places of public accommodation, including businesses and restaurants. If you have such protections under your state or local laws, that is certainly not going to change in the short run. Federal agencies and the courts will continue to accept employment discrimination complaints, but we do have concerns that the new administration will very likely not enforce these as vigorously as the Obama Administration has.

Know Your Rights

Entering the workforce can be an exciting yet daunting experience as a young adult. While plenty aspects of employment evoke many substantial benefits, there is one factor that many individuals take for granted in order to maintain their job. Workplace harassment and discrimination are big ‘no-nos’ when it comes to employment. It is vital for individuals to be able to recognize their rights as employees and the responsibilities of their employer. 

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U.S. women’s soccer players file federal complaint for equal pay

In a stunning turn of events, five U.S. women’s soccer players (speaking on behalf of the whole team) filed a wage discrimination complaint with the federal government on Wednesday, citing years of underpayment compared to their male counterparts. Women in the U.S. making, on average, 79 cents to each dollar a man makes. But with U.S. soccer, the gap is even more stark.

"You should make a complaint!"

So, I’ve noticed this pattern:

  • Someone will describe some act of discrimination or social violence
  • And then very well-meaning people will weigh in and say things like
  • “They can’t treat people that way!”
  • “Wow, you should really report that!”

Reporting incidents of discrimination can be a good thing, and sometimes it goes somewhere. But, hearing this well-intentioned advice can actually be really frustrating, for a number of reasons:

The thing about being a marginalized person is that discrimination is a routine experience, not an occasional outrage:

  • Things that sound like aberrations to folks who are usually socially valued enough to be treated well most of the time are daily life for a lot of marginalized people
  • If we filed a formal complaint every time we experienced this, we’d have no time or energy for anything else
  • And sometimes, we want to get on with our lives and do things other than fight discrimination
  • Which means that, sometimes, when we talk about discrimination, we’re not asking for advice on how to make it go away; sometimes we’re accepting that we’re not going to be able to make it go away this time
  • And it needs to be ok to disagree about the right way to proceed

Also, sometimes complaints don’t actually help:

  • When the bad thing is the rule rather than the exception, it’s unlikely that anyone will care.
  • When the offender is much more socially valued than the victim, it’s likely that no one will care
  • People who complain frequently are generally seen as problem whiners, even if they are entirely justified in every complaint they make

Complaints are a good idea sometimes. But complaining is a very personal decision. Understand the costs and risks of complaining. Do not pressure a marginalized person to make a complaint in order to make yourself feel better about the state of the world. Do offer to support them if they want to do so.

Tumblr Rhetoric of Empathy

An incident where a white man kills 3 Muslim students gets blown up on Tumblr for being racist, terrorist, and a hate crime. Dozens of posts condemning the media for not responding appear in less time than the police can report it. People get enraged that a local shooting wasn’t broadcast over the whole country immediately.

Any time a black person or other PoC gets shot or otherwise assaulted by police, Tumblr flips the fuck out. Post after post about it, all “#StayWoke” and “#BlackLivesMatter.” Posts detailing all the victims and the incident counts all get modified and recirculated. Every single incident in the country becomes a resurgence of these posts. (I’m not even going to link this part, you can see it literally daily.)

But THIS shooting in Virginia? Race doesn’t get a say? You have a black person clearly murdering white people, and you all just shut up? I see dozens and dozens of posts sending condolences to the victims, but none of y’all want to mention race all of a sudden? Why, because it doesn’t fit your goddamn agenda? Because it doesn’t actually fit this post, where they tried to force it as part of the Tumblr agenda?

This is called rhetoric of empathy, or simply just “bias.” You see, Tumblr users KNOW that if a white-on-black crime happens, the masses of Tumblr will love to hear the demonization of white people. But in the reverse, the masses of Tumblr condemn the demonization of black people. You love a story where the killer is someone you can hate, and the victim someone you can defend. Tumblr has allowed hate for the majority to exist, and encourages love for the minority. So in those earlier instances, it’s okay to overreact; it’s okay to get your facts wrong. It’s okay, because you’re already on the right side!

But what happens in an incident where the facts clearly contradict that? Instead of speaking on those facts, Tumblr goes and plays whatever victim cards they have left. So instead of being about a hate crime, it’s just about a shooting. Instead of being about race, it’s about gun violence. It might as well be a white-on-white shooting, because that’s all you’re going to care about. You can play the empathy card for the victims of murder, that’s there. But you can’t use race, because you’d be defending white people from a black murderer, and that just doesn’t sit right with Tumblr.

I’m posting this because as the rest of the situation plays out, I guarantee Tumblr will make a shift toward defending the murderer. There are already people defending him saying that his complaints of discrimination to Human Resources went unheard. Tumblr users will find some way to twist this, in fact, this. is. already. happening.  Where if the situation were reversed, a white person would be universally condemned by this site, and defenders would be dragged accordingly. And should these defenses fail, this will stay a hot topic for a week at most, before users find a different murder/hate crime that can fit the mold.

I want to clarify, I’m not taking sides. In fact, that’s the whole point. What happened here was a murder. What happens in other situations is also murder. There isn’t one more right or more wrong. There isn’t one that should be blown up on Tumblr over the other. If you want to say race played a part in one, fine. But don’t make that the SOLE issue when you do. And stop denying the race of the guy here. He was black, and he shot white people. Those are facts. Yes, they shouldn’t be used to fuel racism, but you can’t just ignore them just to make your worldview look prettier. This should be a lesson for Tumblr, although I highly doubt anything will change.


Students at University of Kansas want a professor fired for using the N-word

A group of graduate students at the University of Kansas have filed a discrimination complaint against assistant communications professor Andrea Quenette for her use of the word “n****r” in the classroom. Quintet has placed herself of leave pending an investigation. But according to a civil rights lawyer, the context of how she used the word may hurt the students’ case.

Megan Rapinoe, one of five star players who filed a wage discrimination complaint Thursday against U.S. Soccer, sharply criticized the organization for failing to provide a “baseline of respect” for the women’s team, telling BuzzFeed News that it had “stifled” negotiations for higher pay after their third World Cup victory last year.

“U.S. Soccer has made it crystal clear that they have no intention of providing us with equal or even comparable pay,” Rapinoe said. “We don’t think that’s right. We’re asking for a baseline of respect in the negotiating rooms and on the field.”

The women’s national team is expected to take in $8 million more in revenue than the men’s team in fiscal year 2017, and the women’s World Cup victory, according to the complaint, propelled U.S. Soccer to a $20 million surplus last year.

But data in the complaint, filed Thursday by Rapinoe, co-captains Carli Lloyd and Becky Sauerbrunn, goalkeeper Hope Solo, and Alex Morgan, the team’s promotional superstar, showed a yawning gap between how U.S. Soccer paid its male and female athletes, allowing a men’s team that lost all 20 of their annual friendlies to earn more money than a women’s team that had won every game. The inequality persisted even to details like the per diem allotted to women’s players, which was $12.50 less than men received, and the amount that players were paid for appearing on behalf of sponsors.

“We literally maxed out our bonuses last year, we did as well as we possibly could have, and the pay gap is still in the hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Rapinoe said. “That really gets me.”

On Twitter, Landon Donovan, one of the foremost American stars of the men’s game, suggested the sharp pay disparity highlighted in the complaint — which gave the men’s team a higher bonus for a loss than the women’s team received for a victory — was the result of poor negotiations by the women’s team.

“Both [teams] negotiate deals themselves, [they’re] not forced to accept them,” Donovan wrote, in response to a fan who pointed out the disparity in bonuses.

Scott Heppell / AP


But Rapinoe said it was “naive” for Donovan to expect that the women’s team could have simply negotiated for a better deal. “There was a ceiling put up over our heads, and [U.S. Soccer] weren’t willing to engage.”

Men’s soccer superstar Tim Howard also suggested that negotiations were at the root of the pay disparity. On ESPN’s SportsCenter, he said the women’s team “should fight for their rights and fight what they think is just compensation,” adding that the men’s team also had to negotiate higher pay.

“We, on the men’s side, have been fighting that battle for a long, long time and we certainly know what it feels like,” Howard said. “We felt underpaid for a long time and we had to negotiate our way to a settlement.”

On Twitter, Donovan refuted claims that he was denying issues of systemic sexism within U.S. Soccer and internationally.

Elaine Thompson / AP

“I have a twin sister, I’m the furthest thing from sexist,” he wrote.

U.S. Soccer also pushed back, saying the organization had long been at the forefront of women’s worldwide soccer development. But Rapinoe said that “wasn’t enough.”

“They need to keep pushing forward,” Rapinoe said. “People are watching our games, they’re filling our stadiums — this is the next step in the evolution of women’s football in this country, and they need to keep being the trailblazer.”

“Times have changed,” she added. “It may have been the case in the past that the men were making a lot more money, but now there are years — like this year — when we [brought in] more money than them.”

Belgian doctor refuses to treat a Jewish Patient.

A Belgian physician who refused to treat a Jewish woman with a fractured rib suggested she visit Gaza to get rid of the pain.

The physician made the remark on Wednesday while manning a medical hotline in Flanders, Belgium’s Flemish region, whose capital, Antwerp, has a sizeable Orthodox Jewish population, the local Jewish monthly Joods Actueel reported Thursday.

The woman, Bertha Klein, had her son, who is American, call the hotline at 11 p.m.

“I’m not coming,” the doctor reportedly told the son and hung up. When the son called again, the doctor said: “Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she’ll get rid of the pain.” According to Joods Actueel, the doctor confirmed the exchange, saying he had an “emotional reaction.”

Health ministry officials were looking into the incident, according to the monthly’s online edition. According to Joods Actueel, the doctor knew the patient was Jewish because of Klein’s son’s American accent.

The family called a friend, Samuel Markowitz, who is an alderman of the Antwerp district council and a volunteer paramedic. He called the doctor to confirm the exchange, and also recorded their conversation.

Hershy Taffel, Bertha Klein’s grandson, filed a discrimination complaint with the police.

“It reminds me of what happened in Europe 70 years ago,” Taffel told Joods Actueel. “I never thought those days would once again be repeated.”

Michael Freilich, the editor-in-chief of Joods Actueel, said the incident is particularly alarming because it comes amid a string of incidents that have occurred since the start of Israel’s attack on Hamas in Gaza on July 8 and that involve boycotts against Jews in Belgium.

Among the other incidents: an Orthodox Jewish woman was refused service at a clothes store in Antwerp, and police removed a sign in French and Turkish from a café near Liege that said dogs were allowed but Zionists and Jews were not.

How are people making fun of the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony? I thought they were amazing and beautiful. All of the work that was put into making that, so much talent, all of the technology and just breath taking effects. How could you complain about and insult these people? You need to learn to separate the people from the government. There are homophobic people everywhere including in Russia. Some may go to extremes but not every Russian is homophobic just because the government is. I have known some really nice Russians who were not homophobic. You say you don’t like how Russia is discriminating people of different sexuality yet you judge the people of Russia at the same time. Learn to appreciate and not judge people so quickly. Stop complaining about the one glitch at the beginning. I was so happy while watching the opening ceremony and the whole thing was beautiful. It made me genuinely happy for the first time in quite a while. Tumblr takes sexuality and gender discrimination complaints way too far. It’s all you guys ever talk about so stop.

Don’t you dare complain about the opening ceremonies.

Justice Dept. will not bring civil rights charges against Ferguson police officer, meanwhile, DOJ finds Ferguson Police Department racist, so what gives? [TW: Racism, Ethnocentrism, White Privilege, Offensive Content]

The actions of Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown, ‘do not constitute a prosecutable violation.’

The Justice Department on Wednesday released a report explaining why it will not pursue federal civil rights charges against Darren Wilson, the white police officer, who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, in Ferguson, Mo., last August.

The department found that Wilson’s actions “do not constitute a prosecutable violation” and there “is no evidence upon which prosecutors can rely to disprove Wilson’s stated subjective belief that he feared for his safety.”

Read: DOJ report renews outrage in Ferguson

In a second report, the Justice Department accused the police department in Ferguson, Mo., of racial bias and routinely violating the constitutional rights of black citizens by stopping drivers without reasonable suspicion, making arrests without probable cause and using excessive force, officials said.

The broader report on police practices also included seven racist e-mails written by Ferguson police and municipal court officials. A November 2008 e-mail, for instance, stated that President Obama could not be president for very long because “what black man holds a steady job for four years.” Another e-mail described Obama as a chimpanzee. An e-mail from 2011 showed a photo of a bare chested group of dancing women apparently in Africa with the caption, “Michelle Obama’s High School Reunion.”

The Justice Department did not identify who wrote the e-mails and to whom they were sent.

Federal officials opened their civil rights investigation into the Ferguson police department after the uproar in the St. Louis suburb and across the country over the fatal shooting of Brown last year. A grand jury in St. Louis declined to indict Wilson in November.

Although federal officials will not bring civil rights charges against Wilson, they see their broad civil rights investigation into the troubled Ferguson police department as the way to force significant changes in Ferguson policing.

Outgoing Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said last fall that the need for “wholesale change” in the Ferguson police department was “pretty clear.” In remarks two weeks ago, he said he was “confident that people will be satisfied with the results that we announce.”

Holder is expected to speak about the reports Wednesday afternoon.

In hundreds of interviews and in a broad review of more than 35,000 pages of Ferguson police records and other documents, Justice Department officials found that although African Americans make up 67 percent of the population in Ferguson, they accounted for 93 percent of all arrests between 2012 and 2014.

Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Brown’s family, said the report into police practices confirms “what Michael Brown’s family has believed all along, and that is that the tragic killing of their unarmed teenage son was part of a systemic pattern of policing of African American citizens in Ferguson.”

The findings come as Justice Department officials negotiate a settlement with the police department to change its practices. If they are unable to reach an agreement, the Justice Department could bring a lawsuit, as it has done against law enforcement agencies in other jurisdictions in recent years. A U.S. official said that Ferguson officials have been cooperating.

As part of its findings, the Justice Department concluded that African Americans accounted for 85 percent of all drivers stopped by Ferguson police officers and 90 percent of all citations issued.

[Archive: Federal civil rights charges unlikely against Ferguson police officer]

The review concludes that racial bias and a focus on generating revenue over public safety have a profound effect on Ferguson police and court practices and routinely violate the Constitution and federal law.

“We owe it, not just to law enforcement, but to Michael Brown,Tamir Rice and Eric Garner to figure out what’s really going on here so it can be addressed,” said Jeff Roorda, a former Missouri state representative and a spokesman for the St. Louis Police Officers Association, referring to others killed by police officers in Cleveland and New York. “Reaching conclusions from statistics about traffic stops I don’t think draws the whole picture.”

The Justice review also found a pattern or practice of Ferguson police using unreasonable force against citizens. In 88 percent of the cases in which the department used force, it was against African Americans.

In Ferguson court cases, African Americans are 68 percent less likely than others to have their cases dismissed by a municipal judge, according to the Justice review. In 2013, African Americans accounted for 92 percent of cases in which an arrest warrant was issued.

Justice investigators also reviewed types of arrests and the treatment of detainees in the city jail by Ferguson police officers. They found that from April to September 2014, 95 percent of people held longer than two days were black. The police department also overwhelmingly charges African Americans with certain petty offenses, the investigation concluded.

For example, from 2011 to 2013, African Americans accounted for 95 percent of all “manner of walking in roadway” charges, 94 percent of all “failure to comply” charges and 92 percent of all “peace disturbance” charges, the review found.

The shooting of Brown on a Ferguson street on Aug. 9 set off days of often violent clashes between demonstrators and police in the streets of Ferguson.

Elected officials, protest organizers and community leaders renewed calls Tuesday for Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson to resign — some adding that the department should be disbanded — and said the Justice Department probe should have gone further by investigating other municipal police forces in the area.

“I would speculate that the same pattern and practices of Ferguson exist in every other department in St. Louis County,” said Adolphus Pruitt, the president of the St. Louis NAACP, which has filed racial discrimination complaints against county police.

He added, “It’s time for the Ferguson police department to disappear.”

Justice Department investigators spent about 100 days in Ferguson, observing police and court practices, including four sessions of the Ferguson Municipal Court. They conducted an analysis of police data on stops, searches and arrests, as well as data collected by the court, and met with neighborhood associations and advocacy groups. The investigators also interviewed city, police and court officials, including the Ferguson police chief and his command staff.

In the past five years, the Justice Department’s civil rights division has opened more than 20 investigations of police departments, more than twice as many as were opened in the previous five.

The department has entered into 15 agreements with law enforcement agencies, including consent decrees with nine of them, including the New Orleans and Albuquerque police departments.

Kimberly Kindy, Sarah Larimer and Wesley Lowery contributed to this report.

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Source: Sari Horwitz for The Washington Post


Heath talked on Wednesday about the USWNT’s wage-discrimination complaint.

Why shouldn’t the elevator be worthy? It does its job all day and night without complaint, doesn’t discriminate between passengers and makes the lives of people much easier! The elevator sounds more worthy than most superheroes I know!

No racial discrimination complaints against Met police upheld
Force faced more than 240 complaints over 12-month period but found no case to answer as black police chief says Met is not learning from previous lessons
By Vikram Dodd

Metropolitan police officers faced more than 240 complaints of racial discrimination over a year but none of these was ultimately upheld, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

A freedom of information disclosure shows that it was concluded there was no “case to answer” in any of the complaints submitted – a figure that the chair of the body representing black police officers said was implausible.

DS Janet Hills, chair of the Metropolitan Black Police Association, described it as “an awful scenario”.

Illinois district must give full locker room access to transgender student - CNN.com
A Chicago-area school district violated anti-discrimination laws by denying a transgender student full access to the girl's locker room, federal authorities said, the latest inquiry to side with students who feel discriminated against by school policies.
By Ed Payne and John Newsome, CNN

The finding against Township High School District 211 concerns only one of numerous complaints of discrimination made by transgender students.

In 2013, a Colorado court was the first to clearly rule that transgender people must be treated equally. The family of a transgender first-grader went to court after their school district stop allowing their daughter to use the girl’s bathroom because she was born a boy. The ruling said such bans create a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.

That same year, California became the first state to allow transgender students to choose which bathrooms and locker rooms to use.

The federal government has followed suit. Last year, the Obama administration announced that transgender people are protected from discrimination under the Civil Rights Act.

But the report announced Monday by the Department of Education might highlight how thin the line is that schools must follow.

Like other districts faced with this dilemma, the district tried to find a negotiated solution by putting up privacy curtains in the girls’ locker room. Similar arrangements have kept schools from running afoul of anti-discrimination violations.

At Township High School District 211, however, the line between accommodation and discrimination came down to this: whether the student would be able to choose to use the privacy curtains, or whether the school could force her to do so.

The use of curtains might be OK, but the school can’t have a policy that singles out this student for mandatory use of the privacy curtains, the Department of Education report states.

“All students deserve the opportunity to participate equally in school programs and activities – this is a basic civil right,” Assistant U.S. Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon said in a statement.

The student, who hasn’t been publicly identified, participates on a girls’ sports team, but has been required to change and shower separately from her teammates and classmates.