treverez  asked:

Is it normal for us wiccans to go through discrimination? I can't count how many times people said I was evil, etc.

It’s as normal as the sun rising and setting every day (and sometimes happens just as often). Most people are misinformed or uninformed about Wicca and do believe it is evil. The pentagram is a satanic symbol in their eyes and as Wicca uses the pentagram, it is satanic. Wiccans are almost always discriminated against, and can sometimes be killed because of this. Wicca is becoming more accepted as a non-evil religion, but some people won’t ever change their views. I hate too say it but be careful about who you tell that you are Wiccan. Some people would look to harm you or your family if they found out. 

There are also lots of wonderful people in this world who will help you learn or just accept that this is the path you’ve chosen and look to learn more about it to better understand you.

There’s also people who couldn’t give too shits about what you do or what your religious choices are and will leave you alone too do what you want.

So to put it simply: yes it is very normal for Wiccans to be discriminated against…but there are people who disagree with anything will fight it.