Late term abortions seem to be a big factor in conservative voters. The things you hear about it sound shocking and extreme. Well, it sounds extreme because it is. Let me share with you some facts about late term/third trimester abortion.

First, it is important to know that there are only four doctors who openly perform third trimester terminations. Only four. Dr Carhart, Dr Hern, Dr Sella, and Dr Robinson. If an abortion is needed beyond the point of viability, specifically in the third trimester,  it is up to the discretion of one of these 4 doctors,  and you must travel to them (only 7 states allow this). To even visit with them is not cheap. It isn’t used as a birth control or “oops, changed my mind” option.

The point of viability is 24 weeks. That is when a fetus is considered viable. That means,  if for some unfortunate circumstance,  a woman had to deliver at that time,   the chances of the baby surviving are great. It would be difficult, with a long NICU stay,  but it would be more favorable towards living. That being standard, to terminate a pregnancy after that point is seen as taboo. If the fetus can survive outside the womb,  then why are you terminating it?

That’s where we go back to the first statement. There are only four doctors in this nation that will perform the procedure. They do not do it all willy nilly. No doctor,  even these four,  will terminate a healthy pregnancy just because. IT. DOES. NOT. HAPPEN.

88.7% of all abortions happen in the first trimester, or the first 12 weeks. Of that,  the majority is at or before 6 weeks. 8.5% of all abortions happen in the second trimester,  with the majority at the 13-14 week mark, and withering to a small less than 1.3% after 21 weeks. After 21 weeks, the number is 2%. Our continues to stagger down,  with the vast majority at 21-22 weeks, down to virtually none, <1%, after 24 weeks.

Of that 1%, it dwindles even less and less significantly after 24 weeks. And by then,  it isn’t really by choice. As I started earlier,  it seems extreme because it is. It is a major decision made by the woman and her medical advisors.

Almost all 24+ week abortions are wanted pregnancies. Women and families who wanted the baby,  who’ve prepared for a baby,  who’ve named or connected with the baby. Then they get a diagnosis. The pregnancy isn’t healthy.the baby won’t survive in utero to term. The baby won’t survive delivery.  The baby has severe developmental abnormalities. The baby’s brain didn’t develop. The baby has a fatal diagnosis. The baby would not live very long after birth and would be a painful and short life. Occasionally,  the mother has a diagnosis where continuing the pregnancy would likely result in the death of the mother,  but mostly,  it’s the baby, that while past the “point of viability” in gestational age, isn’t actually viable. These pregnancies and losses are wanted and mourned.

“Okay but what if a woman decided at 34-36+ weeks just to have an abortion?” Assuming you’re talking about a healthy pregnancy,  the doctor wouldn’t terminate. At that point,  the baby would just be delivered. If the mother didn’t want it,  the living baby would be placed as a ward of the state and adopted out. No doctor,  zero, would kill a healthy nearly full term baby.

The conditions for a late term abortion to occur would have to be extreme. Recreation abortion past viability is not a thing. You can “what if…” it all you want,  but it is not a thing. The what ifs aren’t humored, because they literally do not happen.

21% of all pregnancies,  excluding miscarriages,  end in abortion. 1 in 5. The chances are,  you know someone who has had one. They’re often silent,  and your attacks let them know they cannot trust you. But of that 21%, they’re almost all in the first trimester and before 6 weeks.

Let me give you links of you’re unsure.  Let me find you resources.  Let me recommend you watch ‘After Tiller’ (it’s on Netflix). Let me support you if you’re scared about your choice.

 I want to end the stigma about abortion. Especially the shenanigans about late term abortion. Please,  look into this.

Haley Peach

Liberals table bill to give judges enhanced discretion with mandatory victim surcharge
“Imposing a victim-fine surcharge on somebody that is a marginalized person that has an absolute inability to pay because of their financial circumstances, whether that be homelessness or not being employed, does not bolster a fair justice system, and we want to give the discretion to the judges,” she said.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould put forward a new bill Friday that is poised to reverse some elements of one of the previous Conservative government’s tough-on-crime laws that some judges have openly refused to impose on offenders and has been repeatedly criticized as unconstitutional.

The mandatory victim surcharge, part of the Increasing Offenders Accountability to Victims Act, or Bill C-37, which went into effect three years ago, set a mandatory surcharge of $100 or $200 per offence, depending on the severity, to fund programs to support victims of crime and to hold offenders accountable.

The surcharges are mandatory in cases when the sentencing judge does not impose a fine. In cases where a fine is included as a sentence, the surcharge would be 30 per cent of it.

But Wilson-Raybould introduced proposed changes that would give judges greater discretion in imposing the surcharge, paving the way for them to waive it altogether if the court finds it will cause “undue hardship” to offenders.

The controversial legislation has resulted in several constitutional challenges, underlining the inability of the unemployed, the homeless and the mentally ill to hand over money they simply don’t have.

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outer-space-phan  asked:

hey! so, i've done a spell to kind of get revenge for something my dad did. but, it didn't work at all, indeed, it did the contrary of what it was supposed to do. then i drew some sigils and did a spell for other thing AND NOTHING WORKED!!!! and i was wondering if you could help me to kind of "charge " my magic :// (sorry if i spelled something wrong lol i hope you could understand)

Uh. I don’t really “charge” other people’s magic, like ever. It’s not what I do. If I know someone, as friends, and I know that they need help, I might offer to cast a spell for them, but that’s at my own discretion and choice. It’s another thing for someone I have never previously had any contact with to ask me to do something so… Personal as to contribute my energies to a spell. I also certainly don’t want to get involved in someone else’s hexing when I’ve never cursed anyone else for my own reasons. So, yeah, I can’t help you here. :/


By: me

Spencer Reid x reader smut

Rated Mature

Reader discretion is advised. 


After a long week in Nevada, the team were finally on the jet heading home. You were the only one awake even though you needed sleep. Looking around the jet, your eyes settled on Dr. Spencer Reid. He looked so sweet lying there. Of course, you’ve seen him sleep a few times considering that you two have been dating for a while. It wasn’t a secret to the team either since it’s hard to hide anything from profilers.
You wanted to cuddle with Spencer so badly, that would surely help you sleep but you both agreed that when at work you’d be professionals, although occasionally teasing each other when no one was around.
The jet shook from turbulence making your stomach jump. Normally, it wouldn’t bother you but this time it did probably from lack of sleep. Getting up from your seat, you went to the rear of the plane to look for something that may help you sleep. Unfortunately, all they had left was coffee. No, that would keep you awake. You felt a hand on your back which made you jerk, turning you saw Spencer.
“You can’t sleep?”, asking with a smile.
“No. I thought you were sleeping.”
“I was but something is nagging me.”
“Oh, what’s the matter, Spence?”
Glancing back into the plane to make sure no one else was awake, Spencer grabbed your hand and placed it on his crotch which was hard to the touch.
“I was dreaming of you and now I’m horny.”
Responding with a smile, “Yes, I can feel that.”
Leaning towards you to kiss your neck, than whispered, “Do you want to join me in the bathroom?”
“Spencer!? Really? What if someone catches us?”
Pulling back with a big smile, “We better hurry.”
Without another word, you both walked into the rear bathroom. It was a bit cramped for two but it didn’t matter because the thrill of having sex on the jet was intoxicating.
Locking the door behind him, he wasted no time removing pants and underwear reaching down placing his hand between your legs began caressing your thighs and pussy while kissing your neck. He knew that was one of your many sweet spots. You tried not to make any sound as he placed his two longest fingers inside your hole and his thumb was playing with your clit. Sensing the you were about to moan, Spencer kissed your lips adding his tongue for more pleasure. Your hand was already on his dick, stroking it, making it harder with each stroke. Keeping a good rhythm with his fingers, he made you come.
Removing his fingers and his lips from you, he licked the fingers that were inside you, then moved to sit on the toilet seat and tapped his lap, then started playing with his dick. You moved over him, positioning yourself so his dick can enter your pussy. Lowering yourself on him, slowly slipping him in as you both quietly moaned. You slid up and down on him creating a rhythm of your own, as he placed his hands on your ass, squeezing. He was so deep inside you that it was getting hard not to scream out in pleasure. Noticing this, he moved one hand up your back to your head and pulled you into another kiss. You moved faster on him causing you to come on him. Squeezing your ass, he whispered,
“I can’t take it anymore.”
Knowing what that meant, you moved off him, turned, and placed your hands on the vanity bracing for entry. He slide himself into you, grabbed a hold of your breasts, quickly getting into rhythm. You bit your lips to not moan or scream as he felt so fucking good. It didn’t take long for his rhythm to increase, thrusting faster and faster. Feeling his breath on your neck, you knew he was close and for heaven’s sake, so were you. He knew exactly how to get you off. Without another thought, you came, biting your bottom lip harder. Feeling you, he trusted a few more times, stopped, and came inside you, pushing hard and squeezing your breasts.
“Oh Fuck!”, he quietly exclaimed, breathlessly.
Letting go of you then gently turning you around, he wrapped his arms around you, kissed your neck and whispered,
“I love you, (y/n).”
“I love you, Spence”
You embraced each other for a minute more then reluctantly moved away from each other. Quickly, got dressed then Spencer slowly opened the door to make sure no one was around. By this time, you felt weak, tired, perhaps even jet-lagged from the experience. He grabbed your hand and led you out of the bathroom to the main area of the jet, fixing a spot for you to lie down.
“Now you should be able to get some sleep.” he cracked with a smile.
“Oh yes. I feel so tired now. You wore me out, Spence.”
“My pleasure.”, winking at you before kissing you. “Good Night my love.”
“Good Night my baby.”
Lying down, you watched Spencer sit across from you, getting comfortable. Unable to keep your eyes open any longer, you shut them, reliving what just happened. It was intense, wonderful, and the most turned on you have ever been to this date. Spencer is an incredible lover and you were so happy that he was your man.
Terena G. Pickett (2016)

Yes, you can actually work yourself to death. But is that a surprise? | Sohaila Abdulali
A new study reveals what we all suspected: stressful jobs can kill
By Sohaila Abdulali

A recent study found that the less control you have over your job, the more likely you are to drop dead. Researchers studied 2,363 Wisconsin residents in their 60s for seven years, and found that “those in high-stress jobs with little control over their workflow die younger or are less healthy than those who have more flexibility and discretion in their jobs and are able to set their own goals as part of their employment.”

They also found that people with less control in demanding jobs were 15.4% more likely to die than those with more liberty to structure their own timelines and goals. They recommend that employers ease up a bit, for the good of all and suggest “job crafting,” which involves employees to redesign their jobs to make them more meaningful.

The more freedom employees in stressful jobs have, in other words, the more they flourish. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a Twinkie factory or managing a hedge fund – if you get to choose when you have your coffee break and what you want to get done before that, you’re more likely to be productive, and to live to work another day. If the boss lays off trying to control you all the time, you also get better at your job.

Celebrating Samhain Discretely

Honor the dead with your tummy: Eat apples and cinnamon foods.

Bob for apples!

Give an apple or pomegranate to the earth (bury or throw into nature)

Make a Jack-O-Lantern with a white candle inside to light the way for the spirits

Make a trip to the local cemetery and leave little gifts for our dearly departed

Bake soul cakes and share them

If you are dressing up for Halloween, go as a (non-offensive) fortune teller or wizard. You can carry your crystal ball, tarot cards, or pendulum with you without arousing suspicion.

Take a nature walk and revel in the beauty of the season

Incorporate Orange, Black, Silver, and White into your attire

“Accidentally” leave a plate of food out for the spirits

Re-organize an aspect of your living space to usher in a new year

Go through old letters and artifacts from your life and your family members’

Have a bonfire


Teen Wolf AU Trailer: Code 187
Please, note: viewer discretion is advised!

In the Police Radio ‘code 187’ is a code for murder.

or: Serial Killer AU, in which Derek is a bad guy.