[…] Every performance, the show makes tickets available to lottery winners for ten bucks. The lottery FAQ states that the number and location of tickets is at the discretion of the production and subject to change, but every time I have looked the goods are 21 front row seats. There is a 2-4 hour window the day of the show for entering online, a preset notification time, and if you get lucky, you have exactly 60 minutes to claim your prize and make the miniscule monetary purchase. You can enter to win one or two tickets only, and only you can use them, in person, driver license required. You also have to be flexible and prepared to cancel your carefully chosen dinner reservation if you win.

Once you try it, the process is fast and easy and you don’t get a bunch of junk emails trying to sell you stuff like you do most times you are required to use your email address for something, nor do you have to create an account, the bane of the online world. There’s no cost if you lose. It really is easy to do. The lottery says that on average they receive around 10,000 entries a day, but I’m assuming that most couples enter individually as my wife and I did, doubling your odds. So assuming a mix of single and double ticket requests, there should be roughly 14 winners per show, giving a couple around a one in 350 shot. Compared to almost any other contest that’s not bad at all, and if you visit the Big Apple for a week and enter for matinees and evening shows, you could have a better than one in 50 shot. Without hard data I’m making some educated guesses, but clearly your odds should improve during slow tourism periods and I’d assume for weekday matinees and non-weekend nights. If you live in New York and just keep entering, these guestimated odds suggest that sometime in 2017 you will see Hamilton for a ten spot. The lottery is also offered for the same low price for Hamilton in Chicago. […]

if there’s one thing i’ve learned over my 20 years on this mortal coil its stay the hell away from girls in chokers who smoke. they wear round sunglasses, they’ve got blogs with bad art. i don’t know if there’s a word for this incredibly mean stereotype but this is definitely a discrete category of person

Dare I Say Good News?

Visit today. Our worker came to supervise so we could go to Wal-Mart and use the Christmas stipend the state gives. It’s incredibly generous and overall less squicky to me than the giving trees and things some places do. This is a company that donates money, and DCS gets the foster parents to shop, then comes and pays for it.

Then we got back and found out bio mom still wants to surrender, and is going to sign paperwork tomorrow. Then Thursday, as in THURSDAY, is going before the judge. She’s also going to the jail to talk to bio dad to try and get him to surrender.

So. Lots of feelings. Technically starting next week visits are at our discretion. Our worker said that casually as she left. Obviously we’re not going to just stop them, especially right before Christmas. But I have NO clue how to navigate this. From things the bios were saying, they want to be invited to events at school and such, and have frequent visits. That’s not at ALL what I think is best for Juni, for a myriad of reasons. We’re going to talk to her therapist this week about it. I’d really like a mediated meeting somehow to talk expectation, but I don’t know if that’s even offered through our DCS.

I don’t want them to feel like we “cut and ran” with the kids, but we’ve got to try and figure out what’s best for them, not just because of traumas surrounding bios but because of Juni’s age and development and what she can comprehend at this point. And as of this moment frequent contact isn’t what feels right. I guess I’ve got to get used to the idea that the bio family will probably hate us regardless at some point. If anyone has experience with this, please please hit me up.

Cautiously excited, and anxious, and hopeful.

[ENG] 150814 JTBC ‘Witch Hunt’ - INFINITE Sunggyu (FULL) **REUPLOAD

Hello! Thanks for your patience! Unfortunately, Youtube and Dailymotion keeps taking down the video, so we can only upload it onto our Facebook page. Again, this is a rated R show, so please watch with discretion.


translated by: togetherinspirit7

Celebrating Samhain Discretely

Honor the dead with your tummy: Eat apples and cinnamon foods.

Bob for apples!

Give an apple or pomegranate to the earth (bury or throw into nature)

Make a Jack-O-Lantern with a white candle inside to light the way for the spirits

Make a trip to the local cemetery and leave little gifts for our dearly departed

Bake soul cakes and share them

If you are dressing up for Halloween, go as a (non-offensive) fortune teller or wizard. You can carry your crystal ball, tarot cards, or pendulum with you without arousing suspicion.

Take a nature walk and revel in the beauty of the season

Incorporate Orange, Black, Silver, and White into your attire

“Accidentally” leave a plate of food out for the spirits

Re-organize an aspect of your living space to usher in a new year

Go through old letters and artifacts from your life and your family members’

Have a bonfire