discovery stage

so when i was in the ~self discovery~ stage of coming to terms with my sexuality, i used to watch wlw couples on youtube. anyways, this one couple was an LDR couple US / UK, and whenever they got to meet they made compilation videos. so i literally LOVED them and their relationship, and i actually made a playlist of ALL the songs from their compilation videos. and when i’d listen to it i’d feel really happy (and also gay bc i began associate some of the songs with my crush at the time) and i just thought about that and wow. what a small gay i was

Swanqueen is canon.

This made me want it. At first i just thought it was over the top tv drama and their dynamic was still fresh and we really didn’t have a good grasp of the characters yet. but i felt this moment like a lightning bolt of possibilities. i knew because of the characters being attractive and oddly connected that at the very least the fans would be like, “I would totally watch these two gettin it on.”

This seemed like a mind game, Regina being polite and wanting her gone, but oddly interested in who she was and how she came to be in storybrooke. I Still wasn’t convinced that anything was going to come out of this, again, still in the discovery stage, but still wondering if she was thinking about apple cider + the taste of Emma’s lips. Those first looks were quite suggestive.

And then omfg, I mean right? By episode 2, I was full on shipping this and it was officially fueling exactly all of my sexual fantasies. This is, and always will be an obscene amount of eyesex. Regina just fires this fuck me now, right here in the grass look, and I actually killed the dvr because of it.

But this? this made me believe. THIS, is canon. forever in my heart. I totally thought she was going to kiss her, and it totally looked like Emma wanted her to. And when they didn’t my body genuinely ached. I felt the disappointment of this unrequited yearning for days.

And shit, because even though there was sinister intent, there was yet another look of staggeringly intense eyesex and if you only saw this gif without the context of the scene you would absolutely think they desperately wanted to rip each others clothes off, even in watching the context of the scene Emma didn’t know how to react to Regina seemingly being nice to her. So she pretty much just acts likes everyone does when standing in front of their crush not knowing what to say.

And after waiting for season 2 to start, this happened almost immediately, and I was shocked because of all the people to defend her, of all the people Regina cursed, Emma really did get the shit end of that stick. Yet, here she is, the only one willing to defend her when the angry mob shows up at her door.

And god dammit now they trust each other? “she’s not dying” and my poor shipper heart is just melting at every god damn scene at this point.

Oh and when she has the opportunity to rid herself of Snow White and the savior, she doesn’t, because she loves Henry, you know the kid, Emma’s son? Yeah totally loves the shit out of him and doesn’t want him to loose Emma. I.e. Emma is important to her.

And then the save youselve’s scene, I will stay behind and sacrifice my life and Emma calls bullshit and they make magic together, which honestly was kinda cooler than the idea of them making out, can you feel the sparks between them? I mean this scene was a literal slap in the face to that old saying. And the look they give each other when they think they both might die. God dammit because now every god damn thing is swanqueen and it hurts.


And because this is a family that loves each other, for better or worse they have excepted each others flaws and learned to work together. And the Swan Mills hug made my heart melt.

Saddest moment in human history. everyone cried. every single person in the world, some, for seemingly no reason, felt an epic sadness when this moment happened. If only those poor souls knew what was happening.

son of b*^*#@% these looks just kill me and now its more than just wanting them to hump and paying actual money to see that, i just want them to admit they love each other and maybe passionately kiss for a few seconds. Thats it and i will just die.

then of course the look she gets when she thinks she accidentally killed her. Also a great hair porn moment but there is pain in her eyes and it almost killed me to watch it unfold.

Then dammit, because we were so close, and then this shit happens over a beard who as it turns out, treats her like shit, and Emma is just busted up over it. Her promise, her family, is broken and if she could just explain, they could work it out. Although her heart was broken and i hated to see Regina sad, a part of me jumped out of my skin and was like YES! one beard down, one to go, Viva La Swanqueen bitches!

At this point in the series i started to question why this keeps happening to me, I’m a good person, i work hard, i pay my taxes, i don’t deserve this kind of torture, yet another god damn look that is just a punch in the heart to all the loyal swen fandom. I apologize for this, someone should.

Maybe I need you? Maybe I need a lobotomy at this point, I need this or that, but Regina just gay faced told Emma she needs her and i need to lie down. followed up by the “you’re better than this” scene and uggghhh i need a drink.

women after my own heart.

But this, this fucking killed me. I’ve been sitting around waiting for months trying to figure out how Regina will save Emma. Envisioning her in multiple scenarios from summoning Emma, to bickering with the stupid beards about how she will never give up on her, so… I guess the point of this epic post is this…

Dear OUAT staff, If Swanqueen isn’t endgame, be prepared for the label of “THE WORSE ENDING TO A SERIES EVER.” Because after this roller coaster of a relationship so far, for these two and their son to not end up together as a family, for these two amazing women to not end up as a couple, will be the biggest folly in television writing ever. Every single episode since 1x1 has been the makings for the most incredible love story I have ever seen. And if so, kudos and thank you, for letting me and swen and the ouat fandoms be a part of it, for creating it, for being the reason I found a home in a fandom. The reason I started writing again, *actually tearing up. And if not, then it was just another tv show. #This could be history in the making.

In the Wake of: Nocturnal Wonderland

Done, occurring, or active at night.

For the nocturnal ones, the night owls, the ones who chug along with barely enough sleep. To you who crave BASS: the deep, dark auditory signals of the very night in which you thrive, this weekend was for you. The real insomniacs. But of course, you knew that. The Nocturnal Wonderland brand has always been special because of the feeling it serves. We’ve followed Alice’s dusky, streaked face and strolled with her as she traveled down the rabbit hole: the vibrant white lights of White Wonderland melted away long ago and transitioned into the whimsical feeling of Beyond. We then bombarded our senses in the strong vibrant glow of a huge pulsing city made of neon lights. Three sleepless nights in the desert passed over us like a warm familiar dream as we saw the sun set and wake thrice over the Electric Daisy Carnival. And though it’s not quite Halloween yet (where the menacing and macabre rule the night), we had Nocturnal, where Wonderland looked familiar, but a little pitched.

Last weekend, it was a celebration. We participated in a stimulation of all the senses as we explored the darker depths of the Wonderland universe. Perhaps you visited the Upside Down Room, the stage that signifies the deep steady dirge with reverberating basslines and the feel of a gritty warehouse. Maybe you’re an adventurous soul and desired to be at the Queen’s Ground, where structure and rhyme served no purpose – just pure unstifled madness and creativity. Or perhaps you were already craving the witching party time, ready to dance into the wee hours while everyone else is waiting for the midnight oil. Just for you, the Sunken Garden and Bassrush Experience sank you to your knees with raw unbridled bass music, just as quick to knock one on their ass as it was to amaze. Or perhaps you visited Alice’s House, where she welcomed you with the complex, yet familiar sounds of trance you’ve known and loved. Or perhaps you were just looking to lose yourself in the Labyrinth.

Maybe you were an explorer, eager to push your musical knowledge to the limits, open up your mind, and take in the sights. The Discovery Stage and Wide Awake Art Car were there for you, to make you find something exciting and reward you by smacking you in the face with the strong hands of hard electro, broken beats, and deep/tech house.

Whatever it was that drove your night owl journey, you know you want to live it again. You can feel the anticipation in the air, all the familiar cues from the countless journeys into Wonderland, but this time, in the nocturnal state of mind, you embraced the dark shrowd with the light.

At Nocturnal Wonderland, the night is in your hands…


EDC LAS VEGAS QUINTINO Discovery Stage (by gbg916)

Five Stages of Internet Kerfluffle

A Highly Unscientific Guide to Drama on Social Media

1. Discovery

This is the point at which the offending behavior is discovered by several people and discussion begins. At this point the discourse is mostly civil, as people solidify their positions and make their own opinions.

2. Clamor

This is the point at which the strongest/loudest arguments begin to be lifted up as the group opinion, or the Position, on the Discovery with folks retweeting a few tweets/posts and adding their own approval to the Position. This Position is picked up by those outside of the initial Discovery and furthered and compounded. Most internet discussions will only experience the Discovery and Clamor stage, but when an opposing group catches on to the Position that may lead to Pushback.

3. Pushback

This is the point at which the Position undergoes Discovery by a group outside of that of the original Discovery. This is essentially Discovery for the new group, which exists outside of or on the periphery of the original social network. This new group will undergo its own Discovery and Clamor in response to the Position posited by the first group. The meeting of these two Positions is the actual peak of the internet brouhaha and the birth of the Kerfluffle, with each group loudly defending their Positions. This is where you will see the most social media activity and response pieces.

4. Reframing, Restating, Reevaluating

This is the point at which the Position on either side begins to break down. Individuals will begin to either adhere to the group Position by restating it, change the group position to a more palatable one by reframing the overall meaning/context, or reevaluate their group Position in the context of the opposing Position. At this point discourse is no longer productive, with everyone solidifying their opinion as to one Position or another or a hybrid of both Positions. This is also the point where you would see concern trolling, with folks reframing their Position as one of care and concern in order to delegitimize the Pushback.

5. Retreat

The group dynamic breaks down and individuals either retreat from the Kerfluffle or continue defend the Position until it is no longer relevant. But there are long lasting effects of the Kerfluffle as people remember past Kerfluffles and use them to put the current Kerfluffle into context. Tenuous social media connections may have been severed during the Kerfluffle while existing connections are either damaged or strengthened depending on which side of the debate each individual was on. During retreat is also where many individuals will participate in the Flounce, a dramatic exit in light of overwhelming opposition.

And there you have it!