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     While driving down Interstate 5 through Santa Ana, California, you may have spotted this rocket. Even for space fans, identifying this vehicle may be difficult. It is a rare Delta Cryogenic Second Stage (DCSS) for the short lived Delta III rocket. This DCSS has a home at Discovery Cube Orange County, where she acts as an effective billboard for this educational museum. This equipment is appropriately placed near Huntington Beach where this particular payload fairing was manufactured.

     On August 27, 1998, the Delta 259 mission lifted off from Launch Complex 17B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, marking the first flight of a Delta III, carrying the Galaxy 10 communication satellite. During the burn of its first stage, a design flaw in the rocket’s guidance system caused it to violently diverge from its planned trajectory and begin to break up. During the breakup process, the flight termination system was activated by the range safety officer, causing what was left of the rocket to explode. The Galaxy 10 satellite could be seen that night as a flaming ball streaking down until it spectacularly exploded as it hit the Atlantic Ocean. 

     The second flight of a Delta III would take place on May 5, 1999, as the Delta 269 mission flew from the same pad. Thanks to a manufacturing flaw in the Pratt & Whitney RL10B-2 engine, the second stage burn was cut short, causing the stage to tumble into a useless orbit. The Orion 3 communication satellite was written off and a second payload was lost.

     A final flight of the Delta III would take place on August 23, 2000, with the Delta 280 mission, which carried a dummy payload called DM-F3. This time, the flight was a success, but it was too late for the Delta III. The commercial satellite industry took a steep dive in the late 1990s. The more powerful Delta IV was just a few years away from its first flight, and Boeing was pursuing a more conservative Delta II Heavy rocket. These factors, combined with the failures, caused the Delta III to be quietly shelved. Some spare parts from the program were flown on various Delta II and Delta IV flights, and in the late 2000s, Boeing donated this DCSS to Discovery Cube Orange County where it stands today, greeting passersby on Interstate 5.

Imagine Barba v Reagan custody trial PART ONE

Masterlist With all the Parts HERE 

Imagine Barba v Reagan custody trial PART ONE

“May I make an observation, Y/N,”

“It’s your hour,” You shrugged.

“Actually it’s yours,” She reminded with a small comforting smile, “Which is what I wanted to say. We’ve had a couple of sessions now Y/N and you haven’t really discussed how you feel about what is going on for you at the moment,”

“I have my reasons,” You offered.

“Would you like to share those with me?“ She inquired simply.

"Your services are being paid for by Mr. Barba which understandably could make you bias so I feat whatever I say could easily be misinterpreted into supporting him,” You elaborated.

“I’ve noticed that you rebel from anything involving your Father,” She observed.

“He’s not my Father,” You stated.

“Even the mention of him, you rebel,” She continued.

You shifted uncomfortably in your seat and looked around the room for the umpteenth time this session. You were in a yet another session with your court mandated therapist. She was nice enough and very good at her job. It took a lot of effort to deflect her questions and not reveal too much to her. You were weary about opening up but most of the time you ended up doing just that. You feared to have all your private thoughts and feelings aired out for your family to hear. You often used the excuse of her having a bias as a reason to deflect. It was clear bias, its how it works in the real world. Though you knew deep down that she obviously didn’t have one but it was a sufficient enough barrier to stop yourself from talking. You tried to get things out of her instead as your Law Guardian had just concluded the ‘discovery’ stage of your case which meant that she had interviews with all of you family members, teachers and anyone else who is in contact with you. Though you weren’t supposed to know this, you just researched it.

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Toward a New Type 2 Diabetes Drug

Researchers have identified a new drug that protects mice from high fat-induced diabetes and reverses disease symptoms in diabetic mice. This discovery sets the stage for someday testing the same approach in people.

The study, published March 27 in Nature Chemical Biology, was led by Stephanie Stanford, PhD, Nunzio Bottini, MD, PhD, and their teams at UC San Diego School of Medicine and La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, in collaboration with Anthony Pinkerton, PhD, and his team at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute.

Stanford explains:

“People with an over-active version of an enzyme called LMPTP are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome, a precursor to type 2 diabetes. We discovered that LMPTP promotes insulin resistance — an underlying cause of type 2 diabetes — during obesity.

“We thought that inhibiting LMPTP might treat the disease. To test this idea, we developed a new oral drug that inhibits LMPTP and tested it in mice. We found that the drug activates insulin receptors in obese mice. The drug also reverses diabetes in these mice without any overt negative side effects. The drug works because it sensitizes cells to insulin stimulation, lowering insulin resistance and restoring glucose tolerance.

We are currently looking for options to move this compound forward to preclinical safety and toxicity studies. Our long-term goal is to advance this LMPTP inhibitor to clinical trials in people.”

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My feelings about The New Day vs The Shield, in Stages:

First discovery:

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Then realizing you have to pick a winner:

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Finally, acceptance:

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Stages of Intp liking someone

(from my personal experience)

Stage 1 - Discovery

*Intp finds someone interesting*
*listens intently to everything they say*
*suddenly can’t stop staring at person*

Stage 2 - Thinking

*Intp finds self thinking about what funny thing interesting person said and laughs at the thought around 2am*
*wants to get to know person better, unable to get courage to walk up to the person and say hello*
*starts thinking about different, interesting conversations Intp will never have with person*

Stage 3 - Idolizing

*realizes everything the person does is wonderful and fascinating*
*can’t stop staring*
*believes person is the most perfect human Intp has ever encountered*
*still has yet to initiate conversation*
*realizes person doesn’t notice Intp*
*Intp believes person is perfect for them and thinks of scenarios where they bond over similar interests*

Stage 4 - Research

*brain somehow malfunctions whenever person is around*
*researches symptoms that reoccur whenever around person*
*Intp learns that they are in the midst of a crush*

Stage 5 - Distancing

*regrets ever being fascinated by person as they are unable to control their pupils from dilating when seeing person*
*stays as far away from person as much as possible until years pass and they never see person again*
*Intp still blushes at the thought of person*

Stage 6 - Deconstructing

*Intp refuses to believe these are feelings of love for they never actually interacted with the person, thus not knowing the person’s true self and was only captivated by the idea of interesting person*
*still has symptoms of crushing on person even though Intp is aware that feelings were for a person who they never really knew*

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Munday meme - Multimuse edition

👻: Which is your most mischievous muse?

I will have to say of the muses that are currently available it would have to be Neena. She enjoys pranking others and getting a rise out of someone, especially when she is bored. It is absolutely dangerous when she gets bored because she does not hold back. Also if you make an enemy out of her she will do all she can to have the last prank and word.

🐎: Which of your muses is the fastest?

Shoji would be the fastest of my muses because of him being a Tengu. He has a huge advantage thanks to this. Also having wings kinda helps in the speed department. 

🐷: Which of your muses is the naughtiest?

Well… None of my muses have reached this discovery stage yet. There are some who I feel would be. I will say this, do not get Miyaki drunk. So I guess that is a good small hint for you.

🐺: Which of your muses is the most unsocial?

Well it would have to be a close tie between Shoji and Peter. Both don’t really enjoy talking to others. Shoji prefers to be on his own because having lost his family he does not wish for that to be used against him again if he came to treasure another. As for Peter, he just hates others in general, except his grandmother who rescued him from the horrible days he spent in an orphanage. He prefers the company of animals over that of other humans. However, he will respond typically when addressed, but he will say the bare minimum.

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Swanqueen is canon.

This made me want it. At first i just thought it was over the top tv drama and their dynamic was still fresh and we really didn’t have a good grasp of the characters yet. but i felt this moment like a lightning bolt of possibilities. i knew because of the characters being attractive and oddly connected that at the very least the fans would be like, “I would totally watch these two gettin it on.”

This seemed like a mind game, Regina being polite and wanting her gone, but oddly interested in who she was and how she came to be in storybrooke. I Still wasn’t convinced that anything was going to come out of this, again, still in the discovery stage, but still wondering if she was thinking about apple cider + the taste of Emma’s lips. Those first looks were quite suggestive.

And then omfg, I mean right? By episode 2, I was full on shipping this and it was officially fueling exactly all of my sexual fantasies. This is, and always will be an obscene amount of eyesex. Regina just fires this fuck me now, right here in the grass look, and I actually killed the dvr because of it.

But this? this made me believe. THIS, is canon. forever in my heart. I totally thought she was going to kiss her, and it totally looked like Emma wanted her to. And when they didn’t my body genuinely ached. I felt the disappointment of this unrequited yearning for days.

And shit, because even though there was sinister intent, there was yet another look of staggeringly intense eyesex and if you only saw this gif without the context of the scene you would absolutely think they desperately wanted to rip each others clothes off, even in watching the context of the scene Emma didn’t know how to react to Regina seemingly being nice to her. So she pretty much just acts likes everyone does when standing in front of their crush not knowing what to say.

And after waiting for season 2 to start, this happened almost immediately, and I was shocked because of all the people to defend her, of all the people Regina cursed, Emma really did get the shit end of that stick. Yet, here she is, the only one willing to defend her when the angry mob shows up at her door.

And god dammit now they trust each other? “she’s not dying” and my poor shipper heart is just melting at every god damn scene at this point.

Oh and when she has the opportunity to rid herself of Snow White and the savior, she doesn’t, because she loves Henry, you know the kid, Emma’s son? Yeah totally loves the shit out of him and doesn’t want him to loose Emma. I.e. Emma is important to her.

And then the save youselve’s scene, I will stay behind and sacrifice my life and Emma calls bullshit and they make magic together, which honestly was kinda cooler than the idea of them making out, can you feel the sparks between them? I mean this scene was a literal slap in the face to that old saying. And the look they give each other when they think they both might die. God dammit because now every god damn thing is swanqueen and it hurts.


And because this is a family that loves each other, for better or worse they have excepted each others flaws and learned to work together. And the Swan Mills hug made my heart melt.

Saddest moment in human history. everyone cried. every single person in the world, some, for seemingly no reason, felt an epic sadness when this moment happened. If only those poor souls knew what was happening.

son of b*^*#@% these looks just kill me and now its more than just wanting them to hump and paying actual money to see that, i just want them to admit they love each other and maybe passionately kiss for a few seconds. Thats it and i will just die.

then of course the look she gets when she thinks she accidentally killed her. Also a great hair porn moment but there is pain in her eyes and it almost killed me to watch it unfold.

Then dammit, because we were so close, and then this shit happens over a beard who as it turns out, treats her like shit, and Emma is just busted up over it. Her promise, her family, is broken and if she could just explain, they could work it out. Although her heart was broken and i hated to see Regina sad, a part of me jumped out of my skin and was like YES! one beard down, one to go, Viva La Swanqueen bitches!

At this point in the series i started to question why this keeps happening to me, I’m a good person, i work hard, i pay my taxes, i don’t deserve this kind of torture, yet another god damn look that is just a punch in the heart to all the loyal swen fandom. I apologize for this, someone should.

Maybe I need you? Maybe I need a lobotomy at this point, I need this or that, but Regina just gay faced told Emma she needs her and i need to lie down. followed up by the “you’re better than this” scene and uggghhh i need a drink.

women after my own heart.

But this, this fucking killed me. I’ve been sitting around waiting for months trying to figure out how Regina will save Emma. Envisioning her in multiple scenarios from summoning Emma, to bickering with the stupid beards about how she will never give up on her, so… I guess the point of this epic post is this…

Dear OUAT staff, If Swanqueen isn’t endgame, be prepared for the label of “THE WORSE ENDING TO A SERIES EVER.” Because after this roller coaster of a relationship so far, for these two and their son to not end up together as a family, for these two amazing women to not end up as a couple, will be the biggest folly in television writing ever. Every single episode since 1x1 has been the makings for the most incredible love story I have ever seen. And if so, kudos and thank you, for letting me and swen and the ouat fandoms be a part of it, for creating it, for being the reason I found a home in a fandom. The reason I started writing again, *actually tearing up. And if not, then it was just another tv show. #This could be history in the making.

okay guys, I'm happy to say I've moved past bisexual. im past the discovery stage, and I've finally decided on a real sexuality for myself

sike still bisexual fuck you