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SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 22: (Top L-R) James Frain, Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs, Mary Wiseman and Shazad Latif (Bottom) Anthony Rapp and Doug Jones from CBS’ ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ pose for a portrait during Comic-Con 2017 at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego


sylvia tilly in every episode - 1.03 context is for kings
“ they uh, they told me because of my special needs that i couldn’t have a roommate, which was kind of a letown because a roommate is, like, an automatic built-in friend. but then they told me i was gonna have a roommate, and so now i guess that’s you. ”

2285, Admiral Georgiou and Commander Saru, both approaching retirement but Philippa isn’t ready to call it a day yet. Saru is also commonly referred to as Commander Georgiou at this point, something that, 30 years on, still makes his heart very fluttery.