discovery of romance

people say you’re lucky to be in love with your best friend, but I think you’re luckier to love yourself.
—  musings from a book I’ll never write

Three good points? First, you’re cool. More guts and charisma than ordinary guys. I fell head over heels for that. And also… second, you’re warm. Your true feelings are not too hot or too cold, just the right temperature. And… third! You know all those reasons yourself. That’s what I like. Since you know well about yourself, wouldn’t… you understand me as well?

when i was younger
the romantic movies
i watched with hopeful eyes,
taught me that fighting for
someone you love and to
win them back
was romantic.

no one ever told me
that this wasn’t romantic,
i only learnt this when 
i found myself crying in
my room alone after
exhausting my myself 
from chasing after someone
who left me.

now i realize the romantic
thing you can do is
love yourself,
the universe will gift
you with someone who
you’ll never have to chase after.