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greengianturanus  asked:

OK OK OK. BUT. Have you ever considered the idea of Allura and Coran wondering what earth is like, and the Paladins don't really know where to start because there's just too much to cover, and then one of them(either Lance or Pidge or Hunk) gets a big smile on their face and they just somehow pull up the Discovery Channel song "I Love the Earth" (Boom De Ah Dah) Bonus points if Allura and Coran think earth is the Australia of the Galaxy. Earth sounds crazy dangerous, but hella cool!

[clutches chest] jesus

pidge pulls it up (i can’t decide which of the trio suggests it but it’s definitely one of them) and they all crowd around to watch it and the three of them are all grinning big and wide when the music starts up. 

allura and coran are just blown away by how daring these little earthlings are. standing on active tectonic sites? going towards natural disasters?? jumping from aircrafts??? for recreation???? they must be a race of adrenaline junkies


Three good points? First, you’re cool. More guts and charisma than ordinary guys. I fell head over heels for that. And also… second, you’re warm. Your true feelings are not too hot or too cold, just the right temperature. And… third! You know all those reasons yourself. That’s what I like. Since you know well about yourself, wouldn’t… you understand me as well?


To the love of my life, the 4D, Alien, 5-year-old cute kid, Adorkable, Prankster, Big Brother, Loving son, Dependable Friend, Best Leader, Talented Actor, Baddest Rapper; Eric; happiest birthday to you ♥♥
May all your life be full of health, laughter, & happiness.
Thank you for being the Best Leader ever, not only in Kpop. Shinhwa is in your good hands ♥♥


Dedicating all his efforts for the group Shinhwa, for such a long time, even on the expense of his own solo activities. & Before he sys yes to a solo project, he firstly seeks to take the agreement of all the members. That’s Shinhwa’s considerate, selfless & thoughtful leader, Eric Mun.
“Eric is really like an otaku. After we left our first agency, as the leader of Shinhwa, he became the otaku of Shinhwa. Even now, he worries a lot for Shinhwa and is also in charge of dealing with external matters. He is a leader I’m thankful to and can trust.”
- Kim Dongwan.