discovery of love


To the love of my life, the 4D, Alien, 5-year-old cute kid, Adorkable, Prankster, Big Brother, Loving son, Dependable Friend, Best Leader, Talented Actor, Baddest Rapper; Eric; happiest birthday to you ♥♥
May all your life be full of health, laughter, & happiness.
Thank you for being the Best Leader ever, not only in Kpop. Shinhwa is in your good hands ♥♥

wahhh, what a life

back in 2014 or 2015, I watched Discovery of Romance and rooted for the 2nd lead guy. Because why would you choose your ex when your current boyf is perfect like Nam Hajin?

but now it’s 2017. I discovered Shinhwa in weekly idol ep. Well, it’s not the first time I saw them because they appeared like 2 times in Running Man, and I watched AOHY too last year, but man after weekly idol I really love them and watched their Shinhwa Broadcast, and here i am, re-watching Discovery of Romance and crazily rooted for Kang Tae Ha. ahahhaahhahah




Three good points? First, you’re cool. More guts and charisma than ordinary guys. I fell head over heels for that. And also… second, you’re warm. Your true feelings are not too hot or too cold, just the right temperature. And… third! You know all those reasons yourself. That’s what I like. Since you know well about yourself, wouldn’t… you understand me as well?