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“You’ve proven that you’re as accomplished as any Vulcan, which is gonna serve you well.. as long as you never forget that you’re human too. You need to nurture that side..”

Star Trek Discovery Episode 6 “Lethe”

aka in which amanda grayson continually proves to be the best mother in the galaxy. 

friendly reminder than in two months the same Nerd Boys crying over a female doctor will be sobbing when a gay writer exacts his gay revenge in the new star trek series starring mutliple poc (with the lead being the beautiful sonequa martin-green) and at least one openly gay character. please support star trek discovery when it comes out, not for the tears of the male ego (although tbh that will also be amazing) but for the generations of kids that will finally see themselves living their lives and falling in love and leading badass adventures on screen. thank for my ted, goodbye 


Despite the risks of our mission, I remain optimistic. It’s hard not to be, in the face of such beauty. In this case, a binary star system. Around these two suns, ice and dust and gasses collide to form planets future generations will call home — a humbling reminder that all life is born from chaos and destruction.

michael burnham

  • is the first human to attend the vulcan science academy
  • has a background in xenoanthropology and is a big fat NERD who constantly tries to one-up her chief science officer
  • follows the surakian way but lets emotions inform her logic
  • is curious to the point of impulsivity and recklessness
  • loves her crew and her captain
  • has lost so much to the klingon empire
  • volunteered for a suicide mission so that her captain could remain alive
  • watched her captain and friend die at the hands of her own personal demons and was unable to recover her body
  • is grief-stricken and assumes the guilt and responsibility for an entire war
  • believes in starfleet and its principles
  • is an amazing and utterly unforgettable protagonist even after only two episodes
Sometimes the most beautiful things in life exist within the unknown. They remain discrete, unseen, and often unnoticed. So take your courage, and allow for it to accompany you into this unknown. Travel to the unchartered lands of your life, and discover this beauty that exists.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Jordan Battle on Twitter
“Nerrmmetra! #CampCamp #overwatchcosplay”

OMG… You guys!! Was listening to AfterBuzz’s TV Camp Camp Aftershow Podcast while I was drawing and found out that two of the animators for the show have been drawing Camp Camp fanart on their own time.

Jordan Battle has been drawing them as Overwatch characters.

And Yssa Badiola the lead animator has been drawing highschool fanart and ships Makki!!

Yssa Badiola’s HighSchool AU: 

THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TOOO!! I recommend you give them both a good look through!

When I’m with you,

I can feel again. 

When I’m with you, 

I feel like I can breathe once more.

I’m no longer an empty shell, withering. 

When I’m with you, 

I feel a warming essence surrounding me. 

I forget all cold thoughts. 

I forget all worries. 

When I’m with you, 

I feel like I’m blooming. 

Both warmth and peace flow through my veins, 

Surrounding me. 

When I’m with you, 

I feel at home, for my home is wherever you belong. 

—  c.f. // home
Everyday you are growing
more and more
into the person you are meant to be,
expanding infinitely to fill the life vessel
that is your unique being.
So if right now
your overall sense of self
is one of uncertainty,
and vague confliction,
worry not, for
you are only just beginning to meet
—  d.c.