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New Discovery Channel Boss Rich Ross Getting Rid Of ‘Fake Stuff,’ Bringing Back Science and… Discovery

The Discovery Channel’s new boss, Rich Ross, spoke with reporters and TV critics today at Winter TV press Tour 2015, and immediately won the room over by promising to move the venerable cable channel away from its current style of programming, Deadline is reporting.

Rich Ross admitted to TV critics today that The Discovery Channel‘s main focus of late has been on pseudo-scientific schlock like “Megalodon: The New Evidence” and not one, but two fake-mermaid documentaries; and vaguely-scientific-sounding, scripted “reality” programs like “Finding Bigfoot” or “Sons of Guns.”  Read more…

Hopefully this means no more fake Megalodon crap.

It will take years to undo the damage this has caused to many people understanding of science.  There are so many people that believe what they see on the discovery channel, because they’ve purposely tried to make their fictional programs look like fact.  Every time I do a classroom presentation I have to answer questions from kids who are convinced these fake shows are real.  Though I’ll be a little disappointed to see our sales of Megalodon teeth really spike during shark week.


So… just found this on youtube

I can’t tell if its brilliant or awful but it had me in hysterics - watch it now!

STOP THE AIRING OF EATEN ALIVE AND BOYCOTT THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL. The Discovery Channel is now commiting animal abuse for creating a show called…

I’m sure it’s going to be faked, but I don’t care.  The fact that they even made a show like this makes my blood boil.

1. It’s impossible for a green anaconda to swallow a full grown man.
2. Even if it were possible, in order to get him out, you’d have to cut the snake open or force a regurge, both would be very stressful to the snake and definite animal abuse.
3. This is SENSATIONALISM.  Complete and utter garbage.  Just perpetuating the idea that snakes are man-eaters.
4. The man calls himself an animal lover  but no self respecting animal lover would ever pull a stunt like this.  It’s sick.


The World (of Eorzea) is Just Awesome, shot and edited by Percimont Brisenoix (Excalibur)