Safety First 

• No red light is worth the risk. Wait. Respect all traffic laws and never assume a vehicle sees you. Run on the sidewalk and share it with pedestrians. As our group grows, safety is our #1 priority. 


• If you see the runners in front of you stop, make sure you let the crowd behind you know. Call out cars, uneven sidewalks, and pedestrians. 

Follow The Music 

• Our Pulse Keepers (Pacers) will keep you safe and lead the way. If you hear music, you are close enough to someone that knows what they’re doing. Listen to all Pulse Keepers, they’re in charge. They dictate pace for a premium experience. 

Stronger Together

• We will remain as a pack. This is not a race, but an experience around Los Angeles. Be prepared to stop if huge gaps start forming. 

Respect The Hood

Never litter. While we are exploring street art in residential neighborhoods, please keep noise level to a minimum. Once we hit the main streets, it’s all good. 

Give Credit To Street Artist 

• We will always mention the name of the street artist during the run. Please tag them on social media to show that their work is appreciated. Tons of hours go into making these pieces. 

Reflective Gear Strongly Suggested 

•  We run at night. The night is dark and dangerous. Please come prepared with some reflective gear or a running light. We want all cars to notice our group. 

Picture Ready 

• We have photographers along the route to capture you in motion. These pictures are for you to post on social media and for BlacklistLA websites. Occasionally, BlacklistLA gets featured on other websites and they use these running pictures. We keep the pictures for 48HRS, then delete the drop box link. If you do not want your photos to be used, please inform one of the Pulse Keepers. 

Positive Vibes Only 

• Our community of runners is growing because we help each other out. We are community-orientated and we are stronger together. We inspire movement, celebrate each other, and we all ooze positive vibes only. 

Make A Friend 

• We foster a community of runners who have amazing stories. Take the time to meet a new runner each time. They can potentially be your next running buddy or know your middle school friend. Build rapport and feel a responsibility in growing our community.  

Be A Tourist 

• Don’t get caught looking down. While at a stop light, exploring the street art, or waiting for the runners to regroup, make sure you’re taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of our beautiful city. 

Pay It Forward 

• Outside of Mondays, we challenge you to run but most importantly inspire, help, and empower someone else. Start small. Be there for someone so you can come and tell the story the following Monday. Let’s spread love, run, and art to the world.

Los Angeles has some of the most bad ass runners, and it’s always something wonderful to see when they continue to come out every Monday night and show us that they are all there for each other. They continue to inspire, motivate, and empower each other and they do it from the bottom of their hearts. This is what loving and experiencing the R U N is all about.

To some, this was their first time on the Metro. To some, this was their longest run. To some, this was their fastest 8-mile. To some, this was their FIRST RUN. To everyone, this was a celebrating of achieving something greater than just a run. They have inspired and motivated each other to go beyond their boundaries and explore new avenues with new challenges that will shape a better future for all us. 

This is what last night meant for all us. We rode the Metro to Union Station and had only one way to get back, RUN 8 miles. Until the next one! 

- B L A C K L I S T L A