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Act 2 and Repression

One of the best things about re-reading Homestuck is discovering more and more things that completely went over my head the first time through. I was fatally bored by John’s Wiseguy on my first read-through, and didn’t understand why I was being forced to read it. Now I do: the theme is repression!

John dips into the book to study a trick about punched cards (2530), which inspires his innovative use of the alchemy system (2531) and allows him to create the Pogo Hammer (2535). John says he only uses the books for the diagrams, and comments that he never understood the relation between the author (Caveney) and the magician (Anderson).

Here’s some clues:

  • Caveney gets jealous of the people Anderson entertains at a bar
  • Caveney muses that Anderson’s greatest trick is probably his immense personal magnetism
  • Caveney says Anderson can “waste everyone’s valuable time, and have you love him for it.”
  • Caveney calls Anderson an elf, on the basis that Caveney is 2.5 ft taller. He follows by asking Anderson “how he felt about climbing into the hollow of a big tree to bake some cookies or something”

The last one bears a structural resemblance to Dave’s “im your 300 pound matronly freight-train and my gaping furnace is hungry for coal so get goddamn shoveling” (300). It suggests that baked goods may have subconscious sexual connotations for John, giving another dimension to his strident aversion to cake and his irrational hatred of Betty Crocker. Those are venues into which John has packaged (non-exclusively!) the struggle with his nascent sexuality – again, we are given clues to his symbol language.

This isn’t the first time repression is suggested. Dave ribbed John about his “gross man-bro crush on matt macconahay” (2010), Rose accused Dave of “flagrant homosexuality” for not doing what she wanted (2233), and Dave called the slimer scene in Ghostbusters II “manbro bukkake theater” (2153). Those moments could be passed off as jokes, but the Wise Guy excerpt is the point where Husssie points out that repressed gay thoughts are a theme and you should probably start taking the jokes seriously.

Though it’s not like that’s news at this point.

Subtlety at its finest.

anonymous asked:

hi! i'd love to know - what's the age range of your members? i'm in my late twenties and just discovered homestuck. i'd love to interact with the homestuck (art) community, but it would also be cool to meet a few people my age or older. besides, i don't want to make the younger members uncomfortable by being (one of) the only older member(s).

we have people as young as 13, or people as old as 30+ i think. we have no age limit apart from you have to be 13 or older!

we keep our younger members aware that there are older people! we have a plan in the future to make two channels dedicated to 18+ people to chat, and under 18 to chat, but we’re waiting for channel organization! hopefully it’ll come soon, because the 18+ have the nsfw channel to roam in but i feel the under 18s don’t have their own safe space yet!


^-^ the day’s coming when people can see all of this is  the same as any other love. keep your head up, no matter what you identify as or what your sexuality is, you’re a person. a beautiful person and that’s all that matters.


So I discovered how to make homestuck sprites!! 

I’m still pretty new to it, but I feel like every time I do it I get better quicker.

On the left is a rustblood fantroll named Sinkin Feelin (I made him specifically for that name). He was my first go, a real trial and error. Also made him before I realized there isn’t a precedent for rustbloods and obvious teeth, whoops.

On the right is….. me! It’s my Sburb self, since I have a Sburb server trying to get together for a pretend session! 

I’m thinking I may revisit doing these now that I’m getting more into it and had some practice, but given how chronically busy I am we’ll just have to see!

Undertale [PC-98/YM2608 ver]
toby fox
Undertale [PC-98/YM2608 ver]

cutting it kinda close but here’s my project for undertale’s one year anniversary!

this game really came out of nowhere for me, i decided to play it simply because i heard that toby fox had made it, and was a fan of his from homestuck. things were sort of falling apart for me at the time, with a combination of a depressive episode and financial problems at play, but i still can look back on last autumn with a pleasant nostalgia and that’s almost entirely thanks to undertale. my life is quite different now than it was this time last year, some ways good, others not so much, but this game was certainly a huge part of my life for the past year, and i really appreciate it so much.

the choice to do a version of undertale’s titular song in this PC-98 sound is a bit of a complicated joke; basically, i first discovered homestuck, and by extent, toby fox right when i was first getting into touhou, several years back, and my first touhou game was lotus land story. in a search i found the song “lotus land story” from homestuck, by toby fox, and, well. the rest is history. so, this is kind of a shout out to that in a weird way.

anyway, thanks for everything toby, and i hope the next year is even better.