I need new bands to listen to!

Hey, guys. So, I’m a big fan of pop punk/punk/alternative music, but I’ve begun to hit a bit of a wall and started to listen to the same 6-8 band’s entire discography. I would like to explore new bands. If you have any similar to the ones below, please add them in a comment or message me any recommendations you may have!

If the band is listed, I’ve already listened to enough of them:

- blink-182

- Fall Out Boy

- Paramore

- All Time Low

- My Chemical Romance

- New Politics

- Panic! At The Disco

- +44

- Box Car Racer

- New Found Glory

- A Day To Remember

- Simple Plan

- twenty one pilots

- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

- Three Days Grace

- Mayday Parade

- Gerard Way

- frnkiero andthe cellabration

- Tonight Alive 

- The Killers

- All American Rejects

- Imagine Dragons

Thanks, everyone!

First Kisses

Word Count: 1116

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Reader x Waitress

Summary: Dean learns just what the reader meant about feelings and helps her to explore them a little further.

Warnings: Fluff, Pre-Smut, Fem/Fem

A/N: This is a continuation of my Discoveries series. Thank you goes out to the wonderfully marvelous @impala-dreamer for being my beta for this.

“So let’s see if I’ve got this right,” Dean said as he walked over and sat down at a nearby table.

You turned and leaned back against the pool table, waiting to see if he fully understood.

“You have feelings for me,” Dean paused.

“Yes,” you confirmed.

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The One She Was Made For

strong chin, dark hair, wide smile, stern glare,
had a hint of mischief beneath his curls,
laughing at her jokes, falling for her wiles,
that’s how she sized him up, whoever he was,
the amorphous, mysterious one she was made for.

after several broken hearts, maybe even more,
the burden of reality, how not all endings are happy,
false promises, shattered wishes and possibilities,
lost all form of feeling, reeling from cutting words
all brought by those she thought she was made for.

On the way to work it happened, she was dreaming,
but the dream smiled back and smelled like flowers,
no firm jaw, but faint freckles and eyes blue and fair
that glimmered, shimmered with mirth as she stared,
seizing minutes that felt like hours, an opening door.

Falling in love with the one she was made for.

“When she lowers her eyes she seems to hold all the beauty in the world between her eyelids; when she raises them I see only myself in her gaze.”
   ― Natalie Clifford Barney

ID #31020

Name: Alyson
Age: 18
Country: United States

hiya hiya, I am halfway through my undergraduate degree in strategic political communications at a small liberal arts school in Iowa. I care immensely about public policy, coffee, and a small army of HBO shows. I am at a really weird point in my life where I’m not exactly sure who I am or who I want to be, but I am embarking on a small adventure of self-discovery. I am looking for someone to communicate with who might ground me in a sense of global connectedness. Anyway, Rupi Kaur has this great line where she identifies “the faint line between faith and blindly waiting”. I think that I am currently balanced quite precariously on that line. Oh, and I have a wicked wax seal set so my letters will have PRIME aesthetic.

Preferences: N/A

Star Trek Discovery headcanon: Philippa Georgieou is a lesbian and Lorca is pansexual and polyamorous (supposed he’s an Andorian it would make perfect sense).

Together they are best of buds since their academy days.

Also during their time as cadets they would often spend time together and were practically inseparable, discussing various topics… and also talking about their crushes.