discover the right paths in life

MBTI as "I want"
  • Ni: "I want to wonder and reflect"
  • Ne: "I want to explore and live a life unlike anyone else"
  • Si: "I want to stay on the right path and be stable"
  • Se: "I want to experience and create"
  • Fi: "I want to be myself and be my own guide"
  • Fe: "I want to help others and live in peace"
  • Ti: "I want to understand and discover"
  • Te: "I want to win and overcome everything"

I drew a yarny! Decided to nap tpday and got a fun dream where i was one of these and i needed to discover my farms woods. 

But real talk here Re-discovering this game have made me realize something. I have fell off the right path some time ago when it comes to art. 
I started art out of pure passion and of right now it is going to be what i will do for the rest of my life. What happened is that i have been so fixated on doing things right to make my art ‘ worthy’  that i have forgot the most important thing about it. 
I forgot i had to have fun with it. 
These last months i have not done a piece out of passion and joy, not even one. 

I am aware it is very related to the attention i have been getting as of lately, i am not used to it, don’t get me wrong it is not your fault, it is mine. 
I have answered so wrongly to the fact that eyes have been laid upon my work that have turned me robotic and formal. Always angry the art is not good or not what i intended, always sad because i thought i let people down.
And that is so wrong. 

This is the first time in months i have cracked a smile whle drawing something, this was done out of pure joy and passion, i did not care if yarny looks excellent, i did not care the colors were absolute right, i did not care if the style was decent, i cared to express myself on it. 
Which turns this drawing the first drawing with a heart on it in months. 

This not only affected my artwork but also my characters, they have become flat and dull due to me stressing to make them ‘story worthy’ and i forgot why i made them in the first place. 

I was lacking a heart and i am so sorry for this. 

Many of you may not care about this at all and are only here for the fanart or something, but for the ones that do care about my art for what it is, i am sorry. 

Hopefully for now on i will remember to enjoy the journey rather than hate the end of it.
Or at least this will remind me to never loose sight of the southern star again. 
I took this career to express myself, not to meet up to peoples standards.

Maybe my next works won’t be too much of what most of people following this blog like, which is fanart, but it will have heart to it and that is the only thing that matters.

anonymous asked:

can i ask how u found urself? lately i feel like i have lost my entire life to trauma and illness.. and still am. idk how to break free. compare it to a flower with bad roots, if you will. i really want to feel free but idk its hard tbh. i always feel like i have to be everything.. but even if i be everything.. how will i ever know that that's me? hope this makes sense...

i don’t think i found myself yet at all…i’ll be able to say “i found myself” when i live the life i truly want but not like i am right now

i have bad trauma too so i also lost so much to it. Idk what to tell you because i haven’t broken free either. 

all i can say is to pursue your deepest interests and do only what you love and hopefully on that path you’ll discover who you really are.

vinthefluffbat  asked:

Dear Ro.. I've had this itch, this urge to learn one of the greatest mysteries in life that you may already know. So, if you do not mind me asking, do you know the secret, of the perfect snuggle + nuzzle? Sincerely yours, Vincent...

Nope, sorry, can’t answer that question. 

The path of the perfect snug and nuzzle can only be discovered by traveling the long journey of life, until you learn who you truly are and who’s your partner as well. By doing these two things and when the time is right… you’ll know.

anonymous asked:

This is just a random astrological connection I made today.... I've never been into numerology but today I discovered my life path is 5, which fits to the detail the characteristics of Leo energy & I have a Leo rising! I know that the rising, besides image, also indicates the native's vision on life. Needing a constant outlet to express myself is important to me above all and it makes so much sense. I figured I would share. I love love love your blog.

I’m pretty sure numerology is supposed to have a connection to astrology in a way, which is super cool because people tend to use both to double check and make sure that everything’s right when it comes to interpreting. Thanks for sharing and thank you! I appreciate the love <3

anonymous asked:

I have a character who is a paladin, and he was resurrected by necromancers and forced to heed their every whim until he discovered the right path which was that of the paladins, and he broke free from the necromancers long enough to take the oath to set himself free once and for all and spend forever fighting for a good cause that he could stand for. I just thought that was an interesting take on paladins! :)

It is an interesting take. Are they still undead, or was their resurrection able to restore them to life, or did searing the oath push them to that?

brandonparton  asked:

Hey Lazy I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with "my" life. I intellectually know there is no "I" but have a hard time deciding what I want to pursue. Whatever I do does not feel authentic or sincere. Like I'm living a lie. Thank you.

You are living a lie. Or, more precisely, you are living a story. And that’s supposed to be more or less a cool thing so long as you remember this one truth: You are not your story. 

Forget what you think you know intellectually and take stock of the way things are for you right now, today. It is from where you are standing now that the path unfurls in a delectably drunken sprawl. 

There is no straight shot in life. That would be weird. Instead there are dead ends, uncertainties, experiments, and discoveries. There are chutes and ladders and Einstein-Rosen bridges. 

Sometimes you need to take a direction just to discover you don’t like it. Sometimes you need to work through your resistances and resentments until authenticity begins to shine through. That can mean experiencing some unfulfilling jobs, hellish mornings, and who knows what else. 

Whatever you decide to do with your life, it will change over time. If it doesn’t, it likely means you are stuck in idealism. Life erupts from the place in which our energies meet those of the world. Adaptation and transformation are inevitable processes for those who hold sanity as most dear.

Don’t be afraid to fake it until you make it. Our habits can become so ingrained that they feel natural. This can make sincerity a challenge and the way beyond it may feel contrived. One practice I’ve been attempting is laughing in the morning upon the first moment I realize I am awake. It is so hard! And it feels very insincere. But the more I persist in fake laughing, the more I prod those heart-energies awake and thus sincere laughter arises. 

This life is temporary, transient, a circus of a passing show. There is your I-lessness. Who knows for how long the show will go on? Who knows what other shows have come and what others have yet to arrive?

If we seek lasting peace, freedom, and happiness, then we must endeavor to know the aspect of ourselves that exceeds the sum of our life’s pieces. This is the reality of your existence that was never born and so will never die. It is never perceived and yet it lends all realness to perception. 

For those of us living in society, we must be able to be both actors and yogis, both a character in a story and yet knowing ourselves as the Ultimate, the stage upon which all stories are played. 

The inward journey is that of the Ultimate awakening to Itself. The outward journey is that of Awakened Play. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste my friend :) Much love.