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5x22 Drabble

Okay so I don’t normally do this, but this has been flooding my brain since I read the 5x22 synopsis. This is my take on what should happen in 5x22 during the party. I really hope you like it xxx


After catching Chase Oliver seemed a bit more relaxed, in his own Oliver kind of way, but she figured that after all the terrible things they all had suffered this past year, having something cheerful and positive to celebrate was just what they needed as a team. Oliver’s birthday seemed to be the perfect excuse and if she was really honest with herself she also wanted to do something special for him.

Turns out that arranging a surprise party for someone whose second name could have been Sherlock proved to be trickier than she initially figured. Since she and Oliver were in a much better place with their relationship, him looking over her shoulder happened more frequently, which made planning everything with him in the room almost impossible. Luckily with the help of some very bad people, being on the loose thanks to Chase, and Curtis next to her to help out whenever they were in the field, the party was arranged in no time and all she could hope for was that until they yell “surprise” he wouldn’t figure out what was going on.

The plan was in motion. Thea was in charge of setting up the decorations, Curtis was on ‘cake-pick-up’ duty and everyone else was helping to get all the final touches in place. All that was needed was the birthday boy and she hoped that her cryptic text wasn’t going to blow up in her face.

The tracker on his phone notified her he was heading their way. They put off the lights and kept quiet, listening to his footsteps as he headed for the front door. He opened the door stepping inside and just when they were ready with their “surprise” he spotted Curtis in the corner of his eye and put him down on the floor ready to punch the hell out of him.

He looked up at everyone standing around him and that’s when he saw the banner ‘Happy Birthday Oliver. He let Curtis go and she could swear she saw a bit of a blush on his cheeks when Quentin not so subtly made known that he told them a surprise party was a bad idea.

Everyone laughed it off and in a moment everything was forgotten and all anyone could concentrate on was the food and champagne.

Laughter and smiles was something they didn’t often get to see with this specific group of people. The change in pace was welcome as she looked around the room inspecting the people that have become her family, some old and some new, but they were her real family none the less.

She missed the face she really wanted to see in the room, but then she spotted him. He was standing out on the balcony. She always thought of the balcony as ‘their spot’. Even when they were not together she went out there alone or to meet Oliver when he conveniently ‘forgot’ the loft had a front door.

Familiar butterflies formed in her stomach the closer she got to the balcony. He was leaning over the railing, looking over the twinkling lights of the city. The memories of a simpler time flooded her mind, but things were different now. So much had happened between them.

“I’ve been looking for you.” she said stepping outside, but he kept his eyes fixed on the view in front of him. The corner of his mouth twitched up, giving a small smile at the sound of her voice.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I just…I needed some air.” he answered, his voice low.

She stopped next to him, placing her hands on the railing. She looked out in front of him admiring the view, but trying to get her breathing under control. Ever since they got trapped in the bunker something shifted between them. Things between them were lighter, easy again like it was before and even though it was hard to fight their attraction since their little ‘slip up’, it was even harder to fight the sexual tension now.

“Was it too much too soon? I’m sorry I didn’t even think that it might have been too overwhelm…”

“No…it’s perfect.” he cut her off, looking at her for the first time since they were alone. The heat of his hand linked with hers immediately filled her whole body and she had to fight the urge to kiss him right then. “Thank you for this. I…this was so thoughtful and I lo…I really appreciate it.” he added as he looked at her, swallowing thickly for what she can only assume was almost a slip of the tongue. He didn’t keep her gaze for long when he turned and looked back over the city, but his hand remained linked to hers.

“So what’s up then? Is there something wrong?” she asked cautiously. She didn’t want to risk pushing him into telling her something that might push them back to a place where they were distant again.

“For almost a decade I either didn’t know when my birthday was or it just didn’t feel like celebrating, with the exception of course when we were on the road trip and you went out of your way with the sparkles and ice cream….” he chuckled shaking his head.

“Yeah, that was an interesting experience.” she laughed too, blush forming on her cheeks as she thought back to their time away.

“But even then…let’s just say that to me celebrating my birthday was celebrating my life and looking back at my life there was just nothing worth celebrating…I wasn’t worth celebrating.”

“Oliver…” she started, placing her hand on his arm, looking at him, getting herself ready for another pep talk, but he didn’t give her a chance.

“For ten years Felicity I have looked at myself in the mirror. I have looked at the man I am and every time I look at myself every scar, everything that I’ve done is reflected back at me in that mirror and that was a reflection of someone who didn’t deserve a birthday cake or candles or a song, it was the reflection of a damaged, broken man.”

He looked sad, but there was something different in the way he looked at her right now.

“I was so convinced after all these years that I wasn’t worthy and you were right, I kept on hanging on to the past, I kept on reverting back to who I was because I thought that I had to live up to my father’s legacy, I had to right his wrongs, but after everything that happened with my father recently, I realised you were right again…”

“Shocker.” she teased lightly bumping him with her shoulder and the sadness in his eyes changed into something lighter.

“I know I made mistakes, but I know that I can’t continue to hold on to a legacy that’s not mine. I have to be my own man and create a life where I can leave a legacy for William….and hopefully more children to come.”

“I promised you that I would never lie to you again and I know that right now might not be the right time to say anything, but I can’t keep this from you any longer. I’ve made mistakes Felicity and I can’t promise you that I will never make mistakes again, but I’m trying every day to make a choice to be me, to discover who I am….and who I want to be. Felicity I love you and that’s never changed. I tried moving on, I tried seeing where other paths would lead me but every path I’ve taken has led me right back to you.”

She sucked in a breath hearing the words. Her heart swelled with so much love and emotion she had for this man standing in front of her.

“I told you before that the way you make me feel is the best part of my life, Felicity and I meant it then and I mean it now. I don’t know where you are right now where we are concerned and I need you to know that me saying this is in no way pressuring you to act on it, but if I’m going to be honest with myself and honest with you I can’t keep running circles around my feelings for you….”

She leaned up and pressed her lips against his, swallowing whatever words were supposed to come next. It was gentle at first, but after almost a year of ignoring what was between them, he responded immediately and he deepened the kiss. His tongue begging for entrance and she opened up for him in an instant. She draped her arms around his neck and in kind he pulled her closer to him wrapping his arms around her waist. Their closeness and tasting each other after so long just fuelled the fire that’s been simmering inside of them, but she knew they were not alone and even though she would love nothing more than to get lost in each other right now, they had to stop.

She slowed the kiss, and he understood exactly where she was going. He pecked her lips a few times and ended with their lips lingering, breathing the same air as they tried to find their footing back to reality.

“I love you too.” she whispered, looking up into his eyes opening slowly after hearing the words.

Curtis was right. Even after everything they’ve gone through one thing hasn’t changed and that was the way that he looked at her. His eyes were flooded with so much love and even though she knew there were going to be challenges in their future, she wanted him to look at her like that for the rest of her life.

“What do you say you get these people out of here then, so I can ravage you.” he said with a smirk on his face.

She immediately left their cocoon and stepped inside the loft.

“Okay everyone!” she announced, “thank you for coming, but this party is over.”

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The Last Jedi: Kylo Ren's humiliation — and other tales from the Star Wars dark side

The aspiring Sith let his last bit of light slip away when he drove his janky, handmade lightsaber into the heart of his father, Han Solo. But there was no victory for Kylo Ren as he sank into the abyss.

“The defeat that he had at the end of The Force Awakens, but even bigger than that, his huge defining act which, spoiler alert, is the murder of his father… that’s the more interesting thing to dive into. How has he dealt with that in his head? Where is he at in terms of that act and what does that mean for him?”

Johnson said Ben Solo’s shift to darkness is symbolic of “the treacherous road through adolescence” that Star Wars often explores.

Kylo represents kind of the rebellious anger that you feel during that period. Honestly, sometimes it’s a healthy desire to push away from the place that you know, from the things that you came from. But he obviously does it in an extreme that’s not healthy at all.”

He said Kylo and Rey are “two halves of the dark and the light.”

He said Kylo and Rey are “two halves of the dark and the light.”

He said Kylo and Rey are “two halves of the dark and the light.”

Among their shared interests: She is an expert pilot, and in this film well see him maneuvering his own starship, the TIE Silencer, which is a variation on his grandfather, Darth Vader’s old ship.

Kylo Ren’s murder of Han Solo also makes Rey’s contempt for him much more personal. […] Rey has a grudge: He stole from her the father-figure she’d been searching for her whole life.

She just doesn’t understand Kylo,” Daisy Ridley says. “When all she wanted was parents, why would a person who has parents do that? It’s so beyond comprehension, it’s ridiculous. So she has grief for the loss and then there’s anger. To be honest, she couldn’t understand doing something like that – let alone to your parents.”

Source (X)

My thoughts:

I think it’s clear at this point that Kylo’s killing of Han does not do him any favors. The marketing thus far just shows a sad, defeated Kylo - not the aggressive, bad ass Kylo I think we were all originally expecting. The author says he’s fallen fully to the dark side - but this seems like perhaps an assumption on Breznican’s part. Do I think that was Kylo’s ultimate goal at the time? Absolutely. Do I think it succeeded….? Well, I’m a bit skeptical, considering the marketing and spoilers we’ve heard.

I think he’s certainly plummeted into darkness - but perhaps of a more personal nature. I think what we’ll see with Kylo is further self-loathing, a lot of repressed regret, trying to convince himself of the delusion that somehow he is in the right - only to eventually realize in horror (which has already started, to be honest) just how terrible he’s become.

Kylo Ren is DIRECTLY referred to as representative of adolescence. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT in understanding this character and is further proof - to me - that a redemption is coming. This is a movie for children, and these characters are symbolic of the struggles we face. If you think for one minute the moral of the story is, “When you fall victim to negative influences, you must forever remain in despair and anguish due to your mistakes - for the rest of your life. There is no escape from the dark hours of your youth,” then… I’m not sure we’ve been watching the same Star Wars….

This, to me, indicates that Kylo is representative of how we resolve that conflict, how we steer ourselves back to the right path when we feel so lost at that pivotal and absurdly confusing time in our lives.

This is precisely why patricide was an important part of his arc - it is that struggle between the generation ahead of you and your own desire and need to discover your own identity. Patricide has ALWAYS been about that in mythology and old stories, and it is being used here as a TOOL in storytelling to convey that same message.

Rey’s feelings on the matter don’t surprise me - I fully expected this. I think for Rey, she is going to be challenged in these feelings, however, in a moment during their fight. Whether it is Kylo that shows her unexpected compassion, or whether she has a vision at some point prompting her to further feel compassion for him - or BOTH - we don’t know yet. But… I imagine she’ll have to face these feelings head on - and by that, I mean she will likely be stuck dealing with Kylo Ren’s bullshit on Ahch-To for a long while during the film.

Also, interestingly, as much as Rey feels resentment toward Kylo for taking away her father figure, it’s important to remember that Han was KYLO’s father, NOT Rey’s. It’s really not her place to forgive him for that murder - THAT lies on Leia, Luke, and Kylo himself. Rey knew Han for only a matter of days. And although that bond was important to her, it is nothing in comparison to Kylo himself, and his family who loved and knew Han for so many years.

Perhaps at some point Rey will realize this. I imagine she will.

ALSO: “Among their shared interests.” This sounds like they’re about to have a sleepover and paint each other’s nails as they talk out their favorite colors and gush over their mutual love for circuit boards on ships or something.



He said Kylo and Rey are “two halves of the dark and the light.”

Need I say more? The yin and the yang, the Death and the Maiden, the Carl Jung analysis I’ve made in metas with Anima and Animus. I feel as if I’m in Rian’s fever dream and this isn’t real.

But it is - it’s a confirmed read of the Rey and Kylo dynamic. They are the balance - the two of them.

This is my favorite day.

I’m sure many anti-Kylo types are out there reading this article and taking something entirely different away. But… as a person who believes in a Kylo redemption wholeheartedly, I think this article is everything I wanted and more. If you know what you’re looking for, this is an article that gives a lot of hope for his character - and for Rey’s, too. As a hero, her big challenge is compassion in the face of adversity.

And the Anima/Animus dynamic is NEVER an easy one to navigate - it is often a relationship built on rough waters. But that’s the fun of it! Death and the Maiden itself is about opposing forces - the yin and yang dynamic.

So, rejoice fellow Kylo stans everywhere! If nothing else, his character will be complex and enjoyable to watch. But in the best case scenario, I think we’re seeing a redemption, and I really believe we’re getting a lot of nods toward Reylo, too. It’s too soon to call it of course - I’m not a writer for LucasFilm! But… everything that’s coming out is in support of EVERYthing I believed since day one walking out of the theater.

What are your thoughts? I’m DYING to know!!

firecoloredwater  asked:

Hey Aunt Scripty! So in the world I'm building, one of the cultures has for assorted historical reasons decided that healing/medicine is The Most Important Thing. As a result, all powerful people are involved in medicine in some way (that way may be "I was really good at it as a princess but am now somewhat busy with being a queen" but usually at least former involvement), and anyone with a career in medicine has relatively high status and cultural power. (1/2)

So my question is, what sort of impact would that have on the culture?  What priorities do healthcare workers have that just don’t have the cultural power to be made reality (but presumably would if healthcare and power was basically synonymous)?  I should admit that this world does have magic, but I think that would impact the details of procedures and not so much what’s a priority.  (Or: dear Aunt Scripty, if you ruled the world, what would you do?) (2/2)

Hey there! This is probably one of my favorite questions I’ve ever received on this blog, and it’s a goddamned travesty that I haven’t answered it already. Hop to, Scriptificus!

This, like almost everything, is a double-edged sword. I think there are a few good things about this society: for one, science would be emphasized (assuming they’ve discovered that evidence based treatments are the right path to follow). I think it would lend itself to a very analyticas lsocial structure, and the question “what’s your evidence base for that?” migt get asked a LOT.

However, there’s a real downside to letting doctors run things, which is: doctors can be elitist pricks, especially when given social standing beyond what they’ve earned. This was a huge element in the 1950s thru 1970s, and only really started to turn around relatively recently. Medicine in THIS verse has found its humility, at least a little bit, but in a society where the power of life and death is conflated with political power over society…? This has the potential to go off the rails.

I think what I really want to know about your culture is, who is praised, exactly? Are nurses as exalted as doctors? What about pharmacists? What about nursing aids, or occupational therapists, or X-ray techs? What about midwives–or have doctors abolished them altogether?  Are hospital janitors praised for their contributions, or are they forgotten as the wheels that make the machine turn?

(Just so we’re clear, I think hospitals and medicine in general would fall the fuck apart without allied health professionals and environmental services workers, and kitchen staff and nutritionists, and the ones who  fill the oxygen tanks. These are the heroes of medicine: the ones who make it possible for clinical staff to do their thing.)

I think a medicocracy would make a neat society to consider. Consider both sides, though. Here are some questions I would ask in building your world?

  • Which is more in their interest: the public good by positive measures (nudges, public health initiatives)? Or the public good by experimentation (Tuskegee type experiments)?

  • Has this society embraced the notion of informed consent, or have they adopted another approach (especially for the non-medical ones in society): “Oh, you won’t understand it, so I’ll just do it and you’ll get better”?

  • Who gets to decide when doctors give up on a patient? How have they approached the rationing problem? Do they try to give everyone everything (US model) or do they decide who gets what treatments because they’re Doctors™ ? How does that mindset apply to everyday life?

  • What has been outlawed in the name of public health? Can people still choose to smoke, or is tobacco regulated like cocaine? What about alcohol? Is exercise mandatory? Are body weights mandated “for your own good”? How far does the push  for public benefit get?

  • Are doctors considered fallible by others? What about by doctors themselves?

  • Is your character on the inside of the medicocracy, or the outside? Have they been trained to “keep the faith”, as it were, or to fight the power?

I think if you want more help considering other angles and other questions, @script-a-world​ is probably the blog you want.

Thanks for the absolutely great ask!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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DAY 3527

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Nov 20/21,  2017                 Mon/Tue 12:50 AM

You could be tormented , brutalised in words and expressions, driven into the slimy dirt ridden mud of humanity .. and yet come out looking fresh as a daisy ..

Its possibility is as exemplary as the intensity of the abusive negative that may abound .. and that is where the sense of the common, with the depth of maturity and sensibility prevail .. in large numbers ..

I do not profess to be in that league, but if I were to, by some unusual change, gather sufficient momentum in hardening my skin .. I would be in such state to convey that my conveyance is right pathed ..

The right path is often the path less taken because it is too clinical and stark and without blemish .. that is an uncertain condition ..  

Righteous paths do exist and flourish .. but one has to go about to search for them … or … discover that you were indeed on the right path, and all the others were not ..

The others were not because, majority rules .. and they that rule, display correctitude - a healthy mix of ‘correct’ and ‘rectitude’  - even though they may be decades away from it !!

And thus does life move on ..

They make caricatures of me .. twist and turn their imagination, find the right couture .. and begin to put me in situations that would never ever be correct and in good shape .. but the effort needs appreciation and respect ..

And so .. they that have the facility to rise and be of right temperament in its acceptance of the creative ; my sincere gratitude to all .. there are some exceptional efforts .. which I indeed applaud .. and may they that create, never stop in their continued efforts towards this ..

And now there is preparation for the event for 26/11 .. at the Gateway of India .. a commemoration for the attacks on the city, its survivors, their strengths and will, decorated .. written about talked about and displayed on that one particular day .. 

Come if you have the time .. they , Indian Express invite me to be one of the speakers .. the cause is gracious, the vision admirable and I agree ..

It is FREE .. 

FREE .. the most loved word by most of us .. even for the domesticated pet population, who when they see opportunity shall rapidly find themselves in our near midst so they never get left out from the mission which we are undertaking  .. 

strange is it not, how pets begin to behave, look and act, like the family that domesticates them .. 

Some most endearing visuals come by on the social media often .. and it is a delight to witness the  affinity and love  .. a rarity in most  … 

Humans do it too .. and at times that could be termed even rarer than the pets .. but in the end, I do know that the several pet lovers among us shall cast their votes for the one that have ever shown sincerity and affinity to their masters - 

The pet ..

Long may this association thrive and prosper .. it can and shall be the ultimate perhaps .. perhaps  .. for, who knows .. and those that do, shield themselves from their sooth sayings , often leaving many disillusioned and disenchanted .. !!

We had several down the times .. 

Pisti, Berty, Shanukh, Franco and Nero .. 

and no cats .. the cats are self driven vehicles that roam about the streets of Jalsa and Prateeksha .. unlicensed and without legal permission ..

But then that is another story ..

Amitabh Bachchan

The Truths of Life

by Venerable Yen Pei

What is life exactly? Religious teachers and philosophers of both the past and present have offered diverse explanations about life. What is the Buddhist perspective of life?

1. Life is suffering. From birth to death, isn’t all that we experience ultimately of the nature of suffering, in the final analysis? It is only with self-awareness that “life is suffering” that we can have right, penetrating understanding of life.

2. Life is impermanent. From birth to death, we undergo constant changes every instant along with the metabolic processes in the body, thus advancing steadily towards the end of death. It is only with self-awareness that “life is impermanent” that we will be constantly vigilant, treasure this precious human life and live earnestly.

3. Life is illusory. When we probe in-depth into life, we discover that life is causally arisen, without any substantiality of its own,. It is only with self-awareness that “life is illusory” that we could live fearlessly without misgivings, as we sacrifice self-interests for the benefit of others.

This human form is rare and hard to come by. One must not live this human life in vain or let it degenerate. Moreover, one must make life sublime, by following the flawless life-outlook of the Middle Path and purifying this imperfect life that is rooted in craving, so as to accomplish the perfect, enlightened life that is based upon right wisdom. Only then can one imbue this human life with great, noble value.

Being With What Is

‘At any moment, whatever we are experiencing, only one of two things is ever happening: either we are being with what is, or else we are resisting what is. Being with what is means letting ourselves have and feel our experience, just as it is right now. When we choose to be actively present with what is, we radiate a powerful energy that is most compelling. This is where genuine creativity, health, and communication, as well as spiritual power, arise from.

Yet oddly enough, we rarely let ourselves simply have our experience. We are usually resisting it instead - trying to manipulate it and make it something other than it is. As children, we first learned to resist our experience as a way of coping with what seemed like overwhelming influences in the world around us. Because we were so open and sensitive to begin with, we learned to shut down, and turn away from what we were feeling, as a way to avoid feeling pain. Yet we contract ourselves against the painful aspects of our experience, we actually stop being…

Whenever we resist what is, we become tense and contracted, we’re not much fun to be around. In fact, even we don’t enjoy being around ourselves. No wonder we check out and wander off into distractions - seeking entertainment, driving ourselves to achieve, resorting to drugs and alcohol, desperately striving to be some other way than we are, living fantasies of future happiness. All these forms of distraction are ways of trying to fill up the void that is left when we don’t let ourselves be.

So the first step on any path of personal or spiritual development is to become aware of how we contract and turn away from our experience. Spiritual practice involves both becoming aware of this resistance and discovering that it is all right to open ourselves to life, that we can handle it, and that we will grow and expand by doing so.’

- John Welwood, Ordinary Magic, Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice.

MBTI as "I want"
  • Ni: "I want to wonder and reflect"
  • Ne: "I want to explore and live a life unlike anyone else"
  • Si: "I want to stay on the right path and be stable"
  • Se: "I want to experience and create"
  • Fi: "I want to be myself and be my own guide"
  • Fe: "I want to help others and live in peace"
  • Ti: "I want to understand and discover"
  • Te: "I want to win and overcome everything"

(updated 9/2317)


Ages of Man Series:  Teen Mystrade

  • The Shop Boy (105,871 words) - Sometimes, taking care of Sherlock had its benefits…

  • The School Boy (320,743 words) - As Mycroft and Lestrade pursue their own relationship, Sherlock learns the meaning of friendship with the new boy in his school, John Watson.

  • The Police Man (178,898 words) - The third installment of the Ages of Man series finds Mycroft and Greg navigating the waters of their relationship as Mycroft manages college/work and Greg moves from being a schoolboy to a policeman.  What sounds simple and placid is, of course, nothing of the sort, due to the small goblin population of the area, whose names are Sherlock and John, as well as the standard joys, turmoil, passions and pitfalls of being in love…

  • The Harvest (5538 words) - a one-shot in the Ages of Man universe

Lets You Know You’re Alive Series (Mystrade begins in TOSOTM): Cabinlock

  • Take Them Where You Find Them (147,578 words) - When Martin goes missing, Arthur makes a decision that leads him to an unusual new friendship… with Sherlock Holmes.

  • The Other Side of the Mirror (257,811 words) - Mycroft Holmes is a very busy man. How is it that one Detective Inspector can help him feel like a less busy man, even when a personal crisis rears its ugly head? And his home fills with visitors. And relatives. And, of course, Arthur Shappey…

  • We Are What We Are (185,683 words) - With trials, tribulations and tragedy darkening their pasts and clouding their futures, how do the boys from London and Fitton find health, happiness and hanging baskets filled with fluffy kittens (that one’s mainly for Arthur)…

  • Over the Rainbow (301,540 words WIP) - Carries on from the upheavals of We Are What What We Are and finds the London-Fitton alliance growing even stronger, and enjoying a wealth of surprises that only this raggedy band could discover…


Of Sinners and Saints - (59,850 words, WIP) - They grew up in a rough neighborhood, where an intelligent, gentle boy like Mycroft Holmes would have been savaged if it wasn’t for the fact that his best friend was Greg Lestrade, one of the toughest kids around and one who was devoted to keeping Mycroft safe from anyone who might want to hurt him.  When Mycroft won a scholarship to a prestigious college, that same heart shattered and, without Mycroft’s steady support and clear sense of right and wrong, however, Greg takes a different path and forges a life in the criminal underworld.  After a ‘business’ deal goes bad, Greg races to the one person he knows he can trust, but have Greg’s choices forever closed the door on their relationship, be it one of friendship or something much, much more?   When an unfamiliar car pulls up to the front of Mycroft’s church, that question has a chance to be answered…

Congratulations, Mr. Holmes, It’s a Ghost! (169,810 words, ghost au) - A punishing storm strands Mycroft in a remote inn where the residents are friendly, helpful, but not necessarily among the living.  The one specifically not among the living takes a special interest in their guest and isn’t shy about making that fact known…

Another Form of Flesh and Blood (243,495 words, android au) - Police Sergeant Greg Lestrade truly disliked the part of the job that had him return runaway androids to their owners or, for the abandoned or confiscated ones, to the government-approved private shelters that housed them until they again could be sold.  Returning this particular escapee, Mycroft, to his shelter stung a little more than usual, but that wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things.  After all, it wasn’t as if he’d ever see the bot again…

Artist in Residence (299,628 words, artist AU) - Mycroft Holmes is a poor artist with secrets hiding in the shadows of his life and a brother who is something of a human hurricane. PC Greg Lestrade is a young and eager member of law enforcement who never thought he’d find the man of his dreams sitting on a box in front of an easel…

Share the Stars with You (237,312 words, Victorian au ) - Set in Victorian times, we find Mycroft as a sedentary man of wealth and power and Greg as an explorer, a true man of action.  Given their opposite natures, could it be these two might actually achieve the one thing neither has ever thought possible - finding someone to love?

The Reality of Expectations (131,633 words, porn star au) - Mycroft has long taken comfort, and pleasure, from the films of a certain porn star, following the man through decades of his career.   Now, that man has plunged into his life and Mycroft has no choice but to move from fantasy to reality as they get to know one another…

Happily Ever After (119,516 words, royalty au) - Crown Prince Mycroft discovers that his brother, Sherlock, is escaping from the castle to spend time with a new friend, John Watson. How fortunate that this new friend comes with his own rather protective guardian, the young and handsome man of the law, Greg Lestrade.

By the Pale Moonlight (175,188 words, vampire au) - When young vampire, Mycroft Holmes, ran across young drifter, Greg Lestrade, in the woods one warm summer’s evening, neither had any idea they’d found the love of their life… well, maybe they had some idea, but Sherlock’s petulant shrieking might have clouded things a bit…

Trip the Light Fantastic (137,782 words, demon au) - Mycroft’s need for an escort to the school dance wins him a very surprising candidate when he finds an old book of spells in an abandoned occult shop…

Dream a Little Dream (81,761 words, dreams/alternate reality au) -  Mycroft Holmes knows he’s not the most scintillating man in the world, but wonders what it would be like if there was just a bit more sparkle in his smile.  Or if he had a smile at all.  Like a certain Detective Inspector of his acquaintance, who he would very much like to make a better acquaintance, if he only had the chance.  Perhaps a little wish might be of help… at least in his dreams…

It Takes a Village (14,529 words) - Greg’s birthday looms and Mycroft is not making a good showing on the birthday front, something that’s bothering both him and Greg.   Fortunately, they’re not short of ears to hear their various woes and sorrows…

The Joy of Art (9343 words) - Mycroft’s moaning about his rusty artistic skills pushes his PA to enroll him in a life drawing class.  His initial reluctance begins to fade until he realizes just who will be the model - a certain Detective Inspector whose naked body is already the stuff of his fondest dreams…

Just a Tiny Holiday (5629 words) - Mycroft has been working far too hard and Greg is determined to make him rest and relax.  Something unique and cozy seems the perfect thing to make that happen…

All You Need is Rum (37,990 words, Greg’s a tiki aficionado) - Mycroft has to beg assistance from Lestrade to find Sherlock, who is hiding from being given an assignment.  What Mycroft discovers as he visits the DI to make the request raises more than his eyebrow…

When We Assume (27,168 words) - Greg Lestrade has accepted a date with Mycroft Holmes. Now, the Detective Inspector needs to get himself out of his own head…

Tabula Rasa (3102 words) - Lestrade hoped to find Sherlock and John when he went to their flat about a case.  What he actually found was far more interesting…

Sunshine on My Shoulders (967 words) - Mycroft and Lestrade’s beach holiday is not going quite the way the Detective Inspector had planned and Mycroft shows no remorse over that fact…

Kiss a Ginger Day (1368 words) - When a certain day rolls around, Greg is reminded of a little something and, to his good fortune, has a chance to explore the matter in more depth…

The Kindness of Almost Strangers (2933 words) - Being stuck in London traffic was not Lestrade’s favorite way to pass the time, but today might be an exception…

Happy Birthday, Mr. Holmes (3393 words) - It’s Mycroft’s birthday and it certainly cannot be described by the term 'happy’ or any other word that signifies glad tidings.  Fortunately, there’s one person who might be willing, and able, to change all of that…

A Burden Shared (1603 words) - Inspired by a certain scene in The Abominable Bride that highlights Mycroft’s love and concern for his brother, despite Sherlock’s apparent lack of love and concern for himself.  The Mystrade bit is just shameless self-indulgence

A Conversation Worth Having (1814 words, TAB tie-in) - What if Mind Palace Mycroft and Mind Palace Lestrade had a small conversation about Mycroft’s little wager with Sherlock…

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (3420 words) - Greg Lestrade is not a happy camper about the eruption of holiday festivities around him, but Mycroft Holmes is not exactly of the same mind…

All’s Fair in Love and War (7857 words) - Greg Lestrade is the powerful editor of a scandalous tabloid and Mycroft Holmes’s former longtime lover.  Unfortunately, the ‘former’ part doesn’t sit well with Mr. Lestrade and he hopes that he might be able to change that.  Mycroft, however, seeks to change other things and Greg has some hard decisions to make if he wants Mycroft back in his life…

A Whiter Shade of Ice (5981 words) - Greg’s attempt to take Mycroft ice skating isn’t as successful as he would have hoped, but Mycroft isn’t one to let unsuccessful situations stand for very long…

The Suspicious Disappearance of Ties (1168 words) - Greg begins to notice a very suspicious pattern concerning his ties and Mycroft does not seem inclined to share his concern…

Fingers Might Talk (4500 words) - Lestrade asks for and receives lessons in sign language from Mycroft, which leads to a nice trip to the pub after an afternoon of instruction… and more lessons mean more time to get to know each other…

Paper, Bow, Ribbon and Scotch (2896 words, Christmas) - Lestrade volunteered to assist with the Christmas toy drive at work and Mycroft is delighted to step in and assist. That may be a decision he comes to regret…

The Snow King (995 words) - Greg loves a good snowy day… Mycroft truly does not see the appeal. At least, at first…

That Try Men’s Souls (2515 words) - Lestrade has been carrying around some worry lately about his and Mycroft’s relationship and decides to take steps to make things better… much to Mycroft’s dismay…

A Model Patient (1800 words) - Mycroft Holmes is sick with a very bad cold, however, a man of his poise and control is a blessedly perfect patient. In his own opinion, of course…

It’s Just Easier To Do It Yourself (2841 words) - Greg needs to do a little shopping and Mycroft decides to accompany him, something the Detective Inspector knows is not going to end well for either of them…

The Terrifying Arthur Shappey (5743 words) - Greg Lestrade’s holiday is on hold due to one of GERTI’s temper tantrums and Arthur Shappey is happy to keep him company. Of course, alcohol makes all things far more interesting… look for Mystrade after the hangover is conquered…

Sometimes You Need a Push (3060 words) - John is tired of waiting for Sherlock to admit to what he feels, so the good doctor enlists a little help to push things along a bit…

Anything for Love (4461 words) - Greg is being very sneaky about a project and Mycroft very much intends to find out why. Of course, what Mycroft wants, Mycroft doesn’t always get…

The Bonds of Family (2711 words, mpreg) - Mycroft is very pregnant, Lestrade is very patient… surely their home life is the epitome of harmony…

The Winds of Change (1249 words) - Greg wants to change his hair… but he’s the only one who likes the idea…

Our Little Boy (5379 words) - Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade and their son as they move through the years… parenting is nothing if not very hard work…

And Many More (2501 words - Future Mystrade) - It’s Greg’s birthday and it’s not quite as merry as he hoped. Luckily, he’s got friends to help change that…

Do You Believe in Magic (2984 words, Future Mystrade) - What if John Watson had met Greg Lestrade in another time and in another place. And Greg is not exactly who he seems to be…

Enemy Mine (489 words) - Mycroft discovers Lestrade’s new purchase and is not happy with it.  Not one tiny bit…

A Man Can’t Have Any Peace (3521 words) - Lestrade has a rare day off and it doesn’t go quite to plan.  Not that that’s always a bad thing…

There Are Always Exceptions (3957 words) - Lestrade is enamored with a young, nubile female and Mycroft is none too happy about the fact.  Especially since said female is making a home in their patio…

Worth a Thousand Words (2643 words) - Lestrade finds a surprise in Mycroft’s office, one that Mycroft desperately needs to explain…

The Unanticipated Arrival (8549 words, mpreg) - In this world, certain males are lucky enough to be able to have babies… not that Greg is considering himself particularly lucky at the moment…

The Hands of Fate (2982 words) - Greg buys a deck of tarot cards and wants to tell Mycroft’s fortune.  Mycroft, however, is not excited about the idea, especially as the cards begin to fall…

The Time of the Season (2180 words, Halloween) - Mycroft surprises Lestrade with a trip to the States for the DI to celebrate Halloween in grand American style.  Of course, this means he has to celebrate in grand American style, as well, and that is a lot harder than Mycroft had expected…

The Christmas Spirit (2842 words, Christmas) - Lestrade finds Mycroft Holmes in a very unexpected place and it leads to very unexpected things… at least for the two men involved…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (4341 words, Christmas) - When Mycroft comes to Lestrade on Christmas Eve, a little bedraggled and very mysterious, asking for assistance, Lestrade is not about to refuse…

It’s Not Always Wine and Roses (2986 words) - Sometimes, things are hard, and Greg’s not sure if this is one time too many.  Unfortunately, the only person he can find to talk to about it is Sherlock…

Saturday Matinee (3251 words) - Lestrade is thrilled to enjoy a day off with a good sci-fi film.  Someone else seems to think that’s a fine idea, too…

Saturday Matinee,,, The Younger Years (2043 words) - Young Greg Lestrade has money for a film and he plans to make the most of it… happily, someone else has something similar in mind…

The Eye of the Beholder (2374 words) - Mycroft has had a very hard several months and, to his shame, gained a good bit of weight from stress eating.  Of course, one of the first people he sees as things begin to wind down is the man he considers the most gorgeous thing to walk the planet - Greg Lestrade.

Short Fics on Tumblr: (Those cross-posted on AO3 are not repeated)

Not Your Normal Date - When Mycroft asks Greg out for the evening, the DI truly didn’t predict that grave digging was going to be on the agenda…

Love in the Sand - Mycroft Holmes, famous archaeologist, has his hands full, in more ways that one, with his cheeky dig foreman, Greg Lestrade…

Timing is Everything - Greg steps in at a very opportune moment, when Mycroft is at the point of breakdown…

Afternoon Tea - Normally, a naked Lestrade would give Mycroft great joy… this, however, might not be one of those times…

On the Balcony - When Mycroft finds Greg on their balcony, he did not expect to find him naked…

My Only Remaining One - Sad fic…

First Impressions - First meeting fic at a crime scene…

Can’t Keep a Good Man Down - Greg is in the hospital.  That doesn’t quash his libido, though…

In the Most Interesting Places - Our boys meet in a nightclub…

When We Were Young - First meeting fic with PC Greg and agent Mycroft

Birthdays are the Best Days - It’s Mycroft’s birthday and Greg is at a loss for a present…

A Little Business Party - Mycroft is hosting a simple business party… or so Greg assumes… written for the Silver Fox Saturday marriage equality celebration

The Big Day - It’s Sherlock and John’s wedding day and Lestrade is there to help…

otaxus  asked:

OHOhO,, HOW ABOUT MC BEING PREGNANT WITHHH TWINS. :"0 if you done something like this then how about mc having an identical twin,,, how would the rfa members+v+saeran react ayyy. TY And I love your hC

Omg, this is so great!Pregnant with twins, the ideas are popping in my head! Thank you for your support.
This is such a cute one!
They know MC is pregnant!
Thank you for your request! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request. ( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • He was so happy about this pregnancy, a room for the baby, it’s already decorated with neutral colors, so like that they’ll be prepared for it!
  • But then you discovered that you’re pregnant with twins!
  • You’re so excited to tell to Yoosung when he comes back from work you call him
  • “Do you need something love?” He said already desperately, he take a good care of you right now, you are the most precious thing right now
  • A precious thing that is carrying another precious thing, one baby, his child
  • But he doesn’t know that is not one baby that you’re carrying, it’s two babies
  • When you tell him, he’s paralyzed, looks like a statue, you’re so worried about it that you put one hand on his shoulder “…Yoosung?”
  • He looks at you, and without even thinking he hugs you so tightly and starts to cry on your shoulder
  • “You surprise me every time..” He says crying on your shoulder, and then he gets on his knees and put his hand on your belly 
  • “ I’ll give you guys all my love…” He smiles and looks at you 
  • “But we will have to decorate the room again” You two laugh, he’s right, but it’s worth it


  • You discover it yesterday, but he was really tired because of the rehearsal that you decided to wait
  • In the next day, you two were on the couch, he was with his head on your lap, saying a lot of things, about his roles, about this house ( he was seeing some house for you two move in with your kid)
  • Then he looks at you and smiles ( that smile, that one that kills angels) 
  • “I’ll take really good care of this little one princess, just see!This child will be so handsome that I got to keep one eye on this kid!”
  • You laugh, “You don’t say “this little one” when it’s two”
  • He immediately gets up 
  • “What you mean…Two?”
  • “It’s twins.” He stays still, without not even an expression on his face.
  • “This means…That’ll be two beautiful creatures that will born?”
  • You nod, he pulls you from the couch and hugs you kiss your neck while you’re laughing and after that, he looks into your eye
  • “My queen it’s holding my princes or princess, or the two,I’M SO EXCITED!”


  • You’re home, nobody is there,
  • except Elizabeth
  • You called Jumin telling him that you wanted to have a nice dinner with him, he said that he’ll cancel all the meetings for this dinner.
  • Sorry Jaehee, but this time is important
  • You have requested a cake to the chef and in the cake, you want to write “To a new household, with me, my husband, Elizabeth, and our twins!”
  • When he are home, you hugged him and he kisses you passionately “Hello love.”
  • You greet him again, and then you pick his hand and drag him to the table “You want a wine?”
  • You laugh and sit “Wine don’t go well with sweet things, especially a cake.”
  • He froze, he’s scared, did he forget your birthday? It can’t be “…You know I don’t like sweets” He says sitting down, slowly
  • “You’ll like this cake” you smile and then they bring the cake and reveal it to him
  • He looks at it, making some time to read, and then he looks at you and the cake, you, cake, you cake
  • Looks like he doesn’t believe it and then he gives you a big smile, you don’t even think that Jumin could smile like this!
  • He gets up and walks to you and kiss you “There goes my idea of doing a brother or sister to our child” You two laugh and he kisses you again
  • “Thank you, for everything.”


  • He’s excited about that baby
  • He has already bought those cringe the shirts AND HE CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE DAD JOKES
  • It’s going to be so funny!
  • But then you ruined his plans when you discovered that were twins, you walked to him while he was typing something “Hey…Saeyoung”
  • He looks at you after he discovered you’re pregnant, he always gives his attention to you, don’t matter what he’s doing
  • “I’m pregnant..”
  • He laughs “I know MC”
  • “With twins”
  • He gasps, almost choking on his chips and then he looks at you again
  • “Are you serious?” You nod, he looks serious 
  • “I will have to replace those shirts now!”
  •  He says angrily, you just laugh and then he laughs too, getting up and hugging you
  • “You know what they say…Prepare for trouble..” He looks at you waiting for you to finish
  • “And make it double”
  • He smiles at you, a large smile reaches his ears
  • “Oh god…You bless me with  3 angels…I don’t even deserve that!” He kisses you “I love you…And i already love them!”


  • He’s feeling so blessed by this, something in his life was going on the right path for the first time!
  • When you discovered, you’re already smiling thinking about the face he’ll make
  • When you’re there, you stand still in his front while he was sitting on the couch “V..I have something about the pregnancy”
  • He stood up, looking worried “What…? What happened?”
  • He was already thinking of the worst, he never has luck in his life…This is usual
  • “It’s twins!”
  • “What?“ 
  • It’s the only thing he can say before start to cry so much that you got worried
  • "V…Are you alright—”
  • He hugs you really tightly, but after that, he got on his knees and looks up
  • “Thank you for this blessing!Thank you for bringing this woman in my life!”
  • He stood up and kisses you, and then he looks at you, with a large smile on his face, still crying
  • “I don’t have any words right now…Thank you for letting me enter your heart”


  • Here we go
  • He was worried about “not being a good father” but now he passes that phase
  • Now he’s the super protective Saeran, he think everything could make you lose his reason to smile
  • So he’s very careful about everything, he doesn’t even let you cut something for food, he doesn’t even let you make food
  • You’re scared, about how much protective he’ll become
  • But you’ll tell him anyway when you told him he kept his eyes on you without any expression
  • “Are you serious?Twins?Like me and Saeyoung?”
  • You nod and he falls on his knee
  • “Saeran?” You run to him, and he looks at you with tears in his eyes
  • “Mc..I don’t deserve this…I’ve done so bad things…I…” He looks down and after that, he gets up 
  • “No…Stop this Saeran…You’ll be a good father, for our twins…” You smiled and he kisses your cheek smiling
  • He looks really happy “I love you so much Mc…”
  • “What?”
  • “I say that we will need more room…”
  • You laugh, “I love you too Saeran”
  • He gives you a genuine smile and kisses you again, this time on the lips.

I had a couple questions about the tools I took with me on my trip to Iceland, so I figured it’d be nice to do a quick visual guide to what I carry when I’m in the field making art! Read on under the cut if you want some more thoughts on choosing your tools and The Quest for the Magic Pencil.

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“Don’t let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. It’s your life, not theirs. Do what matters most to you; do what makes you feel alive and happy. Don’t let the expectations and ideas of others limit who you are. If you let others tell you who you are, you are living their reality — not yours. 

There is more to life than pleasing people. There is much more to life than following others’ prescribed path. There is so much more to life than what you experience right now. You need to decide who you are for yourself. Become a whole being. Adventure.” 

― Roy T. Bennett

Dear April,

I honestly don’t have much to say aside from the fact that I have a lot of hope in my heart. There’s much uncertainty ahead of me and many doubts swirling in my head, but here’s me dreaming that hope will win in the end. That despite my fears and anxieties, I will find my way. I will discover where my path leads me. But I know that life comes with many paths, so I suppose, instead, I will learn how to choose wisely which path to travel on. I have hope and heart that I will be brave and wise. That you will lend a hand somehow. Life is too short to not take chances, right? Well, here’s me hoping that the chances I took were worth it. Here’s me hoping that certain doors will open and become new meaningful chapters of my life. Here’s me hoping that I continue finding the strength to trudge on, no matter what I encounter. No matter what life throws at me.

Ashi and Jack: Yin and Yang

Ashi and Jack: Yin and Yang
Ever since the show came out in 2001, “Samurai Jack” captivated the minds of kids and adults for over fifteen year and has to be one of the greatest cartoons of all time. With the fifth and final season now at the halfway mark since its 2017 release, people are more hyped than ever about the show and how it will finally end properly after its premature and rather anticlimactic ending in 2004. The most talked about and most heated debate surrounding the show has to be over the relationship between Jack and a brand new character to the show, Ashi; the surviving member of The Daughters of Aku and his newest ally. Ever since she appeared in episode one, fans from all over have been asking questions like “what purpose she has to the show?” and “will she be important to Jack’s quest” But the biggest question is “what is her true relationship with Jack? Platonic, romantic or father/daughter?” From what I can see from the show and her interactions with Jack, she plays a major role in the show and to Jack himself. If anything, Ashi and Jack perfectly correspond to the ancient chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. I notices this after watching the first episode and left brief comments for this perspective on YouTube and Tumblr with multiple fans agreeing with me. Now with six episodes out, more evidence has been given to support this claim and I will list them below.
Upbringing and Childhood
When we first see Jack in episode one of season one, he’s a happy child who has two loving parents and grew up peacefully as a prince. His life takes a turn when home was destroyed by the shapeshifting demon; Aku, and was separated from his family and travels the world in order to protect him and to make him strong enough to fight Aku when the time comes. As he travels the world and begins his training, he is still allowed to a child and experience many types of people, lands and philosophies while also developing close friendships. These experiences make Jack into a well rounded, responsibly mature young man of knowledge and wisdom. When we first see Ashi in episode 1 of season five, it’s the exact opposite. She and her six twin sisters were thrown into rigorous and painful training to kill Jack shortly after birth by a mentally and physically abusive mother; The High Priestess of the all female cult of Aku, who feels no love for Ashi or her sisters. She also never allows the sisters to show any love for each other and would even tell them to leave the other behind if they’re too weak stating “The weak have no place with Aku.” Ashi was never allowed to be the curious child she was and was punished if she strayed for a moment from her mission. She was raised all her life in a deep dark cave and was never allowed to go outside until her adulthood which made her ignorant to how the world really works and only knew what her mother allowed her to; which were mostly lies. This made Ashi and her sisters immature to everything but how to kill. Even though she and The Daughters of Aku were capable fighters and were able to overpower Jack in their first battle, their inexperience to the real world and their immaturity was their ultimate downfall because the more experienced Jack was able defeat them all and to kill six of the sisters leaving only Ashi alive. Jack’s maturity gave him an edge over them. . Ashi and Jack’s opposing and yet mirroring childhoods and experiences are aligned perfectly to Yin’s darkness and Yang’s brightness. Yin and Yang even translate to “Dark- Light.” Ashi was raised in darkness while Jack was raised in light.
Colors and Gender
As we can tell. Ashi and Jack look very different from each other in gender and body types. Yet they are still able to match one another in their same asian heritage and their monochromatic colorings. Ashi is female and mostly wears a black body suit throughout the show while Jack is male and mostly wear a white gi throughout most of the series. In the Yin and Yang philosophy, Yin is black and corresponds to female while Yang is white and corresponds to male. Though Yin and Yang look very different, they still look like they belong together in the same world. The same can be said for Ashi and Jack.
Personalities and Characteristics
By watching how Ashi and Jack interact with each other, it’s quite clear they have opposing and yet complementary personalities between the two. With Jack being the polite, humble and quiet man of peace that he is; Ashi tends to be the more outspoken, smart mouthed type who doesn’t think twice about throwing the first punch when provoked. Even though they have contradicting personalities that can push each other to their limits or even apart at times, they also have characteristics that are similar to each other and that pulls them close together such as their kind hearted wants to protect the innocent and their love and appreciation for life and the beauty it holds. They also have the same drive to do the right thing but just handle it in their own ways. No matter how opposing they are from each other, they still carry the same mutual respect for each other the way Yin and Yang have for the other. Even though Yin and Yang can at times be at odds, they’re still interconnected to each other. As the symbol of Yin and Yang shows, Yin is the dark piece that has a white circle inside of it while Yang is the white piece that has a black circle inside of it. The visual representation shows each side is equal and yet opposite of the other and how one side never tries to dominate the other but instead work together for balance. The same can be said for Ashi and Jack. Ashi has spent her entire life in darkness and was subjected to the cold nature of life. And yet she holds enough positive thinking to be drawn to life outside of her dark world just like Yin. Jack; on the other hand, was brought up in a more  and positive aspect of life. But over the fifty years of wandering without aging and seeing Aku’s devastating affect on the world, Jack has lost some of his hope and his heart is gripped by his dark thoughts, further implying his connection with Yang. Ashi is dark but has a little light inside while Jack is light but has a little darkness inside of him.
Teamwork and Friendship
As mentioned before, Ashi and Jack have opposing personalities, but this doesn’t stop them from getting along. If anything, their differences help each other in difficult situations and also push to where they need to be. In real life, the world has a way of keeping itself balanced and in order. The same goes with humans. We all have those people in our lives who keep us balanced and in check because they have certain aspects we ourselves don’t possess. Yin and Yang are all about balance and duality with the opposing elements.Both sides drive to create harmony with the other and to guide each other down the right path. Both even manage to discover some aspect of themselves they didn’t existed until they experience the other. When Jack told Ashi about how everything she knew was a lie, she wanted him to show her the truth. During this course of showing her the truth, Ashi discovered she is a caring person and has a good heart when she let her hate go and allowed Jack’s words to sink in. Jack guided Ashi away from her darkness. Jack, on the other hand, lost the last bit of hope he had left when he believed he failed to save a group of children who were being controlled by a sadistic villain. He believed they were dead and this forced him to go away without leaving Ashi a clue of where he was going. He plunged deeper into darkness and couldn’t get out on his own and was about to end his life. Luckily, Ashi went looking for him and learned about all the good Jack has done for others. Ashi now knows the whole truth about Jack and has become a fully matured and rational individual because of the hope he gave her. In return, she uses that same hope when she finds him to restore Jack’s hope and purpose to find his magic sword and end Aku once and for all. She reminds Jack of who he really is and this saved him from suicide. Because they never knew each other in the past, they were lost souls who were incomplete alone. Together now, they have overcome physical and spiritual obstacles due to their influences on one another. Ashi is mature and is full of hope because of Jack and Jack has restored his drive to continue his quest and has regained his hope because of Ashi. They bring out the best in each other and are now unified in the same purpose to bring order back into the world the way Yin and Yang work as one to bring unity.
For the first time in the whole series, Jack has found an ally, partner and friend in Ashi who will stay by his side until the the very end. These two have brought a new element into the series we haven’t seen yet; duality. For the past four seasons, Jack has done everything alone and had brief alliances. But now that Ashi has come into his life, he no longer has to be alone in his journey. He can now share his hard quest with a true equal who is willing to live and die by his side. No matter how you might see their relationship, these two will forever be linked together and can never be separated. Ashi and Jack are truly Yin and Yang.

~Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Part Three~

Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic - Part Three
English: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Japanese: マギ

This is a story about the flow of fate and the battle to keep the world on the right path. Aladdin is a boy who has set out to explore the world after being trapped in a room for most of his life. His best friend is a flute with a djinn in it named Ugo. Soon enough, Aladdin discovers he is a Magi, a magician who chooses kings, and he was born to choose kings who will follow the righteous path, battling against those who want to destroy fate. Follow his adventures as he meets others from “One Thousand and One Nights,” like Ali Baba and Sinbad, and fights to keep the balance of world in check!

Author: Shinobu Ohtaka (Story & Art)
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen
Volumes: 35
Chapters: 360
Status: Ongoing

thatonevaleriegirl  asked:

not necessarily tomarry centered, but do you guys know any good tom riddle centered fanfics that's basically a bunch of what ifs?? like what if merope lived to raise tom (im in desperate need for more fics like these in particular), what if tom riddle sr. came to save tom, etc etc

I’ve been thinking of looking for fics with these premises or even writing one myself (because Jamie was talking about this, right?). Thanks for motivating me to dig through FFN/AO3! :D

Disclaimer that I haven’t read some of these:

Icarus by buchick | 5K | Teen | Complete | Harry/Tom

Tom Riddle’s mother promises him an angel before she dies. Ten years later, Harry falls from the sky. Mostly father-son bonding.

Like Father, Like Son by muggleriddle | 42K | K | Abandoned | Gen

Tom Riddle grew up in a muggle orphanage in London… but what would have happened if he had been raised by his family, the Riddles from Little Hangleton?

The Glass Serpent and the Dark Horse by KaedeRavensdale | 51K | Mature | WIP | Harry/Tom

In which Tom Riddle Senior never could fully put Merope’s claims of being pregnant out of his mind and set out to bring his child home, unwittingly changing the fate of both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds and laying waste to the machinations of a certain scheming old man.

Proof by Loudest_Voice | 12K | Mature | Abandoned | Gen

Almost ten years afterwards, Tom Riddle Sr. decides to find Merope. He was never insane. He means to prove it to himself.

All the Right Ways by puzzlesolverDramaqueen | 5K | General | Complete | Gen, Dumbledore/Grindelwald, implied Merope/Ariana

Ariana Dumbledore just moved into her own little place, when a very pregnant and very heartbroken Merope Gaunt stumbles into her life. But with their brothers and other family members and the muggle world at war, they will discover a family like that isn’t always easy to manage.

The Right Hand Path by Sophiax | 90K | Teen | Abandoned | Gen

Merope survives to raise her son, Tom Riddle. AU.

Dear followers,

It has been five years since I started this blog. What started as an interesting experiment has grown to a big project.

Over the years I discovered my own creativity through this blog, the response from you has been amazing; even overwhelming at times. It opened doors I didn’t even knew existed before. 

It gave me so much confidence and set me on the right path in my life. A couple of years ago I started shooting my own material which presented me with a whole new set of challenges, and enabled me to develop even more.

But right now I have to be honest with myself, the creation of cinemagraphs for this blog have become more of a task than a challenge, there’s no more to learn and it’s starting to hold me back. 

So I made a hard decision: no more regular updates for Tech Noir. (This doesn’t mean no more posts ever, I will create one whenever I feel like it, but the frequency of posts will be much lower.) I want to thank you so much for all your positive feedback and attention in the last five years. I am forever grateful.

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Floris Kloet

MM Yaoyorozu Momo

“It’s very much okay if you don’t know where you want to go yet. Not everyone has the answer right away.” Momo says, her smile warm and supportive. “Take your time in finding what it is that you want to do or what it is that you love. You are wonderful the way you are.”

Momo reaches out, reassuring and her gaze is calm and certain. “If you don’t have any answers yet, that is okay. You don’t need to know everything right away and you can always change things if you realize that something isn’t really for you. This life is yours and when you’re unsure about something or you feel lost, that is okay. Discover yourself if you want to, look for your freedom or go chasing answers until you have them. You can always count on me to be here for you, no matter what your path in life looks like.”

Structure Is Good For Me

Here is a problem I’ve had, which you may be having too.

When I first got in, one of the statements which came up a lot was “Paganism is never a once a week affair!” - which I think is pretty rude to Christians, on reflection. but what that translated into for me was, spending hardly any spiritual time because it’s not expected.

Which is weird because hmmm for most people of faith it is entirely normal to pray twice a day (or more!), and spend at least Sunday morning at church (or equivalent). Whereas I’d say in Paganism, it is more normal to feel bad about not having a regular practice. 

One of the problems is: being a Pagan is typically MUCH more hard work than any of those other religions. Think about Christianity. You already know who your deities are, you likely have a local church leader who plans sermons and prayer AS THEIR FULL TIME JOB, you have a book of trad prayers and hymns you can simply use, and a holy book with all your key information in it. As a Pagan, you almost certainly have none of these things. And then when we get into ritual, it’s often super involved: research, props, expenditure of energy, lighting candles, making and sharing food, it’s freakin tiring especially as a spoonie perennially short of spoons and bad at executive function. Getting through rituals is so tough for me; fex, I’ve abandoned the need for ritual cleanliness in recent years just because having a bath or shower is so draining. I think Paganism focuses a lot on the presence of the gods to a detrimental effect - does that make any kind of sense? My mum is a Methodist and I’m sure she’s never heard the voice of Jesus, she just prays and then done. We could stand to do a lot more of that casual, informal, few-words-of-prayer style, and save The Big Rituals, the ones where you dance until divinity arrives, for special occasions. Not least because it’ll make 99% of pagans feel less inadequate when they hear nothing.  Like, we don’t need to hear a reply to do meaningful rites. The rites themselves have power: they demonstrate our commitment, and they help us focus on the divine, and those two things are important even if you’re certain you did not get Anubus to manifest with you.

So you’re doing more work than those other guys to begin with, and experiencing extreme choice paralysis between ALL the options of who to worship and how. Especially with background beliefs about fate and destiny and Finding The One. I often think it’d be better for new Pagans, instead of being told “it takes time to discover your path and your gods!”, be simply handed “Spend six months in the Golden Dawn, revering Thoth” entirely at random. It’d be good to think, like we think of life partners, that there is no One path - but many potential Ones out there, and it’s good to invest in the ones you see in front of you at least in the short term rather than waiting for Mr Right or your soulmate.

So that’s three big barriers, formed from our three freedoms. Choice paralysis, low/no expectations, and the additional work we have to do vs members of a major religion taking up some of that time.

And basically I’ve solved it by putting the structure back in. As much as Paganism doesn’t “need” regular structure - I do.

For me, ritual structure means a DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY practice, and even though that sounds intense, and like it’d be more discouraging to fail at than succeed, when you start thinking about how Christians etc practice and basing off them it does become easier.

DAILY for me is 2x5 minute somethings. Here’s a shortlist of ideas: I do the top two:

  • Time spent sitting outside
  • gratitude for my senses (i.e. when seeing something lovely, feeling happy, eating something nice, essentially doing mindfulness etc)
  • doing meditation
  • doing a one-card tarot reading
  • lighting a candle to a Power, feeding a spirit, tending their altar
  • saying a prayer
  • tending your plants

Or abiding by a taboo or promise, and using that to keep the spiritual in mind.

WEEKLY for me is one morning a week, and again I’m basing this off my memory of what Sunday School felt like. It’s good to designate A Morning for this, not just “when I have time this week”, or a regular evening slot, the same time every week. Time spent:

  • going for a walk in a natural area (“Spend time with the gods”)
  • reading a book/articles/learning more about Pagan things (“Listening to a sermon”)
  • Doing something to please your spirits, for example swimming for Poseidon, dancing for Bes, programming for Thoth, some hobby which helps you experience their attributes or gifts OR like charity work, such as working food bank for Demeter, something in Their name(“Putting a coin on the charity plate”)
  • Making a craft project or engaging with the divine in other ways, like writing a hymn or making a mask or an altar cloth.
  • Planning big rituals
  • Doing a “regular circle” - you know, just casting one up, eating with the divine, chatting, but not doing anything solemn and not caring over-much about feeling the divine or hearing them
  • Doing a spell

MONTHLYish is when I do big rituals - either a Sabbat, a Full or a Dark moon. These rituals do take work, esp as a solitary, and I hardly manage all of them because life. It gets easier if you write A Moon Rite or A Midsummer Rite and repeat it each year. And that’s when I take things v seriously, try and take a bath, try and reach trance, try to call the divine and experience their presence in the way Pagans Are Supposed To and so on, or doing a freakin serious spell to coincide with a key date or time or phase.

With the exception of a big monthly ritual, setting aside that kind of time wouldn’t be weird for members of any other religion - I think we are just facing unique challenges, and a unique like religious history/context which makes it a lot harder to do. And for me at least, having that structure and comparing myself to what other lay-members of a faith would be doing, helps.

I guess tl;dr is, I did well by a) trying to make worship far more casual and less ritualised, and b) setting a weekly structure based on what I can see Christians achieve, and it’s working well for me to solve some problems inherent in Paganism. If you have these problems too, I hope these are helpful ideas.

How to Witch

Many people have stumbled across witchcraft in their life, and some just find it too right to pass up. Once your mentally prepared to begin, how do you physically do it? The first step is patience. You can’t just jump into something you know nothing about.

Why do I want to// On a piece of paper, or in your book of shadows, write down why you want to be a witch. What type of witch you aspire to be, what magick you want to look into. You can add onto this later as you grow, but this is an important step into discovering your path.

Research// Many witches have their favorite books, and as a beginner in the craft, I went through and picked some of my favorites, here they are for you! They are also easily found on the Internet (and free!)

Cunningham’s Book of Shadows by: Scott C. Crystal Bible by: Judy H. A Witches Bible by: Janet and Stewart F. Witch in the Kitchen by: Cait J.

Meditation// The core of any magick you do is you. If you are not clear headed, calm, and collected, much of the magick you do will spiral out of control. Much of the magick you will do involves meditation before, to clear your head and make sure that all of your energy is channeled into one place. Even if you aren’t doing any spells, or rituals, or whatever you do, meditation is a good way to avoid stress, talk to deities, prepare for astral travel, reach out to mythical creatures, and tons of other things. Try and meditate for at least 5-10 minutes a day. Do it in the shower if you have to.

Supplies// This step is completely optional, but most witches work with candles, wands, strings, poppets, and tons of things on their altar. I would (once again), consider research on what you should get for what you decide to do. Here’s a little master list I threw together if you’re completely confused.

Herbs: Sage, rosemary, thyme, chamomile, sandalwood, lavender, roses Crystals:Quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, Jade, citrine Candles:White, black, blue, purple, red Others: JARS!!!, moon/rain water, sand, sea salt/salt, figurines of deities, cauldron, mortar and pestle, candle holders, offering dish, plates, wand

What’s a deity// Many witches often worship gods and goddesses, ranging from Greek and Roman to Ancient China and Egypt. This is not required, and there are many witches that have a religion with a God (Christianity, Buddhism, Islamic). This does NOT prevent you from being a witch. You can be any religion and still practice the craft (at least to me).

Now where do I go// Spells, enchantments, protection, curses, and talking to mythical beings my friend. I suggest, especially as a beginner, to find some protection spells (which I have some under my tag #thecraft), and try those out. They’re often simple, and a good start for any witch who wants to begin small. Try small spells, talk to your deities, try scrying, anything really!


Sorry this was so poorly made! Hope it helps someone!

thetiptoeingtulip  asked:

In what way do you think each type would react if they were put in a situation similar to Lord of the Flies? I know it really does depend on how developed they are, but in general, how would their functions respond and what sort of role might they take?

In the general sense, let us play this. 

ESFP: Takes the lead of the situation right away. Their Se is in their element of improvisation and observation. They start the civilization and their Fi makes them care about the people around them. 

ESTP: Lets the ESFP lead and is a charismatic sub-leader that goes against the harsh tertiary Te rules the ESFP enforces and makes sure everyone is fed. They are the Robin Hood of the group. They go against the ground rules, but they aren’t doing evil things. 

ISTP: Is watching out for themselves. If you are meant to survive you will with your own two-hands and smarts. 

ISFP: Won’t lead, but doesn’t like being told what to do. Won’t speak up unless the ESFP leader does something unethical.

ISTJ: Making sure that the group has all the supplies needed to survive. Taking inventory and letting the ESFP leader know how to properly disperse food, clothing, shelter, etc.

ISFJ: Is looking out for themselves and their closest friends. Everyone else can fend for themselves, but the ISFJ will make sure themselves and those they care about make it.

ESTJ: Will try to be the leader, but will just generally slow down the process of getting the civilization together. Will probably be the one to incite mutiny because the ESFP seems to be winging it and not dropping the law as the ESTJ sees fit.

ESFJ: Making sure the group is put first. The ESFJ doesn’t care about everyone being individually happy, but wants to make sure that the group as a whole is together and thriving. Will do any action to make sure this happens.

INFJ: Observes what everyone is doing and questions the ethics happening before them. They don’t speak up until it is too late and something terrible has happened, but they had a feeling it was gunna go in this tragic direction and regret their lack of action.

INTJ: Observing from afar what is happening and has the same feelings as the INFJ as to what will happen, but instead of being concerned with the ethics of the situation, they have been slowly moving their pieces to make sure the next leader is good and the civilization will still be intact. Some sacrifices may have to be made and no one will realize the INTJ has been the one “in charge” the whole time.

ENFJ: Wants to make sure everyone is happy with the role they have to play in this new civilization. Will be charismatic and be the one that everyone really follows and listens to.Without this person the civilization really would fall apart.

ENTJ: The ENTJ takes advantage of the ESTJ uprising, but is in fact the one that actually takes over lead from the ESFP.

INFP: Leaves the group because they were too violent and conflicting too much. Goes on their own spiritual journey on the island and comes back with knowledge of the island that no one else has. Is trying to figure out how to best live their life in this new world.

INTP: Doesn’t know what the group should do, but is very vocal on what everyone is doing wrong. 

ENFP: This is the person who keeps optimism among the people. There has to be a better way. They will survive and not only that find happiness. You just have to find the right path to go on.

ENTP: Tries to figure out the truth of what is really going on, but seems like they don’t care what happens at all. Discovers the truth of the INTJ and has to decide what to do before it is too late.