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5 Signs That You’re Outgrowing Yourself 

The Mind Unleashed writes:

On the journey of life, many of the blessings that steer you towards the right path, and keep you on that path, often appear at first as personal crises. A challenge to your well-being is precisely what it takes to catalyze lasting and meaningful personal transformation, and you must awaken and overcome, facing the worst of yourself in order to discover the better version of yourself in waiting.

When I experienced this personally many years ago, the crises in my life stacked up and became utterly impossible to ignore or cover up. Life slowed down to a suffocating pace while I grasped for direction and meaning. Happiness was a daydream. My fantastic corporate job, my good marriage, my friends, and all of my possessions were meaningless, and at every turn the world looked dark and unforgiving. Life sucked… to be more succinct.

It was an almost unbearable turning point when I had to gather all the facts of my existence and overcome my learned helplessness and dependence, completely re-creating myself in order to survive. Much as a caterpillar leaves behind the comfort of the cocoon in order to set wings, I had to make the discovery that many of things that were comfortable had become limitations to my progress, and therefore had to be tossed overboard.

It’s not always easy to recognize when a great change is underway. Even the greatest of earthquakes is the cumulative result of many tiny shifts in the earth, and so too our lives can evolve in rapid, sweeping upheavals that almost go unnoticed. When you rise to the occasion and take an honest look within, the universe conspires to come to your aid, and anything becomes possible.

Here are 5 signs, or clues, that you may be outgrowing yourself and that a more concentrated effort on your personal evolution is in order. The reward is well worth at least double any effort you put toward cultivating balance and positive energy in your life, and the world so desperately needs more awakened, self-actualized people who cannot be bent to conformity.

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brandonparton  asked:

Hey Lazy I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do with "my" life. I intellectually know there is no "I" but have a hard time deciding what I want to pursue. Whatever I do does not feel authentic or sincere. Like I'm living a lie. Thank you.

You are living a lie. Or, more precisely, you are living a story. And that’s supposed to be more or less a cool thing so long as you remember this one truth: You are not your story. 

Forget what you think you know intellectually and take stock of the way things are for you right now, today. It is from where you are standing now that the path unfurls in a delectably drunken sprawl. 

There is no straight shot in life. That would be weird. Instead there are dead ends, uncertainties, experiments, and discoveries. There are chutes and ladders and Einstein-Rosen bridges. 

Sometimes you need to take a direction just to discover you don’t like it. Sometimes you need to work through your resistances and resentments until authenticity begins to shine through. That can mean experiencing some unfulfilling jobs, hellish mornings, and who knows what else. 

Whatever you decide to do with your life, it will change over time. If it doesn’t, it likely means you are stuck in idealism. Life erupts from the place in which our energies meet those of the world. Adaptation and transformation are inevitable processes for those who hold sanity as most dear.

Don’t be afraid to fake it until you make it. Our habits can become so ingrained that they feel natural. This can make sincerity a challenge and the way beyond it may feel contrived. One practice I’ve been attempting is laughing in the morning upon the first moment I realize I am awake. It is so hard! And it feels very insincere. But the more I persist in fake laughing, the more I prod those heart-energies awake and thus sincere laughter arises. 

This life is temporary, transient, a circus of a passing show. There is your I-lessness. Who knows for how long the show will go on? Who knows what other shows have come and what others have yet to arrive?

If we seek lasting peace, freedom, and happiness, then we must endeavor to know the aspect of ourselves that exceeds the sum of our life’s pieces. This is the reality of your existence that was never born and so will never die. It is never perceived and yet it lends all realness to perception. 

For those of us living in society, we must be able to be both actors and yogis, both a character in a story and yet knowing ourselves as the Ultimate, the stage upon which all stories are played. 

The inward journey is that of the Ultimate awakening to Itself. The outward journey is that of Awakened Play. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste my friend :) Much love. 


1. You’ve discovered who you are. 

2. You know what you like - and what you don’t.

3. You accept your flaws.

4. You’re proud of your strengths and feel okay with your weaknesses. 

5. You’re (mostly) happy.

6. You have less drama with your friends.

7. You understand that failure is part of the process.

8. You might feel poor but you have enough to pay bills, afford the necessities in life, and occasional fun. 

9. You appreciate your family and advice they give you.

10. Your apartment feels like home.

11. You know how to stand up for yourself.

12. You’re working for, or toward, something you’re passionate about.

13. You know what you want and you go for it. You’re never afraid to ask for what you want and go to where/whom you can get it from. 

14. You never stop learning. You are curious by nature, keep pushing yourself forward, and thrive on challenge. 

15. You know what’s worth fighting for - and what’s not.

16. You know when to be patient, when to rush.

17. You have mastered the art of letting go.

18. You are in control of your attitude. 

19. You’re terrified of the future, with excitement. It’s because you dream, and you dream so big that it scares you.  

20. You look forward to tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year.

21. You’re simply excited about what life is going to throw at you and what opportunities are available to you. 

22. You love people. You love genuine people. 

23. You’re open-minded and you are interested in learning new things and hearing about something new. 

24. You feel blessed for being alive, being who you are, and having what you have.

25. You smile while reading this :) 

i have freed myself. i was shouted at endlessly, i was dragged around in the ground and i was beaten by my father. but i am free now. all doors are open before me. after a few moments of insight for him, he told me that i can leave this house. he will take care of the farm. and i should do whatever i want to do. all possibilities are before me. now i am on my own. guided by the universe. i am lost right now and in the darkest hole i’ve ever been my whole life. but i am free. and grateful. this is it. what i’ve been longing for. i’m packing a few things and going to a community to be with a few friends for a few days. i might come back. or i might leave forever. taking these days to really discover what i want to do with my life. to find my true path. all in love. this is it. yes. it’s terrifying… but it feels good. i love you all sweet beings

Pro-choices are like “YOU PRO-LIFERS USE NOTHING BUT EMOTIONAL LANGUAGE!!!!” And I’m sitting there like…. “We use some but like…. It’s called pathos? It’s a rhetorical method?

Like, we’re not robots, we are emotional beings. Emotion is a good thing. We use our emotions to drive us along the path that we have discovered through logic. We use emotion to open our minds and our hearts to consider other opinions and beliefs. EMOTION IS NOT A BAD THING.

On a related note, the abortion debate is an emotional one at heart. There are those who are passionate about doing what they believe is protecting women’s rights. And there are those who are passionate about protecting human life and everyone’s rights. Passion is good. Passion drives us forward. Passion makes us reconsider. Passion will change the world.

Don’t tell me not to be passionate.
I’ll tell you not to be apathetic.
Protect Human Life.
Pro-Life for Every Life-G

Twelve Positive Symptoms of Spiritual Growth and Ascension
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Posted by Gostica, 10/18/2016

Spirituality is all about discovering our inner self, the part of us which is beyond the physical, mortal or limited existence. While there are many of us who discover our spiritual truth through regular meditation and spiritual training, some of us experience an awakening all of a sudden, whether through dreams or near death experience.

With proper practice and wise guidance we can gracefully handle all the new awareness being opened up throughout our journey

Here are a few pointers to help us understand the inner changes we experience as the real symptoms of spiritual growth. If we are experiencing these changes in our life to some or the other extent, it is a sign that we are following the right spiritual path and practice. If yet to experience them, especially if stuck in negative symptoms or experiences …then it is merely a matter of time we will move on to the next level, provided we keep meditating and learning constantly from the right sources:

1.) From Outer to Inner Awareness

Spiritual growth is accompanied with psychic, emotional, physical and mental changes as our inner senses are opened up. We become more perceptive and sensitive to the hidden nature of reality. Before spiritual awakening people saw the world with only their limited five senses, dismissing any spiritual information given by others as ‘unscientific’. After spiritual awakening we can more easily experience the astral or subtle dimension, see more meaning in dreams and receive messages in meditative state.  The unconscious is made conscious helping us in healing unknown blocks as they are revealed to us.

2.) From Negativity to Positive Transformation

As hidden blockages and negativity are brought up into our conscious awareness it can be uncomfortable to some people at first. Through the right spiritual training and inner work we learn how to release our fears. Slowly psychic disturbances reduce, whether insomnia, nightmares or disturbing visions, physical pain or discomfort as blocks are being healed, or emotional highs or lows as we shift from material to spiritual awareness. We attract more positive people, situations, energies…We accept new and positive changes in our hobbies, career, relationships, beliefs and attitudes as our inner vibrations transform for the better.

3.) From Stress to Peace

Before spiritual awakening people usually saw the world as a fixed reality that they had limited power over. Day to day life was stressful and fearsome for many of us then. Through the right spiritual study and meditation we gain inner stillness and peace of mind. We begin to see how peace is always within us and can be found anywhere and at anytime regardless of situations. Slowly our inner peace starts radiating all around us to create waves of peace everywhere we go. At times people can automatically feel and sense the calm and healing waves of peaceful energy flowing in and around us too.

4.) From Anger to Understanding

Before spiritual awakening we would have felt upset at others, whether family, teachers, colleagues, society, politics, god or deity….blaming them for all problems and difficulties. As our spiritual awareness rises we begin to realize how we create our own life experiences at a deep inner level. We understand that everyone is going through their own cycles of learning just like we are. We can empathize and understand the reasons for their issues, their fears or worries while remaining detached at the same time; allowing them to learn and focusing on what we must learn. We begin to also detach from our own expectations from them thereby putting ourselves in a place of real power.

5.) From Victim to Magical Being

Spiritual awakening helps us see how we are manifesting our own life experiences from moment to moment. We are no longer victims of fate or destiny, helpless and incapable of influencing our own life situations. Instead of blaming stars and planets for the patterns of our life we begin to realize how celestial bodies and everything in nature merely guides us through intuition and symbolism, toward our own inner psyche. We start applying this wisdom to transform our own inner energy, our beliefs and our vibrations with the result that our own life improves and transforms from inside out.

6.) From Pity to Respect

With enhanced spiritual awareness we are less likely to feel sad or unhappy about the state of the world. Instead, we start feeling more positive about the potential and capacity of the world to change. There is a sense of respect for everyone as a divine being who has their own positive energy or power hidden within them. Instead of seeing people as under-privileged, lesser-fortunate or vulnerable, we recognize their potential for complete and total transformation. We serve them best by helping them realize their own power instead of merely handing them some spare change.

7.) From Guilt to Self-transformation

Being spiritually aware also helps us gain power over our own hidden blockages, addictions or fears. Instead of feeling guilty or regretful about something we did or did not do, we focus on the present moment from where we can create transformation. When we see our problems and mistakes as lessons and learn what we should from them, they stop bothering us repeatedly. Our own inner patterns are reset through this learning. We replace our own self-limiting ways of thinking, feeling or behaving with those that serve our highest good.

8.) From Disease to Wellness

Spiritual work and meditation enhance and improve the energy flowing through us. When we know that it is energy that is manifesting as our physical life, we begin to master our own inner state. This leads to a better well-being and deeper healing that unites our heart, body and spirit as one. Through proper and dedicated practice we learn how to be less affected by the outer world and how to maintain inner balance. Dependence on medication and drugs reduces automatically with the right meditative practice.

9.) From Hunger to Contentment

Those who lived solely in the material dimension and seldom tried meditation were likely to be engrossed in the endless search for pleasure, entertainment, fame, wealth and status, life after life. On the other hand by enhancing our spiritual awareness we discover a deeper part of us which is forever happy, peaceful and content in itself. Instead of seeking constant stimulation through food, sex, internet, socializing or shopping we start feeling more and more satisfied from within. This way we discover the true meaning of abundance consciousness.

10.) From Ego to Humility

Most conflicts, enmities and power struggles were caused due to a feeling of separation between ‘me’ and ‘the rest of the world’. Our ego was hurt easily when we were spiritually unaware of who we are. Spiritual practice helps us learn that the world and our personal self are deeply interwoven; that everyone is somewhere connected to us, and we to them. We see a great divine being in every person and thing uniting us as one greater Self. This way there is no scope for pride, egotism, inferiority or superiority – just a recognition that everything and everyone is simply here to teach us the higher truth.

11.) From Selfishness to Love

Spiritual ignorance has been the root cause of all evil, having manifested as hate, attacks, corruption, lack of ethics or anything that was harmful in nature. Through spiritual awareness we all are now realizing the real meaning of love. We have truly begun to grow as spiritual beings when we discover unconditional love and compassion. Instead of trying to serve our lower, limited, physical selves at the expense of others, we begin to realize the value of being harmless, kind, forgiving and positive towards every being regardless of how they are.

12.) From Illusion to Truth

Spiritual realization and awakening are the real ways to be truly liberated and freed from the illusions of ups and downs, suffering and pleasure, happiness and sorrow. Deep within us is pure peace and bliss. This true happiness does not depend on whether or not we have something or someone in our life. We realize that outer life is merely an illusion manifesting through a play of our desires and wants, fears and hopes, conscious and unconscious thoughts. We discover our innermost truth which is infinitely more satisfying than anything can ever be. This sets us free!

By: Swati Prakash

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