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The entire batfam finds jason's old school grades in his old room/attic and discovering that Jay was a straight a student and a huge bookworm and an even huge nerd

“Damn Jason how many book reports did they make you write in school, there’s at least 30 essays here. And what kind of classes where you in? These are some heavy books you were reporting on.”

*embarrassed zombie grumbling"

“Actually Master Tim, those were ah elective assignments taken on by Master Jason. Some of them he was able to turn in for extra credit, but others he read and presented to Master Bruce and myself, highlighting all the symbolism and nuances of the great works with all the enthusiasm of a man on his first date.”

“Oh my god”

“You shut the hell up Timbo, it’s not what it looks like.”

“We got calls more than once because Jason refused to leave his school library at the end of the day, too busy discussing book recommendations with his teachers. Master Bruce had to go in and practically drag him out on the assurance that the books could be checked out and read. Quite endearing if I may say so.”


muse a purchases a new home and it has an attic. in the attic they discover a photograph of someone. muse looks at the frame of the photograph and it has a letter. The letter states “you found it, it was meant for you and you must read this aloud” or something like that. Your muse thinks it’s crazy and says they’re not doing it.. but they read it in their mind and that was enough to make the chant on the letter work and do its thing. when muse a wakes up the next day, the person in the photo (muse b) is sleeping beside them ready to thank muse a for freeing them.  

A tape labelled “The Fireside Tape” was shown during the trial phase of Paul Bernardo’s conviction for murder. It was discovered in the attic of the couples home, and was shot by Bernardo shortly after the pair murdered Karla’s sister Tammy Lyn.

In the video Karla and Paul lie naked by a roaring hearth, and Karla is clearly happy and content. She fondles Pauls penis, saying “I loved it when you fucked my little sister. I loved it when you fucked Tammy. I loved it when you took her virginity.”

While Bernardo moans, Karla continues to fondle him, muttering “hail to the king”.

For a few minutes Karla stimulates Paul and speaks about having sex with her sister and finding more virgins for him to rape. She pulls out items of Tammy’s clothing and rubs Paul’s body with them, saying to the camera “I want to rub Tammy’s underwear all over your body. It will make you feel so good. Im so glad you took her virginity Paul… does the king like that?”

The rest of the tape consists of Karla speaking to Paul as if she is Tammy, giving him oral sex, and promising to give him more virgins. The tape ends with the pair of them wandering around in Tammy’s bedroom and remembering the night she died.

Old Occult Couple Part 2 of 2
  • Griffin: "After about twenty years, the woman and man disappear. The purchaser of the home finds a secret door in the cellar. He also finds marked graves. There have been children disappearing for years in the town-" Maybe you could've mentioned that earlier. "And when they dig up the graves, they only find three of the fourteen missing. Where are the rest? They say the rest were buried in the backyard. They dig up the backyard to no avail." This is super boring!
  • Travis: Wait. What?
  • Griffin: 'Here's some other shit that has no significance.'
  • ...
  • Griffin: "Another secret door in the attic is discovered. There are the bones and skulls of the remaining twelve children. The old people have disappeared and to this day...might be your neighbors. It is said with the occult, they found a way to live forever. Good luck."
  • Justin: Are you still going on with this?
  • Griffin: Yeah. It ends with good luck.
  • Travis: Here's a quick lesson in urban legend. Urban legend - Kid was sticking his head out a window, a car was passing with like a dog sticking their head out of the window, the kid knocked the dog's head off. That's an urban legend.
  • Griffin: Yeah, or like, chupacabra. These are all good urban legends.

what do you think’s gonna happen to all the my little pony fuck plushes and body pillows in ten or twenty years when the guys who own them are old. like that’s not really something you can pass down to your family or give to a charity shop. do you think they’re gonna end up in landfills or hidden in attics and discovered years later or what. do you think there’s gonna be kids in the future making posts laughing because they were clearing out old uncle john’s attic and they found a body pillow of a horse with titties. are we gonna get a toy story esque movie about this in the future

I Will Always Find You - a fic by PhoenixTat / art by helebing


When Henry finds an old leather-bound book in the attic, he discovers the truth about his origins. Determined to reunite his whole family, he seeks out his birth mother and brings her back to Storybrooke. However, getting both his mothers to remember their past may not be as easy as he anticipated…


I would like to thank the incredible Lola and Tiff for organizing this whole thing, as well as the lovely helebing for the beautiful artwork that inspired this story.
A very special thanks goes to the wonderful Katherine737 (inkblots-on-autumn-leaves) for her support and input and to the amazing nirky (ohthesefeelingz) for her help and beta work :)