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DAY 3249

Goa                  Feb 19,  2017                Sun 8:14 pm

At times the silence bites into the imagination with such ferocity, that an avalanche of thoughts and ideas pour out .. 

They did .. by the day, and they remained .. what urged it on was the quietude of the notes that one never gets to hear in finite sound ..

Notes of a chord still connect on a plain unresolved and uncertain .. it is disguised in classic form .. but remains a mystery, for, the classic is indeed a mystery ever .. 

How does one become a classic and another a hip hop or a chillout or pop .. who invented the difference and why .. ? Can not one find a classic in the latest top of the pops .. the notes that play around are similar - just seven - ‘saat sur’ … nothing has been discovered or entered into since that demarcation …

The fascinating world of notes and sound .. the sound that brings harmony, that divides different faiths, that identifies regions and cultures, that invokes sentiment, that builds movement and physicality ..

SOUND IS ETERNAL AND DIVINE .. LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF INVENTIONS IT DERIVES .. and this is just a cursory observation ..

Indian classical music interprets seasons and the intervals of time in a day .. it has the capacity to disturb weather conditions, have the penetrative effect of power - physical power  … is that why it is classic ..?

Classic .. because it converts a wave in our atmosphere of what is often described as sound ..? Would it do the same on Mars or any other planet ? What would it be like to ‘play’ a note to space .. or conversely play space notes to us earthlings ..

That genius in film making direction Stanley Kubrick gave us a visual and description in his film ‘2001 Space Odyssey’ … 

The most renowned editorial cut ever made in the history of cinema, was in the film when the first ape imaged human, attacks another with an abandoned bone and having clubbed it to death, throws the bone up in the air in slow motion victorious achievement .. AND .. CUT to ..

A Space Station ..  moving in relative speed revolutions, a fetus in its womb condition developed and ready for its deliverance … and the divine ethereal strains of Johann Strauss’s -


Nothing even today can be ever brought a million million miles in comparison !

Amitabh Bachchan

dreaming-in-static  asked:

Any advice on how to get a game started? I want to DM more and I know I've got a solid grasp of running games that have already taken off, but I have such a hard time with the cold open that it feels lurchy and uncomfortable getting a campaign started or a setting... well, set! Every good game starts in a tavern, but that's a novelty quickly soured. How would you suggest to best get a game rolling, and to make it feel more natural?

Get your players involved!  When I’m starting a new campaign, I come up with a general pitch that I then make to the players.  If I have more than one idea, sometimes I’ll pitch both and get their feedback on what they’re most interested in.  

The pitch should be very general, and give them an idea of the setting and the role their characters will take in the beginning of the story.  For example “It will be a low fantasy setting, and you guys will be explorers who have just crash landed on a mysterious island.”  or “I have an idea for a spacefaring sci-fi game with you guys as pirates or mercenaries!”.  

Once you and your players have agreed on a general concept, have them discuss with you their ideas for their characters.  Since they know the starting premise of your game, they will be able to design characters who will fit perfectly for your story and also hopefully with each other.  Sometimes I pose a few questions to the players to get them inspired to do same basic backstory work, like “Why did your character agree to go on this expedition in the first place?” or “What did your character do to make them end up in prison?” or what have you.  

I like story ideas that have at least some of the characters starting out as knowing each other, or as members of the same organization. That smooths over a lot of the awkwardness of starting a campaign, since you won’t have to come up with a convoluted story for why the characters are even working together at all.

Now here’s the good part - as your players are telling you about the characters they are making, pay attention to any ideas they may have about their backstories/motivations.  These are details you can use to further your plot.  As much as I can, I try to have the story influenced by the players. That’s why my stories tend to start out fairly generic, so I have a lot of flexibility to alter and add to them as time goes on.

If you are worried about the first session feeling too cliche, an option is to skip the part where they receive the quest and dive right into the action!  Having them deal with some sort of crisis/twist right in the beginning is also a great way to have them start building chemistry together.  Dealing with hardship naturally bonds people!  Establishing that camaraderie is even more important than establishing the setting for making things feel natural and fun.  They’ll discover your world as they go, and it sounds like you’ll be just fine once you’ve got the ball rolling.

I hope that was helpful!  Thanks for the question, and good luck!

anonymous asked:


♘ - a memory of their sibling(s)

Gilbert sits calmly by his brother’s bedside and watches with amusement as the boy stretches and wraps the blankets closer around himself as though he could block out the world. Ludwig has just discovered that sunlight can have a sound and that sounds leave imprints in his brain.
He could chide him, chide him for the foolish youth that rules him, but Gilbert is soft on some days. He reaches out and ruffles the blond hair. Carefully. “Alcohol is not always our friend, Ludwig.”

✌ - a memory of a relative

Baden has a sweet round face. Dark hair curls around it, frames warm smiles never meant to him, because there was not enough space in this family for him. Her hair is matted now, her skin bruised, features twisted in rage at his actions. She grips at the prison bars and screams like a witch, and Gilbert feels like a child as he looks at her. Their people see them as family but Gilbert’s hands are stained with her blood.
He’s not a revolutionary like her and he can never wear a crown that was found in the dirt.  

“Traitor! You traitor!” she says. Gilbert realizes that she might have seen him as family after all.

- Baden revolution, 1849

star songs & piano keys
pairing: sugamon
words: 946
rated t for this is disgustingly fluffy idek
(since i am absolute trash for rapperline + also yoongi playing paino, i wrote a yoonseok fic with pianist!yoongi too if you wanna check that out)

Min Yoongi sees the world in sounds. In notes, that sometimes don’t make much sense but he loves it anyways. The complication, and the mystery of them. The way they sound when he plays them. Like he’s solving a puzzle. Like he’s discovering the secrets of the universe. He’s always loved the sounds.

Namjoons world has always been quieter. The quiet was a strange thing, Namjoon thought. Where everything is too loud but there’s never sound. So he writes, he writes down all the quiet. All of his thoughts till he can’t hear them. Chases away all the sounds, till the quiet seems like the quiet again.

The first time he sees Yoongi he doesn’t wish so much for the sounds to go away. For the first time the noise doesn’t hurt. So he goes home, and writes about the boy with hair much like gold. Who plays the piano. Who makes music that sounds like the stars are whispering every secret of the universe.

The first time Namjoon sees Yoongi, he can’t find the right words. Cant put words into sentences. Yoongi laughs like a song that he wants to listen to all the time. And soon it’s his favourite thing.

Yoongi sees namjoon the first time at an old bar. A fancy place where he plays every Saturday for bastards who couldn’t care less about the music.  But Yoongi doesn’t care, because he gets to play the piano.  And he plays for hours on end. Till the world around him was surrounded by notes and symphonies. Mozart and Beethoven. Sometimes he plays songs he’d composed too. And that’s how they meet.

“That was beautiful,” Namjoon says. He’s trying his best not to sound like his heart is about to hop right out of his chest. What if he can already hear it?

“Thank you,” Yoongi smiles, sheepishly. They never notice him. The rich. He plays for them, but they never hear. But this boy, tall, dressed in a crisp black suit, all glitz and glamour. He notices. 

“Did you write it? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one before?”

Yoongi who is always calm and confident,  for the first time feels nervous almost, “I did. You play piano?” He asks.

It’s Namjoons turn to be flustered, “no I-I always hear you play certain songs, so l looked them up,” Namjoon’s cheeks are red, like the colour of the sky at sunset. And they are hot, hot, hot.

Yoongi laughs and Namjoon is mesmerized and he wishes he could make him laugh like that always. To see his face break out into that wide smile. He wishes he got more chances to do that.

“I’m flattered,” he looks at Namjoon, hopeful, “Maybe someday I could play some of my other favourites for you.”

Namjoons cheeks are pink like peaches in the summer time, and he’s smiling. Dimples. Yoongi’s heart is beating faster, and faster, till he thinks it’s not even beating anymore.

“I would like that, ” Namjoon says finally.  And that’s how it begins.

They kiss the first time in the studio.  Yoongi plays his songs, and Namjoon writes down his stories. It’s almost as if writing down the sounds, making stories of magic from the music.   It’s moments like this Namjoon loves most.  Where the quiet doesn’t need words. Where the quiet isn’t lonely.

“What are you thinking about?” Yoongi asks. Namjoon hadn’t noticed that Yoongi had stopped playing, or that he was staring at him.

“Oh, nothing,” Namjoon says, flustered.

“Come here I want to teach you how to play piano,” Yoongi says. Moving over to make room for Namjoon.

Namjoon walks over and sits beside him. Shoulders touching ever so slightly. Hands brushing. Yoongi is so precise about his instructions. Like he knows the keys, knows the very construction of them by heart. Namjoon finds himself falling a little bit in love with the he plays. A little bit in love with him.

He’s in the middle of explaining when Namjoon kisses him. On the mouth. He swears he taste the music on Yoongi’s lips. To Namjoon’s surprise, Yoongi kisses him back. Soft, and slow. Fingers moving on Namjoon’s skin, smooth, like he were playing a song.

“You’re a shit student,” Yoongi says. Their foreheads touching, both of them, slightly out of breath.

Namjoon smiles, “Yeah, I know.”

Yoongi has never been much of a reader. He can’t even remember the name of the last book he read. But namjoon loves to read. And he loves to listen to Namjoon read. The way the words roll of his tongue low, and smooth. The way his voice changes ever so slightly when he comes across a line he likes. Or how he gets so immersed into a story that he forgets where he is. He loves to listen. He loves to listen to Namjoon read.

They lay in bed late afternoon, when its far too hot outside, tangled between sheets. Yoongis head resting softly on Namjoons shoulder. Eyes shut as he listens to the rise and fall of namjoons voice. To the soft beat of his heart.

“This is my favourite,” Yoongi whispered softly.

“This poem?”

“No, your voice,” Yoongi moves his head slightly, placing a hand on Namjoon’s chest, “and this,” he looks up at Namjoon. “They’re my favourite sounds.”

Yoongi listened to the soft thumping of his heart. The heart that loved to hard. The heart that sang the most beautiful words. If stars had a sound, Yoongi thought, it would be this. Like burning, like light.

“You’re my favourite.”

Namjoon smiles. Because he knows exactly what that means.

“You’re my favourite, too”

Take me to a higher plane

Summary: Phil gets scared on the plane to Florida and stranger Dan swoops in to comfort him. 

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 3.3k

Warnings: None

Author’s note: I’m not too sure how I feel about this one but ok

Take me to a higher plane

Phil shifted his ticket between his hands as he queued. He was nervous, to say the least. He stood in a long, grey room; possibly the least imaginative room he had ever stood in. Each surface seemed to shine, reflecting off of each other in a manner which hurt the eyes. Not to mention the lights, big lights flooded the room, lighting up boards littered with orange writing which burned into Phil’s corneas. The chairs surrounding him were filled with people, whole families sometimes squished onto a single plastic chair. And everyone was so different too, not just the clothing; which made the room like a slightly more dull sort of rainbow but in size, age and ethnicity too. You can hear a number like seven billion and brush it off, ‘There are seven billion people in the world’ it was just a fact stored somewhere in your brain. But you don’t normally stop and think about that, think about what an incredible amount of people that is and how each one vastly differs from the next. How was one supposed to find any kind of soul mate in a world so large? Phil’s thoughts had only made him more nervous. He had never been very good at people. He didn’t really know what it was, but something about their judging and incessant need for conversation made him anxious. Not as anxious as planes though. Which was unfortunate for Phil seen as he was in an airport.

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Stop saying “I’m not like” or “I can’t be,” and start saying “I am” and “I can.” I am capable. I can do this. I am more. I am worth it. I can accomplish it. I am me. Acknowledge your weaknesses and limitations, but stop magnifying them. There is more to you than what you lack, both what you perceive to lack and what you do lack. We all have our shortfalls and misgivings. We were not made to be cookie-cutter perfect. But our sufficiency and capabilities should overcome our deficiencies and incompetence. Our capacity to grow has no boundaries. So grow to be the you who love himself/herself.

Indulge in yourself. Put on your favorite TV show and watch one episode after another for hours. Sleep in and wake up to the afternoon light streaming from your window. Eat another brownie. Have an extra scoop of ice cream. Get more of that rice bowl. Drink a fourth cup of your favorite beverage. Take long showers if you want to. Stay in your room and ignore the rest of the world. Worry about yourself for once and find pleasures in the things you used to enjoy. Forget about the demands from others and listen to your inner demands and desires. Sometimes we forget about ourselves when we’re trying to make others happy. Satisfy yourself every once in a while. Pamper yourself. Don’t always yield for someone.

Build a home out of happiness. Allow for your sadness to fill you and give it the time and attention it desperately craves. It’s a resident, so don’t mistake it for a shelter for your own heart and body. Open your door and welcome it with open arms, but know when to stop embracing it. Learn to let go. Learn its temporary residency in your abode. Learn when to allow other emotions in. Remember sadness is not synonymous to weakness. Just because you are on the floor or on your bed with your lungs collapsing, your heart ripped out, or your mind craving for a never-ending sleep does not mean you are incapacitated. Everyone has their bad (worst) days. You have legs - go for a walk and leave crumbs of your sadness with every step. You have arms - hug people and let them shed light. You have hands - grab a book and discover worlds. You have eyes and ears - take in new sights and sounds and allow them to overwhelm you with new feelings.

Take good care of yourself. Find the middle ground between being soft and being hard. Be kind, but know when you’re being taken for granted. Then be a storm. Shower yourself with attention, patience, and care. Look at your reflection in the mirror and take notes of every curve, bump, indentation, mark, and line. Remember the days when you used to not care about them. Remember the days when looking in the mirror didn’t bring hints of weary or disgust. Have some alone time and rediscover yourself without the notions of society’s ideals. Amplify your passions. Bookmark your strengths. Listen to good songs. Dance even if you’re not good at it. Photograph people, trees, buildings, and anything worth remembering. Breathe. Slow down. Cherish every moment. Treasure every blink. Don’t rush life.

I want to see the world with you
I want to walk the Great Wall with you, stand at your side as the evening sun hits the Eiffel Tower, watch your face silently as you enjoy the view of the Nile in front of us, hold your hand as we walk through catacombs and silent cities, meet the locals of any place and let them see our love

I want to travel the world with you
I want to wake up next to you in crappy motel beds, eat fancy breakfasts at fancy hotels, find the weirdest and quirkiest little shops, race around the streets and see history unfold itself in front of our eyes, to have your head on my shoulder as our plane touches the ground and I’ll gently wake you to see your sleepy smile

I want to discover the world with you
I want to try everything on the menu that sounds weird, to talk to people, to touch and feel and smell and be, to find your body against mine under the stars and have only us, I want to be spontaneous, to run and laugh and be wild with you, all the seven wonders and all the seven seas before us, every day and every moment a new adventure

I want to find the world with you
I want to see the glittering in your eyes and the brightness in your smile, the tiredness of your voice and the feeling of your weight against me, the sighs after a long day, the silence of stress and the pressure of too much, I want to hear your voice, to trace your skin, to know you better than I know myself, and to look at you and always think
you are my world

—  I see the world in front of me
Smile of the day

So I overhear two elderly gentlemen talking over a newspaper in the library today.

Man 1: “Oh that’s the winner of Eurovision. Is that a man or woman?”

Man 2: “Hmm… has to be a man, don’t you think??”

Man 1: “You think so? I don’t know about that….”

Me: *can’t keep silent because CONCHITA* It’s a man, in drag. His name is Tom and… *explains further* *and yes, simplifying it a bit*

*and waits for a phobic comment or other….* -_-

Man 1: “Wow. Really?”

Man 2: “Yeah I figured those hips were a bit narrow for a lady.”

Man 1: “Hehe.”

Man 1: “Is that beard real?” *obviously jealous*

Me: “Well mostly… it’s real but dyed.”

Men: “Ah…”

Me: “And I think she’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Man 1: “Oh yes… she does have a beautiful face!”

Man 2: “Mm.”

Man 1: “I guess she’s one of those, what do they call them… queers??”

Man 2: “Yeah I don’t know.”

Man 1: “So pretty though.”

The… innocent confusion + immediate acceptance from these old men was so heartwarming. They sounded like two young children, just discovering the world and totally excited about it.

DAY 3178

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Dec 10/11,  2016                Sat/Sun  1:38 am

Birthday  - Toto Ef tomorrow or today ? confused but all the same greetings … and we wish the very best with warmth and love to our Ef ..

Aajkal bas yahi hota hai .. raat ko jab likhne baithe hain toh ye ..

Can you tell what it is ..? popular in North India and mostly during the winter months - which the North experiences now ..

REWARI or REWADI .. the white version .. mostly it is the colour of the brown jaggery .. but this one is white and the sugar gives one an immediate spell of energy to carry out the rest of the night in some exuberance ..

They have given my body some rest today and tomorrow .. the argument being that muscles need to build when you rest after work out .. some strange details of the body, unknown to me, do erupt during the training sessions … you need to  cause pain to the muscle for them to develop .. for when it pains then a signal goes to the brain which then releases some important chemical, which they say develops the damaged area and causes it to bulge or gain strength ..

Ye brain jo hai na .. this guy is a ‘berry phunny guy’ .. its complicated structure and functioning is impossible to fathom in its making .. when mankind does not have answers to nature’s questions he takes the support of the ‘superior’ force that has now been designated as GOD .. !!

That is the Almighty, the Lord, Bhagwan, .. because the superiority of what we possess can only be manufactured at HIS factory ..

GOD ..

the word designed for the Superior and the Almighty Force ..

Now corrupted in its use by many other functions :

“Goodness, Vijay .. ! that is a god jacket you are wearing !”

God jacket ..? maane kya ..? usse pehne ki nahin pehne ?

How do jackets attain such divinity !! But there we are and here we are with the vocabulary now in prominent use .. 

Prominent is right, for it is not just jackets and God, there is a lot more .. 

“ You have actually killed it man ..!” after hearing some one sing a tune which you have liked .. killed it ..? but surely when you kill you destroy .. but here it is exemplifying the quite other .. it is the best, the good that is being described ..

And more ..

“ You’ve really nailed it guys ..!!” .. nailed it ..? this in reference to having done something correct, extraordinarily correct .. BUT .. ‘nailed’..? When I hear the word I am lifted with some religiosity to the most important ‘nailing’ in Christianity .. the cross !! How could that have been represented of being right ? 

And the debate and discussion continues and shall, I believe, with each generation .. we all had our own invented vocabulary .. and they did seem odd to the previous generation .. until the next lot arrived and discovered fresh new odd sounding words .. what a life and world we live in  .. it rocks ! Oops sorry that was another one I was going to take up .. ROCK .. but by now I guess we all know where and what I would have subjected all of you to ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan