Why terrorism should not stop you from traveling
Last year we visited Jordan, a spectacular country with rugged mountains, expansive deserts, and of course, the ancient city of Petra. This was in November 2015 and when we decided to go there, several people asked us: Oh, but you’re going to Jordan? Isn’t it dangerous there? A pretty good ...

Thinking about canceling your travels around Europe, the Middle East or elsewhere? STOP IT! Read this first…

Seeing that people are actually starting to come across my pages more often, i should probably start updating regularly, not only with my work but with other peoples work that i draw inspiration from. Until i start producing new work (hopefully by next week) I’ll just be posting previous work. Next week i also plan to be kickstarting my ‘Humans of’ page on facebook. With all of this happening i still end up laying in bed all day lmao so we’ll see how all this works out.

Photography by me
Model: Tanisha @chiap0d
Creative director: (me) @champagnephaddy

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Video: Blackout For Human Rights Releases ‘My Life Matters’ Series 

Ryan Coogler, an African American film director and screenwriter, creates video series about police brutality in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Coogler is the founder of the Blackout For Human Rights. The activist platform is the home for ‘My Life Matters’, the new video series’ that discusses the topic of police brutality in America. ‘My Life Matters’ series features some of the industry’s top influencers such as Ava DuVernay, Lala Anthony, Common, Terrence J, Andre Holland, and Will Packer.

Stream the video and more now @ KollideTV.com

I feel very guilty and happy for taking this picture because it perfectly shows Mongolian culture and our human characters. Also, our famous hospitality.

We were in the middle of nowhere, seeking for a shelter, following dirt path; and we saw this family, their yurts (ger.) Went there to ask which dirt roads to follow for our next destination but they, without seconds of thought, gave one of their yurts for us to spend the night. For an urban kid like me it was the first time witnessing it.

Only thing that makes me feel guilty is that I might scared this true Mongolian girl with my camera. At the same time, hopefully, you can see how nomadic Mongolians grow to be very shy. And I love this about my people.

There are billions of other people out there existing in this current moment. And you know what? Not a single one of them could even remotely replace you.