“average person hates 3 fat taakos a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person hates 0 fat taakos per year. tumblr user happy-moon-love, who lives in a cave & hates over 10,000 fat taakos each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

Memeufacturing was able to calm down their 50,000 followers whenever shit got out of control and they started harassing people, but papatulus’ 4,000 followers is just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE so he shouldn’t be to blame for an activity he condoned and previously participated in a similar act.

“What did the founding fathers ever do that was good?”

So I made a post a while ago how the founding fathers were racists (and misogynists) with backwards morals and ideas about equality, but that they did do objectively good things for the United States of America. That wasn’t the focus of the post, but that’s what some people seemed to question.

For reference:

Objective (adjective): (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.

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I noticed mainly among the lgbt, rhajat is very love her or hate her,usually. How do you guys feel about her?

First off, “The LGBT” is… not something you really want to say. It’s fairly rude, grammatically iffy, and it treats queer people as a monolith, which we really aren’t. 
But anyway. I personally like Rhajat as a character a lot, to the point where I’d consider her what Tharja should have been. That said, it’s pretty appalling that she was the only female gay option in Vanilla Fates, and it speaks to a general culture of disrespect for Lesbians. Her stalking is fine as a cutesy, I-don’t-know-how-to-make-friends character trait, but as a foundation for love, it’s pretty gross, especially when she’s the only female gay option even as other extremely gay-coded characters exist. She’s also a child unit and very sexualized, and even her status as a real “gay” option is dubious considering the game frames their relationship as a mythical soul romance, where the body and mind don’t even factor. So basically, I like her as a character, but not as the gay option. That’s all irrelevant now, because I’m able to gay Oboro like I should.
- Mod GF

A thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: Russia has religious law, but Americans never seem to frame it that way. Our #1 national nightmare is the idea of living under Islamic law and this comes up in practically every damn discussion of Middle Eastern countries. Yet when we talk about Russia, the conversion is all about Putin and oligarchs. Of course, those are relevant topics, but I think non-specialists glaringly overlook the enormous role religious law plays in the regime (#1 case study for this being the jailing of social undesirables/dissidents using blasphemy laws). Probably because the church in question is Christian.

With every day bringing us possibly closer to a President Pence, I think we could stand to think a little more about the threat to civil & human rights Christian religious law can pose & what an appealing tool it can be for reactionary conservative governments.

I’m not upset about the fact that confession was about g/t, I was upset it was about harming actual real life people. I could care less if it was about bunnies or g/t or youtube. You threatened real life people with beatings and then play it as a joke. People are going to be upset. Your actions have consequences.

I’m sorry for getting involved in this but my mental health has been on a steady decline and this nonsense is not making me deal with it any easier. Especially since this blog is supposed to be an escape.

Sorry guys.

I would like to think it’s possible to make an ancient Egyptian inspired setting in fiction without necessarily including references to how Western imperialism looted and destroyed so much of their legacy but it still needs to be kept in mind. To me, reducing hieroglyphics to just something that is hard to read and looks neat is weird and insensitive with our history as a society with interacting with ancient Egypt’s remains and with modern Egypt and Africa.

The thing you’ve gotta understand about the whole Beauty and the Beast controversy is that Lefou was always a homophobic joke.

The sad, flamboyantly creepy little man hopelessly pining for the towering caricature of heterosexual masculinity (and tolerating incredible amounts of verbal and physical abuse in the process) is one of the classic homophobic gag roles - it shows up quite a bit in older media.

Few people were inclined to make a big deal of it up until now because a. it’s an old-school stereotype that doesn’t get much play in contemporary media, and b. Lefou is a relatively mild example of the type in any case, but that doesn’t mean it ever stopped being a thing.

All Disney has accomplished by declaring that Lefou is canonically gay is to transform an implicitly homophobic joke into an explicitly homophobic joke - which is kind of a slap in the face for what’s being proudly trumpeted as their first gay character in a major role.

Now, it’s totally possible that the live-action remake is going to reinvent the character to the point that it’s no longer an issue, but nobody’s obliged to give them that benefit of the doubt.

bad Tumblr discourse: history edition
  • “Europeans chiseled the noses off of statues to hide their non-white features!”
  • what sexual orientation was Sappho (take a shot every time someone gets called something-phobic in the notes. chug every time someone actually is something-phobic in the notes. die of liver failure)
  • The Secret Pagan Origins of Every Christian Holiday Ever
  • if you like any historical aesthetic, it means you support the social mores of that time period and therefore you’re Problematic
  • Blatantly modern, made-up additions to classical mythology presented as historical myths

Don’t give the Jontron fandom too much credit just yet. Yeah, they’re turning it against him en masse, but if you pay attention to the actual substance of their criticisms, what they’re shocked about is that it turns out he “meant it”. By and large, they’re still hanging onto the notion that it’s okay to indulge in racist rhetoric as long as you’re doing it ironically, or to be an edgelord, or whatever. As far as they’re concerned, Jontron’s real crime isn’t being a racist fuckwit, but failing to maintain plausible deniability.