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Hello, everyone!

I know I just made an announcement post a few minutes ago but I’d like to make another important announcement that I received a discount code for this really cool store called Alternative Fox on storenvy! They sell all kinds of unique things like accessories and jewelry with crystals/stones, acrylic and organic plugs for stretched ears, chokers, collars, clothing, and other various accessories. They also have a cool pentagram harness with custom sizing available and a lot of the crop tops and skater skirts are made out of spandex so they’re plus size friendly. So check them out! If you make a purchase, you may use the code RINIHIME for 20% off! ~Rini

As some of you know, I am in OK right now

And there is a chain of stores down here that is GLORIOUS.  It’s called WALLS.  We went here the last time I was down here and I insisted on going again this time.

You know Big Lots?  Big Lots is amateur.  Walls is professional-grade discount sales.

Did you know Pitbull has his own cologne?  I did not, and now I cannot un-know this (we hypothesized that it smells like wet dog).

You want some fire damaged feminine products?  They got your back (that is what the “FD” means after the price, which has been lovingly written on with a Sharpie).

We dubbed this “Mr. Not-So-Clean”

(FYI, these products were in stores that had fires, and Walls takes these damaged product and re-sells them because standards? who need standards?  I did get Mr. Sneetch a FD shirt here last time that was in perfect condition tho)

Or how about a probably-discontinued vacuum cleaner that DEFINITELY WILL NOT SET YOUR CARPET ON FIRE and is DEFINITELY NOT MADE BY KENMORE?  (Mr. Sneetch would have probably brought one of these home had we not been traveling by plane.  EDIT: We will be getting one of these and my mom’s BF will bring it back up to WI next time he drives up.  My MIL wants one.)

And then there are these.

If they had been my size I definitely would have put them on, but I haven’t worn a size 7 since I was 12…

So.  If you ever see a Walls store, go.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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