@MichaelsStores are helping teachers. 

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Just a little reminder that Michaels is now giving a 15% discount to teachers on your entire purchase including all sale items, every day!

It used to be just on Fridays but it is now available everyday. You just have to tell them you are a teacher and show your school id, check stub, or union card.

This is a benefit to teachers who create their own materials especially for centers and such. 

I always buy card stock and specialty papers when they are on sale so the added 15% really helps. I also bought a small laminator recently (sale price +15% off) that comes in really handy.

And now that the holiday season is upon us it’s a great place to buy stuff for colleagues and students. Pinterest has so many cute things to make for teachers and students and getting a 15% discount will really help stretch the budget.

*Remember to check for sales and bring your school ID for the discount.

Sign up for their emails and you will get special discount coupons too.

…and no I don’t work for the company but I have helped lots of customers in the store with their questions. LOL

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