discount lights

Anonymous asked: headcanons for gladio and his s/o going late night grocery shopping???

Oh my gosh I’m gonna cry!!! Because:

- Gladio exclusively shops at night. There’s no lines, no rush, and there’s always some kind of sale

- Which means you wind up taking home a crate of 300 cup noodles, but the whole lot only costs 100 gil

- You’re getting put in the cart

- If you decide to push the cart, Gladio’s going to run off and hide from you in the aisles at some point. The worst game of hide and seek

- You two play a game of “How weird can the contents of my cart be before I get a funny look”

- Your record is six (6) carrots, two cucumbers, a tomato, a box of condoms, a pack of beer, a head of lettuce, and a bottle of lube. Purchased at 2am on a Wednesday

- “Are they gonna make that man fuck a salad?”

- You might see a discounted pair of light up chocobo slippers and buy them as a joke but he’s wearing them. And he’s wearing them next time you go to the market. You can’t stop him