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Lean On Me (Pt.1)

Mingyu Scenario #1

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Summary: Inspired by the K-Drama Fight For My Way. The story of Kim Mingyu, a professional MMA fighter who stopped competing after a particularly nasty injury and his love. A story of hardship and the stupid things we do for the ones we love

Genre/s: Romance, Drama, Fluff

Warning/s: Mentions of explicit stuff. ONLY mentions.

A/N: So I was watching Fight For My Way then got inspired and ORIGINALLY this was supposed to be an S.Coups story but then I remembered Mingyu’s little skit for Adore U and thought “HEY HE’S PERFECT!” And so that whole line of thought led to this. I hope you like it! Also wrote this one sitting.

Also for the followers of “Our Halcyon Days” I’ll be updating tomorrow~

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