Budget Witch Tips

-Unless you’re planning to consume it, buy pink Himalayan bath salts instead of regular ones. They come in large bags, pre ground, and are significantly cheaper!

 -Always keep a list laying around somewhere of replacements for herbs, crystals, etc for when you can’t afford to use expensive materials 

 -Research foods that can regrow in water (such as green onions). Great for kitchen witches

 -A simple incantation can work just as well as a full-blown spell. It’s also good for when you’re in a time limit

-Don’t worry about having the fanciest tools to work with. The human body can replace such tools easily (Such as the finger can replace the wand) 

-If you don’t have the time nor money to make a proper altar this season, you can use your dresser at home! I placed a couple different-coloured ribbons on it with their correspondences to the sabot, and a vase of flowers for the season. Your dresser usually contains many of your personal items in or on it, and will naturally give your spells power

-Start practicing herbalism and natural medicines if you don’t have access to free health care. Natural medicine should never be used to treat a very severe illness. However, for things like a cold, stomach aches, or sore joints, quick tinctures and salves can be made for much cheaper than doctors fees 

-Keep your left over egg shells and make money powers out of them

-Speaking of eggs, if you have any leftover egg whites / yolks from cooking or baking, keep them! Use them to make a hair mask. This will not only nourish your hair like crazy, but the magickal properties in eggs can be used to bring about fertility and rebirths to you

-Dollar stores are your new best friend. Especially local ones ran by individuals of a religious cultural background. In my area anyways, I’ve noticed that these dollar stores carry incenses, candles, and hard-to-find spices and herbs for incredibly cheap! I got a brass cleansing bell from one of these stores for only $7! And don’t even get me started on the jars 

-Tarot cards can get seriously expensive. Go to Walmart or some other discount store and buy card paper or some other tough paper material. Find and print all of the cards in a tarot deck and print them out. 

-An even cheaper idea (but much more time consuming) is to make your own tarot deck. Not only do you get to put an essence of yourself into the deck, but they’re pretty fun to make too

-If you’re like me and have a hard time getting access to crystals or find they’re all too expensive, use rocks. I’m not even kidding. Go outside and find a small stone that calls to you. Bring it inside and wash it. Allow your stone to dry in the sun, then cleanse it in the moonlight. I then charge the stone with my intent and use it in place of a crystal

  Feel free to add onto this list!

Someone drove off without paying for their meal. Guess who has to pay for it? Me. They stole about what I make in an hour.

I don’t care if you think it’s justified or if you think the corporation deserves it or the managers are mean or whatever stupid reason you steal. It’s shitty and the people who pay are the employees, not the guys at corporate and not the CEO.

Pay for your fucking shit.

I just saw a post about why someone thinks Kala is asexual, which don’t get me wrong would be great for representation and I definitely want to see that on TV, but the reasons they listed don’t strike me as asexual – they strike me as someone who’s been taught from a very young age sex is extremely taboo, and now suddenly it’s thrust in her face and she doesn’t know what to do. 

Desi culture can veer to the extremes sometimes, and sex is one of those topics. I bet a good chunk of us Desi kids can’t even recall our parents kissing in front of us. And we’re raised thinking sex is so bad and virginity is an important aspect of who you are, then suddenly, when it’s time to get married all bets are off. Like you don’t even say the word unless you want to get beat lol. From personal experience, my mom never gave me the talk and had me opt out of sex education – twice. And my mother’s reasoning? “We don’t talk about it like them.” 

Translation: We don’t educate our children because it’s embarrassing and *wrong* since it’ll give them the wrong idea, and we weren’t taught anything different, so we’ll just keep silent.

And this gets even worse for girls because of all the double standards. It’s just so frustrating to be constantly told sex is a horrible thing, then when it’s time to have multiple people say it’s your sworn duty to have sex with your husband. How can you have such a frank conversation about a topic you weren’t allowed to speak about? And how can you be that intimate with someone when it becomes a chore?

To me, Kala’s shyness and unwillingness to have sex with Rajan stems from her being utterly clueless on how to be that intimate with someone when she’s been taught it’s a taboo thing, and also her inexperience (which, again, comes from girls usually being told to stay virgins otherwise it’ll bring shame on the family). Wolfgang, on the other hand, is so open about it and it’s a major culture shock to Kala, which is why she gets hella embarrassed when he’s unafraid of owning his sexuality. 

No wonder she’s scared – if she doesn’t sleep with Rajan, he’ll think she doesn’t love him and their marriage is done. It’s a new world she has to navigate, and it’s difficult when there’s so much pressure from her family and husband. She’s feeling trapped because she is

So although I can see why people feel Kala is asexual, I think it’s also a combination of much deeper issues regarding society’s standards and her upbringing. Everyone’s experiences are different, but I think it’s important to keep these issues in mind when understanding why Kala doesn’t want to have sex with Rajan. 

I am tired of seeing posts say something to the effect of “if aphobia isn’t enough to motivate you, remember that REGs also target [insert more “sympathetic” group here].”

Aphobia is enough. Aphobia matters. Aphobia is heinous enough, cruel enough, horrible enough to stand on its own and to be worth fighting on its OWN merits. 

Yes, gatekeepers throw lots of different groups under the bus. Yes, all of those groups deserve attention and deserve to have their issues recognized and fought for. And yes, it is valuable to observe and point out the ways that the foundational tactics of exclusionists repeat themselves in every iteration of the theme.

But y’all need to stop tacking aces and aros on as an afterthought on your posts about it and undermining the support you give us by backpedaling in the very same breath as you defend us, by giving people an excuse to dismiss us from our own activism.

It makes me feel like my pain, my suffering, my oppression is not good enough to count, as though the only reason my issues are being given any attention at all, after years of incredibly difficult fighting to bring my community into the light, is because other, better victims are being hurt by similar forces and tactics. It feels like a tacit validation of the sector of the community that insists that my issues are not real or do not matter.

And that sucks. 

We matter. We are enough. We are worth fighting for.

  • Samirah: *loses Magnus in a crowd*
  • Magnus: wait what

With so many other studyblrs owning muji pens/sarasas/any other type of high demand pen out there, I feel like we just have to pause and appreciate the wonderful pens by kikki-k.

They are gel (like our bestie muji) but only come in one nib size. BUT they come in a really cute case for easy (and aesthetic) storage!

I purchased them here in Australia for $14.95 (and the labelling says it’s the same for US$). ALSO when you sign up as a member with kikki-k, you get a $10 voucher to spend without a set minimum spending amount!! How cool is that? So I technically purchased these pens for only $4.95 for the whole set.

So far they are quite inky enough (haven’t died on me temporarily… yet).
I use these pens for any “fake calligraphy” I do for my bullet journaling or notes as they are thicker than the 0.38mm muji pens I own, and hence better to colour in.