~Flight of the Fallen Angel~
So, I made Jitters an art. :3 Jitters has been a huge role model throughout my whole time of being a pony fan and artist. In fact, it’s Doctor Whooves that got me into the MlP: FIM fandom. Since I’ve now got a Tumblr, I figured I’d show some appreciation to one of my role-models. Thanks for being such a great inspiration Jitters! ^.^

Apparently these are my crushes

Laura Needs more of Mah Love!! She deserves to be first! Discorded Whooves is cool too >.>

Onyx only has my love from posting Doctor Who posts :X

I don’t really like Rai that much, she’s pretty cool but I’m not that interested :P (Sorry Rai)


Today was really fucking long and when i got home, all i wanted to do was watch some Boomerang and work on my Megaman RP blog and draw backstory for my pony. But instead while i was at my grandparents’ house my brain wanted more pony and i ended up finding this friggin’ blog. Discorded Whooves is a pretty good blog whether you like Ponies or not. Sure the creator turns the Doctor into a borderline sex-addict, but those posts are obvious and can really be skipped over for the most part. It does a good job of addressing an issue many Whovians like to avoid: The Doctor’s emotions and losses will catch up with him eventually. It’s depressing, fun, addicting, and fairly well done.

A bit of an overview if you’re interested: In Discorded Whooves, the pony Doctor has become the opposite of his normal self after Discord (an MLP Vilian) shows Doctor the truth. So we see a tired, broken Doctor finally tired of saving people for nothing but ungratefulness and sorrow. He’s given in to his cowardice and keeps to his sexy TARDIS for the most part, but he still has interactions with other ponies.