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I SHIP Fluttercord (Fluttershy x Discord) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I went back on watching MLP FiM for a bit and decided to watch a couple of ep. in random order because it’s been three years since I last saw the show and curios to know on what’s currently going to my former favorite show, and there was nothing to watch on T.V and I had to wait for Steven Universe and Star vs The Forces of Evil to air. Then I stumble to this

And I was like! 

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I remember shipping a lot back when I was a brony  like Flutterpie, Delestia, Twidash, Twiestia, Flutterdash, Appledash and so forth but this pairing. They look so precious together like I’m even calling it a Beauty and the Beast story, my shipper heart! There’s also a lot proof from the show and comics that support this ship! 

Keep Calm and Flutter On

Fluttershy friends were accusing Discord for letting the gravy fish spraying gravy at them, she defends him and calls him his “friend” and he stopped

As Discord was about to win, he realize he’ll lose his only friend, Fluttershy 

They’re held hooves (hands) 

Three’s a Crowd 

Fluttershy and Discord write each other letters 

Twilight’s Kingdom 

She’s smiling 

The way they look at each other when they’re talking about tea 

“Just between the two of us…”

“I’m mostly doing this for Fluttershy” 


She gave him a hug when he returns 

“Oh but you are (she’s important), Fluttershy. You’re the pony who taught me that friendship is magic. I had magic and friendship, and now I don’t either” 

Fluttershy forgave him even though he betray her and her friends

Make new Friends but Keep Discord 


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They argue like a couple 

Dungeons and Discord 
Discord pleas with Fluttershy to either stay or go with her 

He even puts a volcano to make her stay 

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To Where and Back Again 

When Starlight mentions Princess Celestia, Luna, and Twilight got kidnapped, he doesn’t care 

but when she tells him that Fluttershy got kidnapped, he gets furious! 

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“For Fluttershy” 

He couldn’t resist


For the Comics 

Aw :3 

She knows too damn well :D

She sounds so upset that he change

Mother of celestia, yes!  

I may not be a brony anymore and not too interested in the show anymore but this is the ship that I hope to see happen in the future. Can’t wait to watch Discordant Harmony when it comes out. Discord wanted to change himself to make  

I just really want Discord to be friends with the rest of the mane six in the show. And everyone else too. *sobs in corner*

I want him and Rarity to be drama buddies who watch cheesy soap operas or something (and debate about their ships). And they’re both creative too, though Rarity would probably be horrified by his fashion sense (unless he actually has a good one).

I wanna see Discord with Pinkie and/or RD pranking ponies and doing crazy things and Discord and Pinkie bonding over being weird. Also I think a friendship between these three would be a good way to teach him that he can be his silly, crazy self without hurting others or being a nuisance all the time

I want Discord and AJ clashing over their differences and being all competitive and snarky, maybe also learning to understand each other because FRIENDSHIP and having a crazy guy-sane guy dynamic. And also because I’m shipping/friendshipping trash I want a sad scene that turns sweet (but that’ll never happen so meh). Plus his new friendship with Big Mac should be explored more

Or what about Discord and Twilight being all smart and philosophical and sciencey, doing weird/dangerous experiments and talking about chaos and harmony (basically Twilight being the friend to “discuss chaos-based magic with”), or trying to outsmart each other. I can imagine Discord making up some scientific-sounding/magical bullsh*t and Twilight trying to investigate and study it, and hilarity ensues because it’s faker than the tooth fairy yet Discord finds ways to convince her it’s legit (but then again this could turn into another one of those “Discord acts like a jerk” episodes and we’ve had enough of those already so maybe not)

I want to see what he’d be like interacting with minor characters like Shining Armor and Cadance. Especially Cadance, because that would be a great opportunity to reveal that she’s got an adventurous side or something surprising (I do headcanon that she has a bit of weird in her somewhere–and it has something to do with shipping, probably).

What about Discord and the CMC? I just wanna see him interact with children and I want to watch everything go to hell as his irresponsibility gets everyone in trouble OR die of cute if it turns out he’s actually good with kids (I seriously doubt it tho). WHY NOT A BIT OF BOTH? BOTH IS GOOD

Also his friendship with Spike! I need more of that. OR! Discord interacting with the townsfolk of Ponyville (or Canterlot, maybe with one of the Princesses, because that would be hilarious–bonus points if he offends the nobility). I JUST WANT MORE DISCORD FRIENDSHIPPING WHERE HE ISN’T BEING A JERK HALF THE TIME AND IS ONLY NICE TO FLUTTERSHY

What is in Mama's art book?

Just a summary of things I found since the book is full.

Apple Jack apple bucking a tree. First drawing I did in this. I know @scotskunk did some stuff at the front but I’m not showing. X3

Pissed off Nurse Redheart. I was in a Andy Price mood so I was drawing weird expressions.

Princess Luna is always  fun to draw. Andy Price again inspired this.

Q saying the famous Gerogee Takei’s famous “Oh Mai! ” I love Discord in this outfit. XD

My ponysona Two-bits. She is a disabled pony with supports to help her walk. I had a pony blog called “Giving your two bits” and it was meant to be an agony aunt blog. Never got anywhere though ;.; but she is what inspired @underhealing