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These are things I drew up from talk we had in discord that belongs to @spacegoddess-tabula and this is AI me and AI @hosni-a-new-start

We also talked about it bit in @galaxycastpodcast and another person that part of the talk was @blade-hurricane.

My AI is basically mad scientist with big sis as Lab Partner and we talked about if I brought back T-Rex would happen.

Me: the AI keeps putting Wary Fighter on Hector because he’s an armored unit and I’m just like “you do know Armads and Wary Fighter clash, right?”

Mina | @exousiiia: hector is totally a wary fighter

Sev (@blue-eyes-white-bow): Hector

Me: wasn’t wary enough to see Zephiel coming

Sev: The most cautious of warriors


Me: that was terrible and I love it

Mina: damn

Sev:  Christ

Me:  Hector don’t hurt me I still love you