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“It doesn’t have to be you,” Kudo insists. The plan sounds foolproof and Shiho is well-prepared but there’s no telling— “Someone could—you can’t—” But this is their best chance, time is ticking and they’re both needed elsewhere. 

“If you could just,” Shiho starts with a hiss as she loads the Beretta, pocketing a couple more magazines, “trust me with this, for once, Kudo-kun.” (He trusts her, he does, with his life.) And then softly, “I’m your partner, remember?” 

Kudo swallows. Shiho smiles, unimpressed. 

Then, for what it’s worth, Kudo pulls her into a brazen embrace. The position is awkward and strange, with him on the passenger seat and her at the back of the car, and he feels how Shiho is straining against his arm, her back stiff. Kudo half-expected her to struggle and push him back but when Shiho’s hand grabs at the lapels of his jacket and, God, she’s shaking, Kudo wants nothing more than to take her back home and hold her. (And maybe, just maybe let her know how she’s quickly encroaching on the chambers of his heart.) 

“You’ll come back,” he tells her, and it’s more a reassurance to him than her.

Shiho buries her nose in the crook of his neck and for a moment, Kudo thinks she might bite him out of spite (she hates it when he doesn’t rely on her) until she lets out a shaky breath before she’s pressing her lips to his cheek. It’s on the same side where Ran had kissed him during their senior trip to Kyoto that had left him weak in the knees and giddy for days. For God’s sake, Ran is the love of his life, she really is—

But Shiho’s kiss is searing hot on his skin, loaded with desperation and despair and it’s tearing him apart. And when Shiho pulls away, touches him softly with the smooth cup of her palm, his heart threatens to leap to his throat. The lack of lighting in the car makes it altogether difficult to see her face but he can see her in a way, sense the entirety that is Shiho and she feels so much different from minutes ago. 

“I should go,” Shiho says in the small space between them, extracting herself from his one-arm embrace before opening the side of the door as she lets herself out.

*flings self into the nearest pit* been a while since i last wrote. on a new url, too.  for @momocicerone as requested. originally posted on discord.

So the whole jim thing

You want to know the truth he says he’s gone through 51 surgeries he’s 16 and he owns a bar and runs it and all of his art was stolen and all he does is talk about rptale nonstop like a mindless ai on discord and does that in rp’s as well and he acts like he’s the victim but he’s not how blind are you people that you still care about him