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Two new emoji friends, Coblyn and Paissa!

I tried something a little different with these and instead of doing the shapes completely from scratch/visual reference, I based them more heavily on the ingame icons for the minions because those are 1) simplified designs 2) inside a square composition so they fill out the space more?? So hopefully they have improved visibility at tiny emoji sizes.

Please enjoy!

And so, Keira began to start her schedule. She and Discord made sure she stuck to her schedule, with his help of course. She also made sure to leave a notice on the door on the days when she needed to study, to let the customers know shop was closed for the day and would be open again shortly.

( @themysterioustimelord8)

Keira even managed to get the request orders taken care of. Now all that was left to do was to make the flyers for Ms. Harshwhinny. When Keira was too busy with those, Discord would help the customers as best he could, and if he wasn’t sure himself, she was right there to answer their questions.

There were days that she didn’t have to study or work on the shop, so those days she spent with Discord as a way to refresh her mind.
Discord: Look at you! Test day is getting closer and you’re not even breaking a sweat! You’ll ace that test for sure come test day!

Keira: I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks a lot, Discord. I mean it.

Discord chuckles sheepishly and the couple share a kiss of gratitude.


some transparent aa badges!!! they look a little uh, Bad, but theyre made for discord custom emojis so you cant really see how wonky they are at a small size. feel free to use them, no credit needed!