Zoophobia Fan Discord Server

The server has been a bit dead lately, so I figured I’d make a promo post about it!

We’re not just a ZP/HH/Viv fan discord, there are also a lot of afans of Afraid of Monsters and Circus of Freaks on there as well! So it’s more of a server for Webcomic fans in general. But still!

If you guys would like to join, send me a message off anon! In order to prevent drama and prevent some unwanted people from returning, I can’t a public link! But if you message me, I’ll be more than happy to provide you one!

Fluttercord episode (not airing in Canada this week)

Yes! It’s true! The early airings had stopped and now they’re doing re-runs! And now we have to wait till June for the fluttercord episode!

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GUESS WHO DID MORE GIRLS (i forgot gijinka was the term to use lmao)

  • Twitch is all about havin fun and lettin loose!! She has a lot of strict rules tho for folks she just met/don’t know. 
  • Discord is new but looks tough to let everyone know they can’t push them around. 
  • Paypal is all about business and has no time for games and smokes often. 
  • Kik is all about chillin and talkin shit about random girls she doesn’t even know. 
  • Instagram is super fancy and is all about lookin the best even when she only has $5 in her account.