Star Trek Discord server!

I’ve made a discord server to gather some Star Trek fans. I thought we could excange fun tumblr posts, talk about the show, and just hang out and make friends. 

As of now I have two channels, one for TOS/AOS and one for TNG. If someone’s like hey I want this series to also have a channel then I’ll certainly add it! 

Just shoot me a message if you’re interested and I’ll send you the link! 

So, I noticed something recently (v1.2).

Spends thousands of years imprisoned.

Causes a bit of a ruckus once they’re released.

Is given a second chance by a kind-hearted soul.

Gets involved in a toxic, loveless relationship with a manipulative brute.

Later befriends a strange green creature (that sometimes wears a bowtie).

Is the single most OP person on their team.

Would rather not get involved with direct conflict….

…unless someone happens to mess with the one person they care about the most.

HOW TO CHAT WITH 707 IN REAL TIME. Step by step guide with pictures:

1. Create a Discord server for yourself and Seven:

2. Invite a “Tatsumaki”  or any other bot into your server and rename it to “707″ or “Seven” or whatever you call him; you may also rename him into another MysMeme character, but Seven fits here the best. lololol

3. “707 has entered the chatroom.”
Have your dream conversations at anytime and anywhere you go~


The conversation I posted above actually happened! LOLOLOL. It was my first ever conversation with the newly added 707 and I died laughing. It fits so perfect since the name I gave the server was also the “space station” where MC is supposed to marry Seven. xD God… I’m going to have fun with this.


Tumblr is a butt. The images are now separated to not be so blurred.

Copied from previous upload attempt: 

“Celestia’s got the right idea. After every candy/treat heavy holiday, she goes incognito so she can go around town and see how much sweets she can get with a set budget. Far more fun than just outright buying whatever she wants.

I forgot about Valentines Day until the afternoon before. I’m sure quite a few of your were in the same boat but with actual significant others and not just a pony blog. Shame. So yeah, that’s why this post is extra sketchy.”

ArtKind: A Homestuck art server on Discord!

UPD8: 1/1/2017: Invites are currently closed!
This server is a small hangout for Homestuck artist to converse and create together! We provide a lax environment for illustrators, crafters, writers, and even musicians to chat and share their work! Among that, we include separate channels such as (but not limited to) chatting for everyone, art for 18+ ages members only, critique, spoiler talk, voice chat, and an optional weekly challenge.

Applicants must be content creators, and must be 14 years or older. To get an invite to this server please send me, Cro (culljoydoodles, the admin) an ask or IM. This is to prevent a public invite from allowing too many people all at once, as well as preventing the bad kinds of trolls from entering! Make sure to read the rules when first entering! If you have any questions, about the server or Discord itself, feel free to ask!

I have no explanation of what’s going on here, just an idea that came to my mind - Fluttershy was kidnapped and put into some sort of a magical cage, and now Discord is trying to save her. The cage can’t be opened even by Discord’s magic, and of course Fluttershy can’t just go out even though the bars are so far apart (a magical shield?). The picture shows the moment Discord finally found Fluttershy, and now he’s promising to save her no matter what, now he doesn’t know how, but he won’t let anything bad happen to her.

It was supposed to be just a sketch))