Aaand finished!

Not sure what sparked this, just felt like drawing with my promarkers again this evening. I drew this on a thinner paper than the card I drew my Spitfire on, and this paper was way more ideal for the promarkers. The drawing itself is about A3 or so (I’ll have to check for exact sizes)

Like I said, this’ll be an exclusive one-of-a-kind drawng on sale at Bronycon this year. :D I’ll most likely do a couple more of these drawings to sell. 

Anyway, I should scoff down some cookies get to bed, got a day of working on commissions tomorrow.



Because of the huge amount of complaints WeLoveFine has decided to not longer make their Vinyl Chibi line Blind Boxes. You can now order them all loose except Discord who’s a set exclusive, which means you have to buy them all to get him.
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So guys, I know a lot of you use Skype… but for serious. Since Microsoft took over, I know at least 6 people having extreme issues with it. (me included because WHY)

But I’ve been shown the light…

No, I’m not affiliated with this company nor are they asking me to plug them here, but guys this is a fantastic replacement. They’re a HUGE work in progress but it’s already really great. I even downloaded the app and I hate apps…

But for serious… try this. It’s free and clear and allows you to link stuff easily and even shows what game your in (or you can hide that if you’d like your secrecy). They’re updating and whatnot but, seriously, try it! They sent me an email after 3 days asking me what could be improved and thanked me for the feedback.

customer service yeaaaah

Been forever since I’ve drawn my lovely lady Harmony. Wanted to sketch some design tweaks due to some beautiful commissions I’ve gotten of her. I’m much happier with her look now, but I’ll probably still be doing little tweaks here and there over time. For anyone who doesn’t know who this is, she is a ponification of the Tree of Harmony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. 

More descriptions of each drawing in this image can be found on my DA page: