The Omega Timeline RP server

It’s only in an early development but when I talked about the idea to some people they instantly encouraged me like “DO IT!!!”. So here comes official OT Discord server! Make sure to read rules and find the secret codeword c:

We’re using an app called Discord where creating an account is necessary so prepare for that.

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{{ Hello all! 

Recently @fioresvictorianbabes and I have decided to make a discord chat for the entirety of the fairy tail fandom. We can invite more people, it’ll be easier to manage and there will be different chats where you can post different things! 

However to be safe I won’t post the link on the post.. all you have to do to get it though is to IM or shoot me an ask OR shoot fioresvictorianbabes an ask/IM..

It doesn’t matter if you’re a RP blog or a personal blog because in the chat we have different channels for RP and for just general chatting!

Signal boost the word guys? <3

If you’re using Skype you should dump it and get Discord instead!


  • Cleaner, easier to navigate interface
  • Free servers for more permanent group chat things (way easier to hop in and out of chats)
  • You can actually have different nicknames on each server if you want
  • Is actually well built and doesn’t make your computer yearn for death

Stuff coming down the pipeline soon according to devs:

  • Video chat
  • Linux client


  • All your friends aren’t on it
  • But you can change that

Download it. It’s great and it’s only getting better. It’s aimed at gamers but it has nearly all the functionality of Skype and then some.

  • EVERYONE is welcome, no matter how many followers you may have, post count, content created- as long as you’re a simblr, you’re in!
  • Available for PC & MAC as both an app or a web browser application, and is also available on mobile!
  • This isn’t a replacement for Slack, rather it’s a whole new platform to join everyone together! Have a Slack group you’re fond of? Feel free to join Discord and make your own Slack channel so you can enjoy the benefits of Discord with the familiarity of your Slack team members as well as meet new simmers in the Simblr channel!

For An Invite, you can message myself, @synthsims​, @habsims​, @syreni-sims​ or @holosprite​, or anyone who’s a member, and we’ll gladly send you a link!!

Pros Over Slack & Skype:
- Cleaner, easier to navigate interface!
- Discord is extremely well built and made to be used while playing games so it’s easy on your computer and still provides a quality service!
- You can change your nickname for each channel you’re a part of!
- Someone you don’t vibe with in Simblr? Discord has lots of features for your comfort such as block, mute & deafen so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable!
- Channels! “Simblr” is a channel on Discord that we hope to use as a base for all Simmers to use to find one another and chat freely without feeling locked in! Everyone is free to make their own channels, create their own rules, and invite whoever they like! 
- Swap channels with ease! Having a voice conversation with someone in a private channel? Feel free to swap over to Simblr or any other channel without having to stop your conversation!

- You and your friends aren’t using it yet! Get on it!


Today, I bring you a little story.

It has five panels so far (already drawn) and I will publish them during the weekend. Feel free to comment and guess where it is going. I am all up for “show, don’t tell”.

I based Discord on some Glen Keane’s drawing, and the bgs are inspired from Don Bluth Movies.

Patrons that pledge $1 or more will get the high res versions.

One of the posible paths of “Choices” but  if the characters will arrive tho this point is entirely  up to you.

As a clue, he will always, always tempt Tia into a path that befits his interests, what those are, are for him to know and for her to figure out.

Patrons will get the HIgh RES version and the PSD right away.


Celestia: “He comes over for tea with me and Luna once very other week or so. As long as he’s not causing trouble, I’m happy to let him continue learning how to be a good friend. The goal with most who have gone astray is rehabilitation. If Discord got another chance, so too should many others. There are exceptions, such as Tirek, but they are few and far between.”