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ZNN is pretty cool, and I can say that because I followed it for a long time before being offered a position working for it. Point is though, the Zootopia awesomeness doesn’t end with the news, we have more. Specifically Discord, and

Discord, for those who don’t know, is basically Skype, but way better, and the Zootopia server is just packed with people loving our favorite fandom. To get an invite to the ZNN page on Zootopia Discord, click here is our forum. And you know it’s cool because the domain name is rocks, not the regular .com or .net. Here we have a public forum partnered with ZNN that discusses everything from fanfiction to art to a random analysis of the population sustainability of Bunnyburrow. We talk a bit about everything. Join our forum here

wtf is hyper rpg

Hyper RPG is a hyperactive, interactive community-driven livestreaming channel featuring kickass role playing shows, innovative gaming, & the latest in video games and entertainment.

We’re a Seattle-based Twitch channel from veteran game dev Jordan Weisman (HeroClix, BattleTech, Shadowrun) and former Geek & Sundry Twitch Showrunner Zac Eubank. Hyper RPG is the sorority sister company to local indie game developer Harebrained Schemes.

With tons of great RPG shows from Valiant Comics superheroes

to stompy stompy BattleTech ‘Mechs

to pink mohawk Shadowrunners

to innovative digital and analog gaming, creative shows like a VR painting show

a minis-painting show where we paint the 3D printed ‘Mechs from our BattleTech show, trivia games

and much more, Hyper RPG is your go-to Twitch channel to interact with the things you’re passionate about with people who love it just as much as you.

At this point if you’re like “ok sure I like nerdy stuff and cool people, but wtf is Twitch,” it’s a live streaming platform that is all about interaction with the community. We’re huge fans of collaborative storytelling over here, so there’s a constant open dialogue between the creators and you in the chatroom and in our Discord. There are tons of ways to interact with the shows and become part of them.

Bonus! We replay shows from the previous day, so there’s always someone around to hang out with no matter what time zone you’re in. We also upload just about everything to Youtube within the week that it airs ( Come check out one of the most welcoming communities on Twitch.

Monday-Friday (sometimes Saturday), 12:30PM to at least 9PM Pacific on 


If you’re using Skype you should dump it and get Discord instead!


  • Cleaner, easier to navigate interface
  • Free servers for more permanent group chat things (way easier to hop in and out of chats)
  • You can actually have different nicknames on each server if you want
  • Is actually well built and doesn’t make your computer yearn for death

Stuff coming down the pipeline soon according to devs:

  • Video chat
  • Linux client


  • All your friends aren’t on it
  • But you can change that

Download it. It’s great and it’s only getting better. It’s aimed at gamers but it has nearly all the functionality of Skype and then some.


We promise, thus we deliver!    Do you need some help doing backgrounds? Then give 2 minutes of your time to the royals, and they’ll show you the magic behind them.

If you like the video, by all means, share!  Testify my friends! testify!

The Omega Timeline RP server

It’s only in an early development but when I talked about the idea to some people they instantly encouraged me like “DO IT!!!”. So here comes official OT Discord server! Make sure to read rules and find the secret codeword c:

We’re using an app called Discord where creating an account is necessary so prepare for that.

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