ArtKind: A Homestuck art server on Discord!

This server is a small hangout for Homestuck artist to converse and create together! We provide a lax environment for illustrators, crafters, writers, and even musicians to chat and share their work! Among that, we include separate channels such as (but not limited to) chatting for everyone, art for 18+ ages members only, critique, spoiler talk, voice chat, and an optional weekly challenge.

Applicants must be content creators, and must be 14 years or older. To get an invite to this server please send me, Cro (culljoydoodles, the admin) an ask or IM. This is to prevent a public invite from allowing too many people all at once, as well as preventing the bad kinds of trolls from entering! Make sure to read the rules when first entering! If you have any questions, about the server or Discord itself, feel free to ask!

Yuri!!! on Ice Discord server!

Do you love everything about Yuri!!! on Ice, and want to talk about it 24/7?

Do you ship Victuuri so hard you feel like your heart is going to explode with joy at the pure love they both have for each other?

Do you want to protect a small angry catboy, so much so that you’ll even go so far as to call yourself one of ‘Yuri’s Angels?’

Well we’ve got a server for you!

Come join us whilst we talk about our favourite ice gays, fluffy poodles, sexy pork cutlet bowls and much much more!

Share your fics, art, edits, and headcanons with other members of our incredible fandom, and make new friends in the process! We’d love to see you there!


I made a net!

It’s called kin-dergarten!

It’s for age regressors, carers, kin, and any mix of those three things!

Don’t even think about applying if you’re bigoted (homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist, etc…)

Don’t apply if you’re anything stated on the banner!

Adults and minors are allowed to join!

Fill this out, and I’ll get back to you!

(You are allowed to join if you’re just kin, just a regressor, or just a carer. you don’t have to be a combonation!)

this is a discord server, so you have to have a Discord!

ML Discord Stream 12/11

Heya Miraculous Fans! As you may know, the French ML Christmas special airs on the morning of 11th of December on TFOU. We on the Miraculous Ladybug discord invite you to join us in watching the livestream together on a streaming site. Discord comes with a voice chat and text chat, so we can chat together while watching the stream.

Here’s a link to our discord:

And here’s a timeline converter to find out what time it’ll be for you:


Amethyst: A purple variety of quartz. In witchcraft, it is associated with healing, protection, and amplification of magical energy.

We have named our group amethyst (or, Αμέθυστος) because we feel a certain connection with the stone. Much like the amethyst crystal, we seek to empower each other. We wanted to make a safe place for witches of any background, belief, and skill level; where we can come together to share experiences and knowledge so that we can learn and grow and practice our magic together. 

We know that many are forced to practice in secret for one reason or another, and we want to make sure that these people have a place where they feel safe and accepted and free to discuss their magic and ask questions.

More info under the cut

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If you’re using Skype you should dump it and get Discord instead!


  • Cleaner, easier to navigate interface
  • Free servers for more permanent group chat things (way easier to hop in and out of chats)
  • You can actually have different nicknames on each server if you want
  • Is actually well built and doesn’t make your computer yearn for death

Stuff coming down the pipeline soon according to devs:

  • Video chat
  • Linux client


  • All your friends aren’t on it
  • But you can change that

Download it. It’s great and it’s only getting better. It’s aimed at gamers but it has nearly all the functionality of Skype and then some.

So, I noticed something recently (v1.2).

Spends thousands of years imprisoned.

Causes a bit of a ruckus once they’re released.

Is given a second chance by a kind-hearted soul.

Gets involved in a toxic, loveless relationship with a manipulative brute.

Later befriends a strange green creature (that sometimes wears a bowtie).

Is the single most OP person on their team.

Would rather not get involved with direct conflict….

…unless someone happens to mess with the one person they care about the most.

The Omega Timeline RP server

It’s only in an early development but when I talked about the idea to some people they instantly encouraged me like “DO IT!!!”. So here comes official OT Discord server! Make sure to read rules and find the secret codeword c:

We’re using an app called Discord where creating an account is necessary so prepare for that.

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