Aaand finished!

Not sure what sparked this, just felt like drawing with my promarkers again this evening. I drew this on a thinner paper than the card I drew my Spitfire on, and this paper was way more ideal for the promarkers. The drawing itself is about A3 or so (I’ll have to check for exact sizes)

Like I said, this’ll be an exclusive one-of-a-kind drawng on sale at Bronycon this year. :D I’ll most likely do a couple more of these drawings to sell. 

Anyway, I should scoff down some cookies get to bed, got a day of working on commissions tomorrow.


KP Does Charity Shirts Again (Now You Can Submit!)

Yo hey! 

The crew and I decided to do another charity shirt selling contest! Some artist I know are submitting, but thought I’d open it up because charity! Woo. 

The theme is Discord/KP or Senpai de Lancie/KP since he will be at BronyCon. You can choose famous Discord scene parodies, original concepts, whatever! 


1. Original artwork only. No bases or tracing.

2. No backgrounds if possible/transparent files. If you think that a design will work better with a light background you may submit two versions.

3. Digital Artwork Only

4. Obviously no smut. 

5. Open to anyone! 

Designs are due July 11th. Designs picked will not only be sold for charity but also advertised on the channel as well as the artist! 

Submit designs in the description of this DA journal

or at! 

Happy Chariting! 


Because of the huge amount of complaints WeLoveFine has decided to not longer make their Vinyl Chibi line Blind Boxes. You can now order them all loose except Discord who’s a set exclusive, which means you have to buy them all to get him.