Oli Sykes talks battle with addiction, “I nearly killed myself”

Oli Sykes, frontman of Bring Me The Horizon, talked about his battle with addiction in the latest issue of Alt Press.

On his Ketamine addiction: “It’s a scummy drug. It’s not cocaine. It’s cheap, easy and fast. It makes you disassociate. It disconnects your mind from your body. It took my ego away. It took away who I was. I nearly killed myself. I just didn’t care whether I lived or not. I wanted to die.”

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-drink water

-eat healthy food

-if you can, do 30 jumping jacks when you feel anxiety creeping up on you. this helps me. if i cant do jumping jacks, i scribble on newsprint paper.

-take time to disconnect and clear your mind, read a book or try to cook something. play a handheld game. go for a walk

-take time to spend time with people you love doing something you enjoy. watch a movie, cook and share a meal together, play a board game

-take your meds every day

-take a hot bath

-look out for yourself first and foremost, your continued existence is brave and it can be hard. do what it takes to keep yourself not just in working order, but the happiest and most healthy you can possibly be.

you cannot shoulder the entire weight of the world by yourself. i worry about you because i remember the bush years and how hopeless and endless it felt. and how it somehow felt like it was my job, personally, to save the world from the craziness it was embroiled in. and while we’re facing a new beast here i know this much is true: you must care for yourself and your loved ones first and foremost.

you’re not alone.

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is to remain connected to the Self, the Source. You are connected to the Self when you do whatever you feel like doing in a given situation, without any regrets about the past, without any complaints about the present, and without any expectations in the future.

You get disconnected as soon as you blame and condemn anyone for anything - either yourself or the other. As soon as there is awareness of this fact, WITHOUT ANY RECRIMINATION, you get reconnected.

You get disconnected when you pursue a preference or desire, and you remain disconnected during the entire process. Your sudden awareness of what had happened reconnects you with the Self.

You get disconnected when your thinking mind asks useless questions and gets you involved into conceptualizing and objectivizing. A sudden awareness of this fact gets you reconnected to the Self.`.

You get disconnected when a psychological pain, instead of remaining in the present moment, drags itself into horizontal involvement - like grief, turning into mourning. A sudden realization of this fact restores the connection.

Anything that lets your mind stray away from the present moment, into conceptualizing makes you disconnected. A sudden awareness of this fact restores the connection.

As the understanding deepens, the frequency and intensity of the disconnection gets gradually reduced until it finally stops altogether.

—  Ramesh S. Balsekar, A BUDDHA’S BABBLE

So this week is  for a Healing spell. Requirements of the activity  were no materials or tools used. You can do the whole thing without either although I have thrown in a few notes where you could get a “deluxe” version of this spell with the use of some add ins but those are not necessary.  This is in three portions. First step is a mental meditation/visualization.  Second step is a self massage. Third step finishes it off with a rest period. Also I got a lot, like a lot a lot, wordy with my instructions. Apologies.

• Specific Ailments
○ Bruises, Aches, Sprains, Internal discomforts, colds, any minor ailment where you’ve done what you can to heal and now you just need to sit and wait it out.
• General health
○ If you are just feeling a bit under the weather
○ You fell fine but would like to stay that way
• Mental Health
○ Help ground you in your body  if you are feeling a bit disconnected
○ Calm your mind as you calm your Body

Not Good for
• Skin conditions such as acne or sunburn
• Open wounds
• Wounds that should not be touched or manipulated in any way

As  always this is not meant to replace professional medical advice. You should always first consult your physician regarding any problems physical or mental and follow their advice.  I am in no way a health care professional and any claims of efficiency are from personal experience only.  Please do not do this if it causes you any pain or discomfort. If at any time it contradicts your own logic regarding what is safe for you, stop the activity, if it contradicts what a medical professional has told you, please stop the activity. Physical and Mental health are both very real and important issues that should be taken seriously  this is for an added boost only once you have already followed official avenues of healthcare. This is for self care purposes and your mileage may vary. /end disclaimer

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