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Without a Mask

Anonymous asked: 132. ”I thought I lost you” dick and bruce!

Summary: In which Dick is kidnapped for the very first time and Bruce swears he’s going to have a heart attack.

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Nine-year-old Richard John Grayson, ward of Bruce Wayne, heir to Wayne Enterprises, was being kidnapped.

Well, he was fairly sure that was what was happening. It was hard to see with a blindfold covering his eyes, but his shoulders were in an awkward position due to his hands being tied behind his back, there was a gag in his mouth, and there were unfamiliar voices muttering somewhere in front of him.

Okay, he was being kidnapped. He knew how this worked, for the most part since he’d been taken hostage a few times as Robin. But the question was, was he Robin or was he Dick Grayson, because the reasons for being taken would be very different.

He was jolted forward suddenly, and he let himself roll off whatever he was lying on and onto the floor, because Bruce had always said that it was better to pretend to be unconscious to gain info the kidnappers would never say in front of a conscious hostage.

“Shit,” someone said from almost right next to him, and then Dick was hauled back onto the soft—seats, probably. He was probably in the backseat of a car. “Joe, don’t slam on the breaks so hard. We don’t want the kid to wake up before we get back to base.”

“I knocked him out with enough drugs to keep him out for hours,” another voice called out, but this one sounded like it was coming from the front seat. “He ain’t waking up, Doug.”

“Get the kid downstairs,” said a third voice. “I’ll make the call.”

“Is this far enough away?” Doug—the first voice—asked.

“It has to be,” Joe said. “We ain’t got no matter gas left in the tank.”

There was a pause and then Dick was being moved. His head spun when he was lifted into a sitting position, but he managed to keep his limbs pliant and relaxed as one of the guys heaved him over his shoulder. He didn’t know where he was or who he was with, but he was in trouble, and he could only hope that Bruce would come for him soon.

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