Get to know me

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Name: Anna

Nickname: ‘MiiiiiiSSSSSS’

Birthday: 8th April

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 2″

Favourite colour: The blood of mine enemies

Time and date at current moment: 12.00,  14/04/2015 (queued post)

Average hours of sleep: 4-5 (on a good night)

Lucky number: 23

Last thing I put into Google: ‘giraffe’ ‘shot’

First word that comes to mind: fuzz

How many blankets I usually sleep under: 3 (cold heart, cold ears) 

Favourite fictional character: Fuchsia Groan

Favourite anime: Kim Kardashian

Favourite tv show: Anything lugubrious on BBC4

Last movie I’ve seen in a cinema: Ex Machina

Dream holiday: Tokyo, Moscow

Dream wedding: To my cat, Sid. Both in black fur. Honeymoon on Mars. Wedding list with any good bakelite stockist.

Dream job: Librarian 

What you are wearing right now: Neutral leather buckled shoes, black geometric print dress, green 50s hair scarf, Vivienne Westwood wool cardigan 

Last book I read: ‘John’ by Cynthia Lennon. ‘Bitter’ does not even come into it. Ghastly. Dumped unceremoniously in Lisbon airport. Sorry, Lisbon.

Currently reading ‘Travels with My Aunt’ by Graham Green to make up for it.

I posted some discomedusa hoops I bought a few weeks back and I LOVE THEM, but seriously, HOW GNAR ARE THESE??? This girl has some seriously fierce jewelry and I love the rough metal look to it.