Don't Believe the Hype: A Starter

Okay Leslie I said I would do this for you AND I WAS NOT JOSHING. Here is upwards of 50 videos collected to give you some idea of the magnificent silliness of which these boys are capable. I’ve included some Miles Kane and The Last Shadow Puppets because in a way it’s hard to have one without the others.

The videos:

The interviews:

Live at the Apollo (2007):

The View from… (Helders’ video diaries):

TLS… P… nah:

And if you want to keep up with this shit on tumblr you will need:

Okay, this is it for now. I’m sure I’m missing some vital moments and I might edit it if I think of more things, but I don’t want to make it TOO overwhelming. This definitely isn’t everything, like The Olympia Livestream of Greatness, or the B-sides or magazine interviews and doesn’t explain stuff like Agile Beast or Thousands Kane or Pointing Back but I think it’s a good start for now.


So Burton Menswear UK

You don’t ship to the states eh?

Well. You ship to Canada so guess what?

Me and Leslie just worked your system over. 

And now we’re BOTH getting Noel Fielding Trekstock shirts.

And you’re sending them to her in Canada. And then she’s sending mine to me.

Try to keep me from what I want.

Tsk. For SHAME.


Meet the Blogger

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Name: Bluey
Nickname: Bluey, Lissie/Lissa
Birthday: June 6
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Flexible? I’ve decided Pansexual is the best term for it.
Height: 5'3"
Current Time Zone: Eastern US (EST)
Current Time & Date: 3:40 PM, September 5, 2014.
Last Thing I Googled: “Pilar’s Tamales” (I was looking for the phone number!)
My Most Used Phrase(s): “See, the thing about [X concept/idea/situation] is…”
Last Thing I Said To A Family Member: Love you!
Favorite Beverage: COFFEE. (Um… I am passionate about coffee.) But I am also partial to tea, hot cocoa, lemonade, all fancy cocktails (especially those ending in “ita” and “ini”), good craft beers, and tart apple cider, both hard and not.
First Word That Comes To Mind: Glitter
Place That Makes Me Happy & Why: That’s a very long list of places… but I am especially partial to Paris and Seattle, because they felt like home the very first time I set foot in them. Also, Frankenmuth, MI, because it is unabashedly dorky and touristy and 100% pure enjoyment from beginning to end. You can’t go there and NOT be happy, no matter how cynical you are.
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: Only 1, actually… the real question is: how many pillows? (The answer is: LOTS.)
Last Movie I Saw In The Theater: Guardians of the Galaxy. (And I adored it! The soundtrack is the best, too.)
3 Things I Can’t Live Without: Companionship, beauty, and words. (Mostly to describe the beauty.)
Something I Plan On Learning: How to be a better advocate for myself. I am good at doing that in the professional sense, but not so much in the personal one. I want to learn to be better at recognizing my needs and making them a priority.
Advice For My Followers: Don’t let fear stop you. You will often be afraid in life, and there is no shame in that, but don’t let it stand in the way of you pursuing what you want or need to do to be happy and fulfilled, or to stand up for what you believe to be the right thing, or from making the changes that you need to grow.

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Sami Kelsh nonacademic world tour 2011 goes to Tame Impala Day in Toronto

Special guest stars discocharlie and spiderman

discocharliebrown asked:

People are such dicks. And, I mean, I'm not one to speak about not taking things too hard; I embarrass ridiculously easily, but I guess this is me telling you what I'd like to tell myself. It's easy to speak before thinking, and I think I come off as stupid quite often because I do that as well. But those of us who pay attention realize that you know your shit, and you do so much for other fans. Anyway, I can see how it'd look like the monkey head at a glance. We all appreciate/like you lots. <3

thank you bb <3

I received this from Rand <3

This tag is to get to know the person behind the blog better. As with any tagging game there are rules:

Rule 1 - Post the rules

Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones

Rule 3 - Tag 11 people and link them to your post

1. Where are you from? Sydney, Australia
2. What is your favorite animal and why? Panfah. No, not really, I love all sorts of animals, I don’t really have a favourite.
3. Are you religious? If so, What religion are you? What do you get out of being religious? if you aren’t religious, why not ? I’m not at all religious. I was bought up as Catholic, went to Catholic High Schools, but as I grew older, learned about religion and formed my own opinions, I realised how hypocritical and nonsensical it all is. I think it’s all a bunch of bullshit to be quite honest. HOWEVER, if religion is your thing, I don’t judge, as long as you’re not trying to shove it down my throat and trying to “save” me.
4. 5 favorite bands Kasabian, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, The Vaccines, Jeff Buckley
5. Have you ever been to a concert /met the band members of your favorite band? I’ve seen Kasabian 4 times, but haven’t met them… YET!! :D
6.Your favorite book? I can’t decide between “Candy” by Luke Davies, “Iced” by Ray Shell or “My Dark Places” by James Ellroy. Also Richard Laymon is one of my favourite authors, so anything by him too! :D
7. Do you wish you lived in another country? YES!! England.
8. Do you find short-haired women less attractive? No, not at all!
9. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? Yes, been with my man for 10 years this October. Insane, I tells ya!
10. Do you like sports? Not at all

11. Biggest turn offs. Taking yourself too seriously, liars
My questions:
  1. How tall are you?
  2. What’s colour are your eyes?
  3. Left or right handed?
  4. What languages can you speak?
  5. What was the last band you saw live?
  6. What is your most played song on your iPod/iTunes/mp3 player/whatever it is you have?
  7. Do you smoke cigarettes?
  8. If you were at a pub/bar/club what would you order to drink?
  9. 5 people you would invite to a dinner party. They can be famous, not famous, dead or alive.
  10. What was the last thing you ate/drank?
  11. Do you use Mac or PC?

killeroo replied to your post: I may or may not have just purchased the Loose…

same.. i’ve never paid so much for a vinyl ever in my entire life, it’s insane!

thegirlwiththemadcapscribblings replied to your post: I may or may not have just purchased the Loose…

i may have just too! with the same ethics i just fought for the vinyl in the end! hehe

discocharliebrown replied to your post: I may or may not have just purchased the Loose…


I’m so happeh that so many of us have managed to get our hands on it! Even if we are paying ridiculous prices!! haha <3

discocharliebrown asked:

I think Ravenclaw, mainly because your insight into things is absolutely incredible to me. You're remarkably intelligent, and Ravenclaw's always been my favourite besides. xxxxxx

Awwwwwwww, Leslie…!

You’re making me blush, big-time, but thank you. I didn’t used to see myself as a Ravenclaw, but over time, I’ve kind of embraced it. After all, some of the Ravenclaws are pretty whimsical and childlike and filled with wonder, like Luna and Professor Flitwick. I’d like to think I’m one of those.  :)


theycallmetheomelettedreamer replied to your post: So I have an appointment at the visa office in…

GOOD LUCK! I’m sure it will be totally fine and we’re all looking forward to having you in the UK!

I’m looking forward to being there and seeing all my beloved people!

discocharliebrown replied to your postSo I have an appointment at the visa office in…

I’m still terrible at being fearless and I’m panicked all the time but I AM HERE and if I can make it here then SO CAN YOU so just hurry up and get here, yeah? xxxxxx

I’m guessing if they’re on-time with my visa approval, it’ll be May?  I’m SO taking you out for a pear cider at The Elephant’s Head YES YES YES xxxxx

llywela13 replied to your postSo I have an appointment at the visa office in…

Best of luck! If you make it over here and things get tough, come to Cardiff and knock on my door. They film Doctor Who just down the road…

One time, I went to Cardiff Bay and wept.  Then I found a Dalek outside a Mexican restaurant in Cardiff city centre.  I miss Cardiff.  We gonna party!

samcornwell replied to your postSo I have an appointment at the visa office in…

Where do you think you’ll be moving to when you come over? Did you know Beverley and I want to move to Canada? Perhaps there’s some kind of swap we can do.

I wish the swap was a thing!  I also hope you and Bev and Indigo will be amenable to getting together and chilling out once I’ve moved!  I’m looking at Manchester, which I know isn’t your neighbourhood at all, but I’m used to a country where a two-and-a-half hour commute is just, like, a daily occurrence for a lot of people, so…