anonymous asked:

hello my school is going to have a graduation party and the theme is 70s disco, can you give me 70s inspired clothings?

I would find a 70s slinky disco dress (search “1970s disco dress” on etsy and there are about a million.) I don’t know your size, but this, this, this, this, and this are all ones I like for a disco theme! I don’t really know where to find “vintage inspired” clothing besides major websites like ASOS, etc. but American Apparel makes good disco pants (and shorts) and some other 70s inspired items like this dress which I wear all the time. Then just make your hair big, wear some platform shoes, and a lot of frosty glittery eyeshadow…this stuff is good, there’s also this which I haven’t tried - I have a sephora brand one that is the same but I can’t find it on their website anymore :(

you can also message me off anon if you want more specific help and I can answer privately!