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THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE 11TH HOUR HOLY SHIT. I won’t lie I’ve listened to the Apocalypse track on repeat. Goddamn I wish it was longer. My poor Taako one got wrecked by my computer TT _ TT
Ahhggg I was gonna flesh them out more but I think I’m just chomping on it too much. 


A playlist for Taako and standing your ground for what you believe in.

Polaroid - Imagine Dragons /// Let’s Face It I’m Cute - 11 Acorn Lane /// Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco /// Long Way Down - Robert DeLong /// Good Kid - Former Vandal /// Hologram - 3OH!3 /// Crossfire - Stephen /// Far Too Young to Die - Panic! at the Disco /// Take Me Back - Kongos

A playlist for Lup and running ‘til you can’t run anymore.

Werld is Mine - Raleigh Ritchie /// Royals - Lorde /// Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds /// Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy /// House of Memories - Panic! at the Disco /// Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey /// Bloodstream - Transviolet /// Down - Marian Hill /// The End of All Things - Panic! at the Disco


“Dragostea Din Tei” de O-Zone, single (Eurodance, Rumania, 2003), incluido en el disco “DiscO-Zone” (2004).


Coral reef combat! In an epic battle between mantis shrimp and disco clam, the outcome may surprise you. 

The peacock mantis shrimp is well known as a tiny but deadly predator lurking in coral reef crevices. Its fist-like claws pack a punch like a .22-caliber bullet and are made of material so strong, the military wants to replicate it as body armor. Moving fast enough to generate light, these claws easily crack clam shells–so why would a mantis shrimp retreat from a mere mollusc? 

Superior dance moves aside, the disco clam’s flashy light show warns a hungry shrimp of an impending attack. Poked and provoked, the clam shoots out an acidic mucus, repelling the mantis shrimp and sending it into a temporary stupor. Researchers think the clam may be spewing sulfuric acid–a major component of drain cleaners and car batteries. Yikes!

See these archenemies as they live side by side–but apart–in our Splash Zone exhibit!

Learn more about the mantis shrimp

Learn more about the disco clam

(Thanks to Charlene Boarts for the disco clam video)

Impossible Year and Golden Days are songs that I think fit the Star Blaster crew can I just point that out? Like idk I’m just on a Panic! At The Disco kick rn and those songs are so them. Maybe somebody else has thought of this but??? Ya know.